2015 Messages

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(Messages in chronological order)

The Beginning Locutions (January 1 to January 6, 2015)

January 1, 2015
The New Year Promise


Believe, so that this will be a year of faith. I will be with you guiding you with my words. When I give you promises, believe. When I give you directions, obey. When I teach you, remember. Natural light will not suffice. Supernatural light must show you the path. Now, let us begin a new year with a promise.

I will be closer to you than ever before. You will know that your love for me has never been greater. All of this is a gift, poured out right now before this year unfolds.

Walk into this year with faith. Do not look at your material blessings and think, “I am secure. Nothing is at risk. The year will be filled with abundance”. Rather, say, “I have Mary with me. She will accompany me. She will never leave my side. She will show me where to walk and what to avoid. I am safe in her arms”. This must be the theme of this year, which holds so many surprises, in which what seems powerful crumbles and what seems weak grows strong in faith. The new year is upon us. We have no choice except to let it unfold.

Comment: The year begins with a promise. Let us believe.

January 2, 2015
Inviting Mary To Come


I want peace and I will work until the world has peace. I have already laid the foundation for peace. Within the Catholic Church, these forces for peace are already present in the clear teachings of my role as Mother of the Church and in all of my revelations that are approved or are still taking place. These are reservoirs of peace which are waiting to be released.

Look at what I have already accomplished. I have given many promises, released many powers, converted many hearts, given many signs and stirred much devotion. Most important, I have pointed out the path to peace. I have asked people to live by God’s laws, to say the rosary, to use the sacrament of Penance, to fast and to keep the First Saturdays of the month.

If people would just believe me, I would come close to them. This is the secret I now want to reveal. What power is contained in these little acts of devotion? They are invitations, not my invitation to you but your invitation to me, to come, to be close, to protect, to bless, to calm and as always, to spread peace. Using these devotions opens doors that I can easily enter. Setting aside the rosary, keeps the doors closed and when totally rejected even locks the door.

I want to come but I wait until my children invite me. When the door is open, I bless everyone in the house.

Comment: Our Lady teaches that by our devotions, she can freely enter our lives.

January 3, 2015
Like a Trapped Army


Mankind has a path, a choice, a decision. However, a time comes when he finds no paths, has no choices and decisions are taken from his hands. Events overtake mankind and he has few choices. Unlimited opportunities suddenly narrow, and few remain.

Currently, people feel unrestrained. Many options are at their fingertips. More and more choices are made available. The time is coming when all of this will be reversed. Options taken away. Opportunities no longer available. Human life reduced to the necessities.

Opportunities have been squandered. Calls to repentance have been scorned. Mankind has chosen the wide road instead of the true one. Like an army that has foolishly allowed itself to be drawn into a trap, mankind has chosen the wrong road and has arrived at the wrong place. Nothing can be done because the darkness which guided man still has power. No one listens to me.

So, the events will come. The illusions will be destroyed. When freed from that false light, mankind will have a second chance. The events of darkness can become a door into light. The dark events hold a hidden blessing.

Comment: At this moment, mankind seemingly has endless options that promise happiness. When these are taken away people will be more responsive to Our Lady’s voice.

January 4, 2015
True Paths To Light


Amid all the darkness, many paths to light will suddenly appear. Those who have faith will see them and those who believe will walk them. How important will be these locutions, the words of your mother. They will describe everything.

In the midst of the difficulties, my words will point out the false roads and the false leaders. Indeed, many, in their great anxieties, will throw away caution and will follow those leaders. They will choose roads that, in more normal times, they would have easily rejected. Such will be the anxiety that grips so many.

Those who listen, believe and walk in my words, will experience a peace, even amid great difficulties. Those with even a mustard seed of faith, will find great strength. How many hearts I will stir to great devotion. Many will help others. Families will be united because they so need one another. Those who have abandoned the faith, will see how important it is to return.

These are the true paths to light. Reject quick and easy solutions which have no power to touch the heart. My new paths to light will take place within. Amid the greatest difficulties, I will pour out my greatest lights. I must speak through these locutions so all know where to look for my gifts.

Comment: Amid anxieties, people choose solutions that they would otherwise reject. Our Lady offers true help through inner graces.

January 5, 2015
Events Affecting America


The path is so dangerous that only those who take my hand will walk safely. They will know that a special guidance is coming from the words that I speak.

Right now, all is light. Life continues as usual. The problems seem so far away, just reports of news in other parts of the world. Fear does not grip America. Its eyes are on the stock markets, the drop in gas prices and on all the playoff games. These absorb people’s hearts.

But I speak deep within, of events which will deeply disturb this way of life, events which begin slowly. At first, they will not be seen as serious. However, they will continue and grow. I speak of moments when the news is not just about far away events which affect the lives of others, but of national events, that pierce America’s lifestyle.

When these happen, will you turn away from your games? Will the seed of faith still be alive in your hearts? For some, yes. For many, no. When I promise to take you safely by my hand, I am speaking about your life of faith. That will be the only power which can help you to survive the future events. My words will keep that faith alive.

Comment: Americans read of destructive events but their lives go on as usual. The new events will change that.

January 6, 2015
Stars in the Darkest Night


I want you to see and to understand. When the events take place, people will react. One darkness will lead to another. Human decisions will cause greater darkness and suffering. When events take place, they affect everyone, the good and the bad, those who caused the events and the innocent ones. Everyone’s life is changed.

What can I do? I can give light. I can give the words of a mother. My children will see. They will understand. First, they will know that I have spoken ahead of time. They have already experienced my words. They have hungered and looked forward to my words. Their hearts are already open and they have already learned how to receive.

I will not hold back my words, and with the words come my greatest helps. My words will have a strange power. They will pierce the heart. I will bring my words to their minds again and again. My children will cling to my words. They will look to my words as stars in the darkest night. They will be like Columbus of years ago who made his way across the ocean by the light of the stars. Such will be my words in the darkness.

Comment: Those who read these locutions have come to love them. How important the words will be during the events.

Fatima’s 100th Anniversary (January 7 to January 12, 2015)

January 7, 2015
October 13, 2017 (Special Locution)


2015 will be different because it is the beginning year of the events of darkness. Unless my light comes, these events will come more quickly and grow stronger until a fullness of darkness is reached on October 13, 2017. Would this not be the great tragedy? What was meant to be 100 years of Fatima light, culminating in the greatest light becomes instead a 100 years of darkness, culminating in the greatest darkness.

Satan would steal my day. He would turn my feast into his feast. Instead of the great heavenly sign of the Woman Clothed With the Sun, the world would see the dragon instead. (Rev. C 12).

Comment: On October 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima fulfilled her promise to the three children that she would give a sign for all the world to see. On that rainy day, the 50,000 – 70,00 people witnessed for about 10 -15 minutes what is called “The Dance of the Sun”. After “dancing” in the sky for many moments, the sun, seemingly left its orbit and hurtled toward earth. The people felt that this was the end of the world. Then, the sun went back to the heavens. The sign was complete. However, all the people and their clothes were totally dry. The many big puddles in the field were gone. This was a tremendous public experience. All the Portuguese newspapers published the story, complete with photographs, the next day. This locution points to the 100th anniversary of the “Dance of the Sun” as Satan’s target date for the culmination of the events of darkness. This is a very important locution.

January 7, 2015
God’s Great Promise


I want you to see all my thoughts. I lay before you all of my understanding and my plans. Let us begin.

From the very beginning, mankind chose the darkness. After welcoming Eve as his partner, Adam joined with her in their sinful choice. Mankind set out on a road that took it farther away from God. The only light was God’s promise of a Woman, who God knew would bring forth His Son.

This has been the story of all of history. Left on his own, mankind walks away from God. When guided by the Woman and enriched by her Son’s Holy Spirit, mankind turns back to God and gains a season of blessings.

At this very moment, to a degree never experienced since Jesus’ victory on the cross, mankind has been led into the greatest darkness. What will the heavenly Father do? He will use the same plan, what He promised at the beginning of history and what He fulfilled in Jesus. He will bring forth the Woman, who will offer her Son to world. Right now, mankind plunges into the darkness and is like Adam and Eve without the help of the Woman. After great powers and forces of sin were released, they feared God’s presence and knew that they were naked. Their relationship became distorted. God’s plan for them was ripped apart.

This is the present road of mankind. Powerful sinful forces have been released and more are waiting in the wings. Go back to the promise. “I will put an enmity between you and the Woman, between your offspring and hers”. (Gen.3:15) The salvation of the human race at this moment of history is contained in that promise.

Comment: Human decisions are affected by two forces, the power of sin and the power of God’s promise. Each person and each nation decides which power they want to follow.

January 8, 2015
All – From Least to Greatest Can Enter


I will open up all the doors and turn on all the lights. These are the doors of my heart so people of every walk of life, of every class and nation can have entrance. I will turn on all the lights, in every possible language and at every level of human understanding. All, from the least to the greatest, will know that I have not forsaken the human race.

I share with you now my plan. I have spoken so often of events which will disturb human life, will cause suffering, and will grow and affect everyone in the world

I will use these events. They are breakthroughs of darkness, but I will use them as special moments of my light. When the normal order is shattered, people will no longer place their trust in their little gods of money and possessions. They can no longer count upon their usual lifestyle. They are shaken. Satan will use these events to instill fear, which allows him greater entrance.

I will use the very events that he brings about as my special moments. When people are shaken, I will pour out the religious spirit, the gift of devotion. This is my promise. When the events begin (and they are already happening on a small and limited scale) you must not fear. You must recall my words, “I will open all the doors of my heart so people of every walk of life, of every class and nation, can have entrance.”

Comment: As these events happen, people will come to a crossroads. Will they be entrapped by Satan’s fear or will they accept Our Lady’s invitation?

January 9, 2015
Gifts for October 13, 2017


Be strong. Fear not. At every moment I am at your side. Following me, you shall not fall or perish. For four years, I have spoken to you. Now that the events are to begin (slowly at first but a true beginning) my words will change. They will be more decisive, bolder and easier to understand.

Again I say it. Do not fear. Also, do not trust in your own strength or upon your own resources. Still, do not fear. I understand the flood waters perfectly and I will teach you how to survive. I understand the destructive fires and I will teach you how to overcome them.

I must draw you closer to me than ever before. I must fill every part of you with the greatest confidence in my protection. I must turn your eyes totally to me and have your ears hear only my words.

Everything must be total – a total trust, a total hope, a total fidelity, a total receiving. You must be all mine and I must be all yours. Total. Complete. Nothing left out. Nothing held back. A new oneness that you never thought was possible. These are my gifts for these years before the 100th anniversary of Fatima.

Comment: Our Lady takes complete command. Nothing is held back.

January 10, 2015
The Fatima Messenger


Can I not lift up this little voice of locutions and make it my voice of Fatima? That is exactly what I must do because the voice of Fatima has been silenced. I will find other ears and other hearts, which cherish this message and look to this voice of the locutions with the greatest desires. Let me begin.

Nearly 100 years ago, when the Great War was at its height, I came with a sorrowful heart, but one filled with hope. The heavenly Father had sent me to announce great promises. I had chosen three perfect messengers to receive the gift, knowing that their child-like faith would overcome all the difficulties. The messages would be received and proclaimed.

The great gift was sealed on October 13, 1917, a public sign, recorded in all its aspect and proclaimed by even the secular press. What a history since then! The great treasure has been in a perilous stream, looked at, examined, set aside, and limited, but never opened. Speculation, controversy, books written and debates, but the gift never opened.

I say all this because I want to reveal my actions. I have taken the Fatima gift and I have placed it in the heart of my priest son. He knows his call fully. Long ago he accepted the gift and ever since then has dedicated himself to it. Now, a great urgency arises in his heart. He can see the events happening which he knew would come first. He knows the time is short. Pray for him. He is my Fatima messenger.

Comment: As this year 2015 unfolds, the locutions become very specific about the Fatima gift.

January 11, 2015
Walls That Are Not Firm


The foundations of society are weakened. What was once a strong fortress has become a mere shell of itself, ready to fall to the enemy and no longer a bulwark of faith. Everything looks the same. For a while, life goes on as if nothing has changed. Yet, the walls are not firm and people’s trust in them is misplaced.

No one speaks of this dilemma, pretending that it does not exist, but I must open my lips and proclaim to all the world. Your world can crumble tomorrow. You are vulnerable on every side. How you arrived at this point is not as important as how you survive. I am no longer speaking about a problem here and a problem there. I am speaking about the survival of human life; or conversely, the annihilation of nations. Which will it be? All will be determined in the next years leading up to October 13, 2017. That is my clear message.

These are not years to wait, or to sleep, or to merely watch the events. This is what you must do. Take all my words into your heart. I speak of the future, so you can act in the present. Take my warnings seriously but do not fear. Instead, act. Examine your life. My words contain power. They will move you from one lifestyle into another. Think of me. Invite me. Speak to me. I will come. I will fill your life. When I permeate your whole being, then your walls will be firm and you will stand in the day of trial.

Comment: Our Lady has spoken often of events that seem beyond us. Today, she teaches each person how to prepare – a lifestyle filled with Our Lady’s presence.

January 12, 2015
Stretched Resources Until the Breakthrough


At first, the road is narrow and affects just a few. Then it widens and more are drawn into the evil. Not encountering any resistance, evil gladly widens its scope, enjoying victories that it never thought possible.

Such is the wave of terrorism that now sweeps across the earth. The tiny cells have multiplied and learned how to thrive. They have mastered new techniques to avoid detection. They are no longer the unsophisticated terror groups raised up by Bin Laden. Instead, they pose a serious threat even to the sophisticated Western intelligence systems.

The war will be a long one. They will not be easily defeated nor even detected until, at times, it is too late. Casualties will mount and the costs of security will skyrocket, placing new strains upon the economies. Everything is being stretched, just as I have said. Stretched and stretched and stretched until the breakthroughs occur. The leaks begin, followed by the floods.

Does no one see the demonic intelligence behind all these events? Human solutions will fail. Walls of human protection will fall. As the events take place, the words of these locutions will be exalted as a true light, dawning slowly but soon becoming like the noonday sun. When the whole world is bathed in my light, people will see the decisions they must take, slowly at first but then quickly. The time is short. The Fatima anniversary is not far away.

Comment: Our Lady describes the future path of terrorism and the economic costs to fight its spread.

Our Lady’s Warnings (January 13 to January 17, 2015)

January 13, 2015
New York and Washington


When the events begin and the darkness grows, the way will not be clear. Many voices will be raised, all claiming wisdom. However, they will be no match for the intelligence of the Evil One who has orchestrated his symphony of destruction and cruelty. This is mankind’s future. Even now, the future can be detected in its growing outlines.

Before that happens, I must establish my voice as a true source of light. I cannot come onto the scene at the last moment and expect people to believe instantly. That is why I began these locutions years ago. Gradually, their light has gone forth and found hearts to accept them. Therefore, I can speak simply to hearts that believe. Let us begin.

At this very hour, the world is awakening to the terrorist threats. They have not receded. They have not been destroyed (as some claimed). They have grown. In their sophisticated approaches, they have become equals to the West. They know what is still lacking and what they need to totally disrupt life. They see new and great victories on the horizon. I have spoken earlier and clearly that it was already too late to stop them. The American withdrawal has allowed them to survive. I spoke quite clearly of Syria and its fires that would not be quickly extinguished and would be the fuse that would ignite explosions elsewhere.

Now that everyone can see the wisdom in my words, what can I say? I can only speak the truth, as difficult as that is. I did not cause this situation but I must faithfully describe it.

The events will move quickly. The road contains no obstacles. The West will put up a 100 obstacles, but the terrorists will just take another road (as they laugh at the West’s futility). They have studied you. They know your defenses. They have plotted well. Their master plan is in place. Their goal is New York (the great symbol of American life) and bringing Washington to its knees. They will skip other goals, feeling they always can return to them. They know that when they show their power in America, all the Muslim terrorist world will rejoice and they will enjoy the spoils of victory.

Comment: How sad Our Lady must be to describe these events. Our Lady seems to be saying that the terrorist’s goal is to attack New York. Washington will be humbled by its inability to protect this country. Satan has already weakened the spirit of the New York police force.

January 14, 2015
The Faithful Messenger


The world is entering into the white heat of the fire. Unfortunately, it is not my white heat which would set the world free. By these terrorist actions a new slavery is being released. Limits will be placed on freedoms. Security walls will be raised. Terrorists strike one part of society but the tremors go everywhere. O humanity, this is the road of your future. How I weep. So much destruction lay ahead. The great sorrows of my heart. Consuming fires everywhere. Total confusion and helplessness. All that I can do now is speak, before all of this occurs, so that when the events happen people will know that I have been on the scene from the beginning.

I must attract the whole world to these locutions. I must win everyone’s heart. In the midst of the darkness, this tiny light will open out to another fire and the greatest of protections. So, let me speak quite clearly.

Each day the messenger of these locutions comes before me and allows me to share the secrets of my heart. How I welcome this messenger, so ever faithful, and this opportunity to speak to the world. These locutions are not just words. They contain the power of my Immaculate Heart. I promise that there will be a different white heat, coming from a different fire, far more powerful that the fires of destruction which you now experience.

The powerful sun at Fatima (October 13, 1917) is meant as a symbol and a sign. The sign and wonder of that sun is still alive and effective. Read the story. Let it be a sign to the whole world. What other creature could tell the sun to dance? What other creature could tell the sun to hurtle toward earth so that everything would dry up immediately? I promised this sign to the three children because they were faithful messengers. The messenger of these locutions is also faithful and I will not hold back other divine signs.

Comment: Our Lady wants us to know that Fatima is a powerful force, today more than ever before.

January 15, 2015
The Day of Notre Dame


Just as no one can prevent the sun from rising, so no one can prevent these events from spilling forth. The evil is too deeply imbedded, the hatred is too extensive and man retains his free will. Yet, I speak with great hope even in the face of the inevitable outpouring of evil. What has been the response to these events which have already begun in Europe?

Various emotions are expressed, but are voices raised which point out that these countries have turned away from me? Are the people saying, “Let us turn to Our Lady, our Notre Dame (French for Our Lady), for she will protect us? This is what is missing.

In the Ages of Faith, there would be processions, not marches. The Churches, not the streets, would be filled. I promise that, as the events go on, the people will look for me and find the true source of living water which is needed to extinguish these fires and to deal with their consequences.

The answers to these coming events do not lie in the heart of man but in the heart of the Woman. This is why I speak now and why my words must go forth to all the world. A new enlightenment will dawn. A new day will begin, a day of Notre Dame, when evil events cause the Churches to be filled and all find refuge in my heart.

Comment: Our Lady foresees a great good coming from terrorist attacks. People will realize that they must return to religious faith.

January 16, 2015
The Terrorist Attacks


The road ahead will be very dark and many voices will be raised that will only bring about confusion. Such is the darkness of which I have spoken so often.

The greatest problem of terrorism is the fear and panic which it causes. People’s lives are jolted. Hundreds of changes are introduced. A mentality of siege sets in. Vast resources are spent on security. Trust breaks down. Sources of revenue dry up. Economies shrink. Investment capital no longer sustains growth. All of these effects will be seen quickly.

Because I foresaw these moments so clearly, I began to speak four years ago. I had to become a trusted voice, a familiar voice. People had to grow accustomed to this new and important help from heaven. Yes, I am speaking from heaven through this faithful messenger.

The words will change now. No longer will I speak of future events because the events have begun, just as I so accurately predicted. 2015 is the year of the beginning events. The year had just about opened, when suddenly all of these surprise attacks. What I foresaw, was recorded for all to see. The Middle East fires of terrorism have leaped over into Europe where they will find so much more fuel.

The course of these events is not at all determined. They are not imposed by heaven. They come from below, from human hearts and human decisions. The events are the harvest of evil seeds, planted and nourished. Heaven wants to help, to guide, to enlighten, and to calm down these fires. But who turns to me? The religious spirit of Europe has been sacrificed on the altar of secularism. You are like the Prodigal who took his money and left his Father’s house. Return to me. I have never abandoned you.

Comment: Read the past locutions. Our Lady has spoken clearly about these 2015 events in Europe.

January 17, 2015
Avoiding the Annihilations of the Nations


How will all of these events conclude? What lies at the end of the road? Who will win the victory? What suffering will be exacted? The answers will unfold only as man lives out each day, month and year. Human history can only record what has been experienced. However, my voice can pierce deeply into the unforeseen night of the future. My words are light, given before the events happen so that the events themselves can be changed.

If I left humanity to itself, there would be no hope. Mankind would stumble from one calamity to the next until there would be an annihilation of the nations and a complete collapse of human life. That is one possible end of the road that lies ahead.

My constant message, however, is that I do not want to leave humanity alone. I want to come upon the world scene. I am the Woman, who from the very beginning of history was charged with defeating the Evil One. This has always been the heavenly Father’s plan and He will not change it because it is quite effective. It need only be followed. So, what will I do and what must mankind do?

I will take new initiatives. For decades, I have planned for this combat. I have appeared to many. I have awakened the Church to declare me Immaculate (February 11, 1854). I have left my clearest messages at Fatima. Even now, I am appearing throughout the world.

However, this is not enough. I have raised up this little voice of locutions which allows me to speak to so many each day. There will be even clearer words, because as the events grow greater, people will need greater signs to give them hope.

This is my promise. New Marian lights will come upon the scene, never known before. I will also ready your hearts by new inner graces. They begin right now.

Comment: Our Lady’s words are all too clear about what lies ahead if she does not intervene. That is why she is giving these special graces right now.

The Chosen Messenger – A Priest Son (January 18 to January 27, 2015)

January 18, 2015
No Time For Delays


The darkness grows. I lead you step by step into my light, so the darkness does not overwhelm you. As the world’s lights are extinguished, people will see the false confidence they placed in the world’s power to save them. Only one true light and only one path to world peace will exist. Long before the darkness descends, people must know of my special light. Few, very few, will be able to discover this light at the last minute because fear and confusion will grip their hearts and cloud their minds.

Right now, I speak. Right now, I teach. Right now, I reveal. You also must listen, learn and accept my words in faith. If you have abandoned your religious practices, return to them. If you have wandered into sin, repent and go to confession. If you have made wrong decisions and have taken the wrong road, turn around and go back. Regain what you have lost. Claim again what you have set aside.

This is not the work of one day but the task must be completed as quickly as possible. Do not delay. Your steps will prepare you for greater gifts of inner peace that will serve you well when the darkness comes.

On this path of conversion, I will send people who will help you. Join your heart with them. You will need one another. I will provide all you need at every step, but I cannot make your decision. You alone can decide.

Comment: Our Lady’s words bring hope. No one need sit idle and wait for the inevitable darkness. Steps can be taken to find the light.

January 19, 2015
A Chosen Son


No chance. The world has no chance without my path. The world will stumble and fall. Even worse, they will find no direction and enter into a pit of no return. The present moment is a period of time like none other. Everyone begins to catch a glimpse and to see this on the horizon.

Yet, I do not preach gloom and doom. I preach about light and a safe path. I speak of the darkness so that when the events happen, you will believe my voice that a safe path does exist.

Do not place your trust in false leaders. Do not trust leaders who claim to know the path. As the darkness grows, I will raise up my leader, stamped with all my credentials, anointed with the Holy Spirit, totally one with me as a special son, always faithful to my name, always anxious for my glory. He will deliver my words. Even now, I am doing a special work in his heart. I am clothing him in the sun. This is the special son of Fatima. I have stamped Fatima on his heart and this will be the sign by which you know that this is my son whom I have chosen so the whole world will find my path.

All will be clear. All will be external. The guidance will be given every day. I will teach him all the strategies of the Evil One. I will make his voice ring out over the whole world. You will know him by this one sign. He will be my priest son who has Fatima engraved on his heart and whose name is engraved on my heart. The path will be safe. Just listen to him.

Comment: Our Lady makes this path so easy to find. The light will come from a leader whom she raises up.

January 20, 2015
Steps Toward the Path


Great anxieties will grow as the problems increase. New leaders are elected but little changes. While the forces of darkness seem inevitable I speak about a tiny path. All must search for this path and when they find it, they will have hope.

This path is revealed through faith. Yet, many have abandoned their faith, leaving the church that nourished their parents. They must return. This is the first step.

Secondly, they must allow my light to pierce their hearts. Their lifestyles are not in accord with my desires. I promise to help everyone who makes the least efforts.

Finally, they must nourish this spirit. They must feed upon the Eucharist, confession, the rosary and some time each day for prayer.

I have presented a full schedule, able to be adapted by everyone who reads these locutions.

Comment: Our Lady accurately describes our growing anxieties and steps we can take.

January 21, 2015
The Messenger of Light


I foresee everything. I see the goals of the Evil One and the path upon which he has led the world. I see the great darkness that he plans and the steps he will lead everyone to take. This includes the terrorists, the world leaders, the rich who control the world’s wealth and all who will shape the events. All of his darkness and hiddenness is as clear as day. Nothing is hidden from my eyes.

The Father has placed heavenly wisdom in my heart, just as He placed His Son in my womb. He has revealed to me His plan of light for the coming darkness. However, he has allowed me to choose my messenger of light, and about this priest son I must speak so that my words are not vague or uncertain.

In this extreme moment of darkness, I would not leave this indispensable light to come about in a confused way, nor to even be questioned. I must give humanity two gifts so everyone receives the light. The first gift is a definite person, someone who is gentle and can be trusted, upon whom the Spirit of the Lord will rest. I will leave no doubt. I will send signs. These will be Fatima signs that this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.

I will give him the strength of King David, the wisdom of Solomon and the light of the great prophets. I will share with him my own task as the second John the Baptist.

I will reveal everything to him and he will reveal all to the world. All that the Evil One does and plans to do I will make known to him. He will be my constant and daily voice. I will give him power to work signs and wonders but especially I will make him a light to the nations. In him, my Church will shine forth to the world and all will see what I have done.

Comment: Our Lady has so often promised light in the great darkness that lies ahead, but never has she been so specific about how she will give the light.

January 22, 2015
The Breath of God and a New Creation


A speaker can only imagine the effects of his words upon his listeners, but I see every heart and I know exactly what is happening through my words. I speak of events and of roads that lead to darkness. I do not speak to multiply anxieties but to light up my road of peace.

By my words, I breathe upon the world just as Jesus breathed upon his apostles when he said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (Jn.20:22). My words are the breath of God (This is the Father’s gift to me) being poured forth like a new creation, restoring what is broken and encouraging those who are discouraged.

As the events continue (for they have already begun) I will constantly breathe upon the whole world. Wherever I breathe, life will begin anew. Wherever I breathe, light will overcome the darkness. All must believe. The darkness is new. The evil is new. The destructive forces are new. Should not God’s powers also be new? This is the new breath of God which the Father has placed in my heart. I will breathe everywhere, but I must be invited.

If I am not invited, 2015 will hold only these events of destruction. If I am invited, there will be a fresh and powerful breath of new life.

Comment: Our Lady loves to use varied and simple images to teach the same themes. The world will experience great and destructive events with no solution except for the gifts contained in her Immaculate Heart.

January 23, 2015
The 21st Century Opportunity


When dark clouds gather, all know that rain will soon fall. There are certainly dark clouds on the horizon which all can see. What rain will fall and when will the sun shine? I will speak clearly.

There will be two great clouds – terrorism and economic collapses. The rain of terrorism has already begun but this is just the beginning rain. Much larger and still darker clouds will release their rains. This will be the scene as 2016 begins.

The economic clouds are present but not seen by all. They will begin to pour out their rain later in the year. However, the economic collapses, small at first, will touch many more lives than the acts of terrorism. These evils will not come from outside forces. They have been built into the economic systems by world leaders. As such, they will be more systemic, closer to the mainstream and less vulnerable to possible solutions.

My words only reveal the beginnings. If these are the 2015 events, what will happen in 2016 and 2017, leading up to the 100th anniversary of October 13, 1917? Before that date of October 13, 2017, I will have lifted up my beloved priest son. Through him, I will offer the people of the 21st century a second opportunity to accept the Fatima gift.

Even though I sent my three little children, especially Lucy, as the 20th century messengers, the people of that century did not open the Fatima gift and the graces were withheld. I promise the world, so very soon, a second opportunity. Although I must speak of the clouds of terrorism and economic collapses, I also speak of the Fatima gift. I would not leave my children without hope.

Comment: Our Lady says that the fullness of the Fatima gift should have been received in the 20th century. Fortunately, the 21st century will be given a second opportunity.

January 24, 2015
Heaven’s New Snowfall


My blessings are like snow falling on the ground, covering every part with a heavenly beauty. Snow is a two-fold image – of heaven, because it falls from the sky and of blessings, because it covers everything in a strange beauty, pleasing to the eye. No one can command the snow. No one cay say to the snow “Come” and no one can command, “Stop”. All is beyond man’s powers, even his most sophisticated inventions.

So it will be when I raise up my priest son to whom I have given the Fatima gift. No power in heaven or earth will stop the blessings. No one will be able to cover them over. Just as everyone sees the snow falling, so all will see the heavenly blessings of Fatima.

Thousands witnessed the sun dancing in the sky, but millions will see the new snow of Fatima falling. That is why the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart must be public, known to all the world and to the Church.

Let it be made with the greatest of faith, by everyone. All must believe. All must be taught the promises. The whole Church, with one mind and heart, filled with the greatest hope in the midst of the great darkness, must turn to heaven. After that, the snow will begin to fall and new hope will begin to live in people’s hearts.

Comment: Our Lady uses many images – fire, water, light, darkness. However, this is the first time she has likened her actions to falling snow.

January 25, 2015
The Watchman on the Mountain


Events unfold, one leading to another. Only looking back can the series of events be understood, seen as either important or unimportant. I see quite differently. I see the future and the events which lie ahead, one opening out into the next.

Like a watchman stationed high upon the mountain, I can see what no one else sees. From this wisdom, I speak as no one else can speak. Yet, who turns to me? Who comes to the Queen of the universe and seeks my wisdom? I do not wait for an invitation. I boldly speak. Let my words convince you.

The time of difficulties has begun. At first, it will seem as if they are conquered. New steps are taken to counter the terrorists. New steps are taken to ease the economic difficulties. People believe that these responses will turn the tide, but the evils are too deeply imbedded and the economic systems are too weak in too many places.

The West has neither the resources nor the will to adequately respond because the fire of faith has been extinguished. The great zeal for God and for others has been lost. The great leaders who could preach across Europe like St. Bernard, St. Francis, St. Dominic and St. Ignatius are no more. The words that go forth are political and cunning, unable to raise man’s heart to the heavenly Father who alone can reverse the future series of events. Tell me. What world leader speaks of God? Who seriously invokes Jesus? These names are never heard, as if they were relics of the past.

Mankind will just continue this hopeless path until I raise up him to whom all the nations will listen.

Comment: World leaders act as if they can solve the problems, refusing to proclaim their need for God’s help.

January 26, 2015
Raising Up Her Priest Son


In my heart, I hold my priest son whom I have mentioned many times. He will be the great sign, so easy to see. I will raise him up in extraordinary ways. This will be an even greater sign. I will clothe him with the sun of Fatima and give great power and wisdom to his words.

He will bless the nations with my Fatima gift. He will teach and explain, so the whole world knows exactly what I want to do. The powers of darkness have already come against him, but, as the Mother of God, I kept him safe and delivered him from the trial.

Now, I prepare him. He knows that the time is very close for him to come on to the world scene. He will not hesitate because he will be totally prepared, as if he had been there for years. For him, these destructive events are signs which I had revealed to him years ago. All of these events had to take place and the world had to be cast into darkness before I could raise him up. At the moment of great despair, suddenly I will raise him up so all will know that I have not abandoned the world but have prepared for this dark moment.

How quickly I bring him on the scene depends upon the course of events. Each person is free. All make their decisions, world leaders and popes, terrorists and economists. Although world events are shaped by many hands, I, alone, will choose exactly when and how I will raise up my priest son. I speak these words so clearly now so that when this happens, the great sign of my love in doing this is full and abundant.

Comment: Our Lady reveals slowly. Now she comes to the full revelation. Many times she has mentioned her special priest son. This locution reveals the mystery fully.

January 27, 2015
The Person With the Key


All the world has become a battlefield, where the story of humanity is played out. No longer a time of peace or even a place of peace. All are drawn into the conflict. All is interconnected. Nothing stands alone and self-sufficient. Such has been the plan of the Evil One who wants to snatch the whole world. All the events are connected. All have their place in his scheme. He plants his people in high places and in seemingly lowly positions. He stirs hearts to disrupt and then uses their actions to prepare for those who will follow.

He can use only sinful hearts. His plans always depend on one foundation – the selfishness imbedded in the human heart. World leaders overlook this. They have no plans to deal with human anger or human greed. Their paper solutions soon are in shreds. The walls they build crumble before the powers of human selfishness which destroys human life. The battle rages everywhere and man is completely helpless to restore peace or to avoid calamities.

All evil begins in the human heart and flows out from within, going forth like a mighty river to flood the nations. Another river exists which could swallow up all of these evils in a single moment. The river has a name, Jesus, and He dwells in my Immaculate Heart. Oh, when will this river be released? When will I be able to raise up the one to whom I have given the key? This is the only hope for humanity in this 21st century.

Comment: Jesus told the apostles not to worry what they ate because evils come out of the human heart. Looking at the world, we understand Our Lady’s words. All the evils come from human selfishness.

The Secular Age (January 28 to February 3, 2015)

January 28, 2015
A Secular Age That Has Rejected the Supernatural


No one can see the future because all of the events have not yet converged and come to a culmination. Difficulties are everywhere. Some places have become explosive. Everyone is conscious of terrorism, but other evils are kept hidden from view, especially the weaknesses in the economic systems. Those trying to resist and confront these evils use only human means, totally unaware of the supernatural powers that are the true forces behind the evils.

Such is the secular age which has rejected belief both in the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Darkness. Modern man cannot grasp the true source of these evils because he does not even believe that they exist. He cannot reach the only power that can save him because he has long ago set his religious faith aside, and proclaimed his world as “secular”. I stand on the world’s battlefield and watch this tide of destruction and collapse. I know exactly where it is going to happen next and what will be evil’s newest victories.

I will once again speak of what is to happen. My previous words have already been fulfilled. The American withdrawal has speeded up the timetable of terrorism. The weak response in the Ukraine has emboldened Putin. The failure to confront deficits has weakened economic systems. China sees its opportunity for new aggressions. I call all of these external problems. The real difficulty is secularism. Modern man has cut himself off from God’s help.

This is my moment. As the Woman Clothed With the Sun, I will come upon the world stage, just as the heavenly Father has decided. I will move up my timetable also. Then the battle will begin.

Comment: When faith is lost so is the true understanding of human events.

January 29, 2015
The Powerlessness of the Secular Spirit


The evils of the human heart elude the secular mind. It does not take into account those sinful disorders which constantly distort society and turn it away from the good. Failure after failure. What begins with the highest aspirations, gradually turns upon itself and is degraded.

I speak now about America itself, a city set upon a hill, deliberately brought forth from my Immaculate Heart, founded upon religious faith, with a constitution based upon God-given rights. I brought you forth in your revolution and preserved the union in your civil war. Now, I face my greatest crisis. You want to declare yourself “secular”. How many foolish steps you have taken to remove religion from your schools and your public life. Go back and trace the history of these two parallel roads.

The more you chose to be secular, the more you declined. How far you are along both paths! I must speak so your eyes are opened because you must choose and the choice is at your door. Your great decline is imminent, far closer than you realize.

Do not be surprised. Do not ask, “Why have these events happened?” I am telling you why. You have accepted the secular spirit. Secularism cannot overcome the evils in the human heart. These evils weaken a society, remove truths and proclaim lies – like a woman’s right to kill her child. Millions and millions of your children are dead. Human evil saturates every part of America because you have extinguished the purifying fire of God’s Holy Spirit, replacing Jesus’ gift with your powerless secular spirit. How close! How close is your decline. The destructive events will begin this year but will not culminate this year.

Comment: The secular spirit removes all restraints upon the person’s heart and cannot curtail human selfishness.

January 30, 2015
Removing the Blindness of Secularism


America, you must open your hearts to religious faith. Instead, you close the doors and even the windows. Time moves quickly and I cannot allow you to reach the point of being totally walled in, like Jerusalem surrounded by the Roman army. Otherwise, nothing will be left of you, not one stone upon another. All your walls will crumble and your city devastated.

Every day, this light of secularism grows, destroying all the harvest of faith. For your children, faith belongs to an earlier generation. You have so successfully inoculated them that faith cannot enter their bloodstream nor have any effect on their decisions.

Such is America 2015. You do not even know what a perilous state you are in. In 1929, came your stock market collapse and the decade of the depression. However, your people had faith and the family structure was strong. America was tested in the economic furnace and came forth purified and strong.

What faith will you have at the coming economic collapse? Where is the strength of your family structure? You have only government programs that themselves are in debt. Let my words strip you naked. In these events, your secular clothes will fall like tattered rags that can no longer cover the poverty of your faith.

Yet, some flames of faith burn brightly, guarded against the secular ice age by the family and the churches. They are relegated, for now, to the sidelines. Their voices stilled and quieted, removed from the marketplace and given a hearing only in the sacred assembly.

What will happen to the secular person when life is changed by the future events? Although many will go into darkness and despair, some will hear my voice and regain their faith. How many? I must awaken the churches to prepare by prayer and fasting. The future events will offer you new opportunities. The scales of secularism will fall from the eyes of many.

Comment: Secularism flourishes when times are good but has no answers in times of trial. Only faith can help people to survive and move on.

January 31, 2015
What Secularism Leaves Behind


The secular person deliberately chooses a road without God. What is the great attraction? Freedom. The person seeks a freedom to form his own world and to follow his own will. No restraints. No commands which say, “Thou shalt not”.

Having freedom is a powerful attraction, especially for the young who have their whole life ahead of them. When they reach the height of their youthful powers, they see only an open field for whatever they choose. Such is the powerful secular attraction.

But what has it left behind? What high price does the secular person pay for this freedom? These are the unexamined aspects of their choice. They leave behind the world of faith, a God who loves them and Jesus who died for them. They leave behind those powers which can control the evil in their heart. (Yes, every heart has evil tendencies.) They leave behind both the power to overcome sin and the power to be forgiven when they do sin. They leave behind the whole concept of sin. The secular world must repress guilt because it denies a God who alone can take away our guilt.

Secular man sets out on the great sea of life without a compass. He destroys all of God’s maps because he wants to discover his own reality. He is a child without a father and a wise man without a teacher. He is bereft, alone, forsaken, lost and hopeless – all from his own free choice (or because his secular society, bereft of divine faith, gave him no other option).

Secular society is like a beautiful rose cut off from its roots, free to be placed anywhere, but inevitably dead. This is Western society which has chosen to remove itself (for the sake of freedom) from its religious soil.

Now, the truth has become stark. False hope is fading. Who would dare to say that the secular beliefs have constructed a better and safer world? Look at your society, filled with unbridled selfishness. In a secular society only the ego rules supreme because God has been toppled.

Comment: Our Lady gives a piercing analysis of the bad fruits of secularism.

February 1, 2015
Secularism Destroys Religious Faith


Bereft of faith in a living God who created him and calls him to live forever, the secular man must create his own goals and walk his own path. When he joins with others in the work of forming a society, they must begin by destroying a society of faith that already exists and is an obstacle.

So, they began to dismantle religious practices, tear down religious symbols and point out all the faults of religion, all for their hidden agenda of establishing a secular state. They convince people that the world they are building will be free of what they call religious prejudice.

As they accomplish their goals, especially among the young, a truly new society emerges. New gods appear. New lifestyles. New freedoms. Everyone congratulates themselves. They have successfully rejected a faith that they claimed belonged to an unenlightened age.

They set out a new path, totally oblivious to the problems built into the human heart. When the human heart does not serve the living God, it serves itself. When it rejects a life after death, it seeks to make earth into a self-serving paradise.

All goes well as long as society fulfills all the person’s needs. When all is prosperity, the secular society flourishes, totally unaware that it cannot cope with economic collapse.

O secular America, how will you survive the events that I am speaking about so clearly? Many will not. They have been cheated of religious faith. They do not serve any God and do not believe in a God who will help them in a time of crisis. So, I speak to those who do believe. Treasure your faith. Nourish and grow in your faith. Hold tight to it. If you have set it aside, find it again. Return. The time is short. When the events come, you will thank me for these words.

Comment: Today is the high point of the secular society – Super Bowl Sunday.

February 2, 2015
Returning to the Father’s House


No one asks, “Where does this road lead?” The secular religion sees only the freedom and the removal of restraints, which allow the person to set aside obligations to God and the many moral demands required by the gospels.

So, mankind sets out like the Prodigal Son, its pockets filled with money and away from the father’s authority. But, where does that road lead? Fortunately, in his squalor, the son remembered his father’s house. He realized that even his father’s servants lived better than he. This led to his decision, “I will return to my father’s house”.

Today, however, many of the young born into a secular society have never experienced the heavenly Father’s home. They do not know the Father’s table where the fatted lamb is served. They know only the husks meant for pigs. When the events come and when the prosperity of the secular world collapses, they will be totally lost, unaware of their Father’s house.

I must raise my voice and I must act. I will use these little locutions to preach everywhere. My voice will not be limited to the Churches. I will go and seek out my prodigal children. I will carry them back to the Father’s house. Many, for the first time, will understand what the secular world has stolen from them. Even though they did not grow up in the Church, they will know that they have come home.

O reader, if you are away from the Father’s house, I will lead you back. The heavenly Father, will embrace you and clothe you with peace.

Comment: The secularized world deliberately sets aside the Father so it need not accept His authority.

February 3, 2015
The Secular Road and Everlasting Death


The secular road leads only to worldly goals not to eternal life. When faith is snuffed out, these eternal goals are removed. The person never seeks life after death. They only vaguely perceive heaven and do not make it their goal.

They veer off, enticed by what is here and now. They remember only vaguely the voice of God, their eyes turned to the glitter and their ears attuned to the new sounds arising from earth. They give themselves to “buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage” as Jesus said, while rejecting His words that the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

The problem is not what they find in a secularized society, but what they do not find. They never discover the pearl of a great price or the treasure hidden in the field. They are found asleep when the bridegroom comes. Not allowing their soul to be bathed in eternal light, they grasp for earth and are filled with what passes away. They have no room for the treasures of heaven. Worldly wealth cannot buy you eternal life? You must seek treasures that the thief of death cannot steal from you.

I came to Fatima to save the world from the great destructions of the 20th century, but, more important, I came to save millions from eternal fires. The same two issues are still on the table, only to a much greater degree in this 21st century. The secular world is like dry wood, an easy target for the demonic fires, which not only destroy the body but, even worse, cast the soul into eternal death.

I did not hold back these truths. At Fatima, I showed the three children the souls in hell. Hell is a word that the secular world does not want to hear but it has to be spoken. Let no one say that the secular world is neutral. It destroys faith, blinds people to the road to eternal life, steals Jesus’ power to grant eternal happiness, and leads to eternal death.

Comment: We so easily accept the secular, forgetting that it destroys faith needed for salvation.

The Face of Terrorism (February 4 to February 12, 2015)

February 4, 2015
Terrorists With Fire In Their Hearts


The powers of terrorism have touched so many places and have been so openly displayed, that all are realizing the full extent and purpose of those who would shake the earth so they can control it. But what is seen is so small compared to what is hidden, and what has happened is so little compared to the full powers which they seek. So, I must speak again about the full and complete darkness of worldwide terrorism.

For years, they have grown, protected by a secrecy which they, themselves, fostered. Now, they grow by publicity and by events that are televised. Their many names are known everywhere. They have become a household word, known to all. Being known, they can more easily recruit. Being feared, they can more easily destabilize. Without lifting a finger or even having a plan they cause nations to spend millions on security, due only to fear of an attack. They enjoy power to cause fear, even when they have no power to cause destruction. All of this is on the surface and easily seen. I must go to the heart, what cannot be seen by eyes that think only in human terms.

Terrorism is Satan’s weapon, which he has carefully fostered for centuries, fueled by hatred, by poverty, by clashes of civilizations, by lies, by the interests of the rich, by mistakes of political leaders, by violence and by deaths. The Middle East and Northern Africa are cauldrons of boiling water which have just begun to overflow.

The West, as always, replies with weapons. However, the West does not experience the fire of peace in its heart like the terrorists experience the fire of hatred and destruction. So, this war is quite uneven. The West has the greater weapons but the terrorists have the greater fire in their hearts. So much more to say.

Comment: Our Lady asks if we are ready to look deeper, into our hearts. What does the West lack in its war on terrorism?

February 5, 2015
The Endless Fuel for the Fires


The very depths of hell are now opening up, endless depths that will continue to pour forth its fire, enveloping all. The world sees but does not understand. The fires have no reason. They follow no logical path. They are diabolical fires, guided by hell’s evil intelligence, kept hidden so they could grow, but now manifested so they can strike fear. Nations rush in, only to be burned by the fire, and later enveloped by it.

Mankind has never seen the like of this because the fire has endless fuel, the oil of hatred present in the hearts of millions of young Muslims who always nourished hope of a different life. Now, this life is seemingly offered to them through the radical groups that had been so marginal.

The events have caused these young people to face a decision. Their own societies are being split in two and they must decide. Destabilization of their cultures, a tearing away of existing structures, all of this I prophesied long ago.

Now, these endless fires, burning for so long beneath the surface, are seen by all, Muslim and non-Muslim. For many, these are fires burning in far away lands. For young Muslims, the fires have already entered their lives and are shaping their future. “Should I join the radicals? What other options are left to me?” These are the burning questions which every young Muslim must face. They are the constant fuel for these new fires.

Comment: Terrorism has roots in a Muslim culture and draws its constant fuel from the young.

February 6, 2015
Terrorist Groups United for Satan’s Goals


The wounds have festered. Now there is just one, gaping wound that has spread everywhere. All are being drawn in. Nothing remains as it used to be. New wounds, new deaths, new violence every single day. How much can the body take and sustain life? Never has anything been seen like this.

I speak today of the linking up of the terrorist groups and their joining forces. They do not need to have political unity to fulfill Satan’s commands. All act in the spirit of Sharia Law. All speak of Allah, of Jihad, of death to the infidel.

Many point out that rivalries exist between the groups but they miss the deepest unity. Although they vie among themselves, and at times destroy one another, they share the same evil intent. By their very diversity, they spread more quickly, each with their own plan and goals, each with their own inner structure. This is the genius of Satan who will continue to use this diversity, and even this enmity between the groups, to bring about more gaping wounds.

Suffering is Satan’s goal. Inflicting pain is his only choice. Who inflicts it or how it is administered is of little importance. He wants pain and suffering inflicted upon friend and foe alike.

Who can heal the wounds and quiet the anger? Can bullets and drones and airstrikes bring this about or, is the whole world caught up in an endless inflicting of pain, even in efforts to be of help? Until the West turns to heaven, there can be no solutions, but only a continuing downward spiral into hell’s sufferings. This is my view which I have spoken of so many times and in so many words.

Comment: Understanding the events demands an understanding of Satan’s true goals.

February 7, 2015
The Twisted Faith of the Terrorists


Let the whole picture come together so the face of terrorism can be seen by all. The evil is placed so deeply in the heart of their culture and has been nourished for so long a time, that superficial solutions cannot be effective.

The evil is rooted in their beliefs about Allah and what pleases him, in their faith that violence is Allah’s will, and that self-inflicted martyrdom gains eternal life. Who can erase these beliefs from their hearts? Who can turn them to the heavenly Father of Jesus, who preached just the opposite – non-violence, forgiveness and a martyrdom that was freely accepted at the hands of persecutors? The West has its weapons but has forgotten, lost, set aside, and, has often ridiculed its own faith. Now, it faces a foe who gathers its zeal from its beliefs, as distorted as they are.

Is it too late? Do we have any chance at all? These should be your questions. Instead you fight over policies and discuss strategies, when you should be talking about a return to faith. Do you even see the connection between the millions of your own unborn children whose blood you have shed and the blight of terrorism that now sheds your blood?? Do you at least see that you are trying to defeat a foe blinded by a false faith when you place no importance on clinging to your own true faith?

I say this now because as the face of terrorism becomes clearer and the extent of terrorism touches everyone, these questions will grow much more important.

Comment: The terrorists have faith, albeit a twisted one. The West has set aside its faith.

February 8, 2015
The Culmination of the Drama


Bombs, explosions, deaths on every side, peace talks, and failed negotiations – a constant cycle which now takes center stage. But what has not been seen in this unfolding drama? What waits in the wings? You can see what is present. The future is hidden from your eyes.

I have said that the events would begin in 2015 and that all previous events were just a preparation. The events would then speed up, one after another, each one linked, each one the next act of the drama, until all comes to a conclusion. These are the present moments. The curtain has opened. The drama has begun. Satan has written his script, prepared his actors, placed them in their positions and now actively guides their steps. He knows the story he has written, quite a different script from God’s original plan. He has the stage all to himself, having removed all those who would be able to oppose him. Only the Church remains, the one light that still shines, set aside by world leaders and rejected by so many.

This is my message. This drama of death, wars, terror, destruction, the division of countries, the millions who must flee their homes, the intense and useless sufferings, the failed plans, the weak initiatives, and the quick spread of evil will continue and become even more serious. If allowed to go to its conclusion and end according to Satan’s script, nothing would be left.

The only hope lies in the Church because there I will begin my intervention. I will enter this drama only through one door, the Roman Catholic Church. This will be evident to all. There will be signs from the very beginning, as clear as the sun rising. In the beginning, the world will only know that the Woman has begun to act. What I will do and how I will accomplish this will still be hidden. By that time, the darkness will be so great, that all will receive and welcome this rising sun. This hope and welcoming is extremely important. Then, I can accomplish all that I intend.

The vision has its time. The Fatima vision will be the culmination of the drama. The death of the pope, the bishops, priests, religious and laity in Jerusalem will be like a new Calvary, the greatest moment of darkness before the light of the resurrection. After the death of the pope, the forces of evil will be spent. The tides will be reversed and will flow in the opposite direction. I will have gained the victory, the purification of the human race in the most merciful way of all. The pope will take upon himself the sins of the world and relive the great mystery of the Lamb of God.

Comment: This locution is a very deep revealing of both the events and their meaning in God’s plan. Our Lady alludes to the saying in Habakkuk, “The vision still has its time, presses on to fulfillment and will not disappoint. If it delays, wait for it. It will surely come, it will not be late” (2:3).

February 9, 2015
Satan’s Many Weapons


In this war, what will be held back? Nothing. This is the final battle, the culmination of centuries. When total victory is in sight, no need to plan for tomorrow. Everything and everyone goes into the war. Everything will be drawn in, like wooden houses in an enormous fire.

The focus is upon the Middle East, Russia, the Ukraine and Africa, but the sparks of the blaze have fallen also in Europe. With very few operatives, the terrorists have forced these nations to spend millions on security. This is money which they do not really have, money which they just print.

Satan does not fight his war with just weapons. A building can be destroyed by fire or by a collapse. It really doesn’t matter, because the building is useless. The economic collapse of the West is closer than anyone believes. The structures already shake. The burden of debt grows. The price of fighting terrorism increases. Satan links all of his evils.

He holds many different cards in his hands and he knows when and where to play them. His important ploy is surprise. He attacks whatever is not protected. He always has his enemies looking in the wrong direction.

Where terrorism works, he uses that. Where economic instability works, he uses that. Where fear and confusion work, he uses that. Where poverty dominates people’s lives, he uses that. How many cards he holds and how well he knows to play them.

Only heavenly wisdom understands him and only heavenly power can defeat him. That is why I must reveal Satan’s works. More and more battles will be lost until mankind learns to call upon heaven.

Comment: The world’s focus is upon the terrorists and Russia, but Our Lady warns that Satan uses many evils to gain his victory

February 10, 2015
The Day of Accounting


The costs are high and resources are stretched beyond the breaking point. Yet, this is only the beginning. There will be more and more money dedicated to weapons and security, and new walls that are meant to protect but will also limit freedom. Satan builds his pressure and extends his power. It has become impossible for leaders to keep their eyes on every aspect. The power to govern correctly slips from their hands with too many issues to confront at once.

These are the hidden problems which seep into a nation’s bloodstream and wear down the system. Who can take these into account? All just assume that a nation can absorb all of these burdens and not collapse.

Satan has many approaches. He knows well the weak links, the parts that cannot handle the coming burdens. He knows that the economies of the West operate on money that does not exist. In the Middle East he uses the fires of terrorism to quicken his victory. In the West, he uses spending to arrive more quickly to the day of accounting.

The days of accounting will soon come for the West. No country is an island. When the day of accounting arrives for one, it affects all. No country can divorce itself from the global economy.

O West, Satan turns his eyes to your economies. His terrorism has cost you millions, but that is not his most powerful weapon. Nations have become tired of austerity programs. They have rejected leaders who took them on that path. They have chosen others who, like true politicians, have promised what they cannot deliver. A confrontation, a tremendous clash, will cause a splintering and attempts to patch things together. The great economic weakness of the West will takes center stage.

Comment: While some terrorism attacks in Europe have gained the headlines, the greater problems lie in the weakened economies.

February 11, 2015
The One Who Wields the Key


How great the nations must struggle to maintain life and the security of their citizens. Strains appear everywhere. Violence within and violence from without. All is falling apart. Where are the rays of hope? Who even dreams of a brighter future, indeed if there is to be a future? Pain, panic, violence, fear, destruction, and a great uneasiness prevail. Darkness grows and hope dwindles.

Who appears on the scene as s savior? Who can be raised up? Many people will arise, trying to claim the mantle of savior, attempting to show that they are the one called to restore peace. I have reserved that role to the one who wields the key. I have not given it to another.

No one will rise up in his/her own powers. No one will climb the mountain and claim the fire of life. No one will be able to disperse the coming darkness. I will allow all the world leaders to fail. All will see that even those who have great nations at their command cannot quell the destructive fires. As these events, of every kind, spread their evil, world leaders will become helpless. The whole world will see the futility of their efforts.

Then, and only then, I will raise up my priest son who will wield the key; placed by me in his hands, my special son whom I have prepared for decades. I will bring him on the scene at the darkest moment. In him, the nations will place their hope and he will not disappoint because he is a child of Fatima.

When he assumes the Chair of Peter, the Fatima graces will be released and the great battle will begin. Until then, human responses will be of little avail.

Comment: Our Lady explains that there will be a total failure of world leaders to limit the present evil. Having seen their hopelessness, the world will rejoice when she raises up her priest son.

February 12, 2015
The Only Light in the Darkness


So, where does this road end? One day leads to another and one era opens out to the next, but where does this time of terror and destruction lead? That is still not determined. This year is still being lived out. Its legacy is far from final. Nothing is settled. The battle still rages. The forces are still being brought forth. Much is still hidden. In fact, most of what will happen still lies in the background. I have said this clearly. The events before 2015 have prepared for this year. From now until October 13, 2017, will be the decisive years. By then, the world will see either the great destruction or the great victory of the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Clearly, not much time is left. During these years, the world leaders will walk in great darkness because their own hearts are not purified. They see no need to turn to heaven and they do not call upon the people to seek heaven’s aid. The people also are to blame for they have chosen sinful lifestyles, rejected religious faith, deliberately chosen secular goals, killed the unborn and walked in their own personal darkness.

America is to blame. The nation that I chose to be a light to the world and to bless the world by its abundance cannot even pay its own bills. I say all of this to convince everyone that the world leaders walk in their own darkness and are totally helpless to bring about the light.

Now, I come to the last remaining hope for the world, my Church, my Roman Catholic Church, with its pope and its Fatima powers. Catholics are so unaware that they, who have suffered so much and have been set aside by so many, hold within their Church the only light and power that can overcome the darkness. My message is so clear. Go back to Fatima. All the events, especially the darkest and more destructive events are meant to have one tremendous blessing. The Fatima light which has been hidden under the bushel basket of denial will finally be freed and set upon the lampstand.

Go to Fatima. Read the story. Believe the promises. Live the messages. Go to Medjugorje, for it shares in the great Fatima gift. As all the lights of the world go out, everyone will see that one candle remains that alone can light up the whole world. The proud and the mighty cannot understand the wisdom of God. This is only revealed to the little ones.

Comment: Our Lady provides a clear summary of her basic messages.

The Way To Light (February 13 to February 20, 2015)

February 13, 2015
The Beginning Instructions


The way to light is not arduous or filled with great suffering because I will be with you. It is when you walk away from me that the path becomes destructive and dangerous. At times, people even lose their immortal souls. Such is the sorrow of my heart.

The way to light is not a journey of one day or of one decision. It is a path that requires both fidelity and great understanding. I will provide everything. At this moment, I invite the whole world to walk with me. I have not yet come upon the world stage. That moment has been blocked and delayed. The circumstances are not yet right. Mankind has not yet turned and sought heavenly help. All of that will come later. We cannot wait. We must set out on the road of light. Surprisingly, we can make great progress even while the world plunges into darkness.

This will be my personal miracle to each person who hears my words in these locutions. While the world goes one way, into darkness, you will go the other way, into light, not into the false light that has too often guided you, but into Jesus’ special light that I have reserved just for you and your loved ones. All will be blessed. I will begin immediately. Listen and see and walk. Do not be just a hearer of my word but a doer.

First, I must assure you that this gift is true. You have read my locutions. You know that 2015 is the beginning year of the events. You already see and learn daily about these events. If Satan has decided to unleash his darkness, why should I hold back my light? These are my beginning words. As you read and hear of all the events of destruction and turmoil, let your faith increase. Just say to yourself, “If Satan is releasing his darkness, Our Lady must be sending forth her light”. In this way, what was meant to cause you fear, will increase your faith and draw you closer to me.

Comment: Only reluctantly does Our Lady speak of darkness. She rejoices to teach us her path to light.

February 14, 2015
The First Step Into Light


The Way of Light is filled with blessings. However, the person must leave go of darkness so their hands are free to receive. This is the first, and the most difficult step, because the person sees only what they are giving up and does not yet experience the gift. Let my words teach you.

I will not delay. As soon as you let go of sin, I will come with light. As soon as you turn your back on the darkness, the light will envelop you. The purging will not be all at once, but in gradual steps that you can easily walk. The first step is to overcome your fears, “What will life be like without my sinful attachments?”

Let us begin with those sinful attachments. What in your life is obviously from darkness? What do you do that, in the goodness of your heart, you do not want to do? What steps do you take that you always regret? What leads you into sin and darkness? As you hear these questions, what comes immediately to your mind? That is where your path to light begins.

Now, do not say, “I will wait until tomorrow” or “Some other time” or “I am not ready just yet”. The same grace might not be yours tomorrow. If you are not ready now, then how will you be ready if you delay?

This path to light has many steps that lead to the greatest freedom. You cannot take the others, until you take the first. Just resolve within yourself. I need only your permission to act. Just pray, “I will throw away the darkness and walk as a child of the light”. It is done. Your will is resolved and your feet have chosen a different path. Now, I can explain all the blessings.

Comment: Our Lady will do everything for us. However, she needs our free will.

February 15, 2015
The First Three Steps


I must teach this way of light quickly because the darkness can already be seen. This path has only little steps, but it has great gifts. These I pour out on all who walk. This is the first truth. You do the little things and I do the great things. At every step, huge blessings await. This is why I must teach.

People think that they must do great things, especially as the darkness comes. Really, they must do only little things, but these acts are so important. They dispose and prepare the person for my acts.

The first little act is always faith, and faith comes from hearing. I speak. You listen. What happens to the word? You either accept it or reject it. If you accept it, then it enters your heart and you set out on the path of light. If you reject it, my word sits by the wayside, and you choose other roads, roads of darkness.

The second step is hope. “I am on a journey. Mary is with me. I will not go astray. She will protect me. If I fall, she will pick me up. If I fear, she will calm me. Even if I sin, she will lead me to forgiveness. It is different now. I am not alone. The Virgin is with me and she is my mother”. Such are the thoughts of hope, always casting out the darkness of doubts.

The third step is a choice, a choice of love, when your will embraces me. How many times and with such great tenderness, I have embraced you. But that is not enough. You must embrace me. Do this now. This great act of love seals everything. Once you embrace me, I will never let you go. I will always show up. I will intervene. When you embrace me, you give me permission to act as your mother.

You can see that this path is very easy but you would never have found it unless I revealed it to you.

Comment: Our Lady gives a beautiful teaching on the three inner acts that begin the path.

February 16, 2015
The Flame and the Candle


The path of light is my gift to those who accept me. Many set me aside, as if I were not important in the Father’s plan. Others see no need to call upon my help. If you are one of these, it is specifically for you that I speak today. Without me, you can certainly walk a road to the Father through Jesus, but that road is hard to find and difficult to walk.

The heavenly Father foresaw this present time of darkness brought about by the cleverness of Satan’s plan. For this moment of history, God reserved a new and special light, a candle burning brightly which each person can hold. Is that not what you yourselves do? When the lights go out, you use candles, because there is no central light. So each person carries their own lit candle and all feel safe.

Picture me as the Heavenly Father’s candle and Jesus as the flame. Can you have the flame without the candle? I am not the flame. Jesus is the flame, but I am the candle, easily available to all who accept me. The candle comes first, then the flame. Who would try to take the flame into their own hands? That is foolishness. Only harm would result.

How long will the candle burn? How bright will be its flame? I am the Father’s candle and I will burn as long and as brightly as each one needs. I am Immaculate. The light will be pure, piercing and totally able to lead you. When the night grows darker, I will burn more brightly. When the wind comes, I, myself, will protect the flame. Even if the flame goes out, I will ask the heavenly Father and He will light your candle again.

The time is now because you must get your candle before the darkness comes.

Comment: So many object to or do not see the need for devotion to Mary. Here, Our lady lowers herself, calls herself just a candle. But how needed, so each person can have the flame!

February 17, 2015
Let There Be Light


Those who seek the light need only allow themselves to be drawn and led by it. The Father has created you for light. He, Himself, is eternal light, shining from all ages. His first words were, “Let there be light”. He has formed in His only Son, Jesus, the new kingdom of light, the only hope for a world plunged into darkness.

I preach this kingdom and open its doors right now. Where are these doors? Just follow my voice. My words will lead you. Right now, you cannot see, so let your ears be open to my words. They will bring you to the doors of sight. Let me begin.

You are absorbed by a darkness that you do not even perceive. The daily cares, the anxieties, and the attempts to gain security absorb the heart. Every hour is filled, so little time, sometimes none, given to the light.

Now, you hear my voice saying, “Come over here. Stay a moment. Do not rush headlong”. What do I ask of you? Just a moment, a time to invoke me, to call on me with faith. I ask some quiet moments, some stillness, an absorption into the light of prayer which has greater power to absorb you than the darkness. Only I can bring you this light, Jesus, my Son. The Father has placed Jesus in my heart, where all are called to receive. You only escape darkness by coming into light and you cast out darkness only by grasping the light. All other efforts will completely fail.

Now, I speak the most precious words of all. In the beginning, all was darkness until God said “Let there be light”. As the new darkness comes, the Father has given me the privilege, the task, the call, even the command, to use His words, “Let there be light”. Through these locutions, I am saying those words day after day, in numerous images and teachings. Now, I say it to you, “Let there be light”. I will always say those words. They are my daily, constant blessing. “Let there be light”.

Comment: In this Marian Age, the Father has given Our Lady many special privileges to help us in our darkness.

February 18, 2015
A Path Revealed to the Little Ones


The path of light is a road filled with blessings which are hidden from the proud but revealed quickly to the little ones who want to walk my ways.

First, they see that I am with them in every danger, always protecting them from the harm which is caused by others or by their own foolish decisions.

Second, they experience my constant encouragement. They know that when the great problems come upon them, that I will be there to help carry them. Third, they often experience my presence, as warmth or a peace comes over them. This quiets their fears and allows them to choose the right road.

Thirdly, they know that I will be with them until the end. I will never abandon them until that moment when I embrace them forever and ever. This is the path of light which is open to all the little ones. How do your become “a little one”? This is the great secret. A person must decide to be a “little one” (and everyone in the world can make that decision).

First, they must see that their own strength and their own intellect are unable to overcome all their difficulties.

Second, they must be filled with hope, that I hear their every cry.

Third, they must walk in my ways, according to my truths. This is the great illumination that takes place in the heart, when the person allows me to place my new light within them.

Now, they are my little one, able to walk my path of light.

Comment: Our Lady gives a very simple teaching that anyone can follow.

February 19, 2015
Light For the Hour of Darkness


The path of light is open to all, but it is found most easily by those who walk with others, their hearts joined as one in the most important journey of all. How many gather for other purposes, joined by the hopes of profits or delights. They constantly move along those roads which the world points out to them. How few join their hearts to walk the path of light. This is the great secret that I am trying to reveal to the whole world.

In ordinary times, people do not need my special path of light. The times are normal. The problems can be overcome and the faith sustained. However, these are not the usual times. This is the hour, as Jesus called it.

In the hour of His passion, He told the apostles to stay awake, to pray that they might overcome the trial. They failed and scattered, not grasping the darkness that they would face.

People might ask, “Why do I need this path of light?” Because the darkness and the trial of the “hour” is at hand. You must seek out others whose hearts are also seeking the path of light. Join together and I will join with you. The more you are joined, the greater will be the light. When the darkness comes, just remain as one and you will have your light, your little candles burning brightly able to enkindle each other if your flame goes out.

Comment: Find others who seek the light and pray together regularly. Our Lady’s plan is not complicated.

February 20, 2015
External Signs That Invite All


I come to my final teaching. I invite all, from every faith and every nation to walk my path of light. I do not limit this path to Catholics or even to the baptized Christians. The time is so urgent and the darkness is so great, that I must open my path of light to everyone. I say this by way of preparation.

At Fatima, thousands gathered. Some believed and some were skeptical. Yet, all saw the dance of the sun. All experienced its power to dry their clothes and to dry up the ground. All could photograph the phenomena and give excellent reports to the press. I did not limit the grace of Fatima to just the fervent believers. I reached out that day to all of Portugal and to all the world. So, it will be in the future. I have spoken in these locutions about the path of light that is available right now and should be walked immediately. This path involves inner steps and personal decisions. It asks people to join with others in faith. In that way, their candles will not go out. To whomever takes these inner steps, I promise that they will find their path to light.

But, now, I am speaking of external signs, invitations to all people of all faiths to walk my path of light. If they just know about me and about the path of light which I offer, they will be able to respond adequately to the signs.

Believers must help unbelievers. Prepare now to be missionaries of light. I am speaking to you. Who else? Have you not faithfully read these locutions? Do you not love my words? You must learn to be missionaries of the light.

The external signs, which are my invitation to the whole world, will open many hearts but you must be there with your nets, mended and readied, to receive the great catch of fish.

Comment: Up to now, Our Lady has spoken only of interior graces. Today, she promises external signs, as happened at Fatima.

February 20, 2015
The Future of Europe


In the Ukraine, only two options remain, to allow Russia to take the land or to make war. There is a brink. For now, it will remain unsettled but that cannot last for long. Soon, there will be a definite settling. The land will be gone. No one is willing to totally confront. The risk is too great.

But the deeper problem is Europe itself and even NATO. All is being questioned. At this point, everything is shaking and there is no final settling. This will not be postponed indefinitely. The factors are too powerful and they are at hand. There is certainly the problem of Russia and the Ukraine but this problem has opened wide the deeper problems about the future of Europe.

Comment: As problems multiply, the urgency becomes more evident.

Urgency for Europe (February 21 to February 25, 2015)

February 21, 2015
The Secrets of Terrorism


The time is short. So much stands in the path of the coming destruction. I must speak about urgency. Do not put off until tomorrow. My messages will take on this new note of great immediacy. The themes will be familiar but the new tone will be evident.

The steps to crush ISIS will be of no avail. The terrorist groups just adapt. Seeing what the West hurls at them, they go in a different direction. The stream is always the same. They recruit and recruit and recruit. This is the source of their great strength. When they recruit, they train and train, all with the one goal of destroying, conquering and leaving nothing behind. Even they do not understand the demonic forces that encourage them and teach them what to do. All they see is that they are successful – a success that leaves behind only destruction of what previously existed.

What have they built? Nothing but groups, ever-expanding groups that spread terror. They feed off of what previously had been built up. They are like children who enjoy demolishing their sand castles. But they are demolishing cities and nations, with an ever-increasing hunger and power to destroy more.

Such is the urgency of the war on terrorism. But where does it fit in? What is its role in Satan’s plan and how can God use it for His purposes? These are the important questions.

Terrorism is an evil that flows from poverty and hatred which Satan has used for his goals. Great masses of people have been exploited, forced to live in inhuman conditions. They are born into poverty, live in poverty, die in poverty. Give them a gun and they feel rich and powerful. That is Satan’s tactic.

The important question concern’s God’s plan. Can there be any divine goal? This is my message. Terrorism is a new evil, rooted in false religious beliefs, deeply planted in their heart. With these locutions, and through the events that I will bring about, I am inviting all to return to religious belief. Terrorism fought merely by political strategies and weapons will totally fail. Terrorism is revealing the religious superficiality of the West. Only my plan of the West regaining its faith will end terrorism. But that is path which few want to walk.

Comment: Our Lady teaches what no one wants to hear. The faith of the Crusaders no longer exists in the West.

February 22, 2015
Europe’s Multiple Problems


There are too many factors and too many forces for anyone to bring about security. The resources are not available nor is the will of Europe rooted in a faith that motivates and guides. So, the current situation will continue to deteriorate. More and more parts of the world will fall into darkness.

Yet, the central problem lies within the crumbling structures and the inner decay. A resilient and faith-filled Europe could adequately respond but this is not the case. So, I must turn my eyes to the inner urgencies that Europe refuses to face.

Europe has constantly postponed the obvious solutions and has foolishly bought what it could not pay for. It has joyfully thrown off restraints of every kind, believing that they belonged to another era. Now, the external difficulties of constant Middle East wars and the new rising up of Russian nationalism, coupled with the internal problems of financial insolvency and the need to respond to constant crises have brought Europe to a breaking point that will soon erupt, causing a severe shift, a downgrading of life, and somber reflections on what has gone wrong.

In Satan’s plan, one problem worsens all the others, as they cleverly interact. Pressures are everywhere until something burst wide open. Resources are moved from one sector to another, only to discover greater problems somewhere else. All of these are the events that I said would begin in this year 2015, leading up to that special day of October 13, 2017.

You, my readers, do not stand idly by. Gather your loved ones for family prayer. I will meet you there and show you what steps you must take now. This is my message of urgency. The whole Church must be prepared so that when I raise up my priest, the full blessings can be received.

Comment: The problems are multiple and the faith needed to respond is lacking.

February 23, 2015
The Urgency of Fatima


There is seemingly no limit to the problems, as one connects with the other, and all are intertwined, as if brought about by some mind that is far above a human intellect. All of this is true. The problems, although planted in human hearts, have their true roots in the demonic intelligence who inspires everything, big and small, personal or collective. All fits together and easily responds to human solutions, that only exacerbate the problems and multiply them. Such is the force that now confronts mankind.

This power has always been operative, always destroying, killing, confusing and disturbing. This moment, however, is the hour which Jesus spoke about so often. The hour took place in Jerusalem and was seemingly Satan’s hour when he killed the Lord of Glory.

So, all the events will again lead up to Jerusalem, and another confrontation. This time between Satan and the Holy Father. In this hour, death again will result, the death of the Holy Father and many others. The Fatima vision will be fulfilled. This hour of seeming defeat will release the greatest blessings, just as did Jesus’ death.

What about the time until that hour? All the blessings for the world and the Church are contained in the Fatima gift. In 1917, I foresaw the next hundred years. I foresaw the two roads – the road of Fatima and the road without Fatima. The Church has chosen to walk away from Fatima and to choose its own road. How urgent to return. The Fatima blessings do not wait until the Consecration of Russia. Every Catholic must go to Fatima now – in their hearts, in their reading, and some should travel there. The more the people go to Fatima, the quicker the consecration will take place. All is urgency.

Comment: Learn the story of Fatima and live its messages.

February 24, 2015
Terrorism and the Social Media


The dire consequences which lie ahead can now be seen by everyone. No longer does Satan try to hide his works because it serves his goals that what he is doing now should be seen. The growth of terrorism and the constant videos of their cruelty are meant to strike fear and to raise the level of security, so more money is spent to safeguard the population.

All of this converges into a powerful central force. The evil forces that for so long operated on the fringe, have become mainstream, their names known by all and on every tongue.

What will be Satan’s next steps? He will use the very responses of the leaders who try to stamp out his fires to spread them even further. The recruiting will intensify. The radicalization will deepen. All will be drawn into his fires, on one side or the other. Populations who seemed far away from his conflagration will suddenly see themselves on the edge. People who felt they did not need to make a choice, will suddenly be confronted by terrorism at their front door.

This spreads quickly because Satan so cleverly uses the social media of communications. The names of his terrorists are spread to the ends of the earth, like a new gospel of destruction. Once that word goes forth, he touches some hearts everywhere. Then, he just waits for the right moment to recruit. The seeds of this new harvest are planted everywhere. No place is exempt.

All will intensify. Radical Islam on every side, guided by the demonic intelligence. It would be bad enough if this were the only problem, but Europe is weak and divided, with its economies burdened by debts, its religious faith long ago abandoned, and the Ukraine being dismembered. All of these pressures will multiply and the future of Europe will be in the balance.

Such is my plea, the plea of the virgin mother of Jesus. “O Europe, accept me again. Claim me once more as ‘Our Lady’. I will embrace you and save you from the fires.”

Comment: Our Lady describes clearly the future of terrorism.

February 25, 2015
Europe’s Historical Decisions


The time is coming when Europe will have very few options and will be forced into decisions that it does not want to make. Inevitability looms. This is happening now in the Ukraine. Step by step, what was once possible is taken off the table. The constant pressure of Putin and his resolve have forced Europe to abandon many of its hopes.

The problems (in so many areas) lie not just with Putin. They are constant pressures. Always many deadlines to meet and bills to be paid.

This is my message. The decisions of the centuries are coming to their full flowering, the decisions of the enlightenment when reason was exalted and faith was dismissed, the haughtiness of secular rulers who wanted to reunite the map of Europe, the pride of Hitler and Mussolini, and then of the European Union that refused to accept its Christian foundation. Even now, there is a belief that a truly vibrant Europe can be formed upon secular ideas and economic unions.

Everything is coming apart. What you have so recently constructed will not stand. You will be forced into decisions that you never wanted to make. The options are coming off the table. Your life will narrow as your economies are shaken.

Will you ever say those words, “We have walked away from Our Lady. We have set aside the mother of Europe”?

In your pain and your sufferings, I will come to you through my priest son. He will consecrate Russia and offer you the only chance you have to be restored.

Comment: Our Lady recalls Europe’s many decisions since the French Revolution that took the continent away from her protection. She invites a return.

Heaven’s Road (February 26 to March 5, 2015)

February 26, 2015
Disillusioned With Man’s Road


Wave after wave. Fires, large and small, on all sides. Constant threats and warnings. The world is being introduced into a new existence that I have spoken about often. Resources are stretched thin. More money must be borrowed. Weapons are distributed which soon find their way into the wrong hands.

Constant conferences and strategies. The news media cannot even begin to describe all that is happening and the news itself becomes the battlefield used to recruit and to stir fresh debate.

The world has entered a new process that will control its destiny. The tables have been shifted. The initiatives lie now with others. “What will they do next?” The world has to wait for the answer.

Meanwhile, life goes on. So much time is spent on the inane. Constant entertainment, endless movies. Complete absorption in the present delight. A society devoid of the mystical, with no anchor in heavenly gifts.

The heavens are closed and God has not closed them. Mankind has made the decision. “Let us rip out our religious roots. Let us claim earth for ourselves. Let us still the voice of God and stamp out any belief that would limit what we want to do. After all, earth belongs to mankind”.

Having walked that road for so long, you have come to this moment. Is there not another road? Is heaven closed forever? The human person is still the same. No one can remove his heart, his soul, his spirit. All are made for God. That is what I will do now. I will awaken you. Now that you are disillusioned with the false promises, now that you see where this road has led, you are willing to listen to the voice of heaven, the words of your mother, teaching you a deeper road.

Comment: God made the human heart and, no matter what takes place, it can still respond to the spiritual and mystical.

February 27, 2015
Man’s Search For God


These times and circumstances call forth heaven’s new gifts, which have been reserved for these moments of human history.

God creates every human heart for Himself, placing in man’s spirit a stirring for unending happiness. These inner desires bring about man’s ceaseless activity, from morning until night. In every action, man is really seeking heaven. Even in his sins, man seeks this eternal good.

When the human heart finds God, peace comes. The person has a goal and has found the road of his divine call. He is changed and remakes his world according to God’s plan. Although heaven offers this gift to everyone, much depends upon whether the culture is immersed in this faith and constantly invites its citizens to find God.

Modern culture obscures heaven, substitutes earth and pretends that the human person will be satisfied with the toys of today.

As these destructive events begin, man sees even these earthly pleasures being taken away. There must be two great responses to these destructive events. Heaven will do its part, making available graces that have never been poured forth. Man must do his part. He must set aside all that fascinates him, all the glitter and the mirrors, all the dazzling lights and the instant gratifications. He must resolve right now, “I will allow my heart to seek the living God”. I will guide your search.

Comment: As these destructive events remove mankind’s illusions, he will be more receptive to God’s inner stirrings.

February 28, 2015
The Great River Within


As the fires of hell come to the surface in destructive events, cannot the saving waters of heaven also come forth? When and where will this happen? Right now, within the heart of everyone who calls on me.

I cannot wait for political leaders. I cannot even wait for the Church to act. I must begin now to pour out the living waters of the Holy Spirit, who has been placed in the souls of all the baptized.

Satan cannot touch this impenetrable castle of the human spirit, made for God alone. How he would like to invade there and cast his ultimate fire, removing man’s free will and absorbing the human spirit into his spirit. This will never take place on earth. Until man’s final moment, no matter what sins have occurred, no matter what decisions have been made or evil brought about, God will always be able, in surprising and astonishing ways, to suddenly flood the human spirit with the refreshing waters of conversion.

These fresh and new graces I pour out right now, o reader, into your heart. This is where I begin. In your heart. In your spirit. Within your consciousness, your feelings, your hopes, your desires. A fresh river begins to flow, the river of life.

Take it in. Do not let it flow by. The river is for you, no matter what has happened in your past life, no matter what your situation is right now. In fact, I begin right there, exactly where you are.

My rivers are flowing, into hearts that have always sought me, into hearts that once knew me and into hearts that have never experienced my motherly love. The rivers are flowing. No one can stop these rivers because they begin within your heart. Can you not hear them flow? They are ready to take you in a totally new direction. They are my inner gift, my first answer to the new destructive fires causing these events.

Comment: What a great surprise! O reader, in your heart right now is a new river of life.

March 1, 2015
Endless Waves of Blessings


My gifts will be like the waves of the oceans, always coming, one after another, never ceasing. When one wave comes, do people not look for another? So it must be. A new awareness, one gift awakening to the next, never ending until the moment of death.

Mankind cannot save itself. Extricating itself from one problem, it finds only more waiting to come. So, it will be with my blessings, one after another, always more powerful, deeper and longer lasting.

The waves of my power have already begun. I do not speak of tomorrow but of today, of now, of this moment, of this present situation. Can I be any clearer? O reader, my waves are already washing up upon your spirit! I am already working within you. Let your holy desires come forth. Let hope spring up within. Let light dawn upon you, a fresh inner light that can overcome any darkness.

I will lead you to new decisions, which will safeguard these inner blessings. How important these are. The old will be cast aside. You will change, all under the power of new hope. A new life, within and without.

Stand firm in these inner waves of blessings. Rejoice in them. They bring a life that you could never imagine before. There is more to come.

Comment: Our Lady uses so many images to try to describe what she is doing now within each heart.

March 2, 2015
The Echo of Mary’s Own Words


As darkness covers human life and evil gains sway over the worldwide events, I will give new lights, never before seen, lights which Satan cannot destroy. This will be my light. I will raise up my priest son. I will also raise up thousands who will mirror his light, receiving it, multiplying it and passing it on. These will be children of the light. They will be in every country and in every land.

This light will burn brightly every day. Right now, this light is hidden, but soon I will place this light on the largest and greatest lampstand. The light will go forth, far greater than any television station. All the world will be invited to walk in this light.

The voice will be gentle, and threaten no one. The words will be my words, pouring forth for every need and every situation. These words will be multiplied. More important, they will be associated with a person whom all know and love.

I will stand with him and he with me. We will be as one heart and one voice. I will speak and he will echo. My words will be pure light, easy to understand and even easier to follow. If they are rejected, I will speak again. If they are accepted, then I will speak even louder and clearer.

I will not allow the world to be plunged into a darkness in which no saving light exists. I refuse to allow Satan to control the thoughts of the world. He cannot stop this light.

Now, you see what I will bring about, a Church that speaks my words. All the world will know that they are my words and do not belong to anyone else. Such will be the greatness of the light that will be needed in the darkness.

Comment: Our Lady’s promise is so clear. She will speak to us through her priest son.

March 3, 2015
A Nuclear Iran


I offer all these words and blessings because I see what lies ahead. As I place before the world what will take place, all take heart that heaven has not abandoned earth and has planned for these dark moments.

As the West faces even more serious problems, disputes break out among its leaders, divisions occur, and what needs to be united is broken. This, too, is part of Satan’s plan. One saying “Go this way” and another shouting, “That is the wrong road to peace”.

At first, these divisions will seem to be the ordinary process of discussion and resolution. However, this will not be the case. Beneath the surface discussions, the hearts of the leaders will be vehemently closed to the plans of the other. There will be a total clash of cultures, a hardening of positions.

These leaders each have enormous resources. Instead of coming together for clear and coherent strategies, they will split, not on the surface but in truth. I am speaking now of a nuclear Iran. Decisions that could have adequately addressed the problem will become a lost opportunity. This is very, very serious, although not seen as such at this moment. Only in looking back will the world see how the division was brought about by Satan to allow Iran to develop its nuclear weapons. A nuclear Iran will totally shift the balance of power in the whole world.

This should never have been allowed to take place. Delay, delay, delay. This has been the strategy. Put off. Put off. Never face the reality. Such is the atmosphere that Satan creates for his designs.

I see it. I will plan for it. I am already making my moves to bring the Church into greater and greater light, so that in the darkness ahead there will be at least one great voice of light.

Comment: As Our Lady speaks of these problems, we know that she has not abandoned us.

March 4, 2015
Bringing the World to Jesus


I will not turn back from my course. I will never abandon mankind. Can a mother forget the child of her womb? I have brought forth the whole human race in the pain of Jesus’ death. I am in this battle until the finish, until I bring to new life everyone whom I can save. This is my enduring promise.

For many, life continues as usual. The problems seem so far away, as if meant for others. I see everything before me. The whole world, all the nations. All of time, past and future. All the forces, good and evil. I also see the role which the heavenly Father has given to me in this special time. “Bring the world to Jesus” is His command. So, I work with every ounce of my strength to draw the world to Jesus. I say to God, “Father, they have set Jesus aside. I need more powers and I need more people”. The Father has given me all that I need. He has clothed me with the sun and put the moon under my feet, those lights which control the days and the seasons. He has crowned me with the stars so I can be seen even in the darkest night.

I say this for one reason, to prepare a people who believe in me, a people who understand the Father’s plan. Then, I will act and my actions will be understood. People will say, “It is the Woman”. They will respond. My actions must not be fruitless. They must be a call to action. Millions must be stirred. Do not forget the Father’s command to me, “You must bring the world to Jesus”. That is what we will do together.

Comment: Our Lady promises her unending, worldwide actions to bring the world to Jesus.

March 5, 2015
Prayers That Reach Heaven


Only the gifts that pour out from my heart can save the world. I must explain these gifs because people might believe that I will miraculously save the world without any effort on their part. So, I must be clear because these gifts are already flowing.

These are saving gifts which must be received. They are powerful gifts which will transform but only if the person freely accepts and acts. They will change everything, but only if millions and millions of people allow the gifts to have power over them.

The first gift is always faith that heaven will help earth, a faith that leads to praising God and interceding for His protection. If there are worldwide problems, there must be worldwide intercession. If there are national problems, there must be national intercession. If there are family problems, there must be family intercession.

The prayers that surely reach heaven are when hearts are joined. Love one another. When two people love one another they can change the whole world. When their hearts are joined as if they have only one heart, they are a furnace of love and others can join them.

Enough of your discussions, your meetings, your constant watching of world news. Why sit passively and listen, when you can call down heaven’s powers to change the situation? These are the gifts pouring out from my heart. Come, gather with your heavenly mother. I will join your groups and bring greater gifts.

Comment: During World War II, people of faith flocked to churches to pray for our country. Our Lady wants to restore this intercessory prayer.

Decisions of World Leaders (March 6 to March 14, 2015)

March 6, 2015
Foolish Decisions of Leaders


As the clouds gather in the heavens, all await the storms. Such is this moment on earth when so many clouds appear on the horizon. These are the problems which I will speak to now. An anxiety fills the air. People are not settled. They know that things are not right. They do not know what forces will break through. They cling to their present way of life but they know there are no guarantees of its permanency.

They do not see what they can do. The enemies are hidden and the future is clouded in mystery. Life seems the same but it is not as before. All of this is truly a new state of affairs. Permanency has been shattered. All is contingent, waiting upon future events.

In these locutions, I try to address those events, looking at them from every possible angle. Describing them. Predicting them. Outlining their causes, their nearness and their effects. All moves ahead. Causes bring about effects and these causes are deeply planted in cultures, in human hearts, and in decisions, past and future. Such is the state of the world, a precarious state in a time of urgency.

Dare I speak of what will happen? Where will the breakthroughs of darkness occur? There are so many sore spots. Some are places of great violence. Others are places of great weakness in the structures. But what I speak of today is foolish decisions by world leaders. The evils are already planted in society. However, by the foolish and even foolhardy decisions of leaders, these evils have been allowed to grow and multiply. Now, these same leaders, after years of withdrawal, will reverse themselves and rush to foolish decisions that will only cause the evil to erupt more quickly and in new places.

I wait and wait to help my loving children. May they not lose faith in me.

Comment: Our Lady foresees foolish decisions that will cause more evil disruptions.

March 7, 2015
Centuries of Decisions


The future path is unknown. Leaders make their decisions while filled with confusion. They lead this way and then that way, always responding to the latest problem. Where have they led this world? This is what I will explain.

Satan has prepared for centuries for this moment in history and everyone must see today’s problems in light of the centuries. Over these centuries, Satan has raised up enmity between nations. At one point, they are friends and sign agreements. Suddenly, they are at war, killing each other.

When the war is over, scars are left. Divisions remain. People do not forget. So, over the centuries, the same nations take up their weapons again. The fighting is renewed.

When the war is over, the people say, “We must defend ourselves against the next war.” So, money is spent on weapons even when no war is taking place. The weapons get more sophisticated. The weapons spread because one nation wants others to be aligned with them. Man’s history becomes either war, preparing for war, or lining up friends who will be allies in wars. Do you not see Satan’s plans during these centuries? War has determined everything.

Now, he has his alignments. The sophisticated weapons have fallen into the hands of so many. What was meant to be the ultimate protection against enemies has become the ultimate goal of the enemies – to gain the same nuclear weapons.

Everything comes to a climax. How will the world be disarmed? The only path to peace is disarmament. Stockpiling weapons is a short term goal that inevitably leads to just the opposite. Very soon, your enemy has the weapons that you invented.

This is my promise. If the nations allow me to take human history into my hands, I will lead all the nations to peace through disarmament. This is a step by step path, just as the present situation has come about by many steps.

Comment: Who, today, believes that disarmament will ever take place? Yet, Our Lady promises to lead us to peace through disarmament

March 8, 2015
Centuries of Hatred


The path is so slippery but world leaders believe that their wisdom and their resources can prevail and restore world peace. What a mockery! They do not see the centuries. They do not see the evil imbedded in human hearts and they do not believe in Satanic intelligence.

They are deprived of faith and do not believe that they need the help of heaven. So, they slip each day into a deeper morass, wondering why their human solutions are of no avail. Such is the blindness of world leaders. They have hearts that are no longer placed in a religious culture. They are rooted in secular theories and cannot understand the religious fanaticism of the opponents.

Everything shifts. They do not understand the various groups that spring up, with all the different names. One surprise after another, until they begin to see the scope and the depth of world terrorism.

These are not problems that have begun in one day, one year or even one generation. The problems go back centuries. They are contained in religious thinking and in the streams of hatred toward the infidels that have poured forth from these religious teachers since Mohammed.

Religious wars are not new. Attacks against Europe happened centuries ago and were repulsed only by a fervent Christianity that could fight false religious faith with the fervor of true religious faith.

O world leaders, where is your faith? Where is your fervor? Can you overcome fire when you have no fire in your own hearts? I say this from the housetops. Peace will come only when religious faith returns. So, let the fires of faith be lit again. Do not trust in the fire of your weapons that can only kill. Trust in the fire of faith in your hearts. Return to Notre Dame (Our Lady) and I will lead you. Right now you are on a slippery and dangerous path.

Comment: Without religious faith, Europe and the United States will lose.

March 9, 2015
A Tomorrow of Greater Darkness


An inevitability has set in. Problems everywhere and no permanent solutions, like a ship caught in stormy waters without a sure rudder to guide it or a captain who understands the correct direction.

Different leaders offer various solutions but the problems are everywhere. One causes another and solutions quickly become new problems. The world is caught up in a darkness which seemingly has no tomorrow.

There is a tomorrow, but it will be a tomorrow of greater darkness. I will say it again and again. Only I can lead the world into a true tomorrow. I am the dawn. A ship that turns away from me, will find only the night. A ship that turns toward me will slowly but surely come into a new day.

For centuries, decisions have been made to reject me, to forget me, and to put me aside. Even though I constantly intervened, appearing in many places with my saving messages, no one listened. So, the great darkness has descended and will continue to descend. Yet, my words and my promises do not change. However, time is running out. The darkness spreads and the ship plunges deeper into the night that has no tomorrow. This is the darkness of nuclear war and the first steps take place in Iran, quickly followed by others and the emergence of a new world power built upon the atomic bomb. This future is not far ahead. It looms already on the horizon and world leaders foolishly turn their backs on the possibility.

I speak now so the whole world knows that I see what is ahead. More important, that the world know that I love earth, I love mankind, and I have power to slowly but surely lead the world into a true tomorrow, when this horrible night is over and the light comes. My dear children, at this point I can offer you only my words because so few believe in me. My powers have not yet been released.

Comment: Today let each of us ask God to hasten the moment when Our Lady’s powers are released.

March 10, 2015
The Darkness Will Preach


I will speak about light and darkness, the symbols of the two kingdoms which battle for earth, a war that has been waged for many centuries and has now come to a climactic moment.

All is set in place. Foolish decisions have made the world vulnerable to the Kingdom of Darkness. Many human hearts are bathed in darkness and dedicated to the darkness. So many others have abandoned faith, the door to light, or have never received that gift.

The structures of society have been compromised by darkness and many leaders are bathed in the greatest darkness, intent only on their own ambitions. They place themselves forth as apt leaders, when their own hearts are given over to darkness. Finally, the weapons of darkness are in the hands of so many. Anyone who sees clearly must say that the future belongs to darkness.

But I promised to speak about light, as well as darkness, a light that is still hidden under a bushel basket and not yet placed on the lampstand. I speak of a light still hidden in my Church, a light that I have protected, a light which will bring forth a million other lights which also are still hidden.

This is my promise. I will bring forth my hidden light and place this light on the lampstand. Then, millions of lights will suddenly appear, great lights of faith. The great darkness will already have begun and the whole world will know how much it needs my light. The darkness will actually serve my purposes. By destroying all the world’s light, the darkness will preach to the world that it needs a new light. Then this new light will come forth.

Comment: When man’s light completely fails people will be more open to God’s help.

March 11, 2015
The Two Economic Events


The time is short and so many are unprepared. I must speak so that at least people will have heard my words and they will not be totally surprised when these events break forth. This will give hope and some direction.

Before any harm takes place, there will be a sweeping away of protections. People will realize that former safeguards no longer exist. What they trusted to support them in need is no longer available.

This will begin in the economic fields and in the collapse of governmental protection of currencies. This shaking of confidence will then result in actual harm. As people take steps to insure their futures, everything will tighten up. The flow of money will be restricted. Jobs will be threatened and lost. No one will be in control. Steps will be taken that are inadequate. Only as time goes on, will people see the deep divide between what used to be and what is. This is the first stage. The changes will be long-lasting but not total or deep. People will think that the crisis is over, and that all they must do is to cut back somewhat. Many will be chastened and will try to respond by some austerity.

However, all of this is just a beginning. It is the second economic shock that will bring about the deep divide, the permanent and non-reversible change that will awaken everyone to the great reality that the past years of buying without paying, of procuring without accepting the price has led to this moment. Once these two sets of economic events take place, the first set of the warnings and the second set of the actual breaking off, the world, for the first time, will truly see the path of darkness. I say this because my words will be the only light. That is why I speak.

Comment: Our Lady speaks of two economic collapses, an early one which all see but is not deep, and a second one which causes a deep divide between life before and after.

March 12, 2015
Satan’s Attacks On the Locutions


The time is short but much can still be done to rescue earth and to restore human history to God’s original plan. Two things must be done. My power and my light must be released into history and millions must receive the light that I pour out. These locutions prepare for those gifts, speaking so clearly and, each day, to many new hearers. Why have I given these words?

I began over four years ago, knowing that the darkness was not imminent but also realizing that it would take time for this little voice to be heard. There are no visions, no apparitions, and no site of miracles. Millions do not come and gather. Rather, all is hidden. The words are given softly and then made available. There is no advertising and no pilgrimages. The words stand alone and by themselves. Yet, these words go forth to all the world, eagerly awaited by many.

This is my promise. I will continue to speak these words for years to come. Do not be discouraged if Satan tries to stop these words, to cover them over and to discontinue their going forth. He would like to take his ax and have it fall upon this work, destroying it and cutting it in two so that it could never continue. When this begins, know that I have spoken ahead of time, that I have prophesied this attack, and, no matter what happens, that I will not allow this little work that I have raised up, to ever be destroyed. It is much too important to me, to the Church and to the whole world.

Yet, Satan will take his actions, for he would deprive the world of this light, even when every precaution is taken to preserve it. My words today, however, are not just about Satan’s future attempts to destroy what I am doing here. My words are, instead, a firm promise. These locutions will remain. They will stay. They will burn more brightly even after Satan’s time of darkness and they will lead the world and the Church through the darkness that lies ahead. They will be my constant and daily proof that I am with my Church and the world that I love so much.

Comment: Our Lady prophesies Satan’s desire to remove these locutions and to destroy them. No one knows exactly what will happen, only that Mary will preserve them. Possibly, some interruptions will occur.

March 13, 2015
This Generation’s Legacy


A moment comes when everything breaks forth and all can see. Such will be the future moments of human history. Already, the hidden fires are bubbling up, giving warning signals, but, as yet, the fires have not broken forth for all to see their fury and size. I have spoken about these evils, planted for centuries and now present in so many places and in so many ways. What is new will be their bursting forth and the changes they will bring about.

This is my message. These fires must burst forth. This is the only way that human history can be cleansed and a time of true peace follow. How strange to speak of true peace before the war has taken place, but this is my message, so listen carefully.

Every generation passes on its legacy to following generations. In God’s plan, each generation has a purpose. If it fulfills God’s will, it passes on blessings. “If it rejects God’s plan, it passes on sin and evil, a corrupt and evil generation”, as Jesus would say.

What will the present generation be? That is still to be decided but never has the question been so important. Awaken to this moment. That is why I speak so clearly. This will either be the generation in which the world is torn apart or is healed and made secure. Every generation holds its history in its own hands. This generation holds all the future generation in its hands. Such is the moment. I cannot be any clearer. Now is not the time to buy and sell, marry and give in marriage as Jesus described his generation.

All must awaken to heaven. All must look to heaven and heed heaven’s words. I will raise up my new messengers, with gifts and powers never seen before. I will place the light on the lampstand. I refuse to allow earth to be plunged into total darkness. Even so, I cannot remove free will. This generation, like all the others, holds history in its own hands. This generation will not pass away, until all these things are fulfilled.

Comment: Our Lady correctly says that each generation leaves a legacy of good or evil. Our present generation is different. It holds all future generations in its hands.

March 14, 2015
Taking the Wrong Path


When the ways of man diverge from God’s path then, inevitably, humanity walks into a darkness which it does not see. For a long time, mankind has left God’s path. By means of great inventions, man now moves along his own path at greater speeds and this path is traversed more quickly. In a short period of time, new technology gains greater powers for man and allows him to move even more quickly away from his Creator. Mankind creates its own world, putting together what might even be called “a new creation”, far removed from God and reflecting a humanity dedicated only to itself.

Such is the present state of the world, which is filled with technology and empty of faith, a world that teeters on the brink of collapse. These are the problems which I will describe.

God created the human person to live on earth, to increase and multiply and to bring forth the fruitfulness of the earth, where all enjoy its benefits, so that everyone could see the goodness of God and give to God worship and thanksgiving. When mankind sees God as the source of all blessings and gives thanks, all is kept safe.

Mankind has diverged from this path. The powerful ascribe the blessings to their own efforts. They reject God. They build a world where many are poor. They protect themselves by weapons. Inevitably, distinct classes arise – rich and poor, powerful and weak. Hatred and envy gain adherents. At the same time, powerful weapons are invented and economic structures grow more complicated. The world and it systems move to the point of no return, when no force or power can bring them back from the brink. This is my vision that I share with all. Who can dispute with me? Who can say it is any different?

Only two options exist, either mankind continues on this road without God that leads to untold destruction or mankind turns back. What voice is loud enough and what force is powerful enough, to turn man back? What human person, no matter how holy or how intelligent can reverse the path of centuries? Only the Woman can do this! Place all your faith in the Woman and prepare for that moment when she takes the center stage. The Father has given me this task.

Comment: Our Lady accurately describes the world’s path that has brought us to the present crises.

A Time of Fulfillment (March 15 to March 19, 2015)

March 15, 2015
Our Lady’s Hidden Stream


Jesus said, “This is the time of fulfillment”. These are my words, also, a time when all comes to a completion, when the good and the evil clash, as they have never clashed since Jesus’ death on the cross.

This clash lies beneath and behind all the events that now grip human history and hold it in its claws, claiming many lives, distorting many truths, and allowing evil to establish new strongholds everywhere.

The human race is encircled by evil, with so many of its supply lines cut, all according to Satan’s plan. Truly, this is the time of fulfillment but it is not God’s fulfillment that is happening every day. The Father’s fulfillment still lies hidden in my Immaculate Heart.

Some see and understand and to these new streams go forth. I cannot wait until that moment when the dam of my heart breaks open and all the graces pour forth, the saving graces which alone can avoid the fulfillment of all that is evil.

Do not wait until my great events occur. You must come to the living waters right now. The streams are already pouring forth in quiet and gentle ways. Thirst for these waters. Seek out those streams, those places where your soul can be nourished. Today is so very important. Remember, this is a time of fulfillment – for some a fulfillment of all that is evil and for others a fulfillment of salvation.

Comment: Our natural eyes see only the growing evil in all the events. By faith in Our Lady’s words, we are alerted to her hidden streams that we must seek out.

March 16, 2015
Today’s Mountain Stream


The stream pours down like water from a mountainside, able to bless every part of the valley. However, many will resist this stream. Others will reject it, not realizing its saving power. I speak so all can understand and can receive the full power of this stream. I will bring about two actions, external and internal. In the times of darkness that lay ahead, I will certainly give external signs. These are needed to help people believe and not lose heart. However, only external signs are not enough. My streams must reach the inner heart to truly be effective.

These inner mountain streams are already pouring down upon the valley. Do not wait for external signs, even though I promise that these will come. The inner streams are much more important and are flowing right now.

The war between light and darkness will continue. The breakthroughs will occur, but if millions have experienced these inner streams, the truly devastating aspect will not result. So many talk and speculate about future signs and wonders. They overlook the great miracles, the inner workings, the tiny and hidden acts, that I want to do today. For so many, today will be a great day. Heaven will come to your heart.

Comment: People miss the present gift by thinking of the future. They miss the inner gift by focusing on the external signs.

March 17, 2015
Mary’s Centuries of Preparation


Why wait for the signs and wonders when my great gifts are already flowing down the mountain of heaven. For centuries, Satan has planned for this moment, placing evil in so many decisions and placing darkness in so many hearts.

I, too, have prepared for centuries, when I brought about the reforms of the Council of Trent and the rise of the great orders (16th century), when I sent missionaries to the new lands of the Americas, when the great light of faith spread to Africa, and to nations in the Far East. I prepared for this moment by the saintly popes of this century, and by the Little Way of St. Therese.

I prepared by the many places of apparitions and messages, trying so hard to reveal the mysteries of my Immaculate Heart. Some blessings were rejected but many were accepted and are now part of the Church’s life so that I can truly say that the battle has been prepared for. The streams have been planted on the mountain top and are flowing into the valleys of daily life. Blessed are those who seek out these streams. Even more blessed are those who widen the streams and make these streams known to everyone.

Come, I need apostles of my Immaculate Heart. I need people to go into the highways and byways to invite all to the banquet of the living streams. The more who drink, the wider and stronger the streams become. They will multiply and go wherever people thirst for them. They will refresh and renew. When the battle begins, the enemy must not find my children weak and listless, but filled with divine strength, understanding all by divine light, and ready to conquer by a living faith. All of this comes by drinking from my streams that even now flow down the mountain side.

Comment: Our Lady uses clear images to describe great spiritual gifts that she is making available to all.

March 18, 2015
Millions Must Respond


I do not hold back these living streams. Only if people understand my actions and all that I plan to do, can I pour them forth in more powerful ways. I would lead every single person into these mysteries of my heart. They are great mysteries, only slowly revealed, all that the Father has placed in my heart. Until now, these mysteries have been concealed, saved until this present generation, hidden from all ages until these moments when the world arrives at the brink of destruction.

I say all this to give hope and all who listen will know that as they see the world move more deeply into the darkness and as the clashes of civilization grows, as even new groups and sources of evil arise and move human history to the brink, they will know that the Father has planted these mysteries in my heart, reserving these special gifts until this time in human history.

I speak each day because these blessings are so great and millions must be prepared to receive them. Today, I speak to you who already believe. Cherish my words and do not see them as a rebuke but as a fresh invitation.

Your hearts are not deep enough. They can only receive shallow waters when I want to give you deep and profound gifts. Your hearts are not still enough. If I gave you deep waters, you would spill most of them. You do not believe enough because I am speaking now of blessings that you have never seen before. Let us begin now to walk on your deeper path. I say “your” because each person’s path is unique and individual.

Do not stay still in your devotion. Take my hand and we will make progress. We must forge ahead and walk in faith. What was sufficient yesterday is not enough for today’s blessings. Come, we will find the new as we search together.

Comment: Our Lady invites millions of us to deepen our devotion and receive her new gifts.

March 19, 2015
Climbing the Mountain


These streams of graces can wait no longer. They have already been delayed by those who thought it prudent to set me aside and use other means. They did not see the Father’s plans. They walked in their human reasoning instead of in the divine light that I was revealing. Now, the Church can see the results. Oh, my Church, how battered and torn you are. How many have left your house, like prodigal children. How many are not even baptized or initiated into your numbers. How many no longer see you as the light that you once were. How many look back and wish you were like you used to be.

I know that the modern world presents new challenges and diverts many to its own paths, but it did not have to be this way – the quick collapse, the great fall from your high place, and the darkness that engulfs you.

Come, O Church, take my hand and I will once more lead you to the top of the mountain where I will place you like a light upon the lampstand. The modern world is coming apart. The great human structures are falling under their own weight. The lies of secularism are being exposed for it cannot quell the passions of the human heart. The difficulties in the world can remove man’s blindness and help him to see. But what if there is no light?

That is why I must preach each day. You are to be my light. Take me into your heart. The streams come down from the mountain so you can climb the mountain with me. There is an appointed time. We must arrive before the darkness comes, so all is in place. No delays. No other goals. Join with others. This is the great task of the Church.

Comment: The world’s problems get people to search for other light but the Church must be filled with light to help these people.

Modern Events (March 20 to March 24, 2015)

March 20, 2015
The Iranian Nuclear Treaty


Times change so quickly and events always take new turns. Thus, I must speak often. Although the forces of evil shift their attention from one spot to the next, they always remain focused on destroying Jerusalem. Look at what has happened. Israel is more surrounded by its great enemy, Iran, which begins to gain respect by defeating its foe ISIS. Walls that kept Iran contained have now been removed, especially as the time approaches for the signing of the nuclear treaty.

In its foolishness, the West has refused to identify the real power brokers of the Middle East, Russia, Iran and all who join with them. They will supplant other groups. Iran will be able to put down roots in territories where it had no power. Once it confirms its footholds, no one will be able to remove its presence and Israel will be more threatened than ever.

All of this moves up the timetable. Not just moves it up but speeds it along. These events should never have happened. America has not been vigilant and has completely abandoned its true role. It opens doors that for years were kept closed, and it closes doors that for years were kept open.

All is reversed. Past wisdom is set aside. Instead, there are clever words and a treaty that will do nothing to halt Iran’s nuclear program, but will furnish Iran a privileged place on the world stage.

Comment: Our Lady is quite clear. Russia and Iran are the powerful enemies.

March 21, 2015
A Dangerous and Frightening Road


The results from the Iran negotiations will be filled with confusion. Each side will offer its own interpretation and the safeguards will not be securely put in place. In this way, the world will continue down its road of darkness, but at a much greater speed. It will head toward the very center of evil, when the world will be confronted with the unthinkable – nuclear arms in the hands of a terrorist super power.

Piece by piece, Satan puts his plan into effect. Much is hidden so that the West cannot judge correctly. So it will be with these negotiations. Iran will come away with all that it needs, still intact. It will gain a new respect as a supposed partner in world peace. More important, the sanctions will be lessened and more money will come in. The internal political protests will be stilled and Israel will seem to be out of step and marginalized.

The West has chosen to walk down a very dangerous and frightening road. This decision will paper over truth and pretend to produce a document of peace. There are many steps until all is signed. All the obstacles have not yet been removed, but the momentum to reach an agreement will sweep away the remaining difficulties.

Comment: Our Lady reveals what is covered over. The Iran negotiations are very dangerous.

March 22, 2015
The Importance of 1917


The years go by and no one responds to these forces of evil that lie hidden beneath the events. When Communism fell and the walls came down, everyone believed that the great deliverance had occurred. Instead, evil was just cloaking itself in a new dress, more acceptable to the West. This allowed the evil buried in Russia to enter more deeply into the veins and arteries of the West. A shift was taking place but without any conversion of heart. Putin, the true Stalin so to speak could rise to his power.

Now, he sits upon his throne, doing whatever he wants, signing treaties and making new alliances. All were deceived. They believed that my prophecies of world peace had been fulfilled. However, anyone with the keen eye of discernment knew that nothing had been fulfilled and that the great moment of confrontation had merely been postponed.

Now, the scenario is again taking shape but with many changes. The West is embattled, worried about terrorists, burdened with intolerable debts, weakened in faith and corrupted from within. The nations are no longer united by faith.

Russia emerges in a new form, with its military strengthened and its eyes once again set on becoming a world power, this time seeking new alliances.

Almost a hundred years ago (July 13, 1917), I first spoke about my request for the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. The request has not been heeded and the promised conversion of Russia has not taken place. Weapons cannot defeat Russia and sanctions cannot deter Russia. Only conversion can rip out the evil planted in its heart, sown there by the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) and all that has happened. Look at that year, 1917. See its great importance. Realize that it will soon be 100 years of an evil that has sent its evil roots in every direction and 100 years of my promise that has never been released. In this way, you will understand what is happening.

Comment: Our Lady correctly describes these almost 100 years.

March 23, 2015
Saving the World From Destruction


God does not want the destruction of His world. This violates the divine will that created everything. However, he reserved to mankind the great task of cultivating the earth and bringing it to fruition. Now, an enemy has entered, planting the seeds of evil that threaten to destroy everything.

I must say this. The evil planted by Satan in creation has not yet reached its zenith. Many hidden and surprising forces have yet to surface. What has happened so far is merely the preparation, the destroying of good and the removing of structures that would block evil’s spread.

From all that has happened, mankind is weakened and susceptible to greater infections. It has having little capacity to resist, and its resources are spread thin.

These times are perilous, like a patient in a hospital intensive care, unable to help himself and totally dependent upon the care of others.

Who will come to the rescue? Who can diagnose the illness and prescribe the needed treatments? World leaders have abandoned any thoughts of good and evil, of God and Satan. So many people have aside their faith in God’s providence and put their trust in the power of man. Who can lead? Who can show the way? Who has the light and understanding? Who can rally the people to call upon heaven in faith? Who is able to release the great rivers of blessings contained in my Immaculate Heart? I will raise him up, my beloved priest son. He and the millions who follow my path, will save the world from destruction.

Comment: The world has never experienced so many problems in so many places. This tide of evil seems inevitable. Our Lady promises that her priest son and all who follow him will save the world from this destruction.

March 24, 2015
The Syrian Revolution Lit the Fuse


The time is limited because the forces of evil are so well organized. They have not organized themselves, because each sees only what Satan has placed in their hearts. He shows them the immediate goals which they can conquer. They are like children who see only the tasty candies which lie within their grasp. They act, not realizing the intelligence that leads them and not knowing that they are part of a larger plan.

Step by step, the Middle East has been turned into an endless nightmare. There is a constant shifting, one group is in control and then another arises. Weapons are given to friends who soon become enemies. The next stage will be worse that the first.

The fires consume and consume. Many young people are caught in the conflict and forced to take up arms. No one can sit on the sidelines. They are all drawn into a fire that they do not want. The peaceful become warriors. Those who hate war must participate. A person without a gun is vulnerable. This is the Middle East fire which burns and burns.

This evil will spread and find new places. Wherever there is peace, or relative stability, it will attack. Long ago I said that the Syrian revolution would not be like Egypt. It would go on and on. It would destabilize structures and remove limits to evil. The Syrian revolution has been the turning point.

Comment: Years ago when professional commentators were predicting the fall of Syria’s leader within a few weeks, Our Lady said that this would not happen, that the Syrian revolution would go on and on, and lead to the total destabilization of the Middle East. These locutions were given on February 12, 2012; June 16, 2012; April 28, 2012; May 5, 2013; June 19, 2013; August 29-30, 2014 and September 24, 2014.

Revealing the Mysteries (March 25 to April 3, 2015)

March 25, 2015
God’s Surprising Decision


I speak constantly because these times are like none other. Every event is part of the great clash between good and evil that has gone on since the beginning of time. In the past, there have been special moments of that clash, sometimes resulting in a great flow of blessings. At other times, there was a collapse of goodness and a destruction of blessings.

Since this struggle goes on each day, I must speak each day. Not a single day can be wasted, when my words do not go forth. Today, I begin to speak special words from the inner depths of my heart. These words will reveal my inner thoughts, my deepest fears and my greatest hopes. Let us begin.

As maiden of Nazareth, I heard the angel’s words. The message was clear but difficult to believe. I was to conceive a Son by the power of the Holy Spirit. In my innermost self, I believed and He was conceived. I was pregnant. My body had received God’s power.

How alive I felt at that moment because I was lifted up so high. At the same time, I was totally immersed in human life. God brought me into His vision of history and I began to see all that had happened and how the word had reached that moment. I began to understand all that would take place. The vision was dim at first but gradually became clearer, especially as Elizabeth spoke her words to me.

In the stillness of Israel, unknown to all the world, God had begun to respond to all the forces of evil by His astounding decision to become man and live among us. This mystery I will unfold for all of you.

Comment: Our Lady promises to share with us her vision of the world’s history.

March 26, 2015
A Somber Mother


Words cannot express the depths of my feelings. I have watched the world that was bathed in light be taken captive by a darkness that grows ever more powerful. How much I have tried to break through and to establish God’s reign.

I have appeared in so many places, always trying to make my voice heard. I have raised up many faithful messengers who suffered much. My words were planted in their hearts and they tried to awaken the world.

Now, I am somber, like someone who sees the reality which lies ahead. How I have tried to divert mankind from this path. I have used my Church. I have sent my messengers. I have made my promises. I have spoken of the future. I have both warned and encouraged.

I have shown visions of hell to children and also revealed the glories of heaven. By all of this, I reveal the intensity of my feelings and the gravity of the situation. So, I am somber like someone who has tried everything and accomplished little.

All who know me know that I will not stop, not even for one moment. I refuse to admit defeat. I will not abandon my original plan, to raise up the church as the light to all nations and to use the Holy Father as my instrument in saving the world from destruction.

This plan still lies in the center of my heart. It still has its time. It will not fail but you are not to wait. Spend each day with me and my plan will come forth more quickly. We will not be defeated by darkness.

Comment: Our Lady calls herself “somber”, an excellent description of one who has tried so hard and not yet succeeded.

March 27, 2015
The Papal Visit


Why do I pour out my heart like this? Why expose the wounds that history has inflicted upon me? Would it not be easier to be silent? Yet, if I did not speak out, no one would understand the mysteries of good and evil.

How important for the world to understand that it is entering into a time of unprecedented darkness. Do world leaders speak in these terms? Do any of them understand? Do they lead their people into God’s presence? They see only the here and now, the problems and their solutions. Yet, their solutions are no solutions at all.

I want to speak about the Holy Father. He, indeed, sees the full perspective. He understands in the depth of his heart that all of the calamities come from the Evil One whom he detests. He knows that there is no dialogue with the devil. When he comes to the United States, he will speak of these deeper mysteries. He will appeal to the spirit of faithful people. I will guide his words, which will be sent throughout the world. On each of these days, I will give him the world’s greatest stage. He will go from place to place and be with many. At every moment, he will be the person dressed in white. I have brought about his visit and it will be a special moment, an invitation to the whole world to return to the mysteries of my heart. I will guide him but all must pray so that his visit becomes much more than a media event.

Comment: The pope understands the clash of good and evil. Let us prepare for his visit.

March 28, 2015
A Pope of Mercy


Let my heart pour forth its sorrows, for in sorrow much can be learned. The desires of man are so great that they push him on, even when his path is evil and destructive. Vindictive and angry hearts, which can destroy the world, have the means of communicating their evil to millions of other hearts.

Quickly, peace turns into war, and calm into violence. You have seen this in country after country. Stable governments collapse. Society is ripped apart. Victory is followed by slaughter of opponents. All of this comes from evil hearts that now have the means of communicating with millions. Earth has never seen this before. Mankind has never had these powers of worldwide communications.

Now, I have raised up a new Holy Father with the message of mercy. His voice goes forth. He is exalted even by the secular press. He pushes on to his goal, step by step. He does not fear. If he makes a mistake, he corrects it and moves on. The message comes from his heart and he has lived from his heart for decades. Such is the person whom I have placed on the throne of Peter. He calls people to conversion and away from division and hatred. His message is preparing the way. Another pope will follow him who will complete the gift and consecrate Russia.

Comment: We must see the great popularity enjoyed by Pope Francis as an important part of Our Lady’s plan.

March 29, 2015
Pope Francis – Preparing the Way


What is hidden must come to the surface. All must be revealed before it is too late. Otherwise, the evil in man’s heart will pour out upon the whole world and completely destroy its beauty. Unless I revealed the deep truths and mysteries, no one could understand and all would succumb.

Let yourselves be drawn into my mysteries. With your natural eyes, you can see only evil, constantly spreading and devouring, changing whole nations in just a short time. Where peace had reigned, there is discord, strife and endless civil war. These are the mysteries of evil, a burning lava destroying everything in its path.

Centuries ago, from the heavenly Father’s heart, came forth all of creation. Two thousand years ago, again from the Father’s heart, came forth His only begotten Son, Jesus. Now, I reveal the great mystery. A new stream has again come from the Father’s heart, awaiting for this moment. It is hidden in the most unlikely place, the heart of God’s mother. I am ready to pour out these mysteries, these powers which alone can turn back the lava of destruction.

I have raised up Pope Francis to prepare the way. Even he does not realize the role that I will have him play. So many important doors were closed to faith. So many hearts were shut tight. Many were unwilling to see truth or to consider God’s existence. They were far removed from the light of faith. I have sent Pope Francis to go after these strayed sheep, to reach out and embrace all in God’s mercy. So many are hearing his voice, that many others are forced to listen. He has become the most important figure on the world stage.

Rejoice in this wave of goodness. It prepares for my great gift which will quickly follow his papacy.

Comment: Our Lady rejoices in the work of Pope Francis. She knows the role he must fulfill in God’s plan.

March 30, 2015
Pope Francis and Stray Sheep


Now I come to the center of my heart from which flow the deepest mysteries. When someone turns to me, I embrace them and bring them as quickly as possible to my heart’s center so they never leave. Yet, they are free to leave and to return to a world that also embraces them and captures their heart.

This battle between myself and the world has been waged for centuries but now it comes to a crisis. More and more people have been drawn away and are now engrossed in a world that will soon collapse under its own weight. The structures can no longer hold. The violence escalates and the economies shake. When this happens many will have nowhere to go.

That is why I send Pope Francis. He is the herald of God’s mercy. He seeks out the stray sheep. He opens hearts that have been entrapped. He shines the light of faith into new areas. His messages ring true. People see his goodness and his love for all. For the first time, some people are awakened to faith. They feel one with him. They rejoice in his spirit and see the attractiveness of God’s kingdom. This Francis effect will go far and wide and is not limited to the inner walls of the Catholic community.

Do you not see that I have already begun to act, that Pope Francis is the early dawn of the new day? Let the good will pour forth. Let all speak well of him. Let all bask in the warmth of his love which truly reaches out to everyone. I will use all of this to prepare the world for my great gifts which lie ahead.

Comment: Our Lady speaks constantly of Pope Francis preparing the world for her great gifts which will soon follow.

March 31, 2015
When the Iran Nuclear Treaty Is Signed


Pens will be put to the paper and the nuclear treaty will be signed. All will be lies. The West deliberately closes its eyes to reality. Iran, the future nuclear power, delights. Suddenly, it is propelled into a new, unthinkable position in the Middle East.

How did this come about? Step by step, the powerful nations of Israel and Saudi Arabia have been set aside. Their interests go unheeded. Iran has been chosen to come forth and to assert its power, when clearly it fosters terrorism everywhere. This is totally unexplainable unless you realize Satan’s plan against Jerusalem and that he controls powerful leaders to do his bidding.

What I have said at the beginning of these locutions, “Keep your eye on Jerusalem” is proving true. God plans to use Jerusalem as the center of worldwide evangelization, a place of unity for all the Christian churches, and the one place where the Church and Israel can finally be united.

This is the Father’s plan of worldwide evangelization that is being prepared for by Pope Francis and will be carried out by the next pope. Satan sets his own strategy, to destroy Jerusalem before any of this takes place.

Both kingdoms have an urgency to fulfill their plan first. Satan wants to destroy Jerusalem. God wants to exalt it to its highest and most important moment.

Comment: Our Lady, more clearly than ever before, outlines both God’s and Satan’s strategy concerning Jerusalem.

April 1, 2015
All Look to the Church


What began as a small group of Jesus’ disciples has become a worldwide Church, headed by Pope Francis who is trying to lead the Church into deeper waters, engaging it with the problems of the average person. His approach has won wide acclaim and he, himself, is seen as a prophetic figure upon the world stage.

He will continue to move along the same path. His stature will spread and grow. Many will learn the simplicity of his heart and will see the Church in a new light.

This is so important. I must strip away all the prejudices and false ideas that have accrued. I must have the world see the Church in a new light of its true simplicity, a return to the simplicity of Jesus’ lifestyle, a stripping away of worldly signs and symbols.

When Pope Francis has completed his tasks, when many have a new interest and a different view of the Church, I can then bring forth the pope of Fatima. It will be late but the consecration will be done and the graces of my heart will be released. No one will be able to stop this enormous flow of graces.

It will be late and many events will have taken place. Many will have lost hope and some will have succumbed to the darkness. The trials will have begun with their great difficulties. The two parts will converge. Pope Francis’ simplicity and the world events will cause everyone to look to the Church as their only hope. For this moment, I have prepared my priest son.

Comment: Our Lady describes the importance of Pope Francis in getting the world to look to the Church for hope.

April 2, 2015
Jerusalem in God’s Plan


Listen to my sorrows and learn of my deepest wounds. These come from the Church. How close I have held my Church for all of these centuries. I saw it detached from its Jewish roots. I watched it severed in two, East and West, and then cut again into Protestant and Catholic. Each of these divisions wounded me deeply. How I want all to believe in Jesus and be one.

This must take place in Jerusalem, as the passion of my Son is relived, as blood is shed in love for Israel and as Jerusalem becomes the home of all truly revealed religions, united in full diversity of worship and cultures, rejoicing in a unity that I have final brought about.

These are the hidden secrets of my heart. I speak so all can understand what is truly taking place. Only in Jerusalem, was Jesus’ blood shed and the nations redeemed. Only that city still holds the divine blood in its soil, the blood that both purifies and unites, the blood that alone can wash away division and unite the nations.

In the new era of faith, when all believe, they will naturally turn their eyes to Jerusalem as the holy city, the city of cities, the heavenly city which alone can unite the world in faith.

In all of the Middle East turmoil, keep your eyes on Jerusalem. The heavenly Father always regards it with love and Satan eyes it with envy and jealousy. Jerusalem is both the prize and the reason for the turmoil. Now it faces new dangers.

Comment: The Middle East events can be understood by all who realize how the Evil One wants Jerusalem to be destroyed.

April 3, 2015
I Am Already Among You

(Good Friday)


I have poured out the sorrows of my heart and revealed its deepest secrets. Now, I must bring this to a conclusion.

Many are confused and scared by the world events. Their eyes are opened. They see that technology cannot promise peace. The world is safe only when human hearts are not filled with evil and when hatred does not control human decisions.

People see that these problems will not be resolved soon. They can see that evil grows and the climax has not been reached. They do not know what lies ahead and they feel helpless in the face of powers far beyond their control.

They welcome my words, knowing that I will watch over them and that the heavenly Father has given me the task of guiding human history. They have found new faith and a great confidence. They experience fear from world events and hope from my words.

Let me end on this note of hope. I am already present in the world events. Without my intercession, they would have already destroyed the earth. I have constantly pushed back the plans of the Evil One and delayed the hour so I can prepare my little ones. I will continue to push back and to mitigate, never allowing Satan’s evil to hit full force.

Now, I come to the great secret. Every heart must watch for me. I am coming, in little ways and big ways. Already, I have begun. No need to wait for some future moment that will never happen. By then, it will be too late. My presence and my gifts are already upon you and your family. This is my message. I am already among you, preparing you for the hour.

Comment: Our Lady gives this locution on Good Friday, which Jesus always called “the Hour”.

Words From A Mother’s Heart (April 4 to April 9, 2015)

April 4, 2015
A Mother’s Loving Truths


Because this time is so precious and so short, I must speak clearly and all must listen attentively until all of the truths and mysteries are engraved in your hearts. With this light, you will not falter, even in the great darkness. Inscribe these truths in your souls.

First, I am with you, every moment and in very special ways. Second, I will never abandon you and I will see you through the darkness. Third, I will raise up my Church in a great light, a surprising light. In the darkness, the Church will become ever more faithful. Finally, never lose hope. When the darkness comes, gather and do not scatter. Help and encourage one another. Light comes when people are gathered. These are simple words of hope. Place them in your hearts.

This is my promise. For years, I have spoken. These words will continue. They will be given daily as a constant guide. They will accompany you on the journey. Walk by them and you will not fail. My words contain more than wisdom. They hold my help and my promises.

It is not the strong who will persevere and triumph, but the faithful children who know they need their mother’s words. These will arrive triumphant. The future events are the fruits of evils placed for centuries in human history. They will come forth in a fullness of violence. I will keep protected all who know my words, who call upon me and who reach out to others. How tender is my love for each one. I wish I could appear to all. For now, I use these little words to convey my feelings.

Comment: Our Lady, so much wanting to help us, promises her words as our guide.

April 5, 2015
Our Lady’s Many Revelations

(Easter Sunday)


Of all women on earth, I alone brought forth the Savior of the world. In that great mystery, I was plunged with him into the center of human history. I stood at the cross and accepted His body when taken down. I watched the stone close the tomb and then departed in sorrow.

Then came His day of rising from the dead and the many appearances to the disciples, which brought such joy. This great mystery of salvation was revealed and then preached to all the world. The darkness was cast out and finally, the light was put upon the great lampstand of the Church.

From the beginning, I was with Jesus in all His ways. By my Assumption, I am uniquely one with Him in His resurrection.

My heart is plunged into all of human history, rejoicing in the victories and sorrowing in the losses. How I have waited to reveal my heart. I am quiet no more. All is pouring forth in these daily words. Do not be astonished that I speak so fully and openly. I have stored up these thoughts and feelings for centuries, waiting for this hour to reveal them all.

I have used many means, many places and many messengers. I have appeared to some and spoken to others. Do not be surprised by the multiplicity, for there are so many hearts to touch and so many places which must hear.

Now, I use these little locutions, not to dominate but to highlight all my other messages and to explain their multiplicity. At the center, are the Fatima apparitions, all the others led up to those special visions. Medjugorje is in the same stream and keeping alive that gift by the daily appearances. Kibeho is special to me, because I so love the African people. Akita has its own unique gift.

All are part of a pattern. All fit together. They are my words, spoken at different times and in different places but all coming from the same, motherly heart. Listen to them. Study them. Each has its own blessing.

Comment: This century has witnessed a multiplicity of Marian apparitions. All are part of Our Lady’s plan.

April 6, 2015
Our Lady’s Constant Activity


You do not see the wind or where it blows. Such is the mystery of my presence among you, a mystery which I will explain so you can fully understand.

I am at work everywhere. Nothing escapes my gaze and my touch. I work in the hearts of the good and the evil, always shaping events, trying to mitigate violence and lead my children to safety. I will act this way until the end of time.

This is a special age, when I want to bring forth my greatest works. Because these are so needed, I must speak each day. First, so my children know I am so close. Second, so that they can understand with the greatest clarity. Although at times, she must take them in her arms, does not a mother guide her children mostly by her words?

If the children listen, her words are enough and they are safe. Do not be surprised by all these words and do not fear that I will cease to speak. When the danger grows, my words will multiply. Read them, trust them; walk by them.

Even though I have worked diligently in the hearts of evil people, they have been able to unite their evils and become a greater force. Technology aids them greatly and they expand their appeal. The gravest danger lies in Iran which so quickly spread its influence and now has gained a treaty that will cover over, not expose, its plans.

I work and work and work, knowing exactly what to do, but limited by man’s free will to choose evil and not to cooperate with good. This is my message to you. Never share in evil nor help its goals. Always be ready to multiply good. Realize how active I am in your life. If you awaken to me, you will do great good, far beyond your own powers.

Comment: Our Lady is working every minute, in every place and in every heart. How good to be aware of this.

April 7, 2015
A Heart Without Walls


There are no walls in my heart. All are one. All come to the center in the greatest joy and oneness. It is Satan who separates and divides, pitting one group against another, always creating enemies and sowing suspicion.

The human race is meant to be God’s family. Instead, it is being torn apart into endless division that will lead to greater and greater acts of violence and then, war, the greatest of wars.

This is the path of mankind, who is helplessly attracted to violence. Violence is met with violence. Weapons are matched with the new and greater weapons. This is not recent. Mankind has walked this path for decades, multiplying arms, robbing the poor of the food so as to feed the arms race. Weapons are everywhere. Even the young have access. Nations supply other nations and try to balance their budgets by arms sales. Can all these seeds of violence be constantly sown without having a harvest of war?

Only in my heart are all one. Only in my heart is violence detested and weapons set aside. Who can touch the hearts of the people? Whose voice is powerful yet gentle to say “Set aside your weapons”? Who can bring about peace? I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and I want peace. The path to peace is not more wars to destroy more enemies. The path to peace lies in my Immaculate Heart.

Do not be surprised if I act in new ways. The situation is critical.

Comment: At this point, no one foresees the end to world violence. Our Lady must act.

April 8, 2015
Entering Mary’s Heart


These words flow from my heart’s center. They contain light and power. So, I will let them flow ceaselessly. By these words, I draw you into my heart. “Where do these words come from?” you ask. Hear the words and seek the source of these words. In the center of my heart, you will find a blazing fire of love, placed there by the heavenly Father. At this moment, you are discovering the mystery. All is being revealed. What do you see in this fire?

You see all the blessings placed there by God. You see all the solutions to the world’s problems. You are brought into the center of all that I have said. You have arrived. No need to travel any further. You have found Jesus, the Word who reveals the Father and in whom, all history will be consummated. Yes, by my words going forth from my heart, I have led you to this very special moment. You have followed the echo and have discovered the Word Himself.

Stay here with me for just a moment. What is taking place within you? This place is different from all others. My heart is pure, filled with peace. No sin has entered because the fire was here from the first moment of my existence. This place is like no other you have ever experienced and the fire which burns at its center is the source of all creation and all life.

All who enter my heart and experience this fire are filled with hope. They also know the only power which can bring peace to the world and save it from destruction. This locution has gone beyond words. The words were merely the path leading you to experience the great mystery. Always treasure this gift.

Comment: By her words, Our Lady bestows a mystical experience. Read the locution as often as you want. It will always bestow the same experience.

April 9, 2015
The Hidden Light


My joys are always surrounded by sorrows. In this world, the two are mixed together and seemingly cannot be separated. Those who follow me will not fear. I will be with them.

My greatest sorrow is the darkness which is coming upon the world, entangling so many in violence, disrupting lives and tearing apart whole cultures. Will nothing remain standing? Who dares to claim that any nation will remain in the light? Who can claim that they are safe, above the fray and able to continue without fear?

All is imperiled by different forces of evil, some from within and others from without. Evil knows which doors are left open and what weaknesses are vulnerable. No nation stands as a light upon the mountain, able to guide the world and keep it safe. All are corrupted and weakened. The torch of faith has been left behind, at the very moment when darkness comes and all the other lights are being extinguished.

This is my sorrow. Where is the light? Who carries the torch? No one. All follow other lights and these lights will soon be extinguished.

One light will not be put out or even dimmed. That light is still hidden. I have never allowed it to be exposed. This light is totally unknown, both to the world and even to the Church. The hiddenness has kept it safe so no wind can blow out its flame. Only as the world falls into darkness will I slowly, ever so slowly, bring this light forth. Suddenly, the light will be set upon the lampstand and the darkness will have an enemy capable of dispelling it. The great battle will begin. Seemingly, the darkness will put out the light (just as Satan killed Jesus), but God will restore the light to the whole world. This is what is taking place in these world events. In this hour of darkness, the light will remain hidden until it is time to come forth.

Comment: Our Lady goes far beyond what we see in these world events to speak of her hidden light.

Revealing the Great Secrets (April 10 to April 19, 2015)

April 10, 2015
The Complicated Phenomena of Evil


The time has come for the whole world to know the great secrets. Let all be revealed so that the Evil One cannot destroy the truth or bring about confusion in the hearts of those who believe.

There will be two groups of people, those who try to walk by natural light and those who have received my light. The natural light will slowly dim as the world is cast into greater and greater darkness. What people placed their hopes in and on what they relied for security will be taken away. My light will grow greater and stronger as these natural lights are put out by the Evil One. So, let me begin to reveal the great secrets.

The time is very short. I have acted in powerful ways to delay and delay the darkness, but there are too many forces in too many places. If one is held back, then the other is allowed to come forth. Often one evil opposes another, as can be seen by the conflicts in the Middle East in which one terrorist group wars against another. Suppressing one natural enemy allows another to flourish. Evil is a very complicated phenomenon, not easy to understand because it violates truth. Satan often allows one evil to be attacked so a greater evil will come forth. This is why the undiscerning mind, devoid of my light, often becomes Satan’s instrument.

Minds and wills guided by only natural light will inevitably be the unwitting causes of greater evil. Only hearts bathed in God’s light can see the true path to peace. Expediency always takes the wrong road. Faith alone shows the way. That is why I must reveal the great secrets, even if only a few will accept my words.

Comment: Our Lady shines a great light on what is happening as Iran seemingly is defeating ISIS, but is establishing its own kingdom.

April 11, 2015
Why Heaven Must Wait


The time is not yet ready for the full saving action of God’s power to flow forth from my Immaculate Heart. How I wish the world and the Church were ready. However, to pour out the fullness of my gifts at this time would not have the effects that are needed.

I will explain the visions of my heart. The world is not ready because it has not yet come to the brink of hopelessness. The full darkness has not descended. If I were to release all of these graces and destroy all the evils, the world would not realize that anything truly of heaven had done this. It would attribute the changes to natural causes and go merrily along its way.

Much more important, the Church is not ready. The great expectancy about the gifts flowing from my heart is not present. In spite of all my apparitions and revelations, the Church is not awake. Few realize that the Father has placed these mysteries in my heart. Few seek them avidly and there is no great, widespread fervor centering on my Immaculate Heart. The Church looks in other directions for answers or sees itself as passive and helpless, not realizing its power or that the true path to world peace lies in these mysteries that I am revealing.

How much Jesus wanted to begin his ministry to Israel, but he had to wait. First, the Baptist had to appear and prepare the way of the Lord. Only when the fervor of Israel had been stirred did Jesus know that it was His time to appear at the Jordan and be baptized by John.

These are the mysteries, the way heaven interacts with earth. Heaven cannot just pour out its gifts. Earth must be looking and searching, so the gifts are welcomed. These are the mysteries.

Comment: Our Lady tries to enlighten us about our role in preparing for her gifts.

April 12, 2015
A Hundred Years of Evil


Despots and tyrants come and go, but the forces of evil always move on, finding new ways to break forth and destroy. Each wave builds upon the past and prepares for the future. Each has its time and place in human history. An evil man arises, cloaked with great power, destroys parts of society, passes from the scene and leaves behind new forces of evil which prepares for the new evil that lurks in the wings, waiting to come forth.

Today, the final forces of evil are slowly coming on the scene, prepared for by the two world wars, the dropping of the atomic bombs, the arms race, the Cold War, the Vietnam War (that so changed American society), the rise of militant Islam, the debacle of the Iraq War, the Arab Spring, the Syrian Revolution, the rise of ISIS, and now the growing hegemony of Iran. One follows another, each with its purpose that often is not seen. Each destroys some element of society, softens the resolve of the nations, and opens new doors for future evils to enter freely. As a result, the world finds itself in a strange land of endless evils, helpless to restore order.

Such has been the mystery of evil in this century since I appeared at Fatima to prescribe the road to world peace, a road that has not been followed. Even more, this road has been hidden, covered over and ignored even by the Church that was meant to follow and to reveal it to the nations.

The road of Fatima is still the only road to peace. I have plotted out that road and have watched my pleas constantly ignored and turned aside. I do not change my message. I cannot change what the heavenly Father has decided. He has provided this path to peace. I am only His messenger. The road to peace must pass through my Immaculate Heart. It is easy to find if the Church merely looks in the right direction. It is late, but not too late. I must raise up my priest son on whose heart I have inscribed this message.

Comment: Our Lady reviews these 100 years of war that should have been a century of peace.

April 13, 2015
The Power of the New Eve


Many watch and look, but they do not understand. They see the various leaders of nations with their goals and ambitions. They see the flow of arms and the secret alliances. They see the shifting nature of military power which always tries to gain the advantage. But they do not understand the powers of heaven and hell. They do not know how to mobilize or how to attack the enemy at the heart of his strength.

As a result, this war grows greater. Yesterday’s armies and their weapons are replaced by greater numbers and newer means of destruction. Evil constantly grows and no one speaks about the powers of hell which lie at the center of this evil. So, I must reveal the mystery and the satanic plans.

The heavenly Father conceived a plan to bless the whole world and to have it enter into a new garden of peace. This would happen through the new Eve, the Woman in whose Immaculate Heart all the world could easily discover Jesus and experience all of His blessings. This era of peace began when I revealed the miraculous medal and led the pope to declare the dogma of the Immaculate Conception (1854). By this act, the foundation for world peace, never seen before, was set in place.

After that, I appeared often, leading to my great appearances in Fatima. How I rejoiced in those days. In the middle of the Great War (1917), I was unveiling the Father’s plan of peace. In these nearly 100 years, what has happened? Has there been peace? Why not?

Satan understood. He had already unleashed World War I, but now he was to be vanquished, and even banished. His victory over the first Eve was to be overturned. He could not allow this to take place. He has brought about the most destructive century of all, and his powers flow forth with greater and greater intensity. Meanwhile, God’s plan for the Woman has been set aside, hidden in a Satanic darkness. Yet, the plan still has its power to destroy Satan and bring forth peace. These are the great mysteries.

Comment: Our Lady explains the mysteries which lie behind the events of this century.

April 14, 2015
New World Leaders


Doubt and fears spread and many wonder what the future holds. They do not understand the great mysteries that I now reveal.

Certain people have given their hearts to evil. No one chooses evil directly. They choose a selfish good that includes some evil. Once they taste that good, they also accept the evil, which begins to claim their heart. Success after success accompanies their decisions and soon they accept total evil, the power of Satan. They do not understand his control because he has blinded them by their stunning success. They have risen to the top, occupy a powerful positions and are acclaimed by many. All the while, they strew evil everywhere, an evil wrapped in good paper.

Who can debate with them? Can they not point to all their successes? But these successes are built upon evil, just waiting for the moment of testing. They appear to be sound but they are built upon sand which the floods will quickly wash away.

These are the modern mysteries. During this century, Satan has raised up many false leaders, especially in the fields of economy and politics. They have made sinful, evil and destructive decisions, while building empires that gained their acclaim, false empires that carry within the seeds of their own destruction.

Now, the floods will begin to come and the structures will not stand. Let no one blame the heavenly Father. It is man, influenced by Satan, who has put all of this in place.

Is it too late? I have promised that the road to peace lies only in my Immaculate Heart. This road includes the economic and political areas. It extends to every aspect, especially the family. Let this message be preached. It is late. It is very late. This road to my peace is not the journey of one day and it is not a path of ease. However, if the whole Church commits itself completely to my Immaculate Heart, I will raise up world leaders formed by the Holy Spirit to take the world in a different direction. Nothing else will be sufficient to withstand the floods.

Comment: Our Lady requires a total consecration if she is to save the world through new leaders.

April 15, 2015
Casting New Fire Upon the Church


I have poured out my mysteries so all the world can understand. Now, I must speak even more clearly so the Church sees and acts.

O Church, I have come to you in great light and great power. I come to you because you believe and have faith in my role. You understand all the basic truths – that I was conceived without sin, that I conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit and brought Him forth while still remaining a virgin. You know that I was assumed, body and soul, into heaven and that I am crowned in glory as Queen of heaven and hearth.

All these truths are firmly established within your sacred teachings. You also know that I appear to chosen messengers and you have approved the supernatural nature of these revelations. You gather all this history and make it available to the Catholic faithful.

Many times you are criticized by others who do not understand your teachings and who believe that you exalt me too much. Yet, you stand firm in these teachings and have outlined them for the believers. You also exalt those saints who have written about me so eloquently. The Holy Spirit has done all this and, for all of this fidelity, I praise you.

Now, I must speak to you as Jesus spoke to the Church of Ephesus. All of these were moments of great fervor, a first love, a new enkindling. I must say this from my deepest mystery and sorrow. You have lost your first love. You have dampened the fires. After accepting my words and great promises, you have promptly forgotten them and put them aside. You have taken up human thoughts and human ways, setting aside the great fires of Marian devotion to give yourselves to what you think is deeper theology. You write all your beautiful documents and you elaborate all your theories about Church life, but you have no fire. You fail to enkindle devotion and people find no attraction to your services. You need new fire, a new enkindling. I am ready to cast fire upon the Church. How I want it to burn! Let those who have ears, listen to these little words of my locutions.

Comment: In revealing her deepest mystery, Our Lady speaks about casting fire on the Church.

April 16, 2015
The New Sacred Waters


The darkness grows. Fears increase. People wonder what lies ahead. So, I must continue to reveal the great mysteries.

Evil spreads quickly, but goodness takes time to build. Evil is like a fire which can destroy a lifetime’s work in one hour. These are the two opposing forces. Can a child be conceived and come to birth in one day? Does a little boy become a man in one year? Goodness, like growth, takes time. Yet, death can occur at any moment.

So, I must speak of this mystery of time, of which we have so little. For centuries, Satan has plotted to bring forth his fires. All see them now. Whole countries are torn apart. The fires of violence flare up unexpectedly. Governments are toppled. Civil wars rage. Cultures are torn apart. Millions of refugees have nowhere to go. How easy for a fire to consume quickly.

What will I do? What is my response? Can I restore civilizations in months, or even a few short years? Has all of this caught the Heavenly Father by surprise? Of course not. He foresaw every move of Satan and He prepared sacred waters (for the normal waters used by human leaders are only like oil that adds new weapons to the fires).

These sacred waters are new and different. They flow in the hearts of people of good will. They have been flowing for decades. How many I have called to prayer! How many, after the years of preparation in prayer, am I now calling to go forth in my name? These are the sacred waters which alone can quench the satanic fires. They are flowing in many hearts.

I will join these people. Many do not even know each other, as yet. As I join these streams of sacred waters, they will grow and become a mighty river, spreading my name. Let them work with hope, not allowing the great odds they face to deter them. All must work in the vineyard where I have placed them. Their little vineyards will grow and join with other vineyards. All will prepare for the great moment when the dam of these sacred waters breaks open and the world is flooded. This is my promise but all must pray and work and fast.

Comment: We easily see Satan’s destruction. We need Our Lady’s words to believe that God also has prepared for this moment.

April 17, 2015
The Bride Awakens


The time is short so I must speak a mighty word to awaken the nations. Can the world awaken in one day? Can the Church set up and take notice in one moment? Did this not happen at 9/11? Did not the whole earth awaken? If evil can awaken everyone, how much greater can God’s glory? These are the hidden mysteries.

I have already given great signs at Fatima that should have awakened the Church. At other apparition sites, I have promised permanent signs, to awaken the Church to God’s glory and power. These are special signs but words must prepare for them and words must explain these signs. Otherwise, the power of the sign will be lost. So, I must speak about these mysteries.

The whole Church must be awakened by powerful calls in many places and in many ways. Do not be surprised as these signs multiply and grow more powerful. The Church does not respond anymore to tiny whispers or gentle nudgings of the Spirit. Faith has grown cold. Ears no longer hear. Hearts no longer quickly respond.

How can I awaken the whole Church? How can I rouse its spirit? It is a sleeping bride, not conscious of the love of the Bridegroom or aware of its new destiny. At the very hour when it seems that evil will triumph and the Church can do little, when the powers of the world fail miserably to stem the tide, that is the very moment when the Bride will awaken, first to meet its bridegroom and, only after His kiss of love, to become what it has always been meant to be, the great light of the nations, the light for all the Churches to unite and the source of the healing of division between Christ’s Church and Israel. I speak so that many awaken now and do not wait for the signs.

Comment: Our Lady promises a Great Awakening, but we must prepare now.

April 18, 2015
The Inevitable War


All leads to a moment (both a place and a time) when the clash takes place, the great battle of the armies of heaven and hell, the decisive battle that turns the war in favor of the ultimate victor. Where and when all of this occurs is usually hidden, but I have already revealed that it will happen in Jerusalem. “Keep your eyes on Jerusalem” were the opening words of these locutions.

Can you not see the wisdom in these words? Look at what is happening in the Middle East. Every day Israel is threatened more and more. The security of neighboring nations is being ripped away. Its archenemy, Iran, gains greater hegemony and constantly expands its borders. The treaty moves ahead, just as I said, allowing Iran to feel relief from some sanctions. Its financial wounds are being healed, and its whole body experiences greater strength. Its leaders are more entrenched. Meanwhile, Israel is left to ponder its future, knowing that it stands more and more alone.

These events happen before your very eyes. All can see. But what are the mysteries behind these events? What forces bring them about? Where are they going? What is their purpose?

Armies try to choose their places and times. They use strategies so they gain the most favorable positions. Then, their forces can take maximum advantage. Satan always maneuvers. He deceives the West. He pretends to attack one place but really holds his great troops back for a better opportunity. He confuses, putting forth one group but holding a greater one in reserve. This is the intellect behind the events which cause such great confusion. The West does not even know who is the real enemy.

Now, I speak the great mystery of my heart to clarify the situation. A war with Israel is inevitable. All the evil is ultimately directed there. Israel holds Jesus’ treasures, the soil bathed in his blood and the places made holy by the coming of the Holy Spirit. Jerusalem also contains the mystery of Church unity that so many yearn for, and the union of the Church with Israel that Paul desired and prophesied. These are enormous blessings which God wants to pour out upon His Church and Israel. Satan understands God’s design and is preparing all his armies to destroy Israel before this happens. That is why I say that a war with Israel is inevitable. Everything else is just a preparation or a subterfuge. When this war breaks out, I want the whole world to know how great are the stakes.

Comment: Our Lady gets closer to the heart of the mystery – God’s plans for Israel.

April 19, 2015
The Great Call To Devotion


The time is short and the mysteries are many, so let us move quickly or else we will not reach the goal.

Many say that they follow me and indeed, they are of good will. However, their hearts are not firm and their eyes frequently wander from the goal. To these I speak mysteries so that, once they understand that the time is short, they will take their hearts away from worldly pursuits and give themselves to Jesus’ kingdom.

For these, especially, have I spoken about these mysteries. My words are not for the curious seekers. I speak for the devout souls and for those whom I can easily call to devotion. So, let me bring these teachings to a conclusion

I have placed these mysteries before you and allowed you to see the forces which are shaping the world events. Enlightened by this wisdom, you must reorder your daily life and all your priorities. I did not speak so you could know the times and the seasons. I spoke so you would look into your heart and remove what is superficial and what wastes your time. I want you to cling to me with all your heart. I want you to put away what absorbs you. I call for a deeper response and a more extensive commitment. Enlarge your tent. Do not limit me. Do not give me the crumbs. For your own good, I want the whole loaf.

Are you ready for this total consecration? Are you willing to give yourself to me without reserve? Look at all these mysteries that I have just revealed. Do you believe that life will just go on with little change? Do you think that your devotion is deep enough to withstand the coming floods?

I reveal all these mysteries only so that you will act. My words are urgent. I speak now before all the events break forth. You must change. You must deepen your religious practices. You must heed my words. Come, let us set out in a new direction. I who invite you to walk, will also accompany your journey.

Comment: Our Lady ends this series on the mysteries with an urgent invitation for us to act on this revealed wisdom.

Preparing for Heavenly Gifts (April 20 to April 25, 2015)

April 20, 2015
Becoming a Vessel of Election


Before I can build, the obstacles must be swept away. People implore the heavenly Father for gifts, but their hands are filled with earthly things and they cannot receive the heavenly favors. So, I will speak of the needed cleansing and purging. Let us begin with the human heart.

How complicated is that heart, filled with so many different desires. From the earliest years, desires flood the heart. Even though the desires of years ago are forgotten, they leave their effects. Also, many choices have claimed the heart. These are more serious. Their power still lays hold of the heart.

Finally, the human heart is caught up in all opportunities which the world dangles before its eyes, reaching out even when the fruit is forbidden, drawn into new darkness and refusing to face the addictions which lay hold of it. The heart must struggle to accept my graces because it is taken up with other cares.

Cleansing the human heart is my first priority. Many would want me to reverse world events or to bring about a worldwide outpouring of the Spirit which would suddenly change everything. They are looking in the wrong direction.

I begin now. I begin in your heart which is so filled with obstacles to divine favors. I will act quickly. I do not have much time. I will act completely because the heavenly favors are large and powerful. But I need you to understand and allow me to remove the obstacles and the earthly things to which you cling. I speak to all. I want everyone to become a vessel of election.

Comment: Usually, Our Lady speaks of world events. Today, she speaks of the most important event, the cleansing of your heart.

April 21, 2015
The Great Invitation to the Banquet


I bring a message of hope. The future belongs to Jesus. He has purchased all history. He is the Lord and all will be subject to His kingdom. What about the events that are taking place? What about the upheavals, the wars, the violence and the deaths? How can these be explained if the future belongs to Jesus? These are the mysteries which I must explain.

All have an invitation. At His death, this invitation went forth to the whole world. The disciples went everywhere and many responded to the invitation. All were invited to the great banquet of the Lamb.

Then, the world got tired of this invitation. They set it aside. They said that this invitation could co-exist with other invitations. The invitation became mixed in with other goals. Even the Church, the bearer of the great invitation would, from time to time, forget its task, feeling that other goals took precedence. The invitation faded. Its power was set aside and its great light was dimmed.

Yet, this invitation to the banquet of the Lamb is everything. It contains man’s great destiny and the whole reason for his existence.

Now, darkness is covering the earth and the light fades. Mankind has only one true light, the invitation to the banquet.

All the martyrs rejoiced. Their deaths were the door to the banquet. All the saints rejoiced. Each day they came closer to the banquet. I have come to restore this greatest light. I am the messenger of the banquet. No other light exists because all true lights are included in the great light of the Lamb’s banquet. I will shine that light over the whole world. I will bathe the world in the banquet light. Only then can mankind emerge from his darkness and overcome the wars and violence.

The Lamb awaits you, O reader. He has a place awaiting you at His banquet. Walk always in the light of that invitation.

Comment: Our Lady introduces a new theme. Our only hope on earth is that we will sit down, one day, with Jesus, the Lamb.

April 22, 2015
Do Not Delay


Do not delay because there is a time for everything to be accomplished. Time does not return. Days that are wasted, cannot be regained. The Evil One wastes no time. If someone lags behind, he finds another to do his work. In this way, evil moves on, always accelerating. Often, my children lag far behind, filled with good will but sorely lacking in action. I reveal these mysteries to change this situation.

My Church is like a fortified city that remains quite content, believing it is safeguarded. The enemy takes advantage and approaches this city on every side, using especially the nighttime of confusion to advance its lines.

Now, the troops are being set and the world is being lured into the lion’s den, about to confront powers which it cannot overcome or even turn back. This has been happening for many decades. These decades of decisions cannot be suddenly rolled back. Some are deeply rooted and written in stone.

What can I do in this perilous situation? I am like a surgeon approaching a very delicate operation in which his own knife might cause the death of the patient. The peril is complex and human solutions only multiply the danger. What can I promise?

I will raise up new and surprising lights in the Church. Many, even in high places, will oppose these new lights but they will not prevail. Also, my word will go forth, clearer and more powerful. This word will be broadcast so far and wide that no one will be able to stop their ears. All of this is just the beginning. I will remove those world leaders who cater to the darkness. Some structures of society will collapse so people awaken. All will be done as a warning.

Before all of this begins, good people must deepen their religious practices. Faith must multiply. Light must spread. Please understand the importance of today and the present moment. Do not postpone. Do not put off. If you deepen your devotion, I will be able to use you for many people when they are awakened by the events.

Comment: Many good people lag behind while evil people are constantly seeking their goals.

April 23, 2015
Untying the Fatima Knot


The time is too short. I can no longer hold back the light of Fatima which was released almost a century ago. Even the Church does not understand that all the light was hidden in the Fatima light.

Why did the Father place such world-wide light in such a tiny gift? Does this not repeat the mystery of Bethlehem, when His greatest gift resided in a newborn infant? Who would deny that mystery?

Let no one deny, then, the great mystery that I am about to reveal. The Father has chosen to exalt my Immaculate Heart. Therefore, He placed all the blessings for this present age in my heart (which is always united with my Son’s Sacred Heart). This mystery was revealed in both a hidden way, in an obscure village to three little children and, in a manifest way, the miracle of the sun. All the light needed for the whole world comes in the tiny gift of Fatima. The Church has never grasped this mystery which I now reveal so clearly. Darkness covers the world because the Fatima light still remains covered.

How patient I have been, always inviting people and Church leaders to freely accept the gift, to be the ones to open the gift and release its power. I have been met by refusals and misunderstandings.

I cannot wait. I can no longer follow the usual channels, the ordinary chain of command. I, myself, will untie the gift. I am the woman who unties the knots, especially this Fatima knot. It does not matter that this will not be orderly. Everywhere, I will bring forth the new lights of Fatima. I will adopt a different strategy because the old is not working. I will give the Fatima light to whomever asks. If they ask for one light, I will give them ten. If they ask for a small light, I will give a greater one. Such is the urgency. I will just spread the Fatima lights now and worry about putting everything in order later.

Comment: Our Lady has often spoken of the Fatima light being overlooked. She will bring it forth herself.

April 24, 2015
Pouring Out the Fatima Gift


How often must I speak of this Fatima light that can save the world? It contains all the divine gifts, the great surprise of the heavenly Father. His powers are waiting to be released through my Immaculate Heart. Let me begin to reveal this mystery in an even deeper way, beginning with the powers of darkness.

The Father’s plan began when He revealed to Pope Leo XIII the great mystery of Satan’s power over the 20th century. The Holy Father responded and the Church began to say the Leonine prayers. This prepared for Fatima, that obscure village, like a new Bethlehem, which would receive a worldwide gift.

The Fatima visions did not end on October 13, 1917. Lucy continued to receive heavenly visitations which explained and unfolded the mystery. How faithful was my little messenger, filled with both truth and zeal, willing to hide herself in religious life so the message would go forth pure and unhindered. All of this was the divine plan. Nothing would contaminate the Fatima gift, which remains until today. Anyone can study her writings. All can examine the documents about the visions. They are well preserved, a tremendous gift waiting to be opened.

The Church always seeks my intervention and wants my help. However, I have already intervened. All is stored up, like a priceless treasure, in the Fatima gift.

Someday, the Holy Father will open the gift. The powers will pour forth. More important, the whole world will be caught up in its light. But I cannot wait. This is what I want to reveal. The Fatima lights are beginning to go forth now. They are breaking out. They can no longer be contained in my heart. I will not wait. Even if the Church and the world are not as prepared as they should be, it is better just to pour out the beginning lights than to wait and wait. The great outpouring, however, must wait until the conditions are fulfilled.

Comment: Again, Our Lady promises an unexpected Fatima outpouring.

April 25, 2015
Mary’s Priest Son


The Fatima light is loved by few and unknown to most. However, no one knows all of its powers because they are still contained within the promise. That promise involves world peace. More important, it includes the salvation of millions of souls.

The Fatima gift is vast, affecting the whole world and the very future of mankind’s existence. How can it be set aside? How can it be ignored and even unknown to most? Now, do you see the mysteries and sorrows of my heart? Now, do you see why I will continue to lift up these little locutions? These locutions do not hold back my words. Whatever I reveal is published quickly, every word and every thought. The gentle stream of my words goes forth each day, available to the whole world. Let me explain why I do this.

Your eyes can see the wars and violence that spread and spread. The names have become familiar to you, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, ISIS, Al- Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and so many others. All of these forces have come forth. But what about the destructive powers which are still hidden? Has Satan played all his cards? Not at all. He has many others waiting in the wings, more destructive than these others.

No world leader understands and none have the resources to stop this flow of evil. Only Fatima contains that power. What will I do? I am fashioning my priest son and so uniting him with Fatima that the two are one. I placed Fatima in his heart on the day of ordination and over these years, I have made his call so clear that he knows fully what he must do. For him, Fatima is his central mission. I will lead him and guide him during these years until the great gift placed in his priesthood is opened for the whole world.

Comment: Our Lady outlines both the problems and her plan.

Our Lady’s Role (April 26 to April 30, 2015)

April 26, 2015
The Womb of the Elect


When human history comes to the end, Jesus will return in glory as king of kings and take to himself all of the elect. Who are these elect? How did they become the chosen ones?

In Jesus, all are chosen and given a name. All have a role to play and a task to fulfill. Jesus is the beginning and the end. All was created in him (the beginning) and all is created for him (the end). Only those who share His life can live forever in the kingdom. These are the mysteries I will now explain.

I am a mother who gave birth to Jesus and I am a mother who is right now trying to bring forth all my children, giving them this new birth. All holiness takes place in my womb, made holy by Jesus’ presence for nine months. This is the great mystery of becoming a chosen one. All must enter my womb to be born again to new life. This is the heavenly Father’s plan for this age, the revelation of the great secret and the unfolding of His plan.

The Father always intended a worldwide salvation where everyone knew they were chosen and they, in turn, could easily choose to accept their election. Needless to say, the Father’s plan has not unfolded. What should have been preached has not been preached. What should have been shouted from the housetops has not gone forth. So, I must use these little locutions to reveal the great secrets.

My womb is the most special place in the whole world. The Holy Spirit in his fullness descended upon my womb. The Son of God, in his fullness, lived in my womb. What the womb of Eve was supposed to be by nature (as mother of the living) my womb became by God’s favor. I am the mother of the living and of the elect. You can only understand these present events by reading the story in Revelations.

Comment: Our Lady is speaking of the battle between the Woman and the dragon in Revelations, Chapter 12.

April 27, 2015
A Blindfolded Humanity


At times, there are victories and, at other times, there are defeats. This is the mystery I need to make clear. By his death, Jesus won the victory. When Jesus returns this victory will be complete. However, not every moment and every event in human history is a victory. A war is taking place which is quite difficult to grasp.

Why are there defeats? Why is history not a complete string of victories? Is Jesus not the all-powerful king of kings? The answer lies in the free will of the human person and in the powers of Satan’s kingdom, that reign of darkness which killed Jesus and tries to destroy God’s plans.

A defeat comes about when man uses his free will. Although able to enter into victory, he decides instead to choose defeat. He is blinded by the darkness. Like someone who is blindfolded, he foolishly reaches out and grasps what is harmful and even lethal. Satan uses these blindfolded people. He raises them to high and powerful positions. He gives them great influence which can change whole cultures. He even gives them worldwide powers that can destroy the universe. Some willingly become their helpers, while others are just caught up, helpless, in their evil.

I have just described the state of the world. Little defeats have led to greater defeats and this darkness that blindfolds so many has multiplied.

Is there any light? Can any power remove the blindfolds? And when they are removed and people see the reality, can any power give them hope, so despair does not defeat them? What shall I answer? Certainly, no human person or even a group of human persons can bring this about. For this very moment, Jesus has established his Church, the greatest of mysteries, his Bride and the heart of his victory.

I must come to the Church in a new way. I must be welcomed by the Church and given free rein. Nothing must impede the desires of my heart. Time and again I point out this road as the only path to victory. Otherwise, a blindfolded humanity will enter into an unimaginable defeat.

Comment: It is a great mystery how Jesus won the victory but human history is filled with defeats.

April 28, 2015
Revealing The Hidden Mysteries


I must explain all these mysteries because the evil that flows in man’s heart is so often covered over and God’s plan remains hidden. These are the two great powers which constantly contend to gain the victory.

Mankind is distracted, taken up with money, security, pleasure and power. Satan easily triumphs. Mankind walks with him. He increases the money, multiplies fears (so security is sought) reveals new sources of pleasure and endows people with greater powers to control the universe. People call this progress and rush like stampeding cattle to Satan’s slaughterhouse. The pace quickens. Other options are removed.

Soon, so very soon, finality will set in. This will be the only possible road. The forces that drive mankind into the consuming darkness will have won a complete victory. Nothing stands between the human race and destruction. All agree that these forces, although not yet in place, can soon be unleashed.

Hidden deeply within human history is another power, the heavenly Father’s Plan. This was inserted into the world at Bethlehem with Jesus’ birth and came to its fullness with his victory on the cross. The Resurrection assured its permanent abiding. This victory is so imbedded in history that no power, no matter how great or extensive, will ever remove it.

This power flows in the hearts of the faithful and comes forth in the cultural structures of churches and schools. More important, this power touches everyone and raises up those who will lead the world.

Now, I speak of the great mystery. The power of the Resurrection must burst forth, like water crashing through a mighty dam. Its rivers must flow everywhere. All must change. Nothing else suffices. This is the mystery of my Immaculate Heart and the promises of Fatima. The rivers of Resurrection power will flood the earth. It is late, very late and only these waters can save distracted mankind from Satan’s powers.

Comment: Evil’s power is seen by all. The power of the Resurrection needs the eyes of faith.

April 29, 2015
The Great Prophet Who will Prepare the Way


Only as the various parts of Satan’s plan come together, will mankind see how many foolish decisions have weakened the social and economic structures which are needed for human life. With these events, people will see the truth of my words expressed in these locutions. They will have a glimmer of hope. “If Our Lady knew of these events and spoke about them, surely she plans to help us.”

My word brings hope because I am not just a woman of words but a woman of power and action. I am a woman to whom all these mysteries have been revealed and who understands all that Satan has done and will do. My words reveal mysteries, events, and the forces that vie for man’s heart. Most of all, my words reveal myself, my care of the human race and my place in the heavenly Father’s plan. So, let me begin to reveal myself so you can have the greatest hope.

I was with the heavenly Father from the beginning, always central to his thoughts. He spoke about me to Satan in the Garden of Eden. He said, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman”. I was His response to the Satanic darkness.

The Father waited for centuries because the human race was not ready and would not have received the gift fully. Israel had to be prepared by the patriarchs, the kings and the prophets. Finally, when the great prophet (John the Baptist) was conceived, the Father’s plan could unfold.

In these little locutions, I have spoken so often of God’s plan being delayed. The reason is the same. A great prophet must arise who will prepare for my coming and the fulfillment of the Heavenly Father’s plan from the beginning. When this great prophet heralds my name, exalts my prerogatives and prepares the Church, I will be able to come. I will not delay. Watch and pray now. The time is soon.

Comment: We need to watch and pray so all of these divine events will happen soon. You are important in God’s plan.

April 30, 2015
The Goddess of Reason


The ways I want to lead humanity are filled with mysteries and cannot be grasped by human reason. The clouds are so dark that the sun of reason no longer shines. Can human reason find any path to peace? Can reason guide a world through this forest of violence and unrest? Can reason establish economic foundations that will not crumble? Reason is powerless against the inner passions that drive the world.

Another light exists, a light which modern man has put away. The modern world despises faith and totally rejects its light. Now, the world lives in a darkness whose power strangles human life. Forces still lie hidden in human hearts and human cultures. While these powers are coming forth, one after another, like troops in battle array, man clings to his reason and rejects the only light that can lead to peace. So, I must reveal my mysteries. My words are like an emergency light which grows more powerful as the darkness spreads.

In the French Revolution, man decided to exalt the goddess of reason, demanding that all should bow to her power. Faith was set aside and liberty was declared. A revolution quite different from America’s was released. These waters still flow and faith is made suspect, always the servant of reason, instead of the other way around.

The great heavenly powers which alone can turn back the current darkness can only be released by an ascendency of faith. Man must depose the false goddess of reason from a position that she does not deserve and allow faith to become the light for the nations.

Comment: Faith has been stolen from modern man and he does not realize his loss.

Understanding America (May 1 to May 5, 2015)

May 1, 2015
A Divided America


The beginning chapters have already begun and all can see that there is a growing frailty of bonds that unite. Divisions appear everywhere. These seem small at first but Satan does not lose any opportunity to shatter unity and peace. Even America, which felt it had healed its racial wounds, is experiencing new and surprising divisions. Where is this coming from? Whose hand is guiding this turmoil? This is the mystery I will address.

The Civil Rights Movement was deeply religious, rooted in the churches and supported by people of faith. Many were the religious hymns that encouraged the marchers and gained for them adherents from all religious backgrounds. This faith and these hymns kept everything peaceful. Respect led to great changes which have shaped America for 50 years.

Now, that faith has waned, on both sides. Where are the hymns? Where are the religious voices? Where is the mutual respect? Without the peace that only religious faith can bring, inevitably there is rhetoric and clashes.

I return constantly to this theme. Because America is uprooted from its faith, it is vulnerable to so many evils. These divisions will not go away and they cannot be solved by human leaders, who speak about “addressing the problems”.

America, I will address your problems. Lack of faith is your problem. Setting aside your religious fervor is your problem. Excluding religion from public life is your problem. By my words I am addressing your real problems. Continue to abandon your faith and only darkness awaits you. Faith was the great light that led you through two world wars and placed you at the height of your powers. Because you have abandoned what led you, you now grope in darkness.

Comment: If people do not eat, they get sick. If a nation sets aside faith, it gets divided.

May 2, 2015
The Change In the 1960’s


I must go deeper into the soul of America and reveal what is not seen or understood. America’s soul was, for so many centuries, immersed in the cool and refreshing waters of faith. As the soul of America flourished, its powers grew and its role among the nations expanded. Supported by its religious faith, America truly blessed the world and twice restored world peace. For decades, faith in God had guided America. All of these blessings came because America was a country filled with churches and with people who lived by faith.

Suddenly, changes came which uprooted America. The 1960’s brought a break from this tradition, a lack of continuity and a searching for a new identity, epitomized by two events. The assignation of President Kennedy brought a shock to the political system and the forces of Woodstock cut America from its moral roots. Such has been America’s course ever since. It constantly reaches out for some truth or for some reality which would regain the former glory, but none is found.

Years have passed. New generations have arisen which know nothing of the former years of faith. They have never tasted the blessedness of worshiping God or the security of even knowing right from wrong. All is confusion. America is adrift. The voices of the preachers fall on ears that cannot hear and on hearts that do not even know how to respond.

I should end here, but I must go on. The future of America will be more and more divisive because faith, which brought a unity is so weak. People no longer see themselves as brothers and sisters with a heavenly Father. They can only see themselves as groups with competing interests.

Comment: Our Lady does not offer any solution. She merely outlines the problems.

May 3, 2015
A Weakened America, Devoid of Faith


There will be many more chapters to this story of an America that is torn apart. All eyes have looked for so long to the Middle East and the turmoil of ISIS and Yemen. However, Satan’s plan of destruction, aided greatly by the loss of faith, is active everywhere.

He always probes, finds the soft spots left unprotected, sows his evil and waits for his harvest. An America uprooted from the soil of faith, an America that has chosen to become secular, is any easy prey for his evils and so many evils have been sown.

Faith is a light and it provides a direction. It forms a people, unites them, limits evil and places barriers that protect. Faith provides a common understanding, a oneness, and a unity. Within the framework of faith, diversity exists but does not destroy the overall unity.

By faith, a country is a family, sharing the same goals and guided by mutual understandings. Freedoms flourish because people trust one another, knowing that all believe in the same heavenly Father.

America was built upon such faith, but this faith is now shattered, rejected and set aside. A secular America is arising. Sunday has been secularized, a time for buying and selling, and endless sports. America is a weakened body, subject to many new infections.

How important this is to Satan’s worldwide plan. You must see that all the evil is linked together. Satan’s plan is diverse. A weakened America, beset with its own inner divisions, is unable to lead and protect.

Comment: We often do not grasp that America’s lack of faith weakens her worldwide leadership.

May 4, 2015
Hidden Forces in America


What does the future hold for America? America brings together many cultures and is filled with a diversity of tongues. In reality, many nations are gathered together – E Pluribus Unum, “One coming forth from many” is its national motto.

All is held together by its constitutions and its laws, especially by respect for its elections. Diversity yields to unity when all accept the winner of an election. This oneness was created in faith and has been held together by faith, by a full acceptance of the laws and processes. Now, that base of faith has shrunken and its power to affect the nation has weakened. Other forces have arisen, selfish forces that have no qualms. They would readily destroy this nation and its political systems for its own advantage.

America is so confident that it is a democracy, a shining city upon the mountain, a model for the rest of the world. It never dreams that its institutions could be endangered.

A constitution and laws are merely words written on paper if the hearts of the people lie in darkness. America, you are moving quickly into this darkness. Especially, your young people have been deprived of this light of faith.

I must come. I must come to America, the child of my womb and the son closest to my heart. Soon, the pope will come to your shores. Listen to his words. Take them to heart. Do not let his coming be just a media event. Your problems need a deeper response than mere passing attention.

Comment: Our Lady reveals America’s soul and shows her special love for this country.

May 5, 2015
Splintering and Dividing


Without this unity of faith, the future of America will be filed with splintering and dividing. People will seek unity in the constitution, laws and elections, the usual means of oneness. These will not be able to overcome the powers of division that lie hidden in the soul of America and will begin to come forth.

Why do these forces arise now? This is Satan’s plan. A divided America cannot fulfill its role of gathering the nations. Adequate responses will not be made to world problems. All will realize America’s inner weaknesses.

All these evils are but a preparation for the events that will erupt from within. So many economic safeguards have been ignored. So many problems that cried out for attention have been overlooked. These problems will unite, place more pressure upon the fragile unity and lead to more outcries that will accelerate the divisions.

This is not a pretty picture and it has not yet come forth. Leaders will arise who will try to deal with these problems. Some will love America and honestly try to bring solutions. Others will just use this situation for their own political gains, exploiting the problems and not alleviating them. With their rhetoric, they will attract many and will complicate the divisions.

Forces will go in so many different directions. Circumstances will add to the problems and hasten division. America will find itself where it never thought it could be – a divided country seeking to regain its unity.

I am not speaking here of a total break nor a lack of continuity with the past. I am speaking of the future storms which America will face. O America, choose your leaders wisely. Place your country in the hands of those who will protect its unity and who are willing to sacrifice political expediency for the true future good.

Comment: Our Lady brings this series to a close. She has tried to warn America.

The Holy Spirit and Human History (May 6 to May 13, 2015)

May 6, 2015
The Lord of History


I do not want the collapse of society or outbreaks of violence. However, mankind has allowed these seeds to be sown. When these inner forces break forth, all will see what was hidden. Indeed, people are beginning to see. What was hidden is becoming known until it is clear to everyone that the world is not what it used to be.

I will speak again of this current situation, of a world wrapped in fear, aware of growing destructive forces and of severe inner weaknesses. What will happen? Who will come to save mankind? What can be done?

Human life flows from one day to the next. The human person rises each morning with the burdens of the day before. Life has a continuity of joys and sorrows, light and darkness, until something new enters which changes the whole picture. If this is good, the person rejoices. If it is bad, the person tries to cope and to change.

It is the same with society. It, too, has its own life (almost like the human person). The difference is that all share in this life. There is a common history and a sharing in the events of good or evil. No one can detach themselves from society. All live in this stream and all are affected by the way it flows.

Jesus was extremely interested in all of human history. He sent his disciples to the whole world and promised to be with them until the end of history, when he would come again in His glory.

I want to teach one consoling truth. Mankind is not alone. He is not set adrift on the turbulent ocean of history. Jesus lived in history, died in history, rose in history and is the Lord of history. The history of these coming years has not yet been written. Will they be years of victory or defeat, years of light or darkness? All of that is still to be decided.

Comment: Without faith, mankind believes he is alone. With faith, man knows that God is with him.

May 7, 2015
The Forces Contained in History


Who can describe all that is buried in the heart of human history? Heroic deeds and sinful acts are side by side. Powerful cultures have come about which daily form and even control human hearts. These are the complex forces which man faces each day of human existence.

All human history constantly flows, inevitably moving forward to some unknown future, shaped by forces that are not seen and are unknown to many. People become instruments of these forces, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly.

I speak to reveal the greatest force of all in human history, the love which the heavenly Father has for mankind and the great gift of Jesus whom He sent because He so loved the world. I also speak of another act of the Father’s love, hidden for many centuries. Foreseeing that an age will come in human history when the evil power gained by man will reach a point where mankind would control destructive powers able to destroy earth itself and remove human life, the Father decreed that his gift of Jesus would be given again to the world in a new and completely fresh way. The gift is not new because Jesus is His Beloved Son. However, access to the gift and the outpouring of the gift will be new, as will be the signs and wonders associated with the gift. I speak because this newness is surprising and many familiar with the former ways might not know how to respond.

All can see the uniqueness of this age, that mankind controls nuclear weapons. All cannot see the newness of the Father’s gift. The Father has not abandoned the world. The Father has not been surprised by these developments. The Father has not been caught off guard. He foreknew. He planned. He acted. I am revealing this mystery planted in my Immaculate Heart.

Comment: Jesus is God’s answer and He is always finding new ways to come to us.

May 8, 2015
The Gift of the Locutions


All is being swept away. Now, mankind comes face to face with an enemy which has for so long lurked in the shadows. The heart of man realizes that something is not right. Human history should not go from one crisis to the next. Usually, periods of peace follow the great victories of war. This is not the way human history has unfolded in these recent decades. Even before a crisis is solved another emerges, like children giving birth to new children. Now, the truth must be faced.

Mankind is locked into a battle that it cannot win. The odds are too great. The foe is too intelligent and too powerful. Devoid of faith, mankind does not see or understand. So, I must pull back the veil. Let my words open your eyes. They are not words of fear but of hope. I am with you. The heavenly Father has sent me. I have appeared in many places and I speak every day. Let all of this be a sign to you.

As human history plunges from one crisis to the next, as the events unfold, all will need the greatest of faith. Some will try to have this faith and will fail. Others will be wise. Instead of trying to have faith, they will just come to me. These locutions will have taught them the way. They will enjoy light because they are strengthened by these locutions. O little ones, just read and read. Read these locutions every day. In this way, hope will enter your heart. Light will fill your mind. The events will not confuse you or cause you fear. Little do you know all that I have accomplished in your hearts by your fidelity to these locutions.

Comment: By reading the locutions each day, we gain Our Lady’s faith and hope.

May 9, 2015
The Age of the Holy Spirit


I do not want violence and war, the collapse of structures nor the destruction of nations. Human life is too precious to be swept away. The heavenly Father is infinitely patient, always foreseeing the good which can come forth from evil. This is the great mystery of Jesus’ death. The Father allowed his own creatures to torture and to kill his Son. Study this mystery of the cross and you will easily learn God’s plan.

Jesus did not come to Jerusalem like a conquering general, ready to use force and power. He came as the Messiah, containing within himself the great mystery of God’s Holy Spirit. He had already told the apostles that it was important for him to die, to go, to leave, to return to the Father so the Paraclete could come. Only the Holy Spirit would forever change human history.

See Jesus’ death in this light. The gospel says, “He bowed his head and sent forth his spirit”. Later, after rising from the dead, Jesus “breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’”.

I must speak of the Holy Spirit, my spouse, who came upon me twice. First, he formed in me the physical body of Jesus. Then, at Pentecost, as the disciples gathered with me, he came again and formed the mystical body of Jesus, the Church.

This is the great mystery. He who finds me, finds the Holy Spirit. He who comes to me, receives the Holy Spirit. So often I proclaim that the heavenly Father has brought me forth in this Final Age as his special plan for world peace. I am not the source of world peace. World peace comes only from the Holy Spirit. He is a wind that blows where he will, but he is also a Person who has chosen to abide in my Immaculate Heart. I will speak much more because this must become the Age of the Holy Spirit.

Comment: Many often forget the close relationship between Our Lady and the Holy Spirit.

May 10, 2015
Mary – Possessed By the Holy Spirit


The time is so short and so many preparations must still be made. We must move along quickly. The fastest path is to understand the Father’s gift of the Holy Spirit. So often, the Spirit is put aside, as if he is a wind, or a dove. These were just symbols to express a certain aspect of the Spirit.

Jesus gave the Spirit his real title, the Paraclete. He explained the Spirit’s tasks and even said that it was important that He go to the Father so the Spirit could come. “I have come to cast fire on the earth”, Jesus said. He fulfilled his promise when the Spirit’s tongues of fire descended upon all of us gathered in the Upper Room.

When I speak of God’s help, or God’s presence, I am speaking of a new reality. Just as Jesus died in history, so there was a moment in history when the Holy Spirit was poured out. This is the mystery which I want to take into my hands and share with you.

From the first moment of my conception, the Holy Spirit possessed me. I was his first born in time. He had already been working among the prophets, kings and people of Israel, but none of them, even the great King David, did he fully possess. I was the summit, the great daughter of Israel and the greatest work of the Spirit until that moment.

How the Spirit cherished me. Each moment He filled with more divine life than the previous moment. Always, he was lifting me up to the greatest divine union, day after day, year after year. All was done perfectly, without a single lapse. Not a single outpouring of his divine fire was lost. I kept all things in my heart.

Higher and higher he lifted me, into depths of the Trinity unknown to any saint and hidden even from the angels. Finally, he brought me to a place of the Trinity where I heard words, not mystical words that cannot be expressed but simple words that even a child can understand, “You will conceive and bear a son, and you shall call him Jesus”. God used an angel to say those words but they were really said as my soul was in the most hidden and secret place of all – the inner life of the Father, Son and Spirit.

Comment: Our Lady explains her own life with the Spirit.

May 11, 2015
Human History and the Holy Spirit


Every gift flows out to mankind from the inner life of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If these gifts were ever to cease, all of creation would end immediately. First of all, from this inner life, came creation. Then, the Word of God came forth, conceived in my womb and born at Bethlehem. Then, as the beginning of the Final Age, the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles.

Has everything been given? Can God bring forth nothing new? Quite the opposite. Once the Spirit was given, the door to all that is new was permanently opened. The Spirit who spoke from time to time to the Old Testament prophets, and from time to time stirred the kings of Israel to action, came and abided upon the world.

His new presence was quickly perceived as the apostles praised God in new tongues, preached fearlessly and worked miracles in Jesus’ name. Such was the new life flowing out to all who were baptized. These were proofs of the new abiding presence of the Holy Spirit upon creation.

The Spirit now abides in history to bring forth the new and to renew the face of the earth. He is the Father’s gift to preserve the Church until the end of time. He is, especially, the permanent presence of the Father and Jesus, inserted forever into human history. These are the mysteries which I must explain because no one understands.

Human history can never be totally lost because Jesus has buried the Holy Spirit in the heart of history. His power goes forth every moment. The Holy Spirit is the Father’s promise that human history will never, never be destroyed by human hands. It will exist until Jesus comes again. However, a gigantic question looms. How is the power of the Holy Spirit released into human history? This I will explain.

Comment: Out Lady provides a unique teaching on the Holy Spirit’s role in history.

May 12, 2015
The Spirit Restores All of Mankind


The time is so near at hand. What can mankind look to for his security? This is why I must teach and explain.

The Holy Spirit is the Father’s hidden gift. He assumes no human nature as Jesus did because his role is quite different. He acts everywhere and at once. He is not limited by national boundaries. He is not dependent upon human means of communication. His power breaks forth anywhere and everywhere.

He can use those who do not know him. He helps the lowly and controls the powerful. He shapes history even when he is not invoked. Those are the secret and hidden acts of the Spirit. They are great but severely limited when people do not know him.

His power is much greater upon those who understand and invoke his help. He teaches people about his gifts and instructs them in his powers. As they welcome him and invoke him, his presence and powers multiply. This is the heavenly Father’s dream and the hope of Jesus. The whole world and all of human history, both creation and mankind, were meant to return, as far as possible, to the original creation in the Garden of Eden. Mankind was meant to be filled again with grace and preternatural gifts.

This great return was prefigured in Jesus’ ministry. The sick were healed. The possessed were freed. The dead came back to life. That was just a small picture of what would happen all over the world when the Spirit would come and the gospel was preached. God’s power would be unleashed within human history.

When I speak of my Immaculate Heart and the great benefits that will flow out to the world, I am really speaking about the Holy Spirit. He, alone, is the Sanctifier, the one who makes all things new.

When I speak of a New Age, I am speaking about the Holy Spirit. When I make promises, I am speaking about the Holy Spirit. All of my apparitions are really gifts coming from this Spirit of Jesus. Even these locutions flow from his lips. So much more to teach.

Comment: Our Lady provides an excellent theology of the Holy Spirit which brings unity into the diversity of the Spirit’s actions.

May 13, 2015
The Holy Spirit and Fatima


The Father sent Jesus into human history to save mankind from both the powers of darkness and from human evil. The concluding moment of divine grace would be the sending of the Holy Spirit, the definitive promise of the Father that He would never abandon human history.

The Holy Spirit manifested his coming in great signs. His coming was not hidden. All of Jerusalem was made aware and thousands were baptized. The gift was faithfully recorded and is known to everyone.

What does this mean to modern man, as he falls into one crisis after another and as the stakes grow even greater? Mankind has gained for himself the most destructive powers ever known. He holds in his own hands the capacity to destroy himself. He is prodded along this path by Satan, with whom he willingly cooperates.

I am revealing another person, the Holy Spirit, deliberately sent into human history as the Father’s response to evil. I want to awaken everyone. I want all to know the Holy Spirit. He waits, like a gigantic fire, ready to be poured out for the world’s salvation.

Whoever restrains me, restrains the Holy Spirit. Whoever sets me aside, sets aside the Holy Spirit. Whoever invokes me begins to enjoy my Spouse. Whoever exalts me, finds the Holy Spirit.

This is the great mystery that I am trying so desperately to reveal. 98 years ago today, I appeared at Fatima. It took a while for the three children to understand. It took even longer for the people to believe. Gradually, faith spread. Month after month, more came. The communist authorities destroyed some of the gift but the people’s faith continued to grow.

The Dance of the Sun, and all the phenomena that accompanied it, came from the Holy Spirit. After that, wherever Fatima was exalted, the Spirit was free to act. When Fatima was set aside, my spouse, the Holy Spirit could do no great works there. What should have been a century filled with the powers of the Holy Spirit, became instead a century of darkness. When the Catholic Church understands and sets the Fatima gift on the lampstand, the full age of the Holy Spirit will begin.

Comment: Mary shows the relationship of the Holy Spirit with her great feast of Fatima.

Our Lady’s Deepest Feelings (May 14 to May 21, 2015)

May 14, 2015
Three Thoughts of Our Lady’s Heart


I must move deeper into the feelings and hopes of my heart. I want all to join me there so that the darkness will not overcome. Much of the darkness is easy to see because it comes forth in violence but I must bring to light the hidden darkness which is more dangerous.

First, there are the alliances, the bonds between those dedicated to violence. They plan. They share resources. They march together (each for his own selfish end). I spoke before of this “coming together” that would move terrorism to the next level.

Second, I must speak of the West, with its economic prowess. Here, also, are alliances. Powerful and rich leaders are dedicated to their selfish interests. They control. They are always in charge. To manipulate wealth is to murder. When the poor are condemned to live their whole lifetime in squalor, without access to medicines that could save their lives, is this not murder from above? When poor nations are saddled with unpayable interest rates, do not many people die of starvation? These unholy alliances of the rich and powerful constitute just another form of violence – economic violence.

Finally, I come to my Church and a pope who tries to lead the Church to the margins, to the poor and the outcasts. Follow him. When the Church is aligned with the poor, it will become more and more a Church of my heart. No one else stands there. No one else goes thee. The poor are forgotten, an afterthought, given the worst scraps left over from the tables of the rich. Much can be done. If the poor are fed, I will provide a surprising abundance. If the world invites all the poor to the table, great calamities will be avoided.

Comment: Our Lady’s three thoughts are very crucial to world politics.

May 15, 2015
The Role of Pope Francis


I want to speak of the great mystery of the papacy and what is happening before your very eyes. World leaders are being plunged more and more into darkness because they, and their people, have abandoned the light of faith. Everything is secular and technological, while the human hearts desperate need of God is ignored.

However, there are many lights of faith, the strongest of which is the papacy. Pope Francis sees these many lights and tries to gather them together so they might shine as one. By reaching out and involving others, he is protecting himself. He does not try to stand as a lonely figure, but welcomes all the lights to join together.

He also knows the issues that are important to people of good will By addressing these issues, he also puts forth an invitation to faith. In this way, even more join him, sometimes in spectacular breakthroughs. All of this serves a purpose. The papacy is constantly lifted higher and higher and there accrues to the office greater and greater moral authority.

All of this is my plan which will culminate in the next pope who will be filled with an even greater wisdom and who will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.

You can see that all of these events are so very close. Everything will happen so quickly. You must know that I am with you and you must draw closer to me every day. There is so much more to say.

Comment: Amid the darkness of the world scene, we can see Our Lady’s plan unfolding in Pope Francis.

May 16, 2015
Father Gruner and the Wine of Fatima


Everything is locked up, awaiting its time. Some forces (good and evil) are never released. I want to explain these mysteries.

Every moment, graces flow from the Trinity to the world. However, many graces lie unopened. Their time comes and their time goes. They never bless humanity. This causes many other blessings also to be lost because one blessing is meant to prepare for another.

So that the blessing of Jesus would not be lost, the Holy Spirit perfectly prepared my heart, and I received the world’s Savior without any diminution of the gift. The gift of Jesus came perfectly, both in its power and in its time – the fullness of time. The Church was born on Pentecost at the right time. After that, graces were always given at the right time, like Jesus’ appearance to Paul on the way to Damascus. Every grace had its moment in God’s time and every generation was to accept its moment in history.

For this present generation, God has gifts, perfect gifts, at just the right moment. Their time comes. If accepted, the gifts open and bless. If rejected, the gifts die, like withered grapes that have never been sent to the winepress.

The great gift for this time is Fatima and for so long it has remained on the vine. The priest who spoke out so fearlessly has died, yet his message lives. If only my gift had been received by willing hands, I would gladly have allowed it to be crushed and its blessings pour out like wine. Now it withers. A time will come when the wine of Fatima will flow into human history. Many will say that much time has been lost. That is true. However, during this century, many forces of evil have also not been opened. Otherwise, there would be no humanity to receive the Fatima gift. All is not lost. The Father has many ways to bring about his plans.

Comment: Our Lady mentioned a priest who spoke out fearlessly. This was Father Gruner.

May 17, 2015
The Key to Mary’s Heart


The piercing of my heart began when I presented Jesus in the temple. This piercing will continue until the end of time. I accept this suffering for the good of my children. Now, I reveal the great piercings caused by today’s world. Enter into my heart and see its piercings.

So many of my baptized children lay wounded along the wayside, unable to complete their journey and so in need of the Good Samaritan. So many cultures are bathed in darkness where the name of Jesus cannot be pronounced. So many weapons are waiting to fall into the hands of those who would use them quickly. So many leaders have hearts which I do not own. So many of my children are deprived of my light and are unable to see clearly the right road. So much money spent by the rich. So many poor shunted aside by false economic systems.

The list can go on. I could speak about each nation and the piercings which they cause. I could speak about each world leader or describe each of their failures.

I say all of this so you can see the innumerable piercings of my heart. All of these I would gladly accept a thousand times over if only my light was going forth to the world. My greatest suffering is that the light does not go forth. It is still locked in my heart. Has no one a key? Can no one open the door? Must I carry the light of God and realize that it will never light up the world?

I have given this key to my chosen son. I have guarded him and he has guarded the key. Someday, all the light in my heart will be released upon a world that has fallen into darkness. The whole world will know, beyond any doubt, that the triumph of my Immaculate Heart has begun.

Comment: Our Lady uses the powerful symbol of a pierced heart that carries light for the whole world, but most be opened.

May 18, 2015
The Financial Scandals


In the greatness of my sorrows, I pour out all that is upon my heart, the burdens which I carry. Come, share my sorrows and understand.

So many evil powers have found their way into human life. These powers, joined to the improved means of communication and the great destructive weapons that are now available, make for a deadly mix. They have brought the world to this point which most people can understand, the most dangerous moments in human history. Even this is not the greatest burden which I carry.

My greatest sorrow is the blindness that has entered my Church, coupled with intrigue and the joining of forces that has had its own agenda. Hearts unite around the selfish goals of a desire for power and a lifestyle not in keeping with the gospel. Yes, I must say it clearly. Networks of evil penetrated the Church. With their hearts consumed by these earthly goals, they formed groups which used the Church instead of serving the Church. All of this is not new. The headlines have revealed the financial scandals.

These networks were not devoted to me. These people carried no true devotion to my Immaculate Heart. While intent on their own financial security and funding their lifestyles, they set me aside and rejected my gifts.

Pope Francis is confronting these evils and bringing about financial responsibility. I will bless these efforts. When the darkness of greed is swept away, the Church will realize that the great gifts of my Immaculate Heart must be exalted.

Comment: Our Lady links the Church’s financial scandals with the setting aside of devotion to her Immaculate Heart.

May 19, 2015
A Door Still Open


From beginning to the end, from creation until the final coming, all of God’s mysteries pass through my Immaculate Heart because God’s Word became flesh within me. Those who find me, find life because Jesus is there.

Why die of thirst in a desert, when living waters are so easily available? How different would be the world’s history if only it passed fully through my heart instead of taking the tangled paths created by man. These are the mysteries I want to explain.

When the original creation descended into the darkness, the heavenly Father conceived of a new creation. When sin entered the world, the Father decided to create another world, a woman taken from the same soil, but sinless from the first moment of her conception.

Human history had a new path, a sinless path freed from corruption. That path, hidden for many ages, (as was the mystery of Jesus) was opened completely at Fatima. An invitation went forth, orchestrated by heaven itself. Great promises were made. Nothing has changed. Nothing has been revoked. My Fatima heart remains wide open, a new creation formed in my sinless heart and freed from the sin of Eve. This is the path to world peace and personal peace.

How few have entered that door! Many have never heard the message. Fatima is seen as one of many doors, able to be chosen or left behind. It is called “optional” and “private revelation”.

All of that must change. These locutions will become the great voice of Fatima, making it so attractive that the whole Church will begin to realize all that God had done when He created me sinless.

Comment: Our Lady reveals two mysteries. When God created her free from sin, He began a new creation, which was opened completely at Fatima.

May 20, 2015
ISIS in Europe and America (Special Locution)


I want to speak about ISIS and especially the joining together of terrorist groups. Their oneness and the extent of their operations give them new power.

This terrorist fire is ready to jump to Europe, which is vulnerable to these arrows of fire because it is so close. Soon, so very soon, the fires of Middle East violence which have spread to Africa will leap over the Mediterranean Ocean and land in Europe, especially in Italy.

There are no walls to contain these fires and they will find little resistance. People are not mobilized or joined together for war the way ISIS is. The gains will be surprising, not just in isolated attacks but there will be the actual presence of ISIS on European soil.

America is kept in the dark. Much is hidden concerning the full threat from ISIS. All of this secrecy covers failed policies. This cover will soon be ripped away.

The ISIS attacks on America will confront the country much more than 9/11. At that time, Osama Bin Laden was heading a loosely-jointed coalition of terrorists. The situation has greatly changed, especially in the size, the sophistication and the unity of these forces.

May 20, 2015
Our Lady’s Judases


Now I come to the deepest wound. Has there been a Judas in my life like with Jesus? Has there been anyone whom I chose, whom I drew close to myself, to whom I have revealed my secrets and who, in turn, has betrayed me? Sold me out? Sadly, such people exist. They have been in high places. They have had important positions. They have set me aside to gain their goals. They have conspired with others.

I have been an embarrassment to them, a piety that seemed only for those who could not understand the theological truths. They did not want to be identified with Marian piety. They would write their books and give off their theories, as if the people needed their knowledge. But me you did not find among their thoughts. They betrayed me, shutting the doors and leading many on fruitless journeys that led to nowhere.

I do not say this to condemn, nor have I dared to mention names. That is not my purpose. I speak so that these blindfolds can be removed, and so that the sterility of their thinking no longer destroys the harvest that can come forth.

In these locutions, I place forth a deep and fruitful theology, one that goes far beyond the light of reason, even reason guided by ordinary faith. I open up great vistas of truths. I speak this way to attract everyone, both the simple soul who delights in my truths and the educated person who realizes that my teachings go far beyond the usual theology books.

I want to sweep away all obstacles to the Fatima messages, especially those that arise from any complaints about their theological depth. I am reopening Fatima. I am presenting it again, clothed in the deepest theology. I will not allow Fatima to be set aside, even if I must personally debate all those who dismiss it as merely personal piety. They are my Judases.

Comment: Fatima is not based upon some backwater theology that cannot hold its own with great thinkers.

May 21, 2015
The Silencing of Sister Lucy


The human heart is filled with so many feelings. Memories are stored there, often hidden and slow to come forth. For my children, I gladly bring them forth so they can share my thoughts.

What is it like to be shunted aside? During my lifetime, I lived in obscurity. This was the Father’s plan. I was to be His witness and keep everything in my heart. How faithfully I fulfilled that task.

For a witness, there is a time to observe and a time to testify, a time to store up the gifts and a time to pour them forth, a time to be hidden and a time to come forth so all the world can live in light and truth.

The time of my being hidden, of staying in the shadows and of being unknown is over. It no longer serves the Father’s plan. This complete hiddenness was definitively removed at Fatima. There, I was the Woman Clothed With the Sun. The great gifts were meant to flow forth and bless the whole world. Imagine the suffering of a witness whose words are set aside, who is not taken seriously, as if I had nothing of importance to say to the Church and to the world.

I chose the three children of Fatima. Two were meant to come soon to heaven. Lucia was to stay as my messenger, a living witness, able to explain and to bring forth new light. Instead, she was silenced. I will say this openly. She was silenced because her words did not agree with those who wielded power in the Church. I kept her on earth for decades. She was to speak out, to help, to guide, to be the living magisterium of the Fatima messages. There would be no going astray. Nothing would be derailed. She was there to offer authoritative guidance and she was silenced. When Lucy was silenced, I was silenced. She was my living voice. No wonder the Fatima gift fell into obscurity, seen as the apostolate of just a few.

Now I have raised up another living voice, these little locutions. They will not be silenced. They are my words to the world. Through them, Fatima will live again, the full Fatima, the Fatima that would have existed if the original messenger had been allowed to speak and to testify.

Comment: The sad history of Fatima is the silencing of Sister Lucy. In 2000 when the Fatima secret was supposedly revealed, Sister Lucy was not allowed to be present. Instead, others gave their opinions which destroyed the message. This false declaration is still a matter of record and has never been officially reversed. The false claim is that the Fatima vision of the pope, bishops, priests, sisters and many others being killed was fulfilled when Pope John Paul II was wounded (May 13, 1981). The people were told that the vision dealt with a past event and to forget about Fatima having anything to say about the future.

A World-Wide Awakening (May 22 to May 27, 2015)

May 22, 2015
The Word and the Fire


I do not want any delays. The word must go forth as quickly as possible. It is time for a worldwide awakening that can come only from a word and a fire. The two must go together.

A word without a fire is lifeless. A fire without a word will burn uselessly. I will send forth my word through these locutions and through all who multiply them in various ways and in different tongues. The fire must come directly from my Immaculate Heart.

On Pentecost the fire descended and the disciples spoke in various tongues. The word and the fire went forth to the whole world, from one city to another. How slow that seems today, when a word can go forth to the whole world instantly, in the blinking of an eye.

Let no one be discouraged. We are in a new situation. The means of world-wide evangelism are in place. All you need is the word and the fire. These, I will supply. Just as God supplied the sacrifice for Abraham so that Isaac could live. so I will supply the word and the fire so the Church will live.

Be awake, cooperate, receive the word and the fire. Then, go forth with these. All can quickly be engulfed if everyone plays their part.

Comment: Our Lady will certainly expand on these encouraging words.

May 23, 2015
Events Like Lightening


The events will be like lightening in the sky, sudden, unexpected and lighting up the heavens from one end to the other. Does not lightening usually follow the rumblings and the thunder? Are there not many such stirrings in today’s world? Even so, the place and the time of the lightning remain totally unknown. When it flashes, light flies in every direction.

I use this as a symbol of what will occur this year, lightning bolts that totally fill the sky so all will know instantly. These are fires of destruction, hitting a certain part of the world and leaving its mark. Other nations will just continue on, grateful that the lightning struck elsewhere.

These lightning events are signs, to awaken the whole world, warnings that all must repent. The lightning will be repeated, always closer in time and even more powerful. I will use these signs as an awakening.

But what good is it for a people to awaken and have no idea of what to do. After these lightnings, these awakenings, I will speak more forcefully than ever. Having awakened my people, I will guide them. I will explain why all of this has happened. I will again and again chastise the leaders who have allowed this. I will point out the roads that led to this.

My most important teachings can only be given after the events. People will see that much has been lost. My message, after the lightning events, will be quite different. There will still be a short period of time to run for safety. I will be there through these locutions to light the way.

Comment: Jesus also spoke of lightning. Our Lady predicts surprising events in 2015, but these will be warning events, giving us time to seek her paths.

May 24, 2015
A Voice Going Forth to All the World


I will not allow the victory gained at the cross to be taken from my hands. Nor will I allow creation which came from the Father’s hands to be seized by another. This is the battle now being waged.

Whose voice will be heard? What path will frail and fragile mankind take? Will the voice of death or the voice of life shape human history? These are vast questions which are being answered every day. Choices are made. Steps are taken. A path is walked. All is determined by the voice that mankind listens to.

How shrill and oh-so-powerful is the voice of darkness. This voice of darkness speaks everywhere, in every aspect of human life, education, morals, politics, economies, wars, weapons, family life. This voice speaks in the quiet of the human heart and in the loudspeakers of mass communication. Can no one silence this voice? It would be easier to count the grains of sand and to know the number of the stars. Such is the helplessness of mankind at this moment.

How pitiful are his efforts! A little light here a small victory there. However, when the voice of darkness is everywhere, do you not perceive? Do you not hear the voice?

The Psalm says, “Their voice goes out to all the earth”. This is God’s promise and I have come to fulfill His words. What is the solution to this world-wide, powerful Satanic voice that constantly claims more victories? Only God’s voice that goes out to all the earth. I am that voice. Clothed with the sun I went forth at Fatima. I was meant, like the sun, to go from one end of the earth to the other, but this never took place. The promise still remains. My voice will go forth. These locutions are preparing the way.

Comment: The voice of darkness is heard everywhere. No one can silence it. A greater voice is needed, that is also worldwide.

May 25, 2015
The Fullness of Evil and Good


There comes a time of fullness, when all the events can no longer be contained. What was hidden becomes seen and then, everyone realizes that this is the “fullness of time”. Such is the nature of both good and evil.

There is the question of time. Which force arrives first? Which claims the victory? Is there time for retaliation, for reconquering what has been lost? All of these are burning questions which I will answer.

In the Middle East, this fullness of time has already come. The events have not been contained. They have spilled out now for years, after the relative stability was broken open by the Iraq war, a great evil which should never have happened.

Suddenly, all the other evils began to surface and spread. The Middle East is engulfed in flames which have spread to Africa and will soon spread to Europe.

Learn from this lesson. Many other evil forces are boiling, in many other lands and in many aspects of human life. These evils just await a moment, a foolish decision or a combination of events to have their fullness of time also. Evil can be covered over for only so long. It forces itself to the surface, just waiting for its time. From this moment on, all human leaders are helpless. They are totally unable to turn back this fullness of evil that will engulf the world.

I must speak about another fullness, a good planted centuries ago in human history by the heavenly Father. This good, also, has been hidden but is slowly making its way to the surface, nurtured by the faith and sacrifices of so many, awaiting its breakthrough moment.

This is my promise. Although evil will break through first (and has clearly done so) and will win its victories (many have happened), when the loving fire of my Immaculate Heart is allowed to be released, the tide will turn. Unfortunately, there will have been many defeats, and much will take place that should never have happened. However, evil will not conquer the world. None of this will be accomplished by man. The victory will clearly belong to my Immaculate Heart and to the Catholic Church.

Comment: Our Lady speaks of past and future events, always ending with hope.

May 26, 2015
The Helplessness of Mankind


Who can plot the future? Who can even outline a picture of these events? So many forces interact. The kingdom of God and the reign of darkness clash on the battlefield of human history.

Defeats are usually followed by victories. However, because mankind is so weak this is not happening. These years are not the usual times. The foe grows stronger. Mankind grows weaker. The ability to respond and to fend off the evil lessens. The body grows even more infirm. The sickness is deep and even spreading. More parts of the human race are touched by so many evils.

I must speak because no one understands. These are not usual times, when forces are present which will restore the world. My word is this. The forces to restore mankind to health and to destroy the infections are dissipating quickly. Mankind has no reserves to fall back on, like a spendthrift who has dissipated his money. In the near future, the helplessness of mankind will be evident, as all the evils come forth, in every area of human life.

Do I preach hopelessness? Yes, the hopelessness of a mankind who depends upon his own resources, of a mankind who has left the Father’s house like a prodigal son. This is mankind’s present path and he will continue to walk it because he knows no other. He has banished the light of faith.

What will I bring? I will bring light, a totally undeserved light. By that time powerful mankind will have been humbled. Many will be destroyed by total despair. Others, however, will say, “Let us return to the God whom we have forsaken”. For these, I will come. Watch. Wait. Seek. Ask. Do not wait for the collapse of all hope.

Comment: Mankind does not realize where it is because life seemingly just goes on.

May 27, 2015
Mankind Has Wandered


All is cast asunder. One by one all the bonds of security are removed. What was meant to protect, no longer exists. The smallest shaking can turn everything into chaos. Such is the state of the world. Mankind has no idea of its perilous state. So, I must speak.

At one time, many nations were under God and enjoyed His protection. Leaders, laws, and the people themselves knew the path of light. Works of darkness were unthinkable and quickly rejected. Society walked in a light which all enjoyed. Mankind has wandered. Like children chasing butterflies, the world has been lured into this moment, a very perilous moment.

Everything looks the same. Life goes on as usual. People buy and sell, marry and give in marriage. Each person awakens to the daily tasks. Yet, something is wrong. Who perceives it? Whose words can describe and define? Who would listen to the words, anyway? What good would they do?

Who can stop the present decline? Who can address these problems that have grown so enormous? If world leaders are helpless, then who can act? If things are bad, who can turn them around? “Come, let us enjoy the good life until the disasters happen. Who knows, maybe nothing will occur.” Such is the thinking of many. Their ears are deaf and their hearts are consumed.

O reader, are you among them? Is that the way you feel? Or, have my words enlightened you and given you hope. For you, I speak once again. Write these words on your heart. I will save everyone who turns to me. I will protect all who call on my name. Events will come. They will change the face of the earth but the little ones who hear my voice, I will be able to gather.

Am I giving these secrets only to you? Not at all. The locutions are available to all. Anyone can read, but only a few believe. Words, words, how many words I pour out. Yet each word is true and filled with my love.

Comment: Our Lady’s words contain God’s light and power.

Understanding Mankind’s Situation (May 28 to June 1, 2015)

May 28, 2015
Where Is Mankind?


Can light enter into this demonic darkness that enslaves the world? An awakening is needed. A piercing and comprehensive light that shows man where he is, how he arrived at this point, and, most important, how he can be saved. What a task. Yet, I will undertake this work.

Every day, mankind inevitably moves into greater demonic darkness. He decides but does not see the consequences of his actions. Having set aside God’s commandments, his only light is his interior disorders. Nothing restrains them. He has made himself a god, deciding for himself what is right and wrong. This is how mankind has come to this moment.

Another force is also at work. Mankind does not believe in the demonic world and feels no need for God’s powers. This total blindness allows Satan to have free rein. The smoke arising from the 9/11 Twin Towers revealed his presence and showed forth his powers to destroy. Every single moment his powers are destroying the earth.

Such is mankind’s state, lost in darkness, guided by his own inner disorders, subject to satanic powers, and helpless. Now, would anyone dare declare the greatness of mankind? Would anyone dare speak of the world’s wisdom? Mankind has miscalculated, overreached, underestimated his adversary, released disorders, praised his own wisdom, charted his selfish course, set aside almighty God, destroyed his commandments and is totally ignorant of where his journey has taken him.

There is a light, but to follow its road will require much. I offer a door, but it is narrow, and I provide a safe path, but it is steep. This is not a journey of one day or one year but it is the only path. How will the world ever learn this road? Locutions are not enough. I must raise up a living voice, known to all, and loved by everyone. Soon, very soon, I will bring him forth.

Comment: Our Lady, often describing mankind’s failures, always offers her special help.

May 29, 2015
Generations Pass Away


Human history inevitably moves forward. The heavenly Father created this mystery of time, with a beginning, an end, and a constant moving on. Nothing stands still.

Mankind does not grasp how inevitable it is that today will cease to be and must give way to tomorrow. No one can cling to time, hold on to it or save it up. No one has time. Rather, time rules. Time possesses each person, each nation and the whole world.

Everyone passes away, kings and rulers, rich and poor. New generations arise because other generations no longer exist. The world passes into new hands. It always has new owners, who mistakenly believe that they control the world when really they are just renters, passing through like everyone else. Each generation changes the flow of history and passes on a world that is changed. This is the mystery that I must explain.

A generation filled with faith passes on a transformed world, bathed in God’s light. The new generation is born into the light and knows no darkness. A generation of darkness has no light to pass on. The following generation has no experience of the light and is caught up in the powers of darkness.

This is today’s world. The older generation experienced the light but the younger generation was handed darkness. The darkness grows and grows. Lights are extinguished because the secular spirit does not tolerate them.

Here is the question. How can a generation born into darkness come into the light? Who can strike a match? Who can light up the world? Who is willing to be consumed by a fire so the whole world can see? This is what I look for, people willing to accept the divine fire placed in my heart.

Let everyone come. To all I will give my fire. They will scatter the darkness and offer God’s light once again to the younger generation. Only I can bring this about. Any other solution wastes precious time.

Comment: The new generation receives only darkness. Only Our Lady’s gift can restore light.

May 30, 2015
Light, Light and More Light


Light, light and more light. That is what mankind needs. First, I must light up the heart. Then I must light up the path. Finally, I must light up the goal. Only then, will the human race have all the light that it needs.

In your heart, God has placed a desire for perfect happiness which only He can fulfill. This happiness cannot be gained in time. You cannot be perfectly happy on earth because you are forced to live in time. All passes away. One day gives way to another. One stage of life yields to the next. Your own heart, which yearns for a perfect happiness, cannot achieve that goal on earth. That is the first light.

What path should you take? Do not accept what the world offers. Accepting its invitation and plunging into its pleasures offers only frustration. One goal gives way to another. Youth passes. Situations change. This is certainly not the path of light.

The true lights are within you, the goals for which God has created you. To understand these goals you need light, light and more light. This is what you need and what I promise. My light will fit your exact situation and be exactly what you need. You must never walk in darkness.

Comment: We do not realize how dark is our path and how much we need Our Lady’s light.

May 31, 2015
A Perilous Road


No one can turn back. All must move ahead and play a part in human history until their time on earth ceases. This is the great mystery of human life. All are joined. The human race walks together. All are bound to one another for the short time that each person lives on earth.

When a helplessness and an inevitability set in, people feel trapped. They are unable to decide because they are dragged along by powerful forces, and feel helpless to reverse the tide. New and powerful forces have been released. A harvest sown in the past is now coming to fruition. I must speak out.

These daily forces push the human race along a very perilous road of its own powers. It cannot turn away. The only solution is to reveal a different path, a road of light. But how many can even find this new path? It is not the mainstream, nor the cultural path taken by society. Yet the whole future of the human race depends upon millions finding my path of light. Two things are needed. First, there must be extraordinary interventions coming from heaven. Second these interventions must be preceded by extraordinary fervor to prepare for the interventions.

Comment: The human race has passed a point of no return. What should we do? We must find Our Lady’s new path.

May 31, 2015
The Growing Unity of Terrorists (Special Locution)


In the past, I have said three things. First, the terrorist groups were weak and scattered but they would come together. The great danger was that they would be united.

Second, that the war in Syria was the fuse for the Middle East explosion. The Syrian revolution would not end quickly as did the revolution in Egypt but would continue for years. This lengthy revolution would destroy the structure of stability that did exist in the Middle East and would even erase national boundaries.

Third, the American withdrawal from the Middle East would move up the timetable of destructive events.

All three have happened and been proved true. ISIS and other groups affiliated with it, have taken on a new life. They are virtually unopposed, free from any serious threat to their existence and to their ambitions. Soon ISIS will come to Europe, especially to Italy and all will realize that ISIS is no longer just a Middle East reality.

Although America is further away, the growing, centralized strength of ISIS in the Middle East will allow it to become a constant enemy of the stability of America. All of this could be changed if the policies of America would change. Unfortunately this will not happen.

Comment: Our Lady highlights two realities, the new reality of unified terrorism and the American policies of withdrawal.

June 1, 2015
The Breaking Point of History


History comes to a breaking point when all the forces beneath the surface can no longer be contained. These breaking points call forth a response. The problem is faced and not put off. Resources rush to the rescue until some order is restored.

This breaking point has already arrived in the Middle East but the resources are not equal to the task and leaders are unwilling to commit more. There will be no rescue. Nations will be divided up and no longer exist. Refugees will flow from one country to another. Unimaginable human suffering will occur every day.

An evil has been planted that will grow far beyond what anyone can imagine. It will build walls of protection so it cannot be easily overthrown. It will set up its command posts and then ask. “What new lands will we conquer?” The taste of a victory obtained so quickly, will only whet the appetite and strengthen the resolve. This evil takes place right now before your very eyes.

As this new reality emerges, all will see what steps should have been taken. But it is too late. The world will have to contend with large areas and great resources in the hands of people who want to control the world and have absolutely no qualms about the means that they use.

Will all of this awaken people? Not at all. As long as their own human lives go untouched, day following day as usual, the evil will still seem so far away. But terrorism is not the only evil that will reach its breaking point. The West walks on thin ice in so many ways. Society is not stable and the path ahead is not secure.

Why do I say all of this? So you can learn to trust my words. I always speak of a different path, a little road that is hidden in my heart and which can be walked by all who are willing. I will not abandon the world. Write these words on your heart. I will not abandon the world.

Comment: The Middle East has certainly broken open. What future breaking points will happen? We must follow Our Lady.

The Power of Light (June 2 to June 8, 2015)

June 2, 2015
The Light of Pope Francis


I cannot hold back my words. They flow from my heart like a mighty river. Every person, every parish, every nation needs to hear my words. I climb the highest mountain and shout from the rooftops that the world is headed into darkness and will continue this path unless it listens.

I am ready to act. I am ready to release immense light that will change the whole direction of the world. I am ready to act upon the world stage and to raise up those who will be agents of light. This is already happening in Pope Francis and he will be followed by another, my beloved priest son.

But that is not all. I will flood millions of hearts with new light, encouraging them to act, to speak out, to take a stand and to help. No longer will they be confused or overwhelmed by the darkness that now prevails. This is what I mean by my “little path”, meant only for those who are willing to forsake the roads that world leaders are currently on.

Light. Light. Light everywhere. Overflowing light, waiting to be poured out if only I can find hearts that would receive and act. I am doing this already. When you see it in others rejoice. When you experience this in yourself, give thanks and seek more and more.

I refuse to allow this world created by the Father, redeemed by my Son and made holy by the Spirit to fall into unending darkness. The answer is light but the time is short. Extraordinary lights must go forth and extraordinary efforts must be made to receive the light. Powerful lights are needed to reverse this darkness and extraordinary cooperation is needed to receive these lights.

Comments: Pope Francis is opening the door to Our Lady’s light.

June 3, 2015
The Powerful Light of Mercy


How can I get a world that chooses the darkness to turn around to the light? I have raised up a pope who is applauded by many. He speaks words of mercy that come from his loving heart. Mercy must always be the first word because it attracts, encourages and shines a light that invites. This great light of mercy will continue to go forth and many (for the first time) will realize that they, too, are called into Jesus’ kingdom.

The whole Church will be bathed in mercy, which is the first word and the first proclamation of the gospel. Let not the world abuse this light or twist God’s mercy to its selfish goals.

The warmth of mercy is meant to melt the soul, not to harden it. Mercy calls the person to great heights not to base interests. If fully accepted, mercy itself will open many new doors to the full invitations of Jesus. “Go sell all you have, give to the poor and follow me”. Mercy leads to a life spent for others and to a constant proclaiming of God’s mercy to the whole world. Mercy leads to freedom of spirit, generosity, fervor, self-sacrifice and a laying down of your life for others.

How short is the time! How quickly the power of mercy must penetrate the whole world. Only mercy can save the world from justice and darkness. Listen to Pope Francis. Applaud his words. Receive mercy. Show mercy to others. Do not swerve from this path, even if others do not respond. Remember, you yourself often turned your back on God’s mercy but He did not turn His back to you.

Comment: Our Lady sees the urgency of turning the world around. Mercy can accomplish much very quickly.

June 4, 2015
The First Great Light


I do not speak of some future moment. I cannot wait. The time is too short. I am already pouring out my light. Let me speak of what is happening right now.

Light begins when people begin to perceive that darkness is growing, when they realize that the light of day is fading. When evening draws near, people seek other lights. What they had abandoned in the daylight since it was not needed, they seek out again.

Where are the high hopes of yesteryear? Where is the unbridled enthusiasm for worldly progress that so infatuated mankind? Where is the belief in the inevitable progress of human history? The have all been swept away. History is plunging into unforeseen darkness and only those who refuse to see the truth think otherwise.

This is the beginning light that awakens mankind and makes him arise from his slumber. It tears away the blindfolds and forces him to see that human light is no light at all.

I am pouring out this great light of awareness everywhere. People are waking up to the great threats that imperil the world. No one speaks of a bright and glorious future. Many wonder if there will be any future at all, especially for the children and grandchildren.

Do you not see the making of a new army, a calling together of people on a scale previously unseen or even conceived? A word goes forth, sent each day by the vast news media. Culture is breaking apart. Bulwarks of stability are no longer firm.

Although darkness covers the earth, the inner darkness that had captivated the human mind is being scattered. Who, today, would speak of the bright, inevitable future of mankind? Only a fool!

This is the first light that I am pouring out. As the illusions are shattered and mankind faces the new reality, he is ready for my new lights.

Comment: The growing darkness has one good effect. Mankind sets aside the great illusions of inevitable progress.

June 5, 2015
A New Dawn From the West


All must know my secrets. I must cast new light upon the whole world. A new dawn will arise, coming from the West, a surprise of the Spirit, not foreseen or expected, catching people by surprise. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, light springs up. Hearts all afire. Wisdom pouring out. A new generation, born so quickly.

Where did these come from? They are adults in just a few short years. I cannot wait. I must raise up new generations, quickly.

The ranks of my priests are sorely depleted. Bishops search everywhere. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a new army arises filled with my lights, called from every way of life. Their hearts plunged into my heart, and sealed with the Spirit who seals me.

By pouring out light, I will restore the family. Spouses will take up their original promises. When love is restored, the children will flourish and generosity will return to the family.

I will push back time and restore what used to be. I will beat back the darkness and reclaim the captives bound by their new addictions.

When, when, when? Right now. This instant. Before your eyes. More important, in your heart and in your home.

I will visit every home that invokes me. Place my images on your walls and I will purify your homes. Call on my name and I will fill your family with faith.

Light. Light. Light everywhere. How else can I turn back the darkness?

Comment: By expanding her promises Our Lady widens our faith.

June 6, 2015
Penetrating the Economic Darkness


The highest level of mankind is filled with the greatest darkness. Those who control the decisions of the nations, those who manipulate the economic systems and those who control the vast means of communications are bathed in the greatest and seemingly impregnable darkness.

My light will penetrate even this upper echelon, those whom Satan coverts the most. They are his greatest instruments of darkness. Their decisions affect millions. Even their smallest decision multiplies Satan’s darkness.

Why should I wait for their overthrow for which people hope? That will be too late. My light will penetrate these secret places of Satan and scatter their darkness in surprising ways. When you see these things happening, you will know that my light has done this.

A few grow wealthy and many grow poor. Governments cannot address this inequality because they, themselves, are bathed in the darkness of corruption. Two lights can go forth. One will touch the hearts of the powerful (Some of them are reading this locution), placing within them the burning desire to change the entire economic system. They will be my firebrands, speaking out fearlessly and with full knowledge of the economic system.

The second light will destroy and bring down the corrupt rich and replace them with people whose hearts realize the gross evils that have to be changed.

These beginning lights will pierce the highest levels of economic forces which feel secure in the great darkness in which they are allowed to operate. Pope Francis’ words are just the beginning. Change comes as my light goes forth.

Comment: Constantly, Our Lady speaks about “not waiting” and of taking new initiatives now.

June 7, 2015
The Russian Darkness


Cannot light come down from heaven bursting forth suddenly in unexpected ways? Heaven is limited, powerless, unable to act. Only in the mind of man who refuses to allow my words to reveal heaven’s light.

At Fatima (1917), I spoke of the great darkness of Russia, a darkness that was not yet perceived by the world. How cruel, how powerful, how extensive became this darkness. For a while, the darkness became a false angel of light. Many even believed that the conversion of Russia had taken place.

Then, from its dark bowels, Putin arose, able to destroy the democratic structures and gather power to himself. Now he sits, enthroned in power, a product of Satan’s darkness. He holds a knife at Europe’s throat. European leaders feel Russia’s threat.

Putin is not limited by structures. He acts alone, in a fullness of power, weaving back and forth, like the judo fighter that he is. The Russian threat cannot be ignored. Large parts of Europe are endangered. The West has neither the resolve nor the means to stop him. The Ukraine is in great danger of collapsing. Other nations will be threatened, the Russian evil will spread. Putin sees his moment. America is weak. Terrorism grows. Europe is divided, plagued by economic woes.

I proclaimed this at Fatima and nearly 100 years later, I must proclaim it again. Russia is the great center of evil, spanning two continents and embracing many cultures. Now, it marches forward, ready once again to find its place and spread its evils.

Only light from heaven can destroy this satanic darkness. How foolish has the Church been to set aside my request for Russia’s consecration. As the Russian evil marches forth, let my words ring out. “Only the light of my Immaculate Heart can defeat and scatter the Russian darkness.

Comment: Putin’s rise has confirmed the great wisdom of Fatima which alerted the world to Russian evil.

June 8, 2015
The Restored Light of America


I cannot hold back my light. The time is far too short. The world does not grasp the true situation and does not see how close is the descending darkness.

Now, the world acts freely, moving about and fulfilling its goals in the usual manner. When the darkness descends, this freedom will be curtailed and life will be much more limited. I will mark out the stages.

The beginning darkness of terrorism has set some small limits called security measures. Little has actually happened, but threats and fears abound. As terrorism pierces more deeply, the anxieties will increase and life will become more limited. This is just the early stages of the darkness. The nations will experience some degree of vulnerability.

As the weapons increase and the penetration grows deeper, the next stage will unfold. When serious inroads are made into human freedom and society, all the mistakes in making adequate responses will be seen. However, it will be too late to turn back this darkness which has been allowed to spread. When the light of faith is so weak and people love only their own individual liberties, it is difficult to have a call to arms. So, I will attack the darkness from a different angle. This is why I speak so urgently.

I have spoken of the dawn coming from the West. It is time for America to take its place, to assume its role. The full light can only come from America because the faith is extinguished in so many other countries.

America must rise up in my light. The preachers must raise their voices, the people must respond. The lines must be drawn. The light, great light, must go forth. It is not too late for America.

How important is the Supreme Court and the decisions that will soon be handed down. These will determine my future strategy of restoring the light to an America that is so precious to my heart.

Comment: Certainly much darkness has covered America but light still burns strongly in many churches and many hearts.

Our Lady’s Interventions (June 9 to June 18, 2015)

June 9, 2015
The Two Ways That Our Lady Comes


I cannot wait until the doors open and I am welcomed in. I will come unannounced showing up wherever I choose. Is this not true of my apparition sites? At Lourdes, at Fatima, at Akita, at Rwanda, were these not surprising visits?

I come in two ways. At times, heaven makes a decision. God chooses the place and I choose the people. All is planned ahead of time. In fact, years of silent and hidden preparation take place, both among all the people and in the hearts of my chosen messengers. When the perfect moment arrives, I come. I appear. I speak. I give messages. I instruct so that all know what is expected. A great gift remains upon that place and upon the messages as they go forth. The messages are my thousand little lights, spread far and wide.

I also come in ways that are little known. Again, the gift begins in heaven. There is a special opportunity or special need which I have taken into my heart. I go before the heavenly Father and present this need to him. He can deny me nothing. Every prayer coming from my heart is always answered.

I first receive the gift in my heart and bring it to earth. My gifts are not limited. The person might be totally surprised, not even thinking that such a gift could be given to them. I come unannounced. The door was not even open. All I needed to know was that my gift would be welcomed received and put to good use.

I want you to know this heart of your heavenly Mother. I want your eyes to be open. I want you to see the surprising gifts I am always placing in your life. How can I change the world unless I fill those who love me with every possible gift?

Comment: The message is so encouraging. Open your eyes. Our Lady is trying to fill you with her gifts.

June 10, 2015
The Three Future Problems (Special Locution)


Although terrorism spreads quickly, the main problem is Putin. He is armed with nuclear weapons and is geographically at the door of Western Europe. He knows the weaknesses of the Western leaders and that they will not respond to his advances. He is ready to move in surprising ways – boldly and aggressively, always with a cloud of deception and through others. Really, he is the one making the decisions. He holds a knife aimed at European hearts. He can quickly cause great difficulties. He is just waiting to see where it is best for him to act. That he will move against parts of Europe is certain.

Terrorism will spread and unite (although trying to come together will present problems for these leaders of diverse groups). Their eye is upon Italy and how they can enter Europe. Nothing is safe because their conquests in the Middle East and Africa are both extensive and strengthened.

The third theme is the economic weakness of Europe and the difficulty of keeping all the nations on a common currency. There are tremendous burdens to gain this goal and the divisions between the nations are already evident.

Comment: These three problems will not be resolved quickly.

June 11, 2015
Mary’s Plan to Save the World


Greater secrets lie even deeper in my heart and I gladly pour them out for those who cherish my words. The time is very short. Many evil forces have been put in place while good people slept soundly. No voice awakened them and few understood.

Now, my voice goes forth to the whole world. I will raise this voice to an ever higher level. The words will have greater authority. No one, in the world or in the Church, will be deaf to them. They will resound everywhere and in new ways.

Do you not hear the drums of war? Do you not see the collapse that encircles the world? Has there been any moment like this moment? Has mankind ever been so imperiled? Yet, many still sleep, comfortable in their beds.

I turn away from world leaders. They are filled with old wisdom and stale solutions. What they offer only leads the world further along the road of darkness.

New lights must appear, lights coming from faith, the lights of the gospel burning brightly in the hearts of millions of people who gather. This is my plan. Do not scoff at it or believe I cannot bring this about. I have spoken of this before, in general ways. Now, I bring it forth with the greatest clarity.

Only heaven can save the world and heaven is ready to act. Everything begins within the person, a deep call of faith that purifies and stirs. Then comes a gathering together, a unity that can be brought about by the social media. Then external gatherings, large and open. People of faith begin to see my words coming true. Finally there are signs from heaven which confirm and offer direction. This is the only way in which the whole world will be stirred.

Do you believe? Then begin now to follow my plan. I will be with you every step of the way. All obstacles will fall beneath my power. All doors will be opened. The light will be brilliant, like the noonday sun. Nothing else will suffice to cast out the impending darkness. What an agenda! No time to delay. While you read this, I was working in your heart. Act upon your good desires. They are my inner lights.

Comment: Only Our Lady can bring this about. She asks us not to rely on our ineffective human means but to trust that heaven will act.

June 12, 2015
The New Lights For Mankind


Why am I coming forth in this way, after so many centuries of being hidden? Because the heavenly Father has decreed this. He has kept me hidden until this age when Satan will release every power of hell to destroy civilization, to reverse God’s creative acts and especially to cover over the light of Jesus’ rising from the dead in the greatest darkness.

If he accomplishes his goal the human race will once again return to darkness and only slowly, after many generations, will the light of faith be rekindled. Such is the battle being fought and the great importance of these years.

All must be open to the newness of God’s plan. Anyone who thinks of my role and my actions as in former times will not be able to comprehend or to respond. Rivers of glory are being poured out. Oceans of graces, not seen until now, are ready to burst forth. It will not be as it formerly was. Only a deeper and wider belief will know how to respond. So, let me begin.

I perceive the present evil and foresee the coming darkness which will sweep upon mankind. New light will be needed, because the former light will be attacked and weakened. I am already pouring out this new light. Many are drawn to new devotion to my Immaculate Heart. This is like a little flower which must be carefully guarded because its seeds are meant to blow over the whole world. Even those who are scattering these seeds have no idea of the great powers which they contain. Never before has such a light been given.

The more hearts which receive my gifts, the greater can be the signs and wonders. All must study. All must live with the greatest fervor. All must gather so others can gather with them. I will increase their numbers quickly. I am like John the Baptist proclaiming the coming of new lights to help mankind.

Comment: Our Lady speaks frequently of her new ways that we must be alert to.

June 13, 2015
Casting Fire On the Earth


Do not tire of my constant pleading. I am trying to awaken a Church that has forgotten the divine fire present in Jesus’ Sacred Heart. I am a constant witness of that fire and I show you that fire so you, too, can grasp the urgency.

In the fire, is vision and understanding. From this fire, I receive all the wisdom that I share with the world. Now, I invite you to look with me into this fire. First, you see the urgency. The fire is alive. It does not wait. It seeks to consume the world in divine love.

Second, you see that all the solutions to the world’s problems are contained in this fire. You see the power to roll back all the destructive forces unleashed by sin. How often I have explained that these evil powers bubble beneath the surface waiting to erupt. Finally, you see the great benefits that will come when this divine fire is cast upon the earth.

Why is the fire held back? Now, you grasp why I constantly plead. The fire has its time and was meant to go forth. The destruction which marked the 20th century was never supposed to happen. Now, the world is far along a path that it should never have walked.

All the answers lie in the divine fire which is waiting and waiting to be released. That is why I speak each day. Slowly, many are beginning to believe. God has placed this fire in my Immaculate Heart, so it can be released quickly and completely. These are the mysteries which I reveal so that my children have hope and know exactly what to do. They must hold on to their devotions, gather with others and prepare for the fire of God. Obey me and I will pour out that fire.

Comment: This locution is quite appropriate because today is the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

June 14, 2015
Our Lady’s New Plan


Let me reveal my plan to save the nations. I will not be able to save all because their darkness resists my light. Only those who are swept up into my light will experience my saving action.

Also, my saving actions will vary, at least in their external forms. When a persecution breaks out do not some suffer martyrdom and some are preserved. Yet all were guided by my light. So, it will be with the events. All will be touched differently, even those who are filled with my light. There will be no uniform result. Yet my light will be effective in every one who trusts and believes in me.

How can I pour out this light? Usually, I choose messengers, appear to them, provide signs and wonders, give messages and attract many to come. In this way, light goes forth and love for me increases. I will not neglect this means, but controversies arise and enemies speak out. Much of the light is lost or diminished. Limits are set and the welcome sign is taken down. People even wonder if the blessing they experienced was true.

So, I must use another plan. This is exactly why I speak. Catholics are used to apparition sites which have strengthened their faith. Even if they have not personally visited there, they have read and heard the stories. The events strengthen their faith. They know that I love them and have visited them.

In this age of darkness, I will use another plan. No one will be able to block my path of light. Listen closely to what I am doing because the light is at your doorstep. Do not wait for another apparition. They are true and valid but I must act more quickly. Realize this, all the light which usually flows from these sites is now readily available everywhere. I am ready to break through into everyone’s heart, especially your own. The normal ways are stymied and I must create new ways that no one can block.

Let my light break forth right now, in every heart that believes, in every soul that is reading these locutions. Let the light break forth now. This will be the greatest sign, that all are filled with new light with no need of an apparition.

Comment: Our Lady’s light is available right now within your heart.

June 15, 2015
Mary’s New Way of Speaking to the World


I reveal my ways so you can walk my road. My ways are surprising and, without my revelation, you would never see or understand.

In my apparitions, I revealed my ways. However, many times my messages did not go forth. They were delayed or held back. So, I must use these new means of communication because the time is so short and my messages are so important.

Many do not realize that the average person needs daily light. They are no longer surrounded in a culture of light. They no longer enjoy the full light of faith. They are subjected to so many teachings, coming at them in a hundred different ways. They need a daily word that is readily available, always contradicting the word of the world which they hear all day.

They also need to know that I am with them each day, that I pour out my love and truth each day. So, let no one claim that these daily locutions are not needed. Each day they bring light. They open the window of heaven so everyone can breathe new air. They lift the person up, like their daily cup of coffee.

They pierce the darkness. They are relentless, never giving up, always believing that mankind can be saved and always trusting that the heavenly Father will provide what is needed.

These locutions are my surprising light which has caught the Evil One off guard. They will become a blinding light, easily able to be grasped by my little ones but a source of confusion to Satan.

Love the great apparitions. Treasure all of my messages. Give thanks for the messengers whom I have chosen, especially my beloved Sister Lucy who struggled for such a long time to reveal the Fatima gift. Do not lament. See what I am bringing about, a new way of my speaking to the world.

Comment: Our Lady is not saying that her apparitions will end but that she is using new ways to reveal her heart.

June 16, 2015
A Complete Destruction of Darkness


As my light goes forth, everything will come under its power. It will not be limited to devout souls nor just to inner realities. I must expose the dark strongholds of Satan which are moving the world to its destruction.

The powerful forces of evil are hidden from view, the decisions made by the powerful and the rich who surround all that they do in the cloak of secrecy, and the inner forces of the political world which seeks only continual power without regard for human life. These powerful hidden forces are deciding the world’s future and all must be brought to light.

How can this occur when the rich and powerful use every means to clothe themselves in darkness? I am speaking now of a true redemption of humanity, of a complete breaking of the power of evil over the human race. Grasp this moment. Understand what is taking place. Satan knows and fears me. I am talking about the complete liberation of the human race from evils that have been planted in its soil for centuries. These evils have grown and coalesced. They have claimed more and more of human life.

Look at the great poverty in which most of humanity lives. Look at the overthrow of governments and endless wars. Look at the weapons of destruction and the growth of wealth. These tremendous forces did not spring up overnight. They result from hidden evils that have coalesced for their own selfish interests. These forces manipulate world events for their own selfish desires. They must be dispersed by my light, so the human race can once again breathe a fresh air and start on a new path.

Am I not speaking of little victories? Of small battles? Not at all. I am speaking of a complete crushing of Satan’s head and bringing the world into light that has been missing for centuries and centuries. This is where the world stands, on the brink of the greatest darkness or on the edge of total light. I have revealed a deep secret of my Immaculate Heart.

Comment: Our Lady speaks of a huge gift, the destruction of evil’s power over all the world’s systems.

June 17, 2015
The Coming Worldwide Light


Are there still more secrets lying in the center of my heart? Yes, but many of them cause me sadness. Yet, even these I must share so that some are saved from the darkness.

When my great lights go forth, they will offer help and salvation to the whole world. However, enemies will arise against my special messenger. They will say, like the tenants in the parable, “Let us kill him”. Intense opposition will arise and will turn away many. Do not be dismayed if my messenger seems to be totally discredited in the eyes of the world. Still the message will go forth.

Other opposition will arise. “How can these messages be true? How will they come about?” These words will discourage many and steal my words from their hearts, just as the birds of the air stole the seeds from the ground.

Others will use force. They will persecute and even kill those who try to spread my light. They will be ostracized and ridiculed. Yet, they will know that my messages are essential to saving the world from the coming darkness. They will have the faith of the early believers who correctly saw the gospel message as God’s saving word and Jesus’ name as the only name that brings salvation. I am sad at their afflictions but rejoice that they remain faithful when persecuted.

My final sadness is that, although the light goes forth in fullness and the special messenger with many others are faithful, yet, the light will not save the whole world.

By my words, you are beginning to see the extent to which I will go, the greatness of the preparations and the worldwide graces that I will release. The present lights are not enough in the face of the darkness that already is grasping human history. Do not fear. Far more powerful and worldwide lights are already pouring forth. Believe and let nothing steal your faith.

Comment: Our Lady’s words prepare us for new lights and new opportunities. We must hold fast in our belief.

June 18, 2015
The Iranian Nuclear Treaty


Why should I hold back my light? Why should I delay one moment when the Prince of Darkness spews his evils, using the most violent means possible? Whatever means he possesses, he uses. He always seeks new means of destruction, and as soon as he gains them, he uses them. There is no delay on his part.

The West moves closer and closer to an Iranian nuclear treaty, which is really no treaty at all. Already, many restraints have been lifted. Iran is enjoying its new freedom and its new place at the negotiating table (as if it is truly negotiating). Iran cannot believe this great turn of events. Its enemies, like Israel, have been shoved side. They have no place at this table. The voices that warn against this treaty are rejected.

These are my words. When the treaty is signed and Iran regains its new freedoms, the powers of darkness will rejoice. For the first time, nuclear weapons will become part of its arsenal. Satan will not delay. As soon as these weapons are in his hand, he will act, stirring up those whom he controls to use them in any form possible, even if this means their own destruction.

Using nuclear weapons will trigger a vast response. Fires will burn everywhere – far greater than any current blaze. The new state of the world will become totally irreparable. This is why I speak forth to all the world and why I cannot wait. All is urgency. The clock ticks more quickly than any world leader imagines. All are sleeping. No one sees.

So, I must act alone, stirring up my little army. Read how Gideon defeated the Midianites by reducing the size of his army (Judges 7:1-22) so all glory went to God. I do not need large numbers. I only need people who will believe and pray. Through them, I can act and all the world will see the Father’s plan of using the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Comment: As yet terrorists do not have nuclear arms. When they do, they will use them.

Children of the Light (June 19 to June 25, 2015)

June 19, 2015
Children of the Locutions


There is no more time to delay. I began to speak a few years ago to awaken and to prepare. Many have discovered this little voice and believe the words truly come from me, through them many others have, also, come to listen. In the future, the whole world will come to know that I give great light by my words. All prepare for my special actions within human history which I will reveal ahead of time through the visionaries of Medjugorje and even through these little words.

See how my actions all fit together. The beginning apparitions that culminated in Fatima and then all the other apparitions like Medjugorje that spread the Fatima light. They are all connected (joined). The world needs many lights, in every area. With the internet a new way of light has begun and that is why I use it every day. The words go forth, they are gentle and inviting. Each person decides when and where to read them. Their hearts are joined, even though they do not know one another. Do you not see? I can call my army forth in one moment. I can whistle and they will come from North and South. I can whisper and they will come from East and West. What will I call them? Let me give them a name. “Children of the Locutions”-that is a good name and I will use that from now on so they realize that I am doing far more than just speaking to their hearts. I am joining them, preparing them.

First, I must express my love for them. How often they have expressed their love for me! I watched them as they would take the locutions into their hearts. I saw them speak to others-they were apostles of the locutions. Some I saw translate the locutions into other languages. Others found new means of spreading them, like publishing the books. More will find new ways because all will understand. The locutions are more than just locutions, they are expressions of my love, going forth and saving the whole world.

Oh, I have not yet revealed the full plan. Much more remains to be shown but, today, all who read this locution knew what I have done. I have made you all “Children of the Locutions”

Comment: This is a very important revelation. It releases new power and prepares for greater gifts.

June 20, 2015
Becoming a Child of the Locutions


I cannot delay. I must prepare my Children of the Locutions immediately, by opening their eyes and making them aware. Then, I can speak to each of their hearts, in their individual situations, so that they will know exactly what they can do to be protected from the darkness and to spread my light.

I have already promised in these locutions to spread out a million lights. These little lights are the Children of the Locutions. Each will be a great light to those with whom they live.

Instructed by me, they will make sure that all understand and gain the full blessing.

My Children of the Locutions need only take my words into their hearts. Already they love my word and my word has formed them. The word itself has both light and power. They will know what to do, how to speak and will experience divine zeal to claim everyone for the light. Now that you understand, let us begin.

You must walk in a newness of light. I will cover you with the light but how deeply the light fills your entire being, depends upon how deeply you surrender to the light. You will begin to see something very special began to happen. You will surrender your thoughts to my thoughts. I will replace your selfish desires with my great desires of true love. You will have a new purpose in your life and the deepest peace. You will be attracted to read the gospels and to put them into practice. You will think of the poor, of those you can help and you will simplify your tasks.

You will be drawn to prayer and even to daily Mass when possible. You will see yourself embarking on a road of life which you never dreamed you would follow. The deep peace will grow greater. You will give thanks to God who has been so generous to you. You will say, “The locutions have led and guided me. I am truly a Child of the Locutions.

Comment: Our Lady outlines very simply her gift of making us Children of the Locutions.

June 21, 2015
Clothing the Children of Locutions


As the endless secrets flow from my heart, my children of the locutions will be prepared. Like a mother who sews heavy clothing in the summer so her children can withstand the winter cold, so they will survive the darkness.

This light will cling to them because they are devoted to my word. I will guide them and their loved ones.

The first great light that comes from my words is to know that I am with them with my protecting and saving power. They will know that they are not alone. They will experience my presence. In the moments of seeming hopelessness, I will do even more. I will come, they will experience my presence. They will know that I am with them. Then, they will begin again, and again, and again. Each one will know what I am doing for them and how I want them to walk.

In these times I will pour out graces that are usually reserved for great saints, the greatest of which is a heavenly light which pours out a faith so strong and deep that heaven is experienced in its beginning blessings. I cannot yet take them to heaven but I can give them a foretaste which absorbs their hearts and does not allow them to succumb to the darkness.

The second grace is of earth, so to speak, a tireless zeal. My children of the locutions will see so clearly exactly what is happening. Others will see darkness, they will see light. Others will see collapses and failures they will see the great opportunities because they are filled with light and know the power of my light.

The children of the locutions will proclaim my light so easily because they are experiencing it, just as Saint Francis of Assisi easily proclaimed my beauty because he saw and experienced me. Such will be the Children of the Locutions. Trust, Believe. I am preparing everything. All will be ready, including my beloved Catholic Church.

June 22, 2015
Children of Fatima and of the Locutions


Why do I not act more quickly? Why does all seem like delay? Do not the forces of darkness move ahead every day? Is not another part of the world subject to new suffering?

Indeed, all looks like delay. The Church constantly puts off my request to consecrate Russia. For many, the other requests at Fatima are set aside. All seem to be a delay, a constant putting off, and an abandonment of the great hope engendered by the Fatima visions.

The Fatima gift is placed forever in the Church and will come forth. These locutions flow from Fatima. They began a few years ago by explaining the Fatima vision. If all of my plans had been followed, there would have been no need for these locutions. There would be no Children of the Locutions because all would have been Children of Fatima. That great light would have lit up the whole sky. Instead, the light of destruction that I prophesied to Lucy took place, and with it the beginning of the Second World War.

Lucy was my messenger but her time on earth came to an end, I could not allow the Fatima word to die with her. So, I planted the Fatima gift in these locutions. They allow all to receive the Fatima light. That light is one and undivided, the Fatima light and the light of the locutions. The children are also one, the children of Fatima and the children of the locutions.

I am not delaying. I am beginning again, taking a new path and using new means. This is my promise. The Fatima gift now protected and kept alive in these locutions will come to fruition through those whom I have chosen. They will bring this hidden gift into the full light of both the Church and the world. I, myself, will choose the time and the situation. I, myself, will open the gift for the whole world. I do not delay for one moment. I am acting as quickly as I can.

Comment: The light of destruction which Our Lady prophesied to Lucy happened on January 25th, 1938. This light was seen by all and recorded by scientist but only Lucy knew it was the sign that there would be a second world war.

June 23, 2015
Our Lady’s Army of Disciples


My words are true and contain within them the power to bring forth what they proclaim. As they are accepted into the heart, they bring forth what they proclaim. As they are accepted into the heart, they bring forth the harvest. My words are wasted and fruitless, unless they are welcomed. Therefore, the Children of the Locutions are so important. To them, I entrust these powerful words. I look upon them as Jesus looked upon his disciples. They received his words and were to take them to the whole world. He loved them. They were chosen by the Father. He openly said “these you have given me”. They went forth and made disciples of all nations, so the Spirit of Jesus could come upon them and work miracles through them. They changed the world and prepared for future generations, up to the very present.

Now, all is endangered. Satan has chosen his disciples. He has armed them with his powers of deception and violence. He has weakened the believers and has undermined the very structure of society. His plans move ahead, in the stealth of the night, while all our sleeping, unaware of where he will attack next.

How close to my breast are the Children of the Locutions. I must bring them to a new awareness so they are not surprised by their task. They are scattered everywhere, they will not even know each other. They will only know that many thousands share their light and their call.

O Child of the Locutions, I am preparing you, drawing you into my love, blessing you and strengthening you in every way. I protect you every day. I fill you with a light from heaven which gives you life. I instruct you on my ways. I stir you to walk and to follow me. You come into the light, not by your own powers but by mine.

Why do I do this? Why have I spent these years speaking to you through these locutions? The great mysteries are still hidden from your eyes, just as the disciples could not see the mysteries that would happen in Jerusalem.

So I say to you, great and wondrous mysteries will take place in my Church. They will happen in Jerusalem. After this, you will go forth like the first disciples, proclaiming the lessons which I will teach you, explaining to all the gifts contained in all the mysterious. All leads to the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. Such a great victory demands a large and enthusiastic army. Such are the Children of the Locutions.

Comment: God never acts alone. He always wants us to share in his work. So the triumph of the Immaculate Heart needs many helpers.

June 24, 2015
Preparing for the Fatima Moment


The Children of the Locutions must believe that heaven will act. They must not doubt for one moment. They must always believe that God created earth, sent Jesus into human history and poured out the Holy Spirit to guide history to its full completion.

Although nothing can change those truths (realities), the course of human history lies also in the free will of man and in the forces which man creates. These forces always seem to hold sway. They move history along its course, as if they were totally in command.

My children believe otherwise. They know that the heavenly Father has already decided the goal of history, that all will be given into his Son’s hands, who will give all over to the Father, until God is all in all.

This is the mystery. The Father has decided history’s goal but the daily decisions lie in man’s free choices. How is the mystery reconciled? By heavenly actions. There are historical moments when a man would destroy God’s plan. At these moments God must intervene. He cannot allow the normal process to continue. For a splendid moment, the Father rips human history away from man, sets it on a totally new course and then returns history to man’s free will.

We are approaching such a moment. It is the Fatima moment. Such a gift was offered to the Church almost 100 years ago. I openly spoke of a Second World War and that I would intervene and block such a horror. My words were set aside. Human history remained in man’s hands, as it still is today.

All see the results, the path toward total destruction. I will not let this happen. I need to intervene as soon as possible. I must change this course of human history, setting man free and liberating the human race. This is the task that I have for the Children of the Locutions because that moment must be prepared for by prayer and fasting.

Comment: Do not just read the locutions. Fill your day with prayer and sacrifices so Our Lady can fulfill the Fatima gift.

June 25, 2015
Why Children of the Locutions?


So many of my powers and so much of my plan still remain hidden. I want to bring them forth as quickly as possible. Otherwise, Satan has the field all to himself. However, my light is not welcomed, why should I bring it forth, only to be rejected. Therefore, I have chosen this little means and you who would become Children of the Locutions. For you, I share my light fully. You welcome it and put it into practice.

This might seem strange, but what else am I to do? My great apparitions, even when accompanied by the greatest signs, are not taken seriously. The messages are seen as unimportant. Few comply with my request. So, I chose a different way-with no signs and wonders, with no visions or apparitions, with no special place. Just words go forth. What is their value?

By these words, I become a mother again. I have new children every day. Who knows their number? Who can truly count them? They are Children of the Locutions. I do not need to hold them in my womb. I do not need nine months to bring them to birth. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, I can touch a heart, and give it faith. “Mary is speaking to me. I see and understand”. By that grace, they become a Child of the Locutions.

All I must do is feed them each day. Take them higher in faith and deeper into the mysteries. I have spoken enough now about Children of the Locutions. The great mystery has been revealed and explained. You know who you are. Now, you must walk like my child.

Let me breathe forth a final word. By becoming this child of mine, I have drawn you into my heart. I want to protect you in a special way. To do so, you must heed my word and walk only in my path. I expect your eyes to be open so you can actually see when I bless you. I expect you to believe and turn to me in faith in your difficulties. Above all, I expect you to keep your heart for me. I will guard it for Jesus. Let’s move on now I needed to pause so you would understand what you have become.

Receiving the Light (June 26 to July 1, 2015)

June 26, 2015
How To Receive the Light


Each day the Church sets its direction. Decisions are made in varying degrees of light and darkness, I offer the Church the fullness of my light. I shine it brightly because only the Church can fully receive my light. Let me explain.

Only the Catholic Church holds me in the fullest esteem. It has proclaimed me as the Mother of God (Council of Ephesus). Special saints have exalted me in their writings. Many councils have defined my privileges. The Rosary is deeply embedded in Catholic life. With these great foundations the Church, more than any other institution can receive my light. Most important, I was there at the beginning, when the Spirit descended on Pentecost and brought forth the Church. I am the Mother of the Church.

In wanting to pour out my light upon all human history, I choose the Church as my instrument. I want the whole world to love the Church which alone brings this heavenly light.

As the world moves quickly into darkness, it will need the Church’s light more than ever before.

The Church, however, remains free, since it too, is guided by human persons. I offer the light. I increase the light. I multiply the light. But the Church must receive the light. This is where human persons must cooperate. How does heavenly light become also earthly light? Through the Church receiving the light fully. By a total openness to the light.

This openness itself is a gift from heaven. Human reason is not enough. Heaven’s light is never adequately received unless the heart is touched and filled with faith. These hearts must rejoice in my light. They must cherish my words. They must look forward to my continual guidance.

My words, my visitations, my apparitions are great sources of light which shine fully as they are fully received. Only faith, not reason, can see the importance of my gift and place it on the lampstand to give light to all in the Church

June 27, 2015
Receiving the Light


What shall I say about this act of the Supreme Court which has so violated God’s teaching on the nature of marriage. I will speak of it in terms of light and darkness and all will understand. A nation is a group of people brought together by laws and structures. Those offices at the highest level speak and act in the name of that nation. Such is the power of the Supreme Court. The word it speaks is official. The decisions it makes set the country on its future path.

A nation chooses either to walk with God or away from God, to abide in his protection or to be like the Prodigal Son, leaving the Father’s house. These are the mysteries which I have been revealing for so long, mysteries so familiar to the Children of the Locutions. God only blesses but he leaves a nation free to choose. Now, the choice has been made, by the land’s highest court to reject God’s way and to walk away from Him,

So, the nation must follow, away from the light and blessings into darkness and confusion. The timetable has been moved ahead. The complete unraveling of America will take place much quicker. I am not speaking now just of the political effects. The problem is much much deeper. I am speaking of the soul of America, of the darkness with in the hearts of the people, of the complete twisting of right and wrong. I am speaking of the inner darkness that can bring forth only confusion, total confusion that makes the political system unworkable. I am speaking of divisions, confrontations and a complete inability of drawing people together for a common consensus. Consensus, unity, cooperation demand light and America has put out the light.

Only my light will remain. So, let this Supreme Court decision be a call to action. Dwell in my light. Form groups of light. Multiply your coming together. Take up your devotions. I have said this before. As all the lights go out I will shine my emergency lights brighter than ever but you must seek these lights. They are not in the mainstream of America; the mainstream is covered in darkness.

June 28, 2015
Releasing Waves of Darkness


No one realizes what waves of darkness have been released by the Supreme Court’s decision. Many will trust the wall of separation of Church and State but that is a flimsy wall, subject to so many different interpretations. For now it is just a decision written on paper and announced to the world. Soon, it will become a gigantic reality, which spreads and spreads, always looking for more ground to conquer. Again, I must say that no one realizes the powerful waves of darkness that have been unleashed.

I weep especially for the poor families who must live in this darkness while trying to cling to the light. These are my words; this darkness will respect no other light. If any light shines, even the light of these locutions, this darkness will attack. All the lights will be put out or, at least, dimmed or challenged.

More and More people will be drawn into the darkness, forced to cooperate and even spread the darkness. Pastors will be pressured in every way. Freedom of speech will be curtailed and constantly challenged. Everyone will be made to tow the mark. Demanding political correctness will be taken to a whole new level.

But these are only the external waves of darkness. It is the darkness in the soul of America that is most important. America speaks to the whole world. Ireland is just a tiny country. When it spoke only a few listened. When America speaks all the world hears the voice. Now, America has spoken and the words are heard around the world- in the hearts of world leaders and in the souls of all peoples. How many more hearts will be claimed by this darkness?

Still, I must come to the greatest evil, the great darkness of confusion placed in the hearts of all Americans, especially the young. A light has been stolen, the truth that God created marriage between a man and a woman no longer burns brightly. Every type of disorder will be set loose.

Have I no words of light? Must I end on a note of darkness? One light remains-the light of Fatima. As the darkness grows more and more of my people will clamor and shout and pray that Fatima be listened to.

June 29, 2015
The Deluge and the American Mainstream


First come the thunder, then the lightning and the gathering of clouds, and then comes the deluge. So it is with the Supreme Court decision. It is merely the thunder, lightning and gathering of clouds. America has placed itself under the deluge of its own making.

The Court has irreversibly moved America out of the sun and under the clouds. She has chosen, decided and stamped her decision with the seal of its highest court.

Who can rescue mainstream America, those children of mine who hear no other voice and see no other light? That mainstream will grow more and more powerful, just as any river does when a deluge happens. The river will overflow its banks and destroy the homes not built on solid ground. This river will even climb mountains. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is safe from its destructive power. Such will be the children of mainstream America.

Salvation from these waters comes only for my children of light. See the image clearly. If the mainstream plunges into the complete darkness, salvation comes only by removing from the mainstream, rescuing the children one by one, a constant daily ask.

So, I must begin to say radical things. I must begin to withdraw my children from all that is mainstream (for it will be the children who will be affected the most). I must create another stream, a parallel stream, a stream of light and truth. No one else can do this. No one else can create a stream within this stream, whereby people live in America but whose hearts are no longer given to America’s goals. I begin this work today. In fact, I have prepared for this day for years. I knew it would come and I foresaw all the consequences.

My words will change now because the atmosphere has changed. Like a mother who sees a new danger changes her words and asks her children to stay closer.

Comment: Only Our Lady can save us.

June 30, 2015
Setting America Aside


What cannot yet be seen will be the toll upon American life that had always enjoyed an innocence. The dark aspects of life, the intrigues and corruption of European life that had been left behind when the original pilgrims arrived, will now penetrate the soul pf America.

Gradually, the country placed like a light on the mainstream to the nations of the world, the country which I blessed and which I chose, has succumbed to the darkness. Instead of sending out lights, a message of darkness goes forth. All the world knows of this decision All the world is deeply affected.

Decades ago, I held America up to all the nations. It was the nations of nations, the great source of light. How it has fallen. O America, will I hold you up now to all nations? What a fool I would be to point you out as a shining example of God’s truth put into practice. I cannot hold you up. I must put you aside until the time of your purification. You leave me no other choice. I will not destroy you. I have plans for you but not now. For now, you will just be set in darkness that you have created and chosen. You have made up rights that do not exist. You have given women the right to kill children and people to marry, when there is no marriage at all. You are in darkness and darkness you will stay until the time of repentance and purification. Right now, I cannot use you. I must seek another to be the light upon the mountain.

I have already made my choice and formulated my plan. I have prepared my table and sent out the invitations. Come to the wedding of the Lamb. Yes, it will be a religious leader whom I will raise up. As the light leaves the nations and as more and more take up this new darkness, I will transfer my light to the Church. She has been set aside, removed from her once exalted position away from the nations. Now, I must set aside America and the other nations and exalt my Church as the light of the nations.

July 1, 2015
The Great and Unconquerable Gulf


A great gulf has opened up, an ever-widening divide that will not close. There will be no efforts of unity. Each group will be satisfied to walk away with its rights intact. The good of the whole, the great enterprise of America will be quickly abandoned.

How can you stir a people to oneness when all think only of their own rights? How can unity exist when leaders think only of serving interest groups? Such is the political life of America, dividing into pieces and held together precariously by a Constitution that is politically interpreted.

The great divisions have not yet appeared but the unity of America has been sacrificed on the political altar. Only time is needed until people will see the great gulf that has opened up.

Life in America will never be the same. Inconceivable decisions will appear and the constant trust that the Constitution can provide the needed unity will be greatly tested. I will allow this to happen because America has chosen this path away from the heavenly Father’s plan. What lies ahead in the future which will bring forth good? The fountains of light will spring up?

First, people will become alarmed. America has been stolen from them by those who clearly part their political advantage. Many will reassess their choices. Much cannot be rolled back but delays in the timetable can result.

Much more important will be my initiatives. They will seem small but are more far lasting. If darkness has captured the heart of America, my light will command the heart of Americans. If darkness has captured the political life, my light will capture the spiritual life. America is shaking. Confidence in the Constitution and America’s future is ebbing away. “What will join us?” people will ask. I will come. I will shine my light. All will hear my name. All will know my promises; all will see how I gather. What was just a tiny white cloud upon the horizon will become a great deluge of my gifts. More important, the hearts of Americans will seek my gifts because their illusions have been shattered, that an America which is not under God can survive. To all I say, this is a new time, a new era, a new stage. America has never been here before. The Civil War at least was open conflict and could be resolved. This conflict goes much deeper and will not be resolved.

Comment: In this great darkness, some light will shine.

The Imminent Trials (July 2 to July 3, 2015)

July 2, 2015
Separations The Imminent Trials


Humanity is like a ship which has decided to leave the safe harbor of God’s law and plunge into the most devastating storms, hoping to reach a new world. There is no new world, all is an illusion. False hopes and false desires have led mankind to set out on a journey that is strictly forbidden by the most high God. The course is uncharted and mankind has renounced the stars placed by God in the heavens to guide the journey.

Mankind is like foolish children who have vast technology and no wisdom to use it for good. I cannot state too strongly the greatness of the crisis. No longer can I be silent about the problems that are so imminent.

The crisis will begin with separations. Selfishness will destroy the cooperation needed to build a secure society. The European efforts of unity will see itself torn by separations, and nations walking away from the dream of a united Europe.

I have said before that this union would dissolve because it was secular, based upon self-interest and not upon a commonly held faith. It is a house built upon sand. After various separations take place, problems will arise that cannot be foreseen. Nations, left to their own, will not have the needed resources because the cooperative spirit has been shattered.

Who is waiting to pick up the pieces? Who lurks in the wings to gain the advantage? Russia, it is always Russia. I said at Fatima that world peace would happen when Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. More and more proof of the importance of that cooperation will come forth.

Comment: Our Lady says that these trials are imminent.

July 3, 2015
A Series of Crises


The great chasms are appearing. The deceptions and lies of the economic system are coming to the surface. Weaknesses, known by a few, are now seen by all. The turbulence has begun. It has surfaced. One problem will lead to another because these lies are part of all economic systems. None is exempt.

Slowly, one after another, economies will shake, like tottering buildings. Which ones will survive? What will the landscape look like when the earthquake has wreaked its full force? How will mankind pick up the shattered pieces?

Will this bring the world to return to the Father’s house? Not at all. “We will rebuild,” mankind will declare, and the whole purpose of the shakings will be lost. The world will say, “The damage is not that great. A little change here and a little change there, and we will survive the crisis.” O foolish mankind! Do you not see? I allow this first crisis so you can repent. The changes must be deep in your hearts, not in your accounting methods or your clever tricks. But you will not listen. It will be business as usual, with a few changes caused by the first crisis. You are enmeshed in a tangled web and no human power can gain your freedom.

Yet, you have no will or desire to allow God to intervene. So, I must speak.

These are not ordinary times or ordinary crises. The worldwide economic system, which has served the rich and excluded the poor, is too complex and too riddled with lies and deceptions to continue. It will collapse under its own weight, from the sinful deceptions embedded in its structure. These decisions, made long ago and for such a long time now, have come to fruition.

The financial difficulties are just the first in a long line of crises that will affect the world. Many of these crises I will soften as much as possible, always trying to push backward the timetable of evil. However, I must warn the whole world. All of these crises are deeply embedded in human history formed by human decisions. Mankind has forged his own crises. The blame lies totally at his doorstep.

I give you the only promise possible. As the darkness grows and as mankind is plunged into one crisis after another, my light shining in the Catholic Church will become more and more important to the human race. Even those who are not Catholics will see the Church as the lone light in the darkness. I will do this. I will bring it about through my priest son whom I have chosen.

Comment: The world has become very complex and problems are far beyond the powers of world leaders. Again, Our Lady promises light through the Church.

Secrets of the Immaculate Heart (July 4 to July 10, 2015)

July 4, 2015
Revealing God’s Plan


I want to reveal the great powers and blessings which come from my heart. No mind, human or angelic, can grasp these mysteries by which the heavenly Father sent His Son into my womb. The Son, himself, deposited greater mysteries and, in the fullness of time, the Spirit himself completed the gifts. Like a loving mother, I kept all these treasures, not losing a single grace.

In these little locutions, I give only the smallest hint of what lies buried within me. Yet, even these few words will turn every mind to the light.

First, I see the Father’s plan for the whole world and for each individual person. No one, even the greatest saints, can grasp the fullness of His desires and all that He wishes to do.

Who can know the mind of God? Who can understand what He desires for His children? His light would be too bright and His love too overpowering. He places everything in my heart, so I can reveal His plan like a mother, piece by piece, part by part, in ways that the children can be fed.

Children of the Locutions, come to me and I will reveal God’s plan for your lives. I will reveal His love (so inexpressible!). You will see without being blinded. You will accept without being overwhelmed.

If you have walked in my light for years, I will provide greater light. If you have lived in darkness and sin, I will release a gentle light which will attract you to goodness. Come, everyone. If only you saw the Father’s plan, you would say, “I have found the true light. I have discovered why I was created. I have finally found the path of life.”

I promise this to all who come to me. These secrets are meant to be revealed. This light must go forth. You are beginning to understand. Jesus has placed all of God’s treasures in my Immaculate Heart to be given to the whole world.

Comment: Our Lady is always easy to approach and she holds all of God’s favors for us.

July 5, 2015
Words amid the Bloodshed


There must be an end to all wars and a path to peace that can come only from my heart. I hate violence and I treasure every person who comes forth from God’s creative hands. No one should have their blood shed by another. Yet, this has been so since Cain killed Abel and the earth for the first time tasted blood.

Now, the earth is filled with the blood of the slain. Lives which should have produced good fruit are cut down like trees in their youth. Do I not sorrow to see these wars? What is my sorrow in what I see lying ahead? Are there answers to the violence? Can anyone foresee an end? Just the opposite. More and more nations are caught in the web of destruction. Wars, clashes, and terrorism grow on every side. Structures of peace and order collapse. No place is safe, not even America. In the midst of all this bloodshed, I will speak from my heart.

The usual cause of war was a disagreement, a dispute that flared into violence. These were the tribal wars. Then nations came into existence and wars became wars of self-interest and expansion. Yet, even these wars could be ended, contained and concluded with a peace agreement. The wars began and ended. Peace returned and lives were restored to normal. These were conventional wars, understood by all.

Now, violence has gone viral. Who is the enemy? What uniform does he wear? Where is the fighting taking place? Who are his generals? Where is his capital? Wars have taken on an entirely new life, flowing into the bloodstream of mankind. How can violence be purged without the death of mankind itself?

I want you to understand. Foolish mankind, you cannot save yourself, but you have a heavenly Mother who has not forgotten you. Let everyone come to me. Let everyone be filled with my wisdom. I will be your general. I know how to defeat the Evil One. I only need children who listen and act on my words.

Comment: Our Lady gives an accurate description of these new wars of terrorism.

July 6, 2015
The Greek Vote and the Iran Treaty


The die will be cast when the decisions are finalized. There will be no turning back. The events in Greece and the nuclear treaty with Iran will begin the next phase of the darkness.

Now, I must use different words, “soon” and “imminent.” How often I have spoken of the world plunging into darkness and of the timetable always being moved up. I have not held back my light. I have spoken clearly.

Now, my words change. With these two events, walls of protection will crumble and security will suddenly be removed. There is no power to contain the two evils of economic chaos and terrorist violence.

How often I have spoken of the evil boiling beneath the surface, which will inevitably flow over somewhere and somehow. These two events are the greatest boiling over that have so far taken place.

The disorders flowing from Greece will be evident, but the evil flowing from Iran is much deeper and more important. The Middle East will never be the same. Powerful Iran will have a treaty to wave in the face of its enemies and, more important, a written guarantee to delight its friends.

No one ever conceived this as possible, such has been the foolishness of America. Israel never dreamed that she would be scorned and Iran would be chosen.

Great and unimaginable evil lies behind this treaty. All is cleverly hidden from the eyes of America. The treaty is no treaty at all. It is really a linking of America to Iran, filled with the hope that Iran will become the great power in the Middle East and America will be its friend. Such are the delusions brought about by the Evil One.

Israel, O Israel! The world powers have forsaken you but I have always had my eyes upon you. I am your daughter. However, the events will quickly unfold by which you will also see that I am your mother. As you see and experience the power of my protective mantle over you, you will also accept my Son, Jesus. Only then, can peace go forth from Jerusalem.

Comment: Our Lady calls the Iran treaty a greater problem than the Greek economic difficulties. The two evils of Greece and Iran are turning points.

July 7, 2015
The Present Plight of Mankind


Before going further, we must stop and see what is taking place. On the world stage, light seems to claim no victories while darkness spreads with little resistance. Leaders are helpless and their efforts only multiply the darkness.

Like multiple fighters in the same ring intent on destroying each other, all the world has become a clash of selfish interests. This problem will multiply as people realize the shortage of resources. There is no one answer because there is no one problem. The entire landscape is filled with lightning points where interests clash.

So often I have tried to explain what is not seen, the hidden forces behind the scenes. Modern man has walked away from these beliefs. The supernatural world lies in his intellectual trash bin. Mankind has rejected the saving wisdom which should have guided these centuries, and has enthroned instead his own goddess of reason. Oh, modern man, look where reason without faith, intelligence without hope, and knowledge without love have led you. You thought that you had “come of age” when, in fact, you had regressed to a world shorn of the light of Jesus.

What will I do with you? How in the world can I help you? You are so entangled, so complicated, so intertwined, so vulnerable, so helpless in the face of the spreading darkness.

Your wounds are so gaping and the fever of your illnesses climbs quickly.

These are my words. Believe them and act on them. You must let all these events preach to you.

They will be my preachers. They will remind you of the faith you have spurned and of the religious practices that you have left behind. They will call good people to fervor. They will set captives free from the chains of unbelief. I promise to use these events. Millions will turn to me, especially as I raise up the one I have chosen. In him, I have placed all my wisdom.

Comment: Our Lady gives a total overview of what we all experience every day.

July 8, 2015
Mankind at a Tipping Point


How small and tiny are my words compared to the greatness of the problems and the darkness which fills the world. Yet, anyone with faith will believe that my words, my plans and my actions will save the world. I must, therefore, speak of the future so my children understand.

Do not expect me to openly intervene by great visions to world leaders or by great miracles that turn back the violence. Do not expect me to sweep over the world and, in one day, return all to sanity and peace. These actions are too apocalyptic, reserved for Jesus’ final coming.

My plans are not for a final coming, but for a drawing of all creation into a heavenly reality, for a restoration of earth and a continuing of human history. Obviously that history is being challenged by the greatest evils that have ever existed. Mankind is at a tipping point, when life suddenly might go from light to darkness, from order to chaos. These are not apocalyptic words as if some heavenly power is about to chastise. These are earthly words, the daily realities that fill the news.

What will take place? The events will preach to all who care to listen. The true state of affairs will become evident to all. I am speaking now, before all the events happen, so my words can be recorded and believed. They will be believed more after the events than before.

Even then, it will not be too late. However, the time is very, very short. I prophesied that 2015 would be the year for the beginning of the events and that October 13, 2017 (the 100th anniversary of Fatima) is a very important date. So, you can see that history is moving quickly into this time period.

I would speak to different groups. To you who know me and love me, whom I call Children of the Locutions, now is the time for the greatest fervor. Your families must grow and your children must experience joys, but you also must gather much more for family prayer and daily devotions. You must examine your lifestyles and act according to the words of St. Paul, “I tell you brothers, time is running out. For the world in its present form is passing away” (1Cor.7:29-31). I will be with you in your quest for a deeper life of faith.

To all the others, I say this. Let these events preach to you. You have been blinded by the world and its passing glory. Let the events help you, now, to see that the world in its present form is passing away. If you but ask, I will come to you and show you my new path for your life.

Comment: Our Lady is speaking of events that all can see taking place. Through these events, many will see a need for faith.

July 9, 2015
Two Years to Stir the World to Faith


With each passing day, the hopes and dreams of my heart are crushed. The image of God in man and in history is twisted beyond recognition. A new image arises which has nothing to do with the face of Jesus. It is born out of selfishness and violence, from a human reasoning devoid of faith.

The diabolical fire finds so many houses as fit wood for the flames. The floods find so many homes built upon sand. What is happening now has been prepared for by many centuries.

Everything began in man’s heart. As the modern world was built, reason set aside truth. Greed, avarice, raw political power and wars shaped everything. Now, comes the culmination. Mankind is trapped. He has foolishly chosen a road that leads nowhere. He is surrounded by his enemies and has cut off the supply lines of heaven. He has left the Father’s house and has lost even his memory of how to return. He believes that technology can save him. However, technology only makes him more vulnerable, multiplying what can go wrong. Is there any answer? Any hope?

Any way to salvation?

The forces that have already been unleashed have quickly devoured parts of the globe and threaten human life everywhere. Political and economic structures are tottering and efforts to save them will fail. What will be the results of these events? Will mankind continue to look to his own powers and fail? Or, will mankind choose a different direction? Will it turn to heaven? Will it ask, “Why have I left my Father’s house?”

So much depends upon these two years. Is it possible to stir the whole world back to faith? Is it possible to rekindle millions of hearts that have grown cold? Is it possible to save the world from its present path of darkness? Let the word go forth from these little locutions.

Everything is possible but the surrender to heaven must be deep. The turning to me must be complete and without compromise. Begin with Sunday, the Lord’s Day. Why are your stores open?

Why does your secular world steal God’s day? Every evil has come to America because it has robbed God of the day He claimed for His own.

Comment: It is late, yet Mary promises extraordinary help but only with a profound conversion that must begin with restoring Sunday to God.

July 10, 2015
Human History Entrusted to Mary’s Heart


I have opened my heart and shared my secrets. Everyone sees my sorrow and my hope. I must constantly repeat my basic message. The only path to avoid the annihilation of the nations lies in my Immaculate Heart.

Foreseeing all of these modern evils and wanting to save the world through Jesus Christ, the Father has entrusted this part of human history to my heart. He has done this to bring forth a new moment in Jesus’ kingdom, a time of the greatest blessings.

Jesus would offer a new gift to mankind, rekindling the original flame of the Holy Spirit and drawing all into the bosom of the Catholic Church. This promise seems impossible, given the divisions of the churches and the great loss of faith. Yet, the heavenly Father intended these blessings and I promised them at Fatima when I spoke of worldwide conversion and a new era of peace. These were not vain or idle words. They were serious promises.

Seeing this new era of the Father’s plan, Satan gathered his armies and boldly marched forth, taking the field first, almost totally unopposed. The Father’s plan was not acted on because my words were set aside, even including the grave warnings of future disasters.

What has happened? Fatima’s warnings about disaster are being fulfilled and the promises are not. Yet, the promises still hold. Their powers remain and wait to be released. I do not speak powerless words or give empty promises. I reveal heaven’s plan and bring forth heaven’s secrets. It is late. Much ground has been lost but massive battles lie ahead. The Church must immerse itself in Fatima and in heaven’s promises. This is the only path to victory and to world peace.

Comment: This locution summarizes and completes the revelation of Mary’s secrets.

The Path to Peace (July 11 to July 18, 2015)

July 11, 2015
Is There Any Path to Peace?


Is there any path to peace? If so, how can it be found, because this question of peace will fill hearts and minds? Many false paths will be taken. I speak now so the words are fully inscribed in the hearts of my Children of the Locutions. Only the heavenly Father’s path can lead to peace. He has plotted out the path. He will raise up the person who will point out the path. He will make the Church the light of the nations. Those who walk this path will find peace.

It is a path of faith. Only faith provides the light needed to find the path, to choose the path and to stay on the path. As more people and nations walk this path, the easier it will become. It is not a path of one day or of one year. It is a permanent path that begins with true conversion of heart.

Do you not see the Father’s plan? All these evils have come from sinful decisions which have set mankind on his current path. All the evils result from sin – the violence, the wars, the tottering economies, the billions of poor people. If God suddenly removed these problems, there would be no conversion of heart. The evils would still lurk within.

God’s path leads to the true peace of a purified and chastened mankind. It will be like a new creation. All of mankind will give thanks to God for restoring peace.

I will guide the world on this new road. All must know that the only path to peace lies in my Immaculate Heart.

Comment: Our Lady raises the question that will preoccupy the world more and more, “Is there any path to peace?”

July 12, 2015
Read True Devotion


I speak because the time is so near and my children must know how to walk the path to peace.

Human reason will choose different paths, but only in my Immaculate Heart will you find this divine path, prepared but hidden until now, revealed but not understood. These words are so very important.

First, my words are not new. A true mother speaks early. She knows that children need time. So it is with this path to peace. I have already spoken for a long time to a long list of visionaries and locutionists. My words are faithfully recorded. These little locutions stand toward the end of a long line. They do not claim to show a new path. They merely add light to what has already been said. I have spoken often of the consecration of Russia by the Holy Father and all the bishops. This is the cornerstone. But what good is a cornerstone without any building? This is where the faithful have failed. They know very little about my promises, my first Saturdays, and my many requests.

If they had listened, their hearts would be so warm and their minds so filled with light, that they would already have received the blessings. They and their families would be well along the path of peace. They would have found others who I intended as companions for the long journey.

Come. It is late and we must hurry. Begin with St. Louis de Montfort. He was the prophet I raised up centuries ago to prepare for the Age of Mary. Read his book and discover the special blessings of True Devotion. This is the first step to peace.

Comment: Marian visions and locutions are not new. In many ways, the book True Devotion prophesied this century.

For Study:
“Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin” by St. Louis de Montfort

July 13, 2015
Releasing a Fire of Peace


The path to peace narrows and the options for peace grow less, because mankind’s path is really no path at all. His options are merely illusions. Mankind without faith inevitably becomes a tool of Satan. Without love he can only think of himself. Satan uses this selfishness so all the paths to peace become highways to wars.

My path to peace contains a power which mankind cannot produce – the Holy Spirit. Where He breathes, peace flourishes. Where His fire touches, anger dissolves. O mankind, are you willing to have the Spirit of Jesus fall like fire from heaven?

I warn you. He will topple regimes and free the people. He will totally change your economic systems. He will tear down your false laws and overturn your Supreme Court decisions. He will set fire to the earth, a great fire of peace.

Do you think that my plan is like yours, mere words? Your plan cannot touch hearts. You cannot say to the sinner, “Do not steal.” You cannot convince the rich to forsake their greed. You cannot rip anger out of the hearts of terrorists. You do not possess the key that alone can open the door to heaven’s fire.

My path to peace has one goal, to release the Holy Spirit upon the whole earth. I must say this to world leaders and to Church leaders. Both need to understand.

Comment: Our Lady’s path to peace is not just words. God intends to send new fire of the Holy Spirit.

July 14, 2015
Our Lady’s Daily Promise


My Immaculate Heart will pour forth blessings which have been kept secret since the foundation of the world. These are the unsearchable riches of Jesus, unknown to the world and hidden from the Evil One.

The fire of God’s love will be so intense and the wisdom of the Spirit so great, that new saints, of the greatest stature, will come forth to lead the Church. What is missing in the Church is the Spirit of Divine Holiness, a purification of hearts possible only by the purifying fire of the Spirit.

The Church must invite this new fire. This is why I speak. New and brilliant fires of divine love for mankind lie hidden in my heart, waiting to come forth. These fires can absorb the world and place it in the heavenly Father’s arms.

In these later years, the Father sends the Woman. Hidden within my heart is the divine Son, ready to pour out a new Pentecost that will catch the whole world by surprise. These are the mysteries that I am trying so hard to reveal. People do not understand. They set me aside.

They say that my messages are not important.

“Oh, it was so long ago that Mary gave that message,” they claim. No longer. I now speak every day. The message is fresh and new. I will win the victory. It will be late, but I will not abandon the world. My daily word is the constant sign of my firm will.

Comment: We need Out Lady’s daily words so we do not get discouraged.

July 15, 2015
The Iran Nuclear Treaty


I speak only with the greatest reluctance. However, I cannot hold back my great sorrow. The proliferation of nuclear weapons has been guaranteed by a treaty that opens the door to nuclear weapons. World leaders cannot reverse what has taken place. Russia has gained everything. From this point on, America will decrease as a world power able to keep peace. It has tied its own hands and armed its enemies.

New troubles will erupt. Israel and its allies will begin a new journey unaccompanied by their familiar friend, America. They must go it alone and make their own decisions. The bonds between America and Israel have been severed. The betrayal has taken place. All of the promises, in place for so many years have been broken. A new re-alignment of nations will come forth. Self-defense will dictate much more explosive options.

America will no longer be making Israel’s decisions. These vulnerable countries will decide for their own defense. They will not hold back. They will act quickly to survive. They must take matters into their own hands and take steps to keep Iran in check.

The world is much more dangerous, but this is not surprising to those who have followed my words. There are timetables set in place. They move ahead or are held back according to human decisions. This is my constant teaching.

Most important, how will I respond? What does this do to heaven’s plan? Do I just move along as usual? Not at all. My eyes are always on Satan’s plan and this treaty is his bold move. (Do not think otherwise.) So, I must move boldly, especially in my Church. I must move up my timetable for the consecration of Russia. (It is Russia that has brought about this treaty.)

2015 is not the year, but events will happen that will shake the Church and lessen the resistance to the Fatima consecration.

Comment: Our Lady’s words are clear – both about events in the world and in the Church.

July 16, 2015
The New World Created by Technology


I have always spoken with a great consistency. Human history came from God and was given over to mankind, who enjoys free will. Once history was in his hands, mankind opened himself to the demonic. Because mankind took this path, history has been a struggle, a battle. Heaven and hell have constantly vied to gain the great prize, mankind itself.

Now the battle is pitched, higher and higher, with greater stakes upon the table. Decisions are not limited to nations or to regions. They are truly worldwide.

The human race, protected for so many centuries by isolation from others, has now become a single body, joined together and interdependent. What a fertile ground for destruction and havoc! Evil, in the greatest proportion, can flow quickly from one part of the world to another. An infection in the toe can easily move to the heart. Mankind is in a totally new situation.

He has learned well the technology that brings about this oneness, but he has lost the faith that could keep this technology out of the hands of the Evil One. Mankind has brought forth a new creation, and, like the original creation, it is being quickly drawn under the Evil One.

These are my words. This process will continue and accelerate. The stability, built by faith before this technology existed, will more and more fall by the wayside. Mankind will realize that all the foundations of rational life have been uprooted and that he is adrift on an uncharted sea.

Who will save us? Who will get us back to the safe harbor? This is a role I have reserved for the Church, for the Holy Father, for the bishops, for the priests and religious, and most of all for my devout Children of the Locutions. O child of the locutions, I need you. Prepare devoutly. Each day is so important.

Comment: Our Lady outlines the world’s new situation. She needs our help.

July 17, 2015
Why? Where? How?


Why? Why are all these events taking place? Where? Where do they lead? How? How will the human race survive? For my Children of the Locutions, I have already answered these questions, many times. My great light is embedded in my words. Yet children often ask the same questions over and again, looking for more complete answers.

Why? You must see every event with the eyes of supernatural faith. In this way, you can easily see that all evil comes from Satan who uses human persons as his earthly instruments.

Where? They lead to more and greater confusion. The events are all linked. They are not haphazard. An intelligence lies behind them. They prepare for each other. If not halted, they will lead to an unending series of greater and greater darkness.

How? The human race will survive only by heaven’s help. If people set aside their consuming earthly concerns and truly seek me, I will come quickly with all the power of heaven. These truths are very familiar to all the Children of the Locutions. Now I must go further and give direction.

As you see and hear these events, do not let any fear grasp your heart. Do not be paralyzed.

Instead, seek my light. There is so much you can do and so many steps which you must take. For you, every event of darkness will become a moment of light. Each event will remind you of one more action you can take.

Most important! Each event will touch your heart. You will say, “I must seek the light fully. I cannot compromise with darkness.” Now you see. I will use the events of darkness to make all of you children of greater light. A moment will come when you will be totally committed to my light and will have nothing to do with darkness, because you see what it does.

Comment: Do not let the events lead you to fear but into the arms of your heavenly Mother.

July 18, 2015
Preparing for the Events


Time moves on and people try to prepare for the future. How different to prepare for an uncertain future, when so much is unknown. So, I speak. Those who hear my words are quite aware. They know that there will be events, in the next few years, which will change the existing order. What good is this knowledge unless I tell them how to prepare? So, I speak.

The full effects of the events will be felt in those areas of the world which Satan most fully controls. (In the rest of the world, the events will be felt according to the degree that he has permeated the culture and claimed human hearts.) The way to prepare is to cast Satan out of your lives and to abide fully in my Immaculate Heart.

The events will be his “hour,” and that “hour” has already dawned. That does not mean that I cannot gain victories. Look at Simon of Cyrene, Veronica, the holy women and the beloved disciple. Even in the darkest moments of Satan’s hour, they were filled with light and remained faithful. So, it can be with you, with your families, and with all who gather. On Calvary, we helped one another. How much consolation I received from all who shared with me at the cross.

After Jesus’ death, the Father did not abandon us. We received great light and we knew how to go on. Satan had struck his greatest blow. He had spent all of his forces. Yet, we continued on.

So it will be with you. You do not know what the events will be. You know that Satan is ready to strike great blows. Knowing what they will be is not important. You need only my words. I promise you that I will show you what to do. I will be with you. You will move forward. Right now, cast out anything in your life that is of darkness and allows Satan a door. That is all I ask.

Understanding the Fatima Message (July 19 to July 23, 2015)

July 19, 2015
Promises That Still Have Power


I open wide the doors of my heart and all can enter. I reveal all my secrets and everyone can learn. I reach out to the whole world, to peoples of every land and every belief. I care for them all. I will stretch out my hand from East to West. All must come into my embrace.

I walk the streets, seeking my lost children. I look for new means to spread my word. Nothing escapes my search. Have not these little words reached your ears even though they come from afar? What are these words that are so easy to understand? What power do they contain? Why are you filled with peace as you read the messages?

These locutions are merely a beginning. They are like John the Baptist who knew that another greater than he would come. These locutions prepare. They alert. They say, “Look and await because the Woman is coming in the role given her by the Father and prophesied at all the great apparition sites.”

My children are so sluggish. They say, “Mary has spoken at Fatima but the words are so long ago. She has promised peace but there is only travail.” Children quickly forget. Their minds go from one topic to another. I must give a fresh word that stirs the great gift of Fatima and tells everyone to believe.

My words are not like your words, easily spoken and quickly forgotten. I only speak my words in obedience to the Father. My words are thought out for centuries before they come forth.

They are promises, cemented in my heart and always containing God’s favor.

This is my promise. There will be a new light of Fatima, just as on that day (October 13, 1917) when the clouds parted and the light shone. There will be a greater Fatima light, prepared for by my daily visits to Medjugorje and supported by all the other apparition sites.

The promise remains. Pray for its fulfillment.

Comment: Our Lady does not forget her promises. All her true apparitions fit together into a consistent message.

July 20, 2015
Changing the History of the World Today


As each day dawns, no one knows what it holds. As the sun sets, the decisions have been made and all has become part of history. This is the path of daily life. Generations come and go, each leaving behind their decisions and forming human history.

Who will I raise up for this generation? Who has the wisdom to guide the world away from the darkness? That person is deeply, deeply hidden in my heart. However, it is not about him that I speak, but about you and your task this day.

Begin with the deepest mystery, the secret which I constantly reveal. The Father knew the path which mankind would take. He understood Satan’s plan. So, He raised up the Woman at Fatima. He brought me front and center, and allowed everyone to see my power over the sun.

I have revealed these mysteries so you do not waste your life. This is my teaching. Do not keep your eyes on the darkness and do not try, by your own efforts, to scatter it. This is what you are to do. You must say, “I will go to Mary. She is clothed with the sun. I will walk in her light. She has many tasks in her heart and she will give one to me. I will know that it came from her and I will be faithful to it.”

You are children of my light. First, you must receive my light. You must place it deeply in your heart, so it does not go out. Then, you must go with this light to whomever I send you. You will discover that you can spread the light. Then, each day you can say, “I have changed the history of the world this day.”

Comment: How simple and encouraging are Our Lady’s words.

July 21, 2015
Divisions But No Divorce


God’s wisdom spreads a table. Happy are those who eat from it. If you eat from it, you will not be deceived by appearances. The hidden, inner fabric of America is being torn apart.

Divisions will suddenly appear which no one and no political party can pull together. All will happen right before your eyes, recorded by every possible television camera and broadcast for all the world to see.

Your Supreme Court has released division. It has divided those who love life from those who would kill life. It has divided those who cherish marriage and those who would change its very nature. Divisions exist in every area of American life. A nation that used to be “One from many” has become a nation that is “many but not one.” All of your horses are pulling away, each going in different directions.

Your Constitution will be sorely tested. However, for now, I will not let you fall into political chaos because many call upon my name and I remember the great service you have given to the world. The results of these divisions will be the realization that the Constitution does not guarantee unity. America’s unity lies in a people who openly declare that they are “one nation under God.” However, many Americans want to divorce their country from God. Listen to my words. No matter what happens.

No matter what divisions arise. No matter that your Constitution sways in the political winds. No matter what elements arise trying to pull America away from God, I will never allow a divorce. I will never allow any force to sever the bonds that I made with your forefathers.

America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me. I will never allow you to join the other nations that gained their divorce. This is totally my choice and my gift. From this, you will receive many divine blessings, even during these years of your faithlessness.

Comment: Our Lady gives an extraordinary promise of God’s fidelity to America at the very moment when it walks away.

July 22, 2015
Inviting the Whole World


The doors of my heart swing wide open and all the world is invited to enter. However, many do not know that these doors exist or how to arrive at them. These are the urgent mysteries for this age.

When the day is clear, I can allow my children full freedom. When the clouds gather, I must bring them inside my heart because the deluge of events is close at hand.

I say to the whole world, “Do not wander away. This is not the time to plant and to build, to buy and sell. This is a time to come close to your mother.” This is my promise. If you turn toward me and begin to seek me, I will give you extraordinary, inner light and you will quickly find your road to me. (Each person has his own unique road, the individual circumstances of his life.) Along this path, I will place people and groups which will facilitate your journey, and when you arrive, they will enter immediately.

Now, the important part. I will pour out this new desire on millions. Even Catholics who have no special devotion to me, will experience great desires. Catholics who have lapsed from their faith and rejected many teachings, will find a special love for me in their hearts, not knowing where this comes from.

Then, I will bring forth external invitations, new books, new interventions, new stories in the news. I will penetrate everywhere. No one will miss my invitations, even those who do not know me.

When you see all this happening, realize that I am inviting the whole world. The doors of my heart are wide open.

Comment: Our Lady promises two graces, inner desires and external signs.

July 23, 2015
Avoiding the Annihilation of the Nations


Human history is like a river which empties into the ocean, yet somehow is constantly renewed.

What if the springs of this renewal were to dry up? The river would empty out and be no more.

Can this happen to the human race, which now covers every part of the earth? Can much of history, that is, nations and peoples, dry up?

I have already spoken of this at Fatima, calling these events “the annihilation of nations,” and saying that this “annihilation of nations” could be avoided, if Russia were consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.

How I hate to use these words “the annihilation of nations”! Yet, in this world filled with destructive technology, such a scenario is possible. Indeed, the human race moves closer with each false step and with the signing of each false treaty.

Every day, the human race takes steps. Arriving at war and violence is not a matter of one moment. The decisions coalesce. Individual groups and nations choose their path. They are locked in. Yesterday’s decisions limit the options for today’s choices. This is what I have constantly taught.

Mankind has not reached this point in one year or even many years. For decades, even for centuries, decisions have been made. Mankind has locked itself in. Now, the attempts to be free only increase the problems.

It is not a question of who has the answer, but of who holds the key. This key will unlock all of human history, undo the past decisions, and give man the freedom from his past.

Mankind, you are locked into a daily struggle, and many will not survive. However, this struggle need not be fought. Weapons and more weapons, wars and more wars, are not the answer.

I hold the key to peace and I must begin quickly. How soon will I be able to raise up my priest son who will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart?

Comment: On July 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima said that Russia would be converted “if my requests are heeded.” If not, “the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer and various nations will be annihilated.”

The Fires of Heaven and Hell (July 24 to July 27, 2015)

July 24, 2015
The Fire Will Explode in Iran (Special Locution)


Iran is the center of Satan’s fires. Years ago, I said that the Syrian revolution would go on and on (and it still continues). This constant fighting would light the fuse but the explosions would come from somewhere else. The Syrian revolution would remove national boundaries, remove all structures that gave stability and open the Middle East to chaos and to terror groups. All of that has happened. Syria has lit the fuse but the explosions will not go forth from there.

Now, I reveal the second half of the mystery. The explosion will take place through Iran which is the center of Satan’s power. This has always been so, but Iran’s powers were limited by the sanctions. Now, those bonds have been removed. The money will flow in and Satanic destruction will no longer be limited by lack of resources. The Iranian destruction will unfold. The fuse lit in Syria will explode upon the whole world through Iran.

Comment: In the special locution of August 26, 2013, Jesus said, “The fuse has been lit and is now burning. Syria is not the place of the great future explosion or of the greatest destruction but Syria is the precursor of these events. Syria, even with all its turmoil, does not possess the great weapons or the destructive powers possessed by other nations.

July 24, 2015
The Fires of Abortions


The doors of hell are opening and fires of hell go forth to every part of the world. Mankind has welcomed hell and gratefully accepted its fires. Now, the fires link up and become new conflagrations. Such is the result of man’s sinful choices.

O mankind, you cannot welcome the fire into one part of your house and not have it extend everywhere. You cannot say, “The fire will just remain in the basement.” You have tolerated the great fire of abortion. You have sacrificed so many of your children to its flames. This is just one of many fires of inequity. The whole world is ablaze because you accept those demonic fires that please you. Then, you complain about the demonic fires that terrorists use against you.

O America, how many of your children have terrorists killed and how many have you killed? All want to stamp out the terrorist fire while your own Supreme Court protects the abortion fire!

I say to you, “This cannot continue.” With every abortion, new demons are released. With every abortion, the demonic fire spreads. The woman leaves the clinic without the child in her womb but with a demon in her heart. (Thank God, many have sought forgiveness and freedom in the Church!)

First, I speak to everyone who has been involved in an abortion. Seek forgiveness. Let the Church cast out the demonic fire. Be set free and give yourself to life. No sin is unpardonable. Every demonic fire can be put out.

Second, I speak to America. Your eyes are upon the Middle East as the source of hell’s fires while hell’s fires in your abortion clinics are burning fiercely. You are looking in the wrong direction.

Comment: Abortion is a demonic fire that has killed 55 million Americans since the Supreme Court ruling. We cannot choose our fires. They will all burn our house down.

July 25, 2015
Satan Accepts No Master


The mighty oceans accept no master. They have their own life and go their own way. Anyone trying to tame the oceans would be a fool. Such it is with the ocean of satanic fire. Mankind thinks it can control these fires with its own weapons, but the satanic fires admit no lord and master. From the beginning, they have shouted their “No” to God. “I will not serve.”

After saying this, they had to be cast out. They could not stay in the heavenly realm. Thus, hell was formed, the eternal “no” of darkness that has now been released upon earth. All the evil events come from this original “No, I will not serve.” All the suffering and death upon earth. All violence and wars. “No, I will not serve” is the ultimate and the proximate cause.

“Ultimate” because first said before human history began. “Proximate” because it is always, always at the scene of violence and disruption.

O mortal man, you are no match for this rebellion against God which is now sweeping your earth. You have joined the rebellion. You have chosen to set aside many of God’s commands.

Your “no” has opened you up to the Satanic. You have joined his kingdom and sat at his table. You enjoy his forbidden fruits and grow fat on his stolen delights.

What will I do with you? I must not remove your freedom or destroy your right to refuse. I know what I will do. I will allow the fire to come close to you. I will have you stare face to face into the eyes of Satan. I will rip away the veil that covers and disguises. What else can I do? How else can I have you stop saying, “No, I will not serve”? These are my words. When the events begin and you see Satan’s face, it will not be your damnation but my invitation. I will invite you to say, “Yes, I will serve.”

Comment: Mankind has joined Satan’s rebellion. He must change. Every evil event is an invitation and there are lots of invitations these days.

July 26, 2015
The Two Different Nights


There are two quite different nights – the night of God and the night of hell. God’s night is filled with a darkness that soon becomes dawn. Hell’s night only grows greater. In God’s night, the angels help you. In Satan’s night, the devils torment you. What a difference between the two nights and how important to know which one is happening.

In God’s night, you must continue on because the day will certainly dawn if you persevere. In Satan’s night, you must withdraw. Go back. Retrace your steps. You were walking in light and have stumbled into darkness. All your efforts to gain a victory are foolish steps into greater darkness. You must become a child and allow me to recall you into my light.

Read the signs of each night. God’s night happens when He places holy desires in your heart. Because your holy desires are not yet fulfilled, you are in God’s darkness for a while. Follow these desires. Do not give up. In a little while, you will see what God intends. In the demonic darkness, something has taken you away from God’s path. Peace has given way to turmoil. All grows dark. It is time to stop and to trace the source of the darkness. Do not push ahead on this road. You will only get more entangled. Wait for my light so you can return to God’s path. Then, your night will be over quickly.

Comment: Everyone experiences times of darkness. Our Lady will help you to know if this is God’s night or Satan’s night. Only by knowing that answer, can you make the right decision.

July 27, 2015
At the End of Each Day


Each day, the river of heaven and the river of hell flow into the ocean of mankind. Mankind is not the same at the end of each day. He has invited and accepted either the water of hell or the water of heaven. Many are quite unaware of this because the change is imperceptible. Then, a moment comes, a decisive moment, when what existed is swept away. Only then can people see what had been happening.

Such is the state of the world and this moment in human history. How often I have said that, for centuries, the streams of hell have entered human history. Yet, all seems the same. The moment has not yet happened when everyone sees that history is changed.

Then, comes the collapse, the complete falling apart of society’s structures. Life is no longer the same because mankind has for so long welcomed the satanic waters, accepted their pleasures and their gifts, without knowing their origin or their price.

There is a whole collection of evils, which are accepted by many and have pierced to the heart. These satanic evils penetrate the very fiber of mankind. To eradicate them will require another flood, as in Noah’s time. This is my great dilemma. I am a mother who sees my child (mankind) so filled with infections that he is impossible to cure without causing his death.

That is why I delay. The needed medicine would be too powerful for his system.

This is my plan. I will pour heaven’s waters in the greatest abundance into this ocean. These waters can only change a small part of the ocean, mainly within the Church. This small part, however, I will bring to the highest level of faith and to the greatest moments of fervor. When I have prepared this little segment of the ocean, I will be able to send upon the ocean a great gift for all mankind. This great gift of Fatima will enter the ocean from a small part of my Church. All will be affected.

O reader, is not my plan clear to you? Do you wish to become part of the little group that will receive the gift for the whole world? Just come to me in fervor and live out these locutions which I give each day.

Comment: Walk today in Our Lady’s light.

The Coming Events (July 28 to August 1, 2015)

July 28, 2015
The Congressional Vote (Special Locution)


The tragic events of the Iran treaty are not yet complete. Only if Congress accepts that pact will the full evil unfold. If Congress rejects the treaty, then this powerful stream will be like a raging river that hits an impregnable wall and is forced to turn back upon itself. A rejection of the treaty by Congress will unravel other aspects of evil that are intertwined with the treaty. The forces of evil will have met a setback. Such is the importance of this Congressional vote.

For now, the legislators read the documents and hear advocates on both sides of the issue. Little do they realize that they hold much of the world’s future in their hands.

These are my words. The matter is not settled and the conclusion is not firm. This vote is very close to my heart. All must let their voices be known to those who vote. Now is not the time to be silent. Speak out. Your voice is important.

Comment: Call 1-202-224-3121 and ask for your senator and representative. You can also locate your senator’s email address at http://www.senate.gov/general/ The House of Representatives email address can be found at http://www.house.gov/representatives/ Tell them to vote against the treaty. Our Lady will bless your call.

July 28, 2015
Fires within the House


In the beginning locutions I spoke in general terms and of future events. Now I speak in specific words of what is near at hand. The news that is reported gives only a small glimpse of the hidden evil, which comes to the surface in sporadic ways. This evil wants to destroy all of God’s creation, putting an end to the blessings that the Father brought about.

This hidden evil is far, far too great for mankind to control and far too intelligent to be outsmarted. This evil manifests itself wherever it is welcomed, hoping to spread all over the world. Its great stronghold exists where the Word of God is silenced and where Jesus, my Son, cannot be preached. This is the clue to understanding all the evil that takes place.

Only the Word made Flesh, Jesus, has the power to confront, cast out and destroy this evil.

Everything and everyone else succumbs to the fire and becomes its instrument. Many in the Muslim world have fallen into this fire. Also, many others, like Putin, have given themselves to evil. Yet, is the West blameless? Has not the West welcomed the satanic fires, which are dressed in so many disguises? The list is endless and you know their names very well – sins of the flesh, sins of violence, sins of addictions, sins of greed. The West has welcomed these fires. They are within his house and burn brightly.

This is my dilemma. The nations that used to believe in Jesus have lost their faith. Satanic fires find no opponent who can cast them out. The West is firewood, quite dry and ready to burn. What can I do? The two fires will continue to burn (the Middle East fires and the Western fires) until a moment comes when the West repents and realizes its foolishness. I am preparing for that moment. All will be ready. When the events lead the West to its knees, I will raise up my priest son who will make the repentance fruitful. Then, the satanic fires will know that I have entered the battle.

Comment: While the West worries so much about Middle East terrorism, it has no understanding of Satan’s fires in its own backyard.

July 29, 2015
Today’s Light


When the day dawns, no one knows what it holds until the decisions are made and the events occur. Then, all can see what mankind has brought about – another day in human history. This is not how I see, because God reveals all to my sight. I see the events and their causes. I see future decisions. I see both the stirrings of mankind and the temptations into which he can fall. By divine light all is clear before my eyes.

In these locutions, I speak like a mother sharing her wisdom with her children. Much I hold back. What I say is in the measure that your minds can grasp. Each locution has a purpose.

Little by little my light enters your heart and I make you into a child of the light.

“Where do these little teachings come from?” you ask. They come from a heart that loves you so much. They are faithfully transmitted, from my heart to your heart. I rejoice that so many welcome them and I know that I do not speak in vain.

Now, to the gift of today. By the time that the sun sets, I will have given you many moments of light. You, also, will have encountered much darkness (for the world is so clouded). Yet, you did not allow the darkness to win out. Rejoice! You have spent another day in the light.

Do not underestimate your victory. Each day of light propels you along the road. You are ready for tomorrow’s light.

Satan would want to use these locutions to make you think about the future. He would fill you with great fears (as if he had more power than what the Father has given to me). Nonsense. I will take care of you. I will make you a child of the light, one day at a time. Now do you see how important is this day? Soon, it will be over. In its remaining hours, choose the light.

Comment: Although Our Lady often speaks of the future, she wants us to live one day at a time and not be anxious. She will be with us.

July 30, 2015
Twilight Gives Way to Darkness


Between day and night comes the twilight when neither light nor darkness claim a victory. Such is the world’s state, a twilight era. All know that twilight must give way to darkness as the day surrenders its control over earth. That, too, is the present situation. The daylight of peace gives way to the darkness of war. The daylight of order surrenders to the night of chaos. Will anyone dispute what I am saying? Are there any signs that the night is ending and soon the day will dawn? Can anyone hold out such a hope?

How long will the night be and what will follow in its footsteps? I will speak to that question, even with all of its difficulties. The night cannot be avoided because mankind has committed too many acts of darkness. Yet, much can be alleviated and the darkness can be shortened. Also, do not forget. At the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. Much will happen between now and then. I will speak of variables and invariables, of what can change and what cannot.

The darkness will begin in your economic systems. Your structures presuppose order, trust, confidence and harmony. What happens when divisions, confusion, distrust and panic set in? The chaos is already surfacing in the European Union. The panic is already evident in Greece.

Distrust among peoples and between nations multiplies with each passing day. God has not built your economic systems.

God has not plunged you into debt. Satan has led you down this path and you know no other. Long ago, you put aside God’s light of truth and embraced the torch of prosperity and economic growth. You built systems without safeguards, handing on the problems to your children and your grandchildren. When the night suddenly comes, do not blame the heavenly Father. You have chosen the darkness!

Comment: The world’s economic systems are subject to darkness because mankind has been so selfish.

July 31, 2015
Three Problem Areas


In the twilight, the sun gradually loses its power to scatter the darkness. When it finally sets, night claims its victory. God has established this order in nature but he has not decreed cycles of nights for human affairs. If people live according to His word, light always reigns.

But this has not happened. Mankind compromises with darkness and yields to its powers. The great sun is setting, not because God has decreed this, but because man has chosen the darkness. He sacrifices God’s sun and clings to the artificial lights that he himself controls.

O foolish mankind, Satan cannot control the sun because God has decreed its course and guaranteed forever that it would bless the earth. However, Satan can gain full control of the artificial lights that you trust and cling to. This is a slippery path, but I have given the locutionist a well-trained tongue.

Because oil is coveted by so many, Satan has used it in the past and will use it even more in the future. The situation is more precarious than perceived. Many reserves lie in the hands of evil nations.

The money supply has so greatly increased that the true value of the dollar is hard to reckon. How safe is it? Can it withstand serious shocks and challenges to its stability?

More important is the unrest among so many groups. Walls that had fallen are quickly being rebuilt. Self-interests shout so loudly that voices of unity and reconciliation are no longer heard. The political structures that have guaranteed unity can no longer contain the diverse groups. The seams will burst soon. These forms of darkness can usually be kept at bay so the light wins the victory, but the breaking point is being reached and the twilight enters into nightfall.

Comment: Our Lady points out three areas where serious problems might emerge.

August 1, 2015
Shaken Off Course


The sun will not stop in its course and all the forces of nature will continue on their paths, but human history will encounter severe obstacles. The stream will not continue to flow in peace and harmony. All of this lies ahead, and I must speak about these difficulties.

Sometimes there is a very beautiful and clear stream which gradually becomes dirty and polluted. Yet it still flows its course with its same power. This is the world today. Each day, as the sun rises, the stream flows to its destination.

A disruption of its course is much different. The stream does not arrive at its destination. It is diverted and turned aside.

Until now, the satanic powers upon human history have polluted God’s original stream but they have not been able to change its flow or disrupt its life. People do not see their lives disrupted. They continue on, not seeing any need for God’s help. In their security they have forgotten their faith. In their prosperity, they feel no need to worship and obey the God who provides for them.

The events that I have been speaking about have not yet taken place, but they lie directly ahead. They will disrupt lives. Mankind will adjust to the early events and believe that his own resources have once more come to the rescue. However, this will not be true of the later events.

Certainly, these events do not come from God, but the heavenly Father will use the events to set mankind on His course. By my words, I am giving the whole world the correct interpretation of the events even before they happen. Much of human history will remain in the hands of mankind only if it cooperates with my word.

Comment: It is difficult to say exactly what lies ahead but certainly the source of the problems lie in mankind’s abandoning God.

The Two Forces (August 2 to August 9, 2015)

August 2, 2015
God’s Infinite Stream of Goodness


In the infinite goodness of God and the tenderness of my heart, a stream will go forth to mankind which no satanic action can stop. Satan does not know the secret plans of God which the Father has revealed to me fully.

Mankind will try to regain his equilibrium and rebuild his systems. Such is the natural force of self-preservation, but Satan knows these plans and has prepared for these responses. He holds back some of his powers for a later date, not spending his forces all at once.

This will be the great mistake of mankind. People will believe that the early events are all that are coming and that they can rebuild. They will not use this time to repent of their evils and turn to God. They will continue in a human wisdom which is no match for Satan’s plans. They will not have learned the teachings which I am pouring out.

Mankind has lost its way. It has lost its ability to hear God’s voice or to see his light. When confronted with the satanic evil, it will have only its natural light as a guide.

A stream of God’s infinite goodness flows continually through my Heart. None of this stream is lost. I pass every blessing on to mankind. In the events, all that mankind needs to do is to seek these blessings in my heart.

Remember my words, “I will not abandon you. My heart contains all that you will need. There will be a great stream of blessings. Day after day, sufficient help for you and your family. I will not abandon anyone who seeks me.”

Comment: Our Lady constantly speaks of human wisdom being inadequate.

August 3, 2015
Casting Out Hell’s Fires


All know that hell is filled with fire but I have been speaking of hell’s fires here upon earth. Satan’s fires are different from all others, because natural solutions cannot extinguish them. They feed upon human responses. This confuses the world.

The fires broke out in the events of terrorism, highlighted by September 11, 2001. Ever since then, the world has been on guard, in constant fear of terrorist attacks. Yet, hell’s fires are not limited to these groups. They spread everywhere and touch every fabric of human life.

They feed upon suffering and death, especially at abortion clinics.

They feed upon greed in the economy and upon daily selfishness. They feed upon false treaties, government deficits, drug trafficking, alcoholic addictions, adultery, and pornography. They feed upon social injustices. They multiply when suffering and poverty reign. These fires find breeding grounds everywhere, hidden pockets of deceit, lies which open doors to riches. How much food these fires find everywhere.

O reader, come away from these fires. I will create in you a pure heart and a pure soul. I will put out the demonic fires in your life. If you would allow me, I will extinguish them all. Do not compromise. Do not say, “This is just one small fire.” All the fires of hell must be cast out.

I am the Woman and my great task is to cast out hell’s fires from the earth so that they burn no more and peace can begin. There can be no peace when hell is welcomed and when the fires of hell are tolerated. Cleanse your lives. Seek out the powers of confession and use them regularly. That is a good beginning.

Comment: The best preparation for the future is to refuse to tolerate any satanic fire in our personal lives.

August 4, 2015
The Fires of Hell


The powers of hell rip everything apart and cause division and separation. They destroy in one day what it took years to build. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, a fire can be built.

Times of neglect prepare for instant conflagration because the wood becomes dry when God’s consolations are set aside.

Because God’s rain has fallen so little, such dry firewood exists everywhere. How much of the world and even parts of the Church are too dry? When the fire comes, it will set a forest ablaze.

Far easier to preserve than to rebuild, to prevent a fire rather than try to put it out. How soon and how powerfully will the demonic fires sweep upon the world, guided by Satan’s great intelligence?

Do you not see this before your very eyes? Does Satan not sweep your young into the fires of impurity? Does he not sweep your leaders into false treaties? Does he not sweep your economies into gigantic debts? Does he not sweep your people into the great addictions? All go into his fire, each using a different door. But what does it matter? All are consumed by the flames.

The whole world is going up in flames and no one grasps the urgency or sees any solution. This is my word. I will save what can be saved. I can only rescue those who hear my voice. This is not the time to wander. This is not the time to build, to construct and to dream of future years of wealth. The focus must be to preserve and to keep safe, to gather, to return to faith, and to remove any demonic fires from your life.

I speak now in this little way, using these locutions. Soon, I will speak fully and completely in my Church. However, the message will be the same. Do not wait. The gift of my words is yours today.

Comment: We all believe that these little locutions are so special. Why are they not given to the whole Church? Someday they will be.

August 5, 2015
What Legacy Will Be Passed On?

(Feast of Mary Major)


Why the delay? Why do my armies not take to the fields? Why are the forces of good not sent forth? As always, good and evil contend every day. The battle goes back and forth. This has always happened in human history.

Sometimes, great triumphs come forth, as at Lepanto. At other times, there are huge failures, like the two world wars. After these events, history moves in a quite different direction, good or bad.

These coming years are also a turning point. They will be filled with events which forever leave their mark. Will these years be a triumph for good or for evil? So much hangs in the balance.

The triumph of good or of evil is not inevitable, as if written into history before it unfolds. God has placed the story of history into man’s hands. Mankind chooses, both for himself and for others. By his choices, others are blessed or cursed, lifted up or thrown down. One generation leaves a legacy (good or evil) to the next. These are the decisions that mold history.

Now listen carefully to my words. These coming years will be years of the greatest battles.

Nothing is decided, as yet. Everyone living on earth, the important and the seemingly unimportant people, will all decide the future of the world. When this time is over, the issues will be settled and the legacy of war or peace, blessings or curses, will be passed on to others.

The burning question is, “What will be passed on?” What will the world look like? Those decisions are made now, today, in your very midst and before your eyes. Wake up! You must bless the world today. You must fashion human history by your prayers and sacrifices. My armies do not go forth because my children do not understand. What will I do? I must speak with a greater voice and with more powerful words, which give the clearest direction.

Comment: How important is your day today. Do not waste these hours.

August 6, 2015
The Fires of Peace


Before the fire goes forth from my heart, the world must be prepared. Otherwise, people’s hearts are not ready to receive and the fire pours out uselessly.

How can I prepare the world for this special coming? How can I get the Church ready for the Fatima gift, for it is the Fatima gift which contains all the fire, a fire which still burns so brightly in my heart and is ready to be poured forth in these final days.

So many mysteries to explain, mysteries which will suddenly burst into human history, mysteries which must be known and understood ahead of time. Right now, mankind is entering into years filled with mysteries and all the events cannot be understood without faith. Let me summarize these mysteries and then speak of the future.

The heavenly Father decided to prepare for the great Fatima gift by my many appearances in the 19th century. However, even as God bestowed the gift, the government opposed it and hindered some of its effects. (Heavenly gifts must be received.) If received correctly, World War I would have ended immediately. As it was, I was able to shorten that war.

World War II should never have happened. I would have put out the fires of Communism, Nazism and Fascism long before they were allowed to cause that terrible conflagration. There would have been no dropping of the atomic bomb, no Cold War, no Iron Curtain. By these words, I let you see the extent of my power over world events and to see what I have been saying. By rejecting faith, mankind has chosen a terrible path of darkness and suffering.

I come to the present and the future. The world is much further along this path of self-destruction. Parts of the world are totally immersed in darkness. Yet, the fires of peace burn brightly in my heart, waiting, waiting and waiting to be poured out, able to completely turn mankind around and to scatter this darkness over which he has no control. However, the world and the Church are not prepared. If poured out now, my fire would be wasted and foolishly spent.

I can only promise a future moment when it will not be so. Not just the Church, but even the world, will welcome my fire. Then peace will be firmly established.

There will be two sets of events. My events will directly prepare the Church for that moment.

Satan’s events, while shaking the world, will also remove the blindness of the secular spirit.

Comment: We must believe that Our Lady possesses the fire of peace and prepare.

August 7, 2015
The Isolation Coming from Darkness


When night descends, all work must cease because people cannot see each other. Darkness divides and isolates. Each person is on his own. Light joins and people can share their talents, helping one another to build a city of God.

But what if man decides to build his own city, with monuments to his own skills? When he abandons God’s light, darkness comes. This is the present state of the world. Man builds for himself. I am not speaking of his physical buildings that tower to the sky, but of the human world that he has fashioned.

In the beginning darkness, he uses all his resources for himself and forgets his neighbor. As the darkness grows, he uses resources for himself which he does not have. People and nations accrue debts and become enslaved to their spending. The final stage of darkness is a collapse of the structures which held life together. Darkness has completed its task – the complete separation of man, total isolation, and the inability to help one another to build the city of God.

Then come the wars, the divisions, the breaking off. Parts of society are abandoned. Due to the darkness, mankind can only think of itself, and of survival. People do not see that all the problems arise because mankind has abandoned God’s light. It is like putting out the sun and covering over the moon.

What can reverse the darkness? Is there some other source of light? Can light suddenly break upon the world, reversing this darkness? This light has already been given at Fatima. It only waits to be released. It lies totally in the Catholic Church, the light of the nations. When released, the Catholic Church will rise to its greatest height and will remain as the light upon the lampstand for all to see. Many events will happen before that moment. I speak so all maintain their hope.

Comment: When deciding to set aside God’s light, mankind does not see all the consequences.

August 8, 2015
The Gathering Storm Clouds


Even as the storm clouds cover the heavens, all know that the sun still pours out its blessings. This is why I speak. Even as the events cast darkness over the world, my children must believe that I am more powerful than Satan’s clouds and that the victory will be mine.

What storms lie ahead! What great faith will be needed. These are not trials sent by God. They result from mankind choosing the darkness and subjecting himself to Satan’s plan. Every day, mankind constantly chooses Satan’s path. He knows only this road because he has banished the light. Now I must speak.

The storm clouds will gather. This is not a time of light (although the Father wanted it to be so). These clouds, as always happen, will cover over the sun and cast darkness upon the earth.

This darkness will grow and many will lose all hope. The darkness will penetrate everywhere.

No part of human life will escape its effects. I will shelter, by great inner gifts of light, all my children. Although they will also suffer from the external darkness, this darkness will not cause them to despair. They will discover my new touches upon their hearts. They will experience my presence accompanied by extraordinary desires to gather with others for mutual support. All of this will be new, my special outpouring, which my children will know from my words, and experience from my actions upon them.

Still, the darkness will grow. No world leader will rise up, able to confront it. No group of nations will be able to scatter it. Many will believe that this new darkness will become the future state of mankind, the next era of human history. This will not be so, only because of the great gifts placed in my Immaculate Heart and released through the Catholic Church. O Church, I must awaken you to the Fatima gift which you have spurned and set aside. You, too, have chosen foolishly but you have never rejected me as your mother.

Comment: Our Lady carefully uses symbols to describe the future.

August 9, 2015
The Church and Satan


The world is moving quickly and Satan’s events face no obstacles. They freely march ahead, setting in place all that is needed to bring about their destructive goals. Why does my Church not awaken? Why are my people not preparing? It is always like this. The world knows its goals and seeks them every day. The Church moves slowly and awkwardly, often trying to find its way. So, I must speak.

The world, with all of its powers, cannot conquer Satan. It is totally vulnerable to his works and even cooperates, without actually seeing itself as his instrument. The world has blanked out the Satanic world, erased him from all of its thinking. This makes the world an easy prey and a ready tool.

The Church is different. The Church realizes that Satan exists. It contains great powers to cast him out and to bind him! In Jesus’ name, the Church can free anyone and any group or nation. The Church can form a society that is free from his influence and does not accept any compromise.

As the Satanic fires move quickly ahead to enslave the whole world, the world itself is totally helpless. Only the Church has the faith and the powers to destroy his plans.

Satan knows who has the power and he has wisely led the world away from the Church. Otherwise, he would enjoy no victories. Centuries ago, he withdrew many away by the false prophet, Mohammed. In modern times, he has raised up many other false prophets and the world has listened to them. Forsaking the light of faith, the world has cast out God instead of Satan and taken on Satan’s slavery instead of Jesus’ freedom.

My Church, you are my only hope. As frail and unprepared as you are, you are my only instrument. I must begin to work in your very bowels, in your depths, in your heart, in your spirit, in your soul. I must do a great work in you. You are not ready to confront these powerful works of Satan, but you will be as I stir you to new greatness.

Comment: The Catholic Church, with all its weaknesses will still be God’s instrument to cast out Satan.

The Fatima Gift (August 10 to August 15, 2015)

August 10, 2015
The Fatima Gift


The time is short but my people do not awaken. Who sounds the trumpet? Who calls for the fast?

Who says, “Let us seek the Lord”? All scatter to their homes, abandoning the Church and the grave burdens that I have placed upon her shoulders. Let me speak of my Church.

You do not see her as I see her. For many, she is a relic of the past. For others, she is even an obstacle to the future, an institution that must be swept aside so the new World Order can come forth. For others, she is a place of devotions where their hearts grow warm and they can renew their friendship with a Father who loves them and a Son who redeemed them. Even these devout souls have no idea of the Church’s call. They do not see how I will exalt her. They do not grasp that she will be the only light in the darkness nor the only power that will break and destroy the satanic evils that have grasped the world and are leading it so quickly into the darkness.

This role is still hidden, waiting to come forth. Now, the world, even with all its problems, moves ahead as if nothing looms on the horizon. All the plans are for growth and building, of buying and selling. These plans presume that life will continue as it is now, that order will reign, that governments will be stable and that peace will prevail in many areas.

This is not true. I speak, not to cast fear, but to enlighten, so the Church herself prepares.

This is my strong message. How can the world prepare? It has no faith. How can the world understand? It has not heard the Fatima message. You, my Church, have received those gifts.

They lie within you. They carry great power. Very soon, Fatima will take command of the Church. Fatima will guide the Church, protect the Church, and cast forth such great light that even the world will come to love Fatima. This is the greatest gift planted in your heart.

Comment: The gift of Fatima is planted deeply within the Church.

August 11, 2015
Our Lady Unties Knots


Storms can quickly ravage an area. No one knows why they came or where they went. They are mysteries of nature. So, also, the world of history has many mysteries which are hidden and unknown to men but I reveal them.

God intends human lives to intertwine. It is not good for man to be alone. He made them male and female so they cling to one another. He made them parents and children so they need one another. The basic structure of human life reveals this interdependence.

What happens when these relationships become entangled? They shift from relationships of life to relationships of death. They strangle, they kill, and they seek only their own interests.

When this reaches a certain level, the whole human race can be threatened. Nations turn against each other and all have the most destructive of weapons.

Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not steal. God’s laws are meant to guarantee that human relationships do not become entangled. Who will untie the knots?

Who has the power or the wisdom to restore human relationships so that peace covers the earth?

Oh, that there would be peace, so the money would not be wasted on weapons that only destroy human life.

Let me reveal my heart. Because my heart was never touched by sin, I was never entangled. Even if others grew angry, I calmed their spirits. If people manifested greed, I could say a word of generosity. All who came into my presence were touched by the fullness of grace given to me by the Father. They changed and were touched, even the soldiers at the cross.

This is my secret. I am the untier of knots. The power I enjoyed within Israel, I now have for the whole world and for all of human history. Come to me, all you who are entangled, and I will free you. Come to me all you nations, and I will give you peace.

Comment: Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has deep personal devotion to Our Lady who unties knots.

August 12, 2015
A Promise of Fire


You do not know the road that lies ahead with all of its twists and turns. I cannot show you this road. I can only promise that I will be with you.

Mankind has chosen to walk away from me. The Church has remained with me, but the present ways of the Church, although based upon faith and good will, must be lifted to a higher level. All must be lifted up into a new holiness.

I will not hold back these graces. They will be released into the hearts of many. Do not look for signs in the heavens. Do not look for great portents. Look right now into your own heart.

Receive this fire. Let it burn brightly and lead you to greater devotion and hope. All my gifts are contained in this new fire and I will not hold this back.

I see all that lies ahead and I am right now equipping my children with new fire. Each will carry this torch. When they come together in love, the fire will be bright enough for all. If one loses their fire, others can re-light their heart.

I must spread my fires quickly, before the darkness comes. I send forth these locutions as messengers of light. I say to all, “I hold a special fire for all of you. Come and I will light your heart and the fire will burn in millions of hearts.” How quickly I must prepare the Church!

Comment: This special promise is not for the future but for now.

August 13, 2015
Bridge over Troubled Waters


I do not ask the impossible. I seek only fidelity to my word. By fidelity to my word, my children find the bridge over all the troubled waters. There is no need to swim in the turbulence or even worse, to be carried away by the relentless waves. I provide a bridge over which my children can walk.

The bridge is narrow but safe, leading securely to the other side. It is not difficult and can be walked by anyone. In fact, everyone helps and encourages each other to walk this bridge.

This bridge already exists and all are invited to walk. I am the first one to walk this bridge, in complete fidelity to my Son at the cross. When he died and rose, the bridge was completed and all of mankind could walk above the demonic oceans which had swept so many away.

However, in these centuries, many have rejected Jesus, the bridge of the Father. Mankind, by following its own lights, finds itself in a turbulence which it does not understand. It tries to conquer the turbulence with weapons and to control it by economic strategies. The real solution is to come out of the ocean and walk on the bridge.

I do not want my children subject to demonic turbulence. I do not say to them, “Swim harder. I will wait for you on the shore.” Instead, I lead them to the bridge, where their feet walk securely and they rejoice to be plucked out of the raging sea. This is my secret, which I reveal in so many different images. They all reveal solutions that your natural eyes cannot see. I provide a bridge for every person. Come to me and I will show you your bridge.

Comment: In this locution, Our Lady uses an image made famous in the Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena.

August 14, 2015
Providing a Whale


I speak because many would lose their way, having no light in the darkness. Instead, they will be like Jonah, swallowed by the whale, but deposited upon the place where they can serve. When the difficulties come, they will be in my heart and although affected like everyone else, they will not be swept away. Let me explain this mystery which is so much at hand.

Mankind has placed so much evil in the ocean of life that turbulence is inevitable, the result of his own sins. In great turbulence, many ships are easily destroyed and all the other ships seem insecure. But Jonah was beloved of God and, although thrown overboard at his own request, God provided the whale of safety. This is an image of my saving action.

I know the turbulence which lies ahead. I know every event, every date, every action and reaction. It will become a turbulent sea. It will also be a time when I enclose every one of my children, yes every single one, in my heart. They will ask, “Where are we?” You are safe in my heart because you have believed.

I speak now in these images, so that they are stored up in your hearts and you can easily bring them forth. They are pledges of my helps, and of my powerful intervening presence. You will more and more cling to my words.

Why do I continue to speak? Because my children need me and I will not abandon them. The way is not impossible but they need help.

Comment: In this biblical parable, the whale was God’s gift to Jonah, saving him from turbulence and bringing him to where God wanted.

August 15, 2015
The Flame of Fatima


I do not wait until all is ready. I move ahead according to my own time schedule. Do not think that I am wasting this time, like one who merely waits in the wings, until called onto the stage.

Deep within the Church, I am placing powerful forces. (I do not call them movements because their effects go far beyond any limited number.) They are forces which prepare many hearts.

These forces strengthen and purify the Church. They prepare and prepare and prepare. Most important, they prepare you who read these locutions. Let me now reveal the deepest secrets of my heart.

I have my plan, put in place for centuries and gradually revealed by all my apparitions. It is made known to all those whom I have enlightened, and, only now, comes to full fruition. The flame of Fatima still burns brightly. Suddenly, when all think that the promises are too late, the Fatima flame will burst forth like a mighty fire, the greatest power of God released upon mankind in the moment of its greatest need.

All is planned. All is in place. The Fatima gift burns secretly in the hearts of millions. They need only the moment when I light the fire and suddenly, a million lights will appear all over the world. Hold on to your Fatima gift. Believe that the message still has its time. It will come. It will not delay. Only in the darkness, will the Church and the world welcome this light.

Comment: Even though Sister Lucy, Fatima’s messenger, has died, the flame is still alive and will come forth.

Our Lady’s Special Helps (August 16 to August 26, 2015)

August 16, 2015
A Mother’s Milk


All the veils must part and all the future must be revealed. This is the gift which the heavenly Father has given to me and which I share with my children. These are precious words, always given to help, to enlighten and to console. They are not meant for the curious who hope to know events ahead of time. I speak them for devout souls so their fervor can be nourished.

How many look forward to these daily words and find much consolation. For them I continue to speak. I see each one. I see their desire for these words. I see the helps and the consolations which each receives. This encourages me to continue to speak and reveal.

How I would like to take each one into my arms right now and lift them to heaven. But, that is not the Father’s plan. Each person has a purpose, a task to fulfill on earth. Naturally, I will take some before others and I will leave some much longer (just as I left Sr. Lucy for so many years). All will be safe. I will not abandon any one of my children. My words are solid promises and are accompanied by the graces needed to fulfill.

Let me end with these words, “Those who are wise love my words. They know that they come from a mother’s love. They drink them in like a newborn infant seeks its mother’s milk. These are all the nourishment that they need.” Be content with my words. I will provide all that you need. There will always be fresh milk to feed on each day.

Comment: Each day, Our Lady provides the best nourishment.

August 17, 2015
Using the Chaos for God’s Purposes


Great power goes forth when little words reveal my heart where the heavenly Father has placed all of human history. Everything is there. All the human decisions, all the world events, all that is past and future. All come together in my heart and all are revealed by my words.

I must speak quickly. The time is very short and there is need for great clarity. I do not speak for the curious so they can plot the times and the events. I speak so that the devout can be prepared and filled with confidence.

Deep troubles lie ahead that cannot be avoided because too many things are clashing. Opposites cannot be reconciled. They struggle for supremacy. Chaos and order. Heaven and hell. Good and evil. These forces shape human history in the constant daily struggle.

Soon, the great battle will come to the surface, breaking through the established order and pouring forth its chaos. It will seem like a great victory for evil but my children, trained by my words, will understand. From my teachings, they all know that this first step belongs to evil. They will know God’s plan of which I have spoken clearly.

There will be a series of events that reveal the deep disorders which lie beneath the surface. Mankind will awaken and many will realize that they have walked away from faith.

More important, the Church will be deeply shaken. Doors that have been closed will reopen. Light will penetrate the prevailing darkness. It will be a new moment. I will use the chaos for my purposes and will begin to position the Church for the role I have always intended her to have – the light of the nations.

Comment: Satan brings about the chaos. The chaos is not God’s will but He can use it for his purposes.

August 18, 2015
The Turmoil


Why the delay? Why do I not just pour out my gifts? Why do I not intervene in extraordinary ways to bring the world to great faith? I have already taken these steps. I have appeared and spoken to many. I have given the greatest promises and spoken about world events. But my actions and my words are set aside.

I do not give up. I press on. Too much is at stake. The whole world hangs in the balance. Many nations are endangered and the lives of millions hang in the balance. I will continue to speak so all can understand.

I have spoken about events, but I will now use the word “turmoil” because the events are so close. The turmoil has not yet begun. It will be triggered by a single event that is obvious to all. This will not be the only event. It will be followed by another event and yet another, with some time intervening between them. Gradually, the world will realize that this situation is so new.

God will not cause this turmoil but He will use it for His purpose. Gradually, people will realize that they falsely chose material prosperity. Some will just be crushed because their dreams are destroyed. Others, however, who kept alive the light of faith, will experience my touch upon their souls. They will breathe the air of divine hope and find themselves stirred to return to their religious roots.

I will come to the aid of the Church because great new burdens will have fallen upon her. In this darkness, I will be her light. In this turmoil, I will be the safe harbor. This is the secret I want to reveal. The Church must lift me up as the Mother of all nations and the guiding star. If so, the great helps stored in my heart will begin to flow forth.

Comment: As always, Our Lady offers great hope in the midst of turmoil.

August 19, 2015
The Deluge and the Ark


The rain, the flood, the deluge. Is there no safety amid all that will happen soon? Is the tide of evil just to sweep away everything in sight and claim the whole world? That is Satan’s plan for this generation, the hope that he has always cherished and the goal of all his actions.

This is Satan’s scenario, the desires flowing from his evil heart. He has raised up his world leaders who act as his instruments. He has united the terror groups. He has weakened the West and covered over their light of faith. So many parts of his plan are set in place. Yet, he waits. It is not yet the time. The clouds gather but do not yet send down the rain.

Should I stop here as if there is no response from heaven? Instead, let me pause and ask, “What if there were no heavenly gifts? What hope would exist for mankind? What would be its future?” This pause is filled with light. All my children realize that earth without heaven has little chance against such powerful forces. How important is the Father’s plan. How important are all my apparitions and all my promises. How even more important will be my actions, my helps, my lights and all my heavenly favors. These words today are my clearest invitation.

I spread before your eyes the great deluge and the great Ark of hope, my heart. So many are willing to stay outside, believing that there is no need to enter this ark. My children know better. Come, I will gather you up quickly and when the rains begin you will not be caught outside.

Comment: In the past, Our Lady has often spoken of her heart as the Ark. Now, her invitation is much more urgent.

August 20, 2015
Will Doors Be Opened or Closed?


When the doors fly open, the wind enters and no one controls where it goes or what it does. Mankind has opened forbidden doors and now forces are released which he cannot understand or keep in check. Is it too late? Is there a path to security and peace?

This is mankind’s current dilemma, although he does not yet grasp this truth. He moves along with no great sense of his need for heavenly help, or of the crossroads that he will come to.

I speak to awaken, so mankind sees now and acts as quickly as possible. I have many topics on my heart.

The Iran treaty is a massive door that should never be opened. Benefits are already accruing to Iran but if the treaty is accepted, the door will open completely and there will be no turning back even if later attempts are made. How foolish this action. It is the work of darkness and deceit.

The process of the presidential election is also filled with the greatest darkness. Candidates come forth for their own selfish interests. Here, too, the Evil One has his goals and chooses his candidates. How important is this process and these months leading up to the election.

Pray that I might place my hand upon those who should lead America.

The months ahead will see two important moments for Pope Francis, his coming to America and the October Synod. The first event is on the surface, filled with publicity and the glare of cameras. The second lies at the heart of the Church, in the very center of its approach to the family. How delicate are the discussions and how important are its final decisions.

All of these issues are immanent, right at hand. All have a definite time frame known to all.

All are vitally important. Will the doors be kept open or closed? Will winds be allowed to blow that cannot be controlled?

Comment: Our Lady comments on human decisions that will soon be made.

August 21, 2015
The Moments Decreed by God


Each day comes exactly on time, as decreed by the heavenly Father. No one is surprised. The sun has always been faithful to its task of rising at the correct moment.

Such is not the case with human history. However, some moments exist which the heavenly Father has decreed and these events happen at his exact time. They are pre-ordained and they are so important that all else must cede to them. Even if mankind is not fully prepared, the heavenly event must go forth.

Such were the mysteries of Jesus’ birth and death, events fulfilled at the exact moment of God’s decree. Such were the apparitions at Fatima and such will also be the great events of my gifts to the Church.

Even among all the human failures and all the human mistakes, even among all of Satan’s deceits and wiles, still, in the middle of all this stands the decree of the Father that, in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I say this now so that my children never lose hope and never believe, for even one moment, that I have forsaken them. Let them cling to my words, spoken with such great certainty. Satan will control much because mankind has yielded so much to him but the ultimate victory lies in my hands.

What more can I say now? I want to give you as much light as possible because you will need all my words in the darkness. I have already placed in my Church all the needed gifts. I protect these gifts and have already anointed those who safeguard them and will bring them to the surface. I prepare all the events so that they will not be set aside or overlooked. Let me put it this way. When Satan shakes the world, he will also shake loose the Fatima gifts and these will rise to the surface. Just as at the cross, what looked like defeat was really a victory.

Comment: Our Lady tries to reveal to us mysteries that we need to understand.

August 22, 2015
The Fatima Gift Rises to the Surface


Each day, I open to your eyes new gifts so you can see that, amid all the darkness, there is a road of light. First, I give you words of light, followed by my promises. Then, I give words of direction, followed by my actions. I am at work in my Church, preparing its heart for the great Fatima gift that will suddenly (and soon) break open. Just as pangs precede a birth, so there will be struggles, difficulties and even events. But all my children must see these as the birth pangs of Fatima. Fatima is the great gift, containing all that the Church needs to be the Light of the Nations.

I will try to describe for you all that will occur. Even with many threats, there is still security. Life goes on as usual. Danger signals appear but nothing happens that seriously disturbs human life. In this atmosphere of contentment, the Fatima gift is forgotten, as if not needed. Fatima is the devotion of the few who choose to follow the messages. However, as human life is halted, as structures are shaken, the promises of Fatima will grow in importance. As world leaders fail to calm the storms, the Church will cry out to the heavenly Father for respites.

As this point, through those whom I have chosen, I will act more boldly. These little locutions given now for years, will take on a new power. Their credibility will have been established. Even more, the words that I will give will be clearer and sharper.

I will also begin to touch people in high places. They will come to believe. In this way, the Fatima gift, now unopened, will begin to rise to the surface. All of this is preparation for the greater events that will happen until the Fatima gift is broken open and its graces flood the Church.

Comment: On this feast, the Queenship of Mary, Our Lady reveals how the Fatima gift will come into prominence in the Church.

August 23, 2015
An Economic Event


I know that I speak of great events which will happen soon but this must not overwhelm you. Each person will receive the heavenly grace which they need. Let us begin.

Society contains many structures which have been weakened by sinful decisions. The safeguards against collapse have been greatly weakened. Those who should have protected the economic system, have totally failed their responsibilities, thus leaving huge gaps which anyone can see. These gaps are papered over, with money printed without any true resources. How long this blasphemy has taken place and how false is the true value of the dollar upon which the world system relies.

The dollar will not hold the world systems together. It is extended and stretched too far. The beginning events will be economic and a breakdown of trust and confidence which undergirds the economic system.

Fortunately, there is some inner strength and some integrity which will limit the slide and provide some protection. All will not be lost but the first jolt will be clearly felt.

None of this comes from God. It is not a divine chastisement. It results completely from the foolish and sinful decisions of man. Steps will be taken. Adjustments will be made. The system will be patched together so people can move on.

However, the great issues will not be faced. Repentance, change of heart and the need for America to turn to the living God will be set aside for another day. It will be the same road, with a few cautions. However, anyone with wisdom will know that greater problems lie ahead.

In God’s plan, this event will be the beginning of a shaking of the Church, an awakening to the need for the Fatima gift. So, all has a purpose.

Comment: In very simple words, Our Lady speaks about the near future.

August 24, 2015
The New Pentecost of Fatima


Because no one sees or understands the events that lie ahead, few steps are taken to avoid the darkness. Mankind is like a train whose course is pre-determined by his past choices. I begin this way to open up new possibilities. Mankind has another option only because of the Fatima gift. Today, I speak of heaven’s path to world peace.

The heavenly Father knew that mankind would fall into this darkness. He knew that mankind would foolishly build structures that were bound to collapse. He knew that mankind would be tricked by Satan and plunged into a darkness that he could not dispel.

He knew that these factors would bring about inevitability, a culmination and a gathering together of all the elements of darkness. He foresaw this historical moment, the great convergence of evils sown into human history. He saw, too, the inevitability if some special gift were not made available.

Such is the great Fatima gift, the culmination of all that is good, filled with the greatest blessings ready to be poured forth. These are the mysteries I am revealing. Without Fatima, mankind would have no hope. With Fatima, all can lead to victory and the pouring forth of world peace. How will this take place?

The mystery of Jesus’ birth, the Word becoming flesh, was a total surprise, but it was known by a few — Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah and myself. Soon, others came to see— the shepherds, the Magi, Simeon and Anna. Eventually, the mystery was revealed to the disciples. With Jesus’ death and resurrection, followed by the sending of the Spirit, the mystery burst forth upon the world.

So it will be with the Fatima gift. It is already known by a few and understood by them. By these locutions, the mystery is being revealed to more. Soon, Fatima will come into greater and greater prominence. Finally, it will break forth upon the world, like a new Pentecost. The world will be surprised but the battle will just be beginning. As at the first Pentecost, the Spirit’s work will begin in Jerusalem and go forth from there.

I do not reveal these truths so people can sit back passively and wait. I speak to encourage faith and action. Take up your rosaries and begin. Change your lives. Help those in need. Fill your lives with the works of the gospel. Then you will be prepared for the new Pentecost coming from Fatima.

Comment: The world without Fatima would have no hope.

August 25, 2015
The Surprise Visitor


Mankind is helpless and cannot survive without the gifts of heaven. Man needs all of heaven’s natural gifts, sun, air and water provided by his Creator. Even these, he takes without any thought of giving thanks.

He also needs greater gifts because God has given him intellect and free will. Because of these powers, mankind is able to build a world and to bring creation to its highest level. Has that happened? Has mankind brought the world to its highest level where peace reigns and everyone enjoys a fullness of what God has abundantly provided?

Instead, the twin evils of violence and poverty dominate the world, twin paths that reflect the evil over which man has no control. Mankind has fallen victim to robbers, and lies by the wayside. As time passes, and one person after another walks by, hopelessness sets in. Will no one be kind enough to bend over fallen humanity, dress its wounds, and bring it to safe refuge?

Suddenly, someone comes. Who is this surprise visitor? A foreigner, someone despised, a Samaritan who has been set aside. Why should he stop for a Jew? Why should he bend over and wash the wounds? Why should he lift him up and take him to an inn?

Cannot these same questions be asked about Jesus? Has not society despised him, pulled down his images, and subjected him to ridicule? Yet, these are my words. Jesus will be your surprise visitor. At the moment you lie helpless by the wayside, He will come, pour His graces into your wounds and bring you to a safe place. Then, the eyes of all the world will open.

Jesus will again be exalted. This is my path to lasting peace.

Comment: As mankind becomes more and more wounded, Jesus will bend over suffering humanity.

August 26, 2015
Financial Crisis


There are so many clouds on the horizon that it is difficult to speak of a future filled with such darkness. Yet, if I do not speak, the darkness will still come and my children will not have the light of my words.

By now, it is evident to all that the great darkness has begun. The economic evils lying beneath the surface have broken through and have begun to shake the markets. This comes as no surprise to my children who have listened to these words because I have spoken so often of the sins which have weakened the structures and made them ready for a collapse.

Now, I must come to the heart of the matter. Efforts are being made right now as I speak to shore up the markets and to spread out the failures so that the shock is lessened. This, too, just postpones the day of reckoning. The deeper evils have not yet surfaced; the complete dishonesty that has prevailed for years and the constant pushing off of the day of truth. What looks like evil is really truth. What is the money truly worth? Who have been good stewards and who have been dishonest?

What words can I give to my children? How can I offer light in the midst of so much darkness?

First, I will be with each of you in a personal way, giving you greater faith and greater love for each other. Amid the difficulties, I will also extend an invitation to many to return to the Catholic faith.

During this financial crisis, I will provide families with a great light, so correct decisions are made. I will not allow despair to control your hearts nor will I allow you to choose paths of darkness. I will be with you. I speak of this darkness ahead of time only so you can believe my promise.

Comment: Our Lady prophesies the darkness so we believe her promises of divine help.

The Middle East (August 27 to August 31, 2015)

August 27, 2015
Syria and Iran


When night falls, mankind is limited. He cannot perform all the deeds of the day. Even with artificial light, he must accept limitations and await the dawn to return to full activity. The darkness limits his freedom.

Mankind must accept this daily truth that half of each day will be spent in darkness. This has been imposed upon him from the very beginning, when God separated the light from the darkness. This darkness fulfills God’s plan and conforms to His love.

Satanic darkness is different. It destroys God’s plan and interferes with his love. It closes off God’s paths and blinds man to the roads he should walk.

Little by little, event by event, the light has given way to Satan’s darkness— the terror groups, the so-called “Arab Spring,” the Syrian revolution, the Ukraine, ISIS, and now the Iran nuclear treaty. I said that the Syrian revolution would last a long time and that Satan would use the Syrian revolution to destabilize the Middle East. Now, Putin sees it in his interest to bring it to a close, and to work out a treaty. However, the evil will have been accomplished. Also, a greater evil will arise.

All that I had said about the evil flowing from Syria has happened. Now, the darkness moves on to its next step and will center itself in Iran, another close friend of Russia.

Comment: Our Lady speaks of events already fulfilled and, more important, the greater evil in Iran.

August 28, 2015
Iran, Satan’s Powder Keg


Even with Putin’s efforts to bring about accord, Syria will continue to be a battleground. Too many diverse groups have special interests which they will not sacrifice. Those fires will continue to burn, but at a lower level. Most has been reduced to rubble. The government-controlled territory has shrunk, and no dominant force has emerged. By these years of conflict, the damage has been done and stability has been destroyed.

The Satanic fire now shifts to Iran which strengthens its hold upon its people. Satan has always had his eyes and his hands upon Iran. It is his jewel of the Middle East, the perfect situation to launch his greatest violence and bring about the destruction of Israel. Iran is Satan’s greatest cauldron of fire, of epic proportions, and soon with nuclear warheads.

Only Israel fully grasps the situation. Forced into a corner and deserted by President Obama, Israel readies its own plans. It cannot wait and cannot allow a nuclear Iran.

I pull back this veil so that all can see the true plight of mankind. The Arab Spring revolutions were Satan’s moments of preparation. Syria was Satan’s instrument in lighting the fuse. Iran is his powder keg where the explosion will take place. My words have been clear and consistent so everyone will believe that I am speaking. Do not just believe my warnings.

Believe also in my promises and obey my requests.

Comment: Nothing could be clearer. Our Lady reveals the true situation.

August 29, 2015
Jerusalem, Satan’s Target


All is clear to my sight. I see all the forces of evil that are placed on the Middle East. I see the weapons and the plans to use them. I see the leaders who are involved and the free decisions which they can make. I see their intellects and know exactly what they are plotting.

Especially, I see that nothing is definite. Strategies shift. Unknown obstacles surface. Groups that were united enter into disputes. Not only is the Middle East in turmoil, but in even greater turmoil are all the forces behind the scenes.

The Middle East is a collection of diverse powers, some trying to bring stability and others trying to destroy. The future is very, very uncertain. So much depends on forces that gain momentum and try to sweep all the other groups along with them, upon the decisions made to join these forces or to try to destroy them. Who will eventually gain the upper hand? So much remains to be decided. So, I must speak.

The Middle East is Satan’s playground and he enjoys his games of destruction. One terrorist group destroys another and then it is destroyed. Smaller groups give way to larger ones. Yet all have the same DNA of violence, destruction, suffering and death. Winners become losers and all pass away, leaving behind a legacy of satanic suffering.

In the middle of all this sits Israel. Do you not see the connection? All of Satan’s efforts are to destroy Israel and Jerusalem because the heavenly Father has His plans for Jerusalem.

The Father decreed that the blood of his Divine Son should be shed in Jerusalem. The power of that blood still remains upon the Holy City. No other city in the world contains the redeeming blood of Jesus. No wonder Jerusalem is Satan’s target.

Comment: Our Lady accurately describes the Middle East and reveals why Satan covets Jerusalem.

August 30, 2015
Iran, the Nation of the Lie


I spread before you all the evils of the Middle East so you might see what Satan has prepared and understand his plans. He will use the Middle East as his cauldron of fire. Just as the fire came from Babylon to destroy Jerusalem in the time of Jeremiah, the prophet, so the fire of the Middle East is being prepared by Satan to first destroy Israel, and then to lift its eyes to the West.

All of this is already seen by the world. What the world does not see is the great evil in Iran, which will become the very center of Satan’s furnace.

Satan has used the terrorist groups to prepare for this moment when Iran takes center stage.

Its resources are far greater than any terrorist organization. It does not need to establish a caliphate. It is already a formed nation with a large and stable group of people. It already has a place at the table of nations and has just signed a treaty that is totally to its own advantage. So, I must pull back the veil that covers Iran.

Satan’s plans have finally reached his goal. He has kept Iran hidden for years. While everyone focused on the terrorist activities, Iran was allowed to develop its nuclear weapons, fearful sources of unbelievable proportions.

When all of this is accomplished (and it is already happening), what will Iran do? Will she take her place among the peaceful nations, content that she has gained this status? Not at all. Iran is the country of the lie, of deception, of pride, and of boundless ambition. All of this is not hidden. Iran speaks openly of her intentions and the West does not believe her.

All of these mysteries I hold in my heart and reveal to the world, so everyone will know of my total love for mankind and of the powers which God has given to me to bring about world peace.

Your heavenly mother has spoken.

Comment: We focus on wiping out terrorist groups and are blind to Satan’s real goal – to have a nuclear Iran.

August 31, 2015
Final Words on Iran


There is no more to say. All the terror flowing from the Middle East has led to this goal of a nuclear Iran. Once that is established, the tables will shift and the cover of secrecy will come off.

Iran will boldly assert its new position. Efforts to curb its ambitions will prove fruitless (just as the efforts to curb its nuclear capability). Most important, Iran will give Russia a door to Middle East power, something it sought years ago in attacking Afghanistan.

There will be a linking of Russia with Iran, and although the relationship will not be smooth, they will be joined in their mutual hatred of Israel and the West. This linking up has already taken place. The nuclear capability of Iran will make it an even more dangerous relationship.

Closer and closer the world moves toward nuclear war. How often I have spoken about this evil, saying that nations could be annihilated.

Would not Iran suffer? Would there not be a response? Do not forget. Satan loves no one. He delights only in suffering. He has no friends, only instruments that he uses for his purposes.

Is there not a final word? Need I end on a note of destruction? The very fact that I speak is a note of hope. I portray what the future can be but does not have to be. I always end with the same gift of light. The heavenly Father has placed the gift of world peace in my Immaculate Heart. All must run there immediately. I will give you a special prayer, “O Mary, through your Immaculate Heart, give us world peace.” Your heavenly Mother loves each one of you.

Comment: Our Lady always ends on a note of hope, if we pray and act.

The Economic Collapse (September 1 to September 4, 2015)

September 1, 2015
An Evil in Man’s Bloodstream


My words grow serious because the time is so short. I am not speaking of nuclear war but of the shaking of the established order of life. Many cracks appear, but with a crack the wall continues to function and life goes on. A collapse changes the order of things and claims everyone’s attention. Life cannot go on as usual. All is disrupted. The pieces must be picked up and put together again so life can continue as usual.

This is what the world desires – that life go on as before. However, life cannot continue in this way. An economic reckoning awaits the nations. There have already been little shakings, which are called “correcting the markets.” Would that your markets were able to be corrected!

The problems lie in the spirit of mankind and in the world leaders who have allowed this economic system to be formed by selfish interests and to move out from under God’s wisdom. The wisdom of man is folly and his greatest folly surrounds greed and money.

I look at the whole world and I see danger spots everywhere, arising from evil decisions made decades ago and multiplied in recent years. Now, I must speak to this issue, serious words, spoken to my children who will also be caught up in this collapse.

I can prevent nuclear war and if the Church turns to my Immaculate Heart, I will show the way to world peace. That is a future issue. The economic collapse is a different question.

Millions of selfish and deceitful decisions have led to this moment. It is not a question of one nation or one leader. Every nation and people have shared in this evil. The problem is in man’s bloodstream. All I can do is to alleviate the suffering. I will be with you in every possible way when the collapse comes.

Comment: Our Lady’s words grow much more serious. As always, she promises her presence and her help.

September 2, 2015
The Coming Economic Collapse


There is no more delay. These events are at hand, already unfolding before your eyes. All see the shaking of the markets. Many try to analyze and to understand. Causes are assigned and steps are taken to stabilize and to shore up. However, the deeper layers of the economy do not provide a solid foundation. The foundations themselves are weak and ready to collapse.

Who understands the many flaws in the worldwide economies? Who has the resources to stabilize the hidden foundations upon which everything else depends? This is impossible. So, the collapse cannot be avoided. All realize that it is a matter of time. Sooner or later? Near at hand or far away? These are the questions. Dare I speak about them? I always, always think of my children.

Sometimes, in her great love, a mother speaks. At times, she keeps silent. At other times, she just says a few words. I do not speak as an economist, but as a mother. I speak so you know that I will be with you. I can no longer hold back my words. The foundations can no longer support the weight of world debt. The past decisions to constantly postpone the needed actions and to cover over financial responsibilities are about to have their effects. There will be a collapse. The weight is too heavy.

I will be present to all my children. I will not hold back the light needed for their decisions. I will pour out hope to sustain them. When my children see the new reality, they will no longer be blinded by their fascination with the world. Their inner light of faith will mean everything to them. They will also have my words as their daily guide in the darkness.

Comment: Our Lady is reluctant to speak these words. Yet, she must speak for her children’s welfare.

September 3, 2015
The Pope’s Visit and the Collapse


I cannot say that the economic collapse is distant when really it is near, or that it will be short when really it will be long, or that it will be easy, when really it will be quite difficult. Only truth gives the light needed for hope. So, I will now speak words of truth.

This collapse has been a long time in coming, preceded by many incidents that should have awakened the world. God is not the cause of the collapse and the collapse is not a divine chastisement. The collapse comes because of man’s free will and the choices he has made. The collapse has no purpose. It results from purposeless decisions made from self-interest.

The collapse will not come before Pope Francis comes to America but it will happen while he is in America. I deliberately brought the Pope to America, the world’s financial center, to be here when it takes place. I want him to be part of the picture. I want him to be present. His presence in America will be my sign that the Church is very important in saving mankind from its own follies. Toward the end of his trip, he will have to shift his message and address the new world situation. In this way, I will begin to exalt the Church as a beacon of light in the darkness.

During September, Congress will be voting on the Iran treaty. Terrorism and economic difficulties are the twin evils which will mark the years ahead. All of these good and evil forces, papacy, economic collapse and nuclear war will be merged in a single unforgettable moment, as they all come together in September, 2015.

Comment: This is an extraordinary locution.

September 4, 2015
A Flood – But Not Noah’s


A change will come over the whole world. Many will be confused. World leaders will not know what to do. The full extent of the collapse will not be realized at first. Like a flood that claims more and more of the dry ground, people will think that they are safe from its effects. Then, they realize that the flood claims them and their homes.

I hate to speak of this. Yet, it is important for my words to go forth. So much of human life will be touched by these waters of debt. Even so, some areas of the economy will continue, even though it is serious. This collapse is not like the floods of Noah that covered the whole earth.

Most important, how will mankind respond? Will the bankers again tinker with the books? A change here, a change there and all will be as it used to be. Such will be their wisdom but my words go much deeper.

This collapse will offer to the world a great invitation, while there is still time. A new reality will set in. Mankind will have a new perspective. Many, many will just continue as before, cursing what has happened and intent on restoring the previous order. Others will be more perceptive, especially as they listen to my words.

“This is not the time to rebuild but to repent. It is not the time to build new economic skyscrapers but to lay a new foundation of faith deep within. It is time to restore the structures of faith. This collapse will not be the end but it will be a final warning. Other warnings have not been heeded. This warning, you must listen to.”

I have so much to teach. I do not expect you to understand on your own! I do expect you to act according to the words I give you.

Comment: Our Lady gives two truths. The floods of this collapse will be extensive but they are not the floods of Noah which destroyed the whole earth.

Our Lady’s Helps (September 5 to September 8, 2015)

September 5, 2015
Our Lady’s Light in the Darkness


Every effort will be made to have life go on as before. But life should not go on as before because the disorders brought about the collapse. New foundations are needed. Can this happen?

Can a people who have strayed so far and have wandered so deeply into the darkness, see a new light? Not by themselves, nor by their own efforts.

So, I must come upon the scene with the most powerful lights. New lights must suddenly shine. Unexpected lights. Words from heaven. People to guide and new voices that speak my messages.

Have I not already begun? Do not your ears already hear my words? Have not these locutions gone forth for years? Will you be surprised? Not at all. I have told you ahead of time. Will I suddenly stop speaking when all the world is ready to listen? I have spoken for all this time to prepare for this moment.

In the middle of these times of darkness, when mankind is filled with confusion and ready to despair, my greatest lights will suddenly shine. Satan is not the only one who is ready. I, too, am ready and soon the full battle will begin, but only after my lights fill the world.

Then, the opposing forces will be clearly drawn up. Satan will have his terrorists, his nuclear Iran, and all the confusion caused by the destruction of stable structures. I will have my messengers, my lights and my presence, coming upon all who turn to me in faith.

My greatest gift of light will shine forth as Satan’s darkness grows and grows. Then, all will see the great glory of the Catholic Church and how I will use her to bless all mankind.

Comment: The battle lines have not yet been drawn.

September 6, 2015
Gifts after the Collapse


As expected, the world will mourn its losses and grieve much over the riches which it used to have. I, too, will grieve over the many good people caught up in this suffering. I will grieve over the great hardships which will be caused and over the sadness and depression which many will feel because it is the moment of accounting.

I must speak of another result, the clearing away of all illusions and a willingness to live in God’s wisdom. How can a foolish, crushed, fallen world ever rise to a new level, when it would not do this in prosperity? Will not people be mourning? Will their hearts not be so burdened? Will they not curse God, claiming they are innocent, and refusing to see the truth?

This is Satan’s plan. He wants to strike a blow at the human spirit so mankind never lifts its eyes to the Almighty. Despair, hatred for God, darkness – these are always effects of a tragedy. Such would be the state of man.

However, in the moments of the collapse, I will send forth the greatest light. All the promises that I have made in these locutions will go into effect. More important and greater gifts, hidden until now, will begin to surface.

How often I have spoken of the Catholic Church and its new role in world affairs. How often I have spoken of the Fatima gifts that have not been opened. How often I have spoken of my priest son whom I love so much and whom I have anointed. When the collapse comes, know that all of these powerful gifts that I have stored up for the world, will begin to be opened.

Comment: Our Lady promises helps and has often spoken about these special gifts.

September 7, 2015
The Final Warning


How serious will the collapse become? Much depends on the decisions made by worldly leaders. Unfortunately, many decisions will not be made in truth. They will not face the problems or build a true foundation. They will try to “get by” and “get through this situation.”

This collapse is not a temporary situation of a true economy, but the normal result of a false economy, based upon money that does not exist and the accumulation of debt. All of this happened when the West walked away from God. When the light of faith was left behind, mankind entered into darkness.

This collapse will be the final warning. So that my message will be believed, it will take place while the Pope is at the world’s financial center. After the collapse, many secular voices will be raised, decrying what has been allowed to happen. These voices will be too shallow because they do not understand.

My deepest question is this. Will the response be like it was after 9/ 11? Will it just be a week or two of fervor, when all the churches were filled? For a short time, the people looked to God but soon returned to their normal ways. This collapse is different. This is the final warning. If you return to what was, if America does not return to faith, then you will have no hope.

Yet, does a mother allow the child of her womb to struggle alone? Does she not bend over and offer her help? In the middle of the despair, I will place new seeds of hope. The future does not lie with those who will attempt to rebuild a corrupt economic system, but with those who say, “Let us be taught by God.”

Comment: Our Lady gives clear guidelines of true and false rebuilding.

September 8, 2015
The Effects of the Final Warning


I have opened my heart and spoken my words for all the world to know. I have not held back nor have I softened the message. This collapse, although not the end, is the final warning. What do these words mean, “Final Warning”?

First, there will be no further warning, no more moments when the Heavenly Father keeps back the deluge. Second, the decisions made after the collapse will be much more important than the decisions made before. Do not bemoan what has happened. Do not wail over the past. A warning, especially the final warning, is a great gift. A warning shows there is still hope, that action can be taken and that all is not lost.

When the collapse comes, many will believe that it is too late because too much has fallen apart. A warning is just the opposite. It says that there is still time. God’s final warning also says that solutions exist. In all the darkness, a path of light is available. A door is able to be opened that leads to freedom.

The final warning will drive home a lesson that superficial and short-term solutions are lies. A final warning touches every heart and people realize, “This is it. We cannot postpone the radical commitment to God’s Word, to His Church, and to His plan”.

When that grace settles into the heart of a person and into the heart of the Church, the final warning has gained its purpose. All are ready to receive the favors that I have been withholding until they could be received. With the final warning and with the needed response to that warning, I can begin to release all the favors that I have had to withhold.

This final warning will hasten the moment of the consecration of Russia. Do not blame the Holy Father for not making this consecration. The whole Church is held liable. After the consecration, I will release unimaginable gifts, blessings without end. If the Consecration had taken place earlier (and indeed it should have been completed by now) the Church could not have received these favors because the people’s hearts were not ready. The final warning will change all of that.

Role of Pope Francis (September 9 to September 13, 2015)

September 9, 2015
The Role of Pope Francis


Pope Francis will understand the new situation and will adjust the goals of his papacy. He will not understand the fullness of all that is to happen but I will help him in this new moment for the Church. (This fullness will be so great that no one will grasp all that I intend to do.)

He will not be the Pope who will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart (This task will fall to his successor.) However, he will be the Pope that helps the Church accept the graces flowing from this final warning.

Because he is able to touch many hearts, I will use his voice and his own heart. I will give him light to correctly interpret these events so the graces associated with this final warning prepare the Church for the moment when Russia is finally consecrated.

I do not speak these words lightly. The months after the final warning must not be frittered away with overwhelming anxiety nor by a total concentration on trying to restore life as it previously was (although charitable works must certainly multiply).

My words on all of these issues have been very clear. After the final warning, I will pour out great graces which will prepare for the next Holy Father and for the consecration of Russia.

Pope Francis will lead the Church during this year into a profound repentance and expectant faith. His role is very important and his widespread acclaim will accelerate this Church renewal. Then, I will be ready to exalt my priest son who will consecrate Russia so the greatest graces can be released.

All can see my plans as I assume my role as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the great battle with Satan commences.

Comment: Our Lady outlines more clearly her plan and the role of Pope Francis.

September 10, 2015
Millions Will Listen


Although the time draws near, life goes on as usual. Only a few signs appear that indicate the problems that lie ahead. Yet, it is now that I must speak. How urgent are my words. Many have no idea of the urgency of the times or the need for my words. After the events, this will change. This will be one of the important graces of which I have spoken.

During these years, many have learned about my locutions and have become zealous in reading and spreading them. However, when compared to all the world, their number is quite small. When the events begin, many, many more will look to these little locutions for the light and hope which they so much need.

I will not disappoint them. The locutions will become stronger and filled with the greatest light. I will know everyone whom they are helping. I will direct my words to their individual situations. Only the Woman could do this. I will speak simple words to millions and yet my words will be individual, touching each one’s heart.

Thousands will read today’s locution. After the event, millions will read them, so great will be the graces that I pour out.

Much more important will be the favors coming from these words. Today, walls surround so many hearts. I shout. I cry out. I whisper. I use every possible means to penetrate their souls, but all my methods are useless. Too many walls. Too much security. No felt need for God’s help.

After the events,the walls will collapse and my tiniest whisper will be like a booming voice. My slightest word will be received with the greatest thankfulness. After the events, there will be no walls to keep out my favors. The great blessings can begin.

Comment: Our Lady describes humankind’s new openness and her greater blessings.

September 11, 2015
Cana – The First Sign


No time to waste. Do not delay. Do not say, “Let us see if all of this happens as Our Lady has said”. Is not my word firm? Do I not speak to prepare my children? Others might question but my children must believe.

The weeks ahead are very important. They are not to be wasted in idle speculation. In the coming days, I will tell you exactly what you need to know. These will be very special words. Set your wild imaginings aside and ponder my words.

First, you must walk very closely with me, much closer than you have ever been. These weeks are filled with my greatest favors, especially for those who understand and believe. Do not omit your rosary. In those moments I will come,meet you and give you light.

Second, the collapse will not come out of the blue. The signs of economic difficulties have already appeared. The experts study the trends and try to explain the causes. However, although the collapse will certainly be due to human causes, what will happen cannot be forecasted by human experts. Their minds do not see the extent to which the economic structures have been weakened nor can they predict the responses to the initial difficulties. All that you need to know is that an economic collapse will take place while the Holy Father is in the United States.

Third, I have deliberately brought him to these shores so that the events will be associated with his visit. This is my clear sign of the role of the Holy Father and of the Catholic Church in the reconstruction of society and of God’s saving actions for the human race.

Fourth, this collapse and the presence of the Holy Father are only the beginning of the events. The collapse is Satan’s action and the Holy Father’s presence is my action. These actual events will show what I have been saying during these years of the locutions. The present world events are just the manifestations of the unseen battle being waged by Satan against the kingdom of Jesus. Because the world has lost faith in Jesus’ kingdom, it cannot understand or explain what is going on. Even worse, the world aids and abets Satan and, by past decisions, has brought on this collapse.

Even when the events happen exactly as I have said, many will still not believe my words. However, millions of people (of all faiths) will begin to believe. The events will be like Cana of Galilee, the first of Jesus’ signs which helped his disciples to believe in him. Such will be the events when the Holy Father is in America. I have deliberately brought the Holy Father to America so all the world will see my sign.

Comment: Cana is an excellent example because the Holy Father’s presence in America at the time of this event will be Our Lady’s first sign, as changing water into wine was Jesus’ first sign.

September 12, 2015
The Hour of the Woman at Cana


I will reveal all my heart’s secrets so the whole world can clearly understand what is happening. Each word will add a stone of faith until the whole building is completed.

At Cana of Galilee,this couple which had no more wine, are a symbol of Adam and Eve who lost divine life and could not pass it on to their children. When I spoke with Jesus he called me “Woman”. How important that title is. He told me that this was not His hour. However the couple had no wine and the saving action could not wait. All of these mysteries, I will now explain.

The loss of wine is a symbol of Satan’s hour, depriving the human life of its joy. If I were to sit idly by and allow these events to happen, the collapse would truly be his hour and would lead to many other events which he has already planned. All of you must see this event with the eyes of faith. The evil is certainly Satan’s hour but my words reveal that it is also the beginning of my hour. All the mysteries that I have spoken about will begin.

When the wine runs out, when great grief comes upon so many, you must understand that this is the hour of the Woman Clothed With the Sun. Everything that I have waited and waited for will begin. Contained in my hour will be the fullness of Fatima,the consecration of Russia and the fulfillment of the Fatima visions.

When Adam and Eve sinned, the heavenly Father responded by saying “I will put an enmity between you and the Woman” (Gen.3:15). When you see these events know that you are witnessing the beginning of the hour of the Woman.

Comment: Cana was going to be a place of sorrow until the Woman intervened.

September 13, 2015
The Role of Pope Francis


I want to speak of Pope Francis whom I have raised to the Chair of Peter. Each pope brings his own personality. However, each day, graces pour into the popes to lead them in a definite direction. Each pope brings his personal thoughts but these are quickly subjected to the Holy Spirit’s purpose in raising him to the papacy. I want to highlight these gifts and put them in the context of what the future holds.

I have often said that I want the Church and the papacy to have a stronger and larger role in world governance. The world leaders have rejected this idea and deprived the Church of the role it had enjoyed for centuries.

I have been bringing forth popes with great charisms who have captivated the minds and hearts of so many. Pope Francis is certainly one of these. His greatest gift is to win over hearts, to help people to see the Catholic Church in a new light. This has been his role up to now. In the October Synod of Bishops, he hopes to widen and to spread out the net even more (although he is well aware of the danger of breaking the nets themselves).

These two gifts flow from his personality and from deeply held convictions. They are not superficial nor the result of overnight thinking. He knows this path and he knows how he wants to have the Church reach out.

As great as these are, they are not the special, unique gift of his papacy. They are gifts which flow from below. The greatest gift will flow from above. After the event my heavenly purpose in choosing him will begin to come to the foreground. This event will be definitive.

New papal graces will pour out and I will lead him on a new search to discover the Church’s role in this new situation.

Comment: The events will have a profound impact on the path taken by Pope Francis.

Role of the Woman (September 14 to September 18, 2015)

September 14, 2015
The Two Armies


I bring my children into the full light, so that even in great darkness, they can see that my plan is unfolding. When the events begin, while Pope Francis is in America, all my children will have their great sign that the plan of Fatima and the role of the Woman Clothed With the Sun have been released.

After this event,there will be no turning back. Heaven’s powers will be released. I will come, more and more, onto the world stage. The battle will begin because war has been openly declared.

This means the clear joining of sides. Both armies, good and evil, will gather in battle array. All will be forced to make a decision. Whom will you serve? Who is your king?

It will seem that Satan’s army is much larger and that darkness will certainly win. That is why I must come onto the scene and give forth many clear signs. How can my children enlist in the army if they never see the general and they do not know their king?

I will recruit by signs and by words which interpret the signs. All will experience these signs but, only those who know my words, can interpret them correctly.

You are entering a period of great faith. There will be both darkness and signs in which you can only walk by faith. Other lights will be taken from you. I will train you. I promise you sufficient signs outside of you and enough faith within you. Listen to my words. They will guide you in the darkness that is coming.

Comment: By the September events, we will know that Mary begins her tasks as the Woman confronting Satan’s army.

September 15, 2015
Interpreting the Events


As the time grows closer, I must pour out greater gifts of light and understanding. World leaders are concerned with difficulties coming from every side, totally unable to cope with these problems.

In the midst of all these social upheavals stands the world’s economic system, filled with its great weaknesses. The financial resources are not present to deal with the demands, caused so much by the ongoing Syrian revolution. All of these factors will lead to civil unrest that will also be beyond the power of governments.

My words, spoken years ago, that the Syrian revolution would light the fuse by causing structures to fall and stirring unrest are being fulfilled. This instability flows everywhere, with great suffering and no end in sight. This multiplication of problems is Satan’s plan, constantly diverting attention as leaders are forced to confront constantly new disruptions.

The events in September will bring all to a head, a culmination of many weaknesses that breaks out, like a pot that finally boils over for all to see.

This is my teaching. Satan sees it to his advantage to manifest his power in order to encourage those who want to overthrow the West. They will take great joy in the collapse and will see their timetable moved up by many years. They will see the great vulnerability of the West which has allowed itself to become so weak. This will only add to the woes.

However, my children will see the events quite differently. The events will be a sign to them that I have actively begun to assume my role as the Woman and that all I have prepared will also begin to manifest its power. How important are my words to interpret these events.

Comment: How much we will need Our Lady’s words to guide us.

September 16, 2015
Led by the Woman


So many forces converging from so many directions! Has anyone seen or foreseen such a moment?

Yet, none should be surprised. I have spoken often of the uniqueness of these times, when all the evil planted for centuries comes to fruition and all the good promised so many times in my apparitions comes to the surface.

This is what the world is witnessing, a culmination and a crisis, a cross roads, a breaking forth, a release of good and evil powers, locked in mortal combat.

I say all of this so the world realizes that these forces are beyond all of its resources to respond or to push them back. You are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.

Refugees flee the Middle East. Iran builds its nuclear weapons. Putin extends Russian influence. Nations slip more and more into debt. Where will this all end? All must see human history is locked into mortal combat. Heaven and hell are at war. Each struggles to gain control of man’s heart. The human race lies helpless. Yet, the human race is the prize which goes to the winner. I cannot speak any more clearly.

I must recruit my army. To do this, I must come upon the human scene with both signs and words, signs for all to see and words that teach and explain. I must be more present, more seen, more visible, more active among my children so that,in all the events, they grow in faith, knowing how close I am to them and how great are my helps.

Come, we must begin to walk this new way. We are pilgrims on a journey of faith. Fortunately, you will be led by the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Comment: Our Lady continues to highlight this present age, marked with so much evil but also the recipient of so many helps.

September 17, 2015
The Mission of the Woman


Overwhelmed by the difficulties, mankind will seek various answers. Many will seek out false paths that will lead nowhere or to greater ruin. Such is the nature of man, to seek security and to find it from his own powers. But this will be different and soon man will see that his many solutions are inadequate. This will lead either to a state of despair or a time of faith.

Man does not come to faith by his own resources. He needs heaven’s helps. As I speak so clearly, I bring heavenly aid. I come as close to man as possible. I offer the clearest teachings and the greatest lights, ready to penetrate the deepest part of his intellect and to bathe him in an enormous hope. All he must do is to open himself to heaven.

This will be the state of the world, filled with the greatest satanic darkness and, at the same time, filled with the greatest heavenly lights and graces ever given. It was for such a time as this that the heavenly Father began what is called the Age of Mary.

So, the road will be clearly marked out and the Church itself will quickly embark on this surprising path, placed there from the beginning but only now manifested in its fullness.

Yes, from the beginning, because I stood at the foot of the cross and Jesus again called me“Woman”. “Behold your son”, he said. This was the beginning of the mystery, whose fullness will soon unfold. Then to the beloved Disciple, “Behold your mother” and he took me into his home.

The Catholic Church has always held me in great honor but only in these days will it fully realize the gift that I am. The Church will lift me high and honor me as never before in its history. I will also draw Israel and all the other churches into a unity which no one can conceive. Do not be overwhelmed by the darkness. Realize that heaven has prepared a surprising path.

Comment: Our Lady unfolds the great mystery of the woman.

September 18, 2015
The Woman – Present in the Dark Moment


A moment happens. A breakthrough which no one foresees. Looking back all can see what has led to this moment. I am speaking about such an event, buried now in human life but so soon to break forth.

Many evils have been planted in human history. All of these are coming to the surface. Need I mention them all – the children who never saw the light of birth, the weapons sold to the highest bidder, the trillions of dollar spent which did not exist, the false agreements and the secret decisions that forged selfish alliances. All of these lie buried, waiting to break through.

I hold all of these in my heart. They are my sorrows. Because I hold them, the heavenly Father holds back his chastising hand because He would need to harm His beloved daughter. Yet, these evils must be purged. They cannot remain and fester. So, there is another solution, a different way.

That is what I call “the breakthrough moment”. This is not God chastising. It is the normal result of sinful and foolish decisions. That moment will confront mankind, like a moment of truth when all must look and see, no longer able to postpone or look away. All will be exposed in a blinding moment of truth.

I will be there. I will enter into that moment. My voice will go forth, stronger than ever, calling my children and telling them to come. I will offer my salvation to all. I will save all who listen and respond. That is why I speak so clearly every day. My words will be the greatest light in the greatest darkness.

Comment: Our Lady explains, prepares and promises her helps.

Our Lady’s Powers (September 19 to September 24, 2015)

September 19, 2015
The Beginning Flashpoint


Every collapse begins with a flashpoint which cannot be known ahead of time. Surprising factors converge. The pressure is too much and the breakthrough happens. Afterwards, the reasons for the event are clearly seen.

Now, I must speak,even though my words are accompanied with great sorrow. The structures are so weak, vulnerable in many places. These structures are overburdened with a staggering debt which constantly saps the vigor and daily weakens the economy.

So, what I am speaking about is no surprise. It will not come from above (from heaven) but from below (from earth). It will not destroy everything. It is a warning, not the final destruction.

It is a beginning event and in the years that follow, many more such events are planned by Satan. They are meant to follow one another. These events are evils of every kind – wars, attacks, collapses, civil strife – things which are already taking place before your eyes.

This present flashpoint is meant to be the door which I use to enter the world stage and begin to take my place. Again, I say “begin”, because I will come step by step. The Church must welcome me. Catholics must find new hope in me. All the world must begin to believe that I am the Woman who holds all of history in my heart.

This is the beginning, not the end, a special beginning. Humankind will be given a final opportunity to accept heaven’s gifts.

Comment: Our Lady stresses three main points. This flashpoint comes from below (weakened structures). It is the beginning. Mankind still has a chance to choose heaven.

September 20, 2015
Mary’s Embrace of Humankind


It is not good to delay any more. Constantly the timetable has been pushed back. The reckoning has been delayed by the clever scheming of those who do not want the truth to come to light.

This has only multiplied the problems and complicated the solutions.

It is best for the dam to break now rather than later. The greater the delay, the greater the harm. So, it must happen now while there is still time because the economy is not the only ill facing mankind.

Why allow the world to go along its merry way, constantly multiplying its debts, when it faces enemies on many sides? The world must be awakened, jolted and made ready to hear my voice.

Hearing my voice, awakening to my presence, realizing my closeness and accepting my help are the good effects. These can no longer be postponed. The world is safe only in my arms. I would embrace humankind, every single person, every group and every nation.

The Catholic Church retains a deep stream of devotion. Many saints have exalted me. My apparitions have awakened many and fostered this devotion. Yet, all of this is woefully inadequate.

I want to fully release my powers upon the Church and the world. I want to assume the role which the heavenly Father has given to me. As yet, only a few have had small glimpses of my power and even fewer understand my full prerogatives.

The breakthrough can no longer be delayed. Too much time has been lost. I must come in a fullness never seen or experienced before.

Comment: Our Lady points out two realities, the many problems faced by humankind and the great powers that have not yet come forth.

September 22, 2015
Revealing Our Lady’s Hidden Powers


The powers hidden in my heart are about to explode upon the Church because the Church has always held me in its heart. This is where I must begin because the world would not understand my actions. As the Church receives, accepts and cherishes my powers, they will also become visible to the world. Both the Church and the world will be taken up into my heart where all will be safe. I say this because no other safe place will exist. My heart will be the only refuge for all.

In the fullness of time, God sent Jesus “born of a woman, born under the law” (Galatians 4:4). I received Jesus into my heart and He made it a safe dwelling for the whole world. This is the mystery whose time has come, the saving power of God manifested fully, prepared for by all of my apparitions, explained by all of the messages of Fatima, and now, about to become a great reality.

I have given the key to this mystery to my priest son and have explained to him so many of its details. He will unlock the door, so all will have access. No longer will the mystery be hidden or obscure. It will come into the fullness of the noonday sun. All will see. All will be invited,time and again. Access will be unlimited because the mystery will be placed on the lampstand.

The light of Jesus will shine forth from the place where it was first enkindled by the overwhelming fire of the Holy Spirit – in my Immaculate Heart. All will return to the original mystery when I said “Let it be done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38) and “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (Jn. 1:14).

Comment: We have not seen the full powers contained in Our Lady’s heart because they have not yet been fully manifested.

September 22, 2015
The Church, the World, and the Woman


All the preparations are complete. Today Pope Francis arrives in America. What shall I say of this historic visit? On the surface, will be all the events, the parades, and his words, given with great sincerity.

At a much deeper level, there will be a trembling which few can understand. A war begins, heaven and hell locked in mortal combat, a shifting, a tremendous shifting which is so important for the future of the Church and the world.

I always link the two, Church and world. Both exist in time, side by side, moving through human history. They affect one another. They do battle, even though they are meant to help each other. Oh, all the stories I could bring forth of this relationship between the Church and the world.

There are two levels to the papal visit. On one level, the world will welcome him with open arms, listen to his words and applaud his efforts. He will be acclaimed and will gain access to the most powerful bodies in the world. This will be what is reported.

I, however, must speak of a much deeper level, what faith reveals. I will use this papal visit for my moment to declare that I am the Woman into whose hands both the Church and the world have been entrusted. I will do this through all the events, both of the Church and of the world, which will happen during the papal visit. After these signs have been given, I will explain their meanings.

Comment: During this papal event, the Church and the world will be united in a unique way. Our Lady will use this week for her purposes.

September 23, 2015
Whose Moment Is This?


The time is opportune. All eyes are fixed upon Pope Francis. Other concerns are set aside for this moment. This is my moment. As the forces of evil crash in upon the world events, all will see what my words have described.These events come from hell’s infernal powers and from fires that mankind has allowed to burn freely. Years ago, I spoke of the fires of Syria, that they would not be extinguished and would overflow, totally disrupting the Middle East. All of this has taken place.

Now, I return to the other infernal fire, burning strongly beneath the surface, the infernal fire of economic weaknesses that have proliferated. This, too, waits only for Satan’s pernicious moment, when he turns the world’s attention to himself and to his plans of destruction.

This is too tempting for Satan. He, foolishly, moves up his timetable, when really he should wait a while longer. He will not allow Pope Francis to have the world stage all to himself. Satan will want to crash the party, reveal his powers and announce his presence.

O foolish Satan, you do not know how the Almighty God is using you to bring about His plan. This only seems to be your moment, when really this is my moment. I need say no more.

Comment: God constantly uses Satan’s moments for His plan. This happened at Jesus’ death and happens often in Church history. Concerning Syria, locutions were give on February 12, 2012, August 23, 26, 27, 2013 and September 2, 4 and 6, 2013.

September 24, 2015
A New Spring in the Desert


Will I be silent now? Should I put away this little instrument that has helped so many? Shall I set it aside, as if I can discard what is so close to my heart? Troubles and problems, wars and uprising, blessings and favors –about all of these I have spoken for so many years until many have come to listen with believing hearts.

No, I will not be silent. Instead, my voice shall pierce heaven’s secrets and the thoughts of my heart, held back until now, will begin to flow.

Come, a new era is beginning. I am about to bring forth a moment which I have always promised. A spring will rise in the desert from a little known place, (like a new Bethlehem). This gift is about to unfold, quickly, by surprising events within the Church.

There will be two series of events, one series in the world and the other in the Church. The first will lead to the second. A new openness will fill the Church. From now on, heaven itself will control the Church. The Church will set aside any worldly thinking, any compromise with worldly methods (even those that seemingly advance the gospel). The Church will walk only on heaven’s road because no other road will lead to my Immaculate Heart. In this heart, I hold the whole world with all its history, the whole Church, with all its saints and the King of Kings Himself. Let me open this door,today. Once I have opened the door, no one will close it.

Comment: As the great problems sweep over the world, Our Lady speaks of a new role of heaven in the Church.



(1 Thessalonians 5: 4-6; 8-11)

You are not in the dark, brothers, that the day should catch you off guard, like a thief. No, all of you are children of light and of the day. We belong neither to darkness nor to night; therefore let us not be asleep like the rest, but awake and sober! We who live by day must be alert, putting on faith and love as a breastplate and the hope of salvation as a helmet. God has not destined us for wrath but for acquiring salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us, that all of us, whether awake or asleep, together might live with him. Therefore, comfort and build one another up, as indeed you are doing.