2014 Review

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As 2014 comes to a close, we should review the locutions. Many are excellent teachings. Others give great promises. Still others talk about events. This summary will focus on the final group. The others are of greater value but difficult to summarize.

NOTE: All locutions are given by Mary unless noted otherwise.

January 1, 2014 – The problems will not be new but their manifestations and powers will be greater. The turmoil will grow but yet 2014 is not the year of the great chastisements. The consecration of Russia will not take place in 2014.

January 2nd – I will lead some into the highest levels of leadership. In 2016, I would lead one to the presidency. I will place others in positions of power so that America returns to the light. Ask me for these leaders and I will raise them up. The only hope for America lies in those whom I have chosen.

January 3rd – I cannot allow the final parts of Satan’s plan to be put in place. I cannot allow the great weapons of destruction to be rolled out.

January 5th – During this year, I must become the world’s preacher. I must ascend this little pulpit of locutions.

January 6th – Stay close to confession. Do not abandon the sacrament which has the power to cleanse and purge you. Read my words, not only these locutions but what I have said at Fatima and Medjugorje. Study them slowly and put them into practice.

January 7th – I will be everywhere. There will be new devotions and new books. When I come, I will always bring Jesus.

January 8th – Come, all who read these daily locutions. We will change the course of world events. We will prevent disasters and remove destructive leaders. All is possible.

January 9th – The West says, “These fires of terrorism are not in my backyard. O foolish West, can the fire be contained? Does it belong to just one country? Who can draw its boundaries?”

January 10th – I want to speak clearly of what lies ahead in 2014. Terrorism will spread. They will become international. They will disregard national borders and create their own country, so to speak.

To America, I say as long as a woman, her husband, her boyfriend, her doctor are given the right to kill the unborn child, I must withhold my full blessings. I warn every politician. Do not cut off the rights of the unborn or I will cut you off from my blessings. I will reject you and raise up another.

To Pope Francis, I say, The biggest problems do not lie within the Church but in the growing power of the kingdom of darkness. You must realize that Satan has regrouped from his defeat at the cross. Holy Father, only you can release the power in my Immaculate Heart by deciding to consecrate Russia.

January 18th – I speak now to my Church. The current evils are too powerful for you and the present darkness is too overwhelming. Your new initiatives will all fail in the face of the oceans of evil. Come into my heart and all will be easy.

January 25th – At Fatima I promised that in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. That promise has no conditions. No matter how little man responds, it will take place. However, how many will enjoy that victory? How soon will it come? These questions have no sure answer. They depend on mankind responding.

January 31st – I will fill the whole world with hope. All must drink of these waters of hope, especially in their darkest moments. Hope seeks every change to gain the far-off goal.

February 1st – Accept the ray of hope that I send every moment. When you do, I will send more and more rays.

February 2nd – My hope says to darkness, you shall not enter here and to evil, you have no place in this human heart.

February 3rd – With every bullet fired in the Middle East, hope is killed again and again. Freedom from the Satanic death is not the work of one day or one year but can result from a long series of events. Russia is the key to peace in the Middle East.

February 5th – I am at war with Satan. He inflicts sufferings and I lessen them. He inflicts hardships and I ease burdens. I hate all suffering for it is ultimately diabolical. God is never the source of suffering.

February 6th – Massive suffering is not God’s plan. He does not will widespread famine, disease or crushing poverty. Do not blame God for the present situation of mankind.

February 7th – Suffering is a sea that flows continually from Satan’s heart. When it touches earth, it divides into many rivers so it can enter everywhere.

February 8th – Sufferings steal faith from people’s hearts and discourage their steps on the road to heaven. O reader, first of all, forgive yourself and then set out on a path of forgiveness.

February 9th – Suffering is a tax which steals the wealth of human life placed there by God. I am the enemy of suffering. Someday soon, the world will see my interventions on the world stage to save mankind from the greatest destruction and suffering.

February 18th – I will bring to center stage the one who will openly proclaim me. Through him, she will be the Woman for the whole world. (“Woman” is a title indicating Our Lady’s powers over world events.)

February 19th – More and greater events of destruction will take place. The problems will not be isolated or limited to certain areas. A moment will come of a great break, as if a permanent change has happened. This will be a prelude, awakening all to the seriousness of Satan’s powers.

February 20th – The whole world is at stake. All of earth is ready to be thrust into Satan’s fire. Right now he enjoys only partial victories. I wait and wait. My entrance will be late and will happen through my beloved priest son.

February 21st – Read Revelations, Chapter 12 and you will begin to understand world events. More important, will you understand the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

February 22nd – Now to answer the question, how much time is left? I will review my teachings, Jerusalem is central to God’s plan for the world. Only its soil contains Jesus’ precious blood. Israel, therefore, is Satan’s target. If he destroys Israel, he pushes back God’s plan for years to come, even for centuries.

Syria is the fuse and it has been lit for years, destabilizing the Middle East. America has withdrawn. This moves up the time table. Treaties allow Iran to continue to build atomic weapons. Pakistan, with its atomic arsenal is tottering and will soon fall. Iraq cannot protect itself.

How much time is left? The beginning of the events will occur before America elects its next president.

February 27th – The greatest evil is to be blind to these forces. No one sees. Not even the Church sees. There is no awakening, no trumpet call. No one is aware of how near are these future events.

March 1st – I speak because mankind is plunging into unimaginable sufferings and I want to call the world away from those sufferings.

March 2nd – A moment will come when I will openly enter human history. I will raise my voice as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I will confront the Evil One. At that moment, all of humanity will again be free to choose.

March 3rd – I speak to the children of this secular age. You have not abandoned the road of faith. It has never been shown to you. Call upon me and I will give you the light which your secular culture has withheld from you.

March 4th – All of the events on the world stage fit together, like the acts of a play. Putin is the most important actor, often overlooked in the early scenes, but more and more emerging. His role will increase greatly. His grasp upon power will grow tighter as he conceives new strategies.

March 5th – My Church, which clearly knows my word, has not obeyed my word. So, I will choose someone who will obey me. I will lift him up. He will act according to my word. Then, the Woman Clothed With the Sun will no longer stand helplessly on the sidelines as this drama is played out on the world stage. For now, do not forget the prayer, “Woman Clothed with the Sun, come and do not delay”.

March 11th – There is no hope for the future except with the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

March 12th – Only the waters stored in my heart can extinguish Satan’s flames. When will the consecration of Russia take place?

March 14th – The events in the Ukraine are not the final or central events. However, the invasion of the Ukraine reveals the frailty of the West.

March 15th –I have lifted my protective hands from your leaders because you foolishly refuse to protect the unborn. Protect your unborn and I will protect you. Continue to sacrifice them to political expediency and I will sacrifice you on the altars of war.

March 16th – There is a leader whose ascendency to office I want to bring about. I have given him all the qualification to lead the free world and have advanced him according to my plan. I ask only one thing. He must protect all human life. He must stand firm that human life begins at the moment of conception. Let him put his name to the Life at Conception Act. If he commits himself to protect every unborn life, I will protect him in his bid for the highest office.

March 18th – It is Putin’s pride which will be his downfall. I will raise up another Michael, a Michael of earth who will defeat Putin’s pride.

March 19th – As far as the West is concerned, Israel is an appendage. It exists but its existence does not seem vital to the West. Satan’s prize is to destroy Israel where he suffered his great defeat.

March 24th – Special Locution – Jesus – The West does not see the extent to which Russia is ready to go to add more people and more land to its empire.

March 24th – For decades I have been telling the Church that Russia is the problem but you, O Church, have hidden my words and refused to reveal them. I must bypass you. I will begin to use these locutions in a new and more powerful way.

March 26th – That these destructive events do not suddenly crash upon the world is due to God’s mercy. Some events are held back. Other events are delayed. Some events are not allowed to happen. Some events are softened and not as destructive as Satan intended. Even in destructive events, God’s mercy is at work. How earth is purified (by justice or by mercy) depends on mankind using these delays to listen. That is why I use these locutions.

March 28th – You must see the two realities. The first reality is that world history will be filled with catastrophes (That is the only word I can use) many caused by man himself, particularly Russia. The second reality is a world filled with the greatest gifts ever given to mankind by God. You must know that these extraordinary helps are available.

Now that Putin has Crimea, where will he stop? Is there some magic line he will draw to say this far and no father? Will the West draw a line and be willing to back up their words with military force? Devouring the Crimea will not satisfy Putin’s appetite nor end his aggressions.

April 3rd – The world has not just come into a destructive moment but into a moment of unbelievable destruction, carefully plotted by the Evil One. He wants to tilt the whole world in his favor so only a few are able to gain God’s life. He is not just interested in a particular nation. He wants the whole world.

April 4th – The Woman Clothed With the Sun is ready. When she is invited and Russia is consecrated to her heart, order will begin to return to the universe.

April 5th –The Father has sent me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun to release a great light, never before given to the human race. The darkness will be so complete that the whole world will depend on these locutions.

April 6th – I must speak every day because modern man hears so many voices. I speak a different word, one which contradicts the world’s daily message.

April 10th – The evil in Russia, planted in its soil by the slain bodies of millions, has refashioned itself, and been modernized by Putin. He has been fashioned by Satan as his perfect instrument. He now comes forth to release Russia’s evils on the whole world. I was not mistaken in asking that Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. I am the only one who can stop Putin. No one else is his match.

April 10th – Special Locution – Jesus – When the withdrawal of troops is completed, the very bowels of Afghanistan will be rent asunder. Iraq will continue to sink into its civil wars. The fires in Syria will burn and burn. Pakistan is a nuclear powder keg that waits to be lit after the government topples.

Iran is now surrounded by protecting treaties that have been negotiated in complete foolishness. These guarantees only embolden its plans. Putin is actively setting the agenda. These events are preparing the world for even greater, unimaginable events. Time is running out and no one is listening.

April 11th – Special Locution – Jesus – There will seemingly be no end to these events. One will follow another like waves of an ocean. Do not fear. Hell is limited. Heaven is not.

April 15th – I will become the prophet of this age. Has the virgin mother of God ever assumed such a role? No. Never. Previously, I have spoken in remote places and allowed my words to be carried by messengers, but the faithful messengers have not been heeded. I can no longer use a messenger who is set aside.

My words will not be placed in the hearts of messengers. They will be placed before the whole world. They will be given to the whole world in a minute, in the twinkling of an eye. There will be no cover-ups. All the world will know my exact words from the beginning.

April 15th –Special Locution – Jesus – Putin has removed anyone who was against him. He has changed the political system. He has complete command. There is also the Muslim world of Iran, Syria and others whom he has befriended. All share a hatred for the West and drive for world domination.

April 17th – A One World Order is emerging as nations give up their uniqueness so they can enjoy a greater share in the world’s good. This reverses the heavenly Father’s plan for the diversity of nations. The world will become like a trapped army, an easy prey for Satan. God’s plan and the world’s plan are totally at odds.

April 18th – Mankind must not enter a tunnel of darkness. The tunnel is a leader whom Satan will raise up. Satan will cause sufferings and shortages, so people will accept a leadership that formerly they would reject. This happened with Hitler. Only in the future, will Satan’s greatest leader arise. He will not be national, but international and worldwide. With worldwide unrest, Satan raises up his leader who promises a solution.

April 19th – Satan used the two great wars to steal faith from many hearts. I hate Satan’s sufferings. I will raise up people to protect the human race. Through them, I will place my mantle over the whole world.

April 20th – The time is coming when people will willingly sacrifice their freedoms to gain security. I want to avoid those moments. Each person is unique and only the religious spirit resists the state.

April 21st – There is an inevitable march to a one world order in the not too distant future. God formed nations, giving each a particular culture and a distinct geography. All governments must respect this individuality of each nation. Instead, people want to destroy these rights of nations and have them sacrificed for the sake of a new world order.

April 25th – Special Locution – Jesus – These destructive evils should not be happening this quickly. The timetable has been moved up because America has withdrawn from the world scene. I blessed America so it could be a light to the nations and assume the role of a watchman.

April 29th – Right before the eyes of the West, Russia has become once again a totalitarian regime under the control of one person whom Satan has led to the top. I have promised the conversion of Russia when that nation is consecrated to me. If the Holy Father and the bishops would consecrate Russia, then Russia would be converted and a great period of peace would follow. There has been no such consecration. So, Satan still holds that country in his grasp.

May 1st – Putin’s Russia is like an enormous river of acid with no fixed agenda, only the goal of Russian supremacy. This flexibility presents the greatest hazards to the West. A hundred years ago, I warned the Church about this acid and nothing was done. So, I speak to the world. This river of acid does not yet have access to the very center of human history. However, if and when it does, there will be an annihilation of nations. Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can stop that from happening.

May 4th – All the events I spoke about at Fatima are unfolding before your eyes. I spoke about Russia’s central role. I spoke about Russia 100 years ago. Its central role in the problems should come as no surprise.

May 4th – Special Locution – Jesus – The events will be the beginning of a series of events that will culminate in the annihilation of the nations. Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can bring these events to a halt before that annihilation. Only the Church can bring the Woman onto the center of the world stage.

May 5th – When mankind used the atomic bomb, a shift took place that has never been addressed. At the very moment of peace, Satan had an opportunity to open an even greater door to violence. He rejoiced that he had opened human history to nuclear arms and the evils of the arms race. Now, the world lives on the verge of atomic proliferation and evils that no one can imagine.

May 8th – The heavenly Father had mankind populate every continent. In this way, it was safe. With the atomic bomb, man can reverse God’s plan and destroy all continents and all peoples. For decades, man has had this ultimate weapon and not used it. Only the Woman has held this back. Now, these weapons will be available to more and more. Can no one see the great precipice mankind teeters on?

May 9th – O world, you are like a child holding a loaded gun. You have discovered the ultimate weapons which now proliferate and fall into the hand of those who would delight in destroying the earth. Who will save the world from these cosmic events?

May 14th – The heavenly Father has united my heart with Jesus’ heart. He has surprised Satan who had no idea that he would be defeated by a Woman. Against my Immaculate Heart, he has no defenses.

May 15th – Satan will hurl his darkness over the whole world but I will cast my light into people’s hearts. The victory will be ours only because all is new.

May 17th – I will pour out these blessings until the end of time. Each year they will get greater. Never has mankind experienced such an outpouring. I repeat. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and this is my moment in world history to become known to all. As this happens, I will bring forth a surprising light.

May 18th – I am the new dawn. I do not arise in the East. I arise in the West because I am the reflection of Jesus’ light. Satan is confused because he sees two suns. He will become a divided house that cannot stand.

May 18th – Special Locution – Jesus – America always held itself to a high level of morality. However, at this point, there is no moral restraint. Immorality reigns supreme. Every kind of lifestyle is praised. All has been torn asunder. So, I must bring America to its knees. I must use the economy because America only hears the song of money. I will stop the music.

May 22nd – Buried in the Church are the greatest seeds. Before they come forth, there must be a special son to guide the Church. I keep him hidden and close to my heart.

May 23rd – Many winds of history have blown mankind off course. The greatest wind is the Satanic intelligence which has cleverly formed vast numbers of evil groups, equipped with devastating weapons. Although these winds blow fiercely, I can change the course of history. However, the Church must prepare. It is not ready for the new winds.

May 25th – The events which you see, the revolutions in Libya and Egypt, the continuing fires in Syria, the breakup in the Ukraine and soon, the emergence of a more aggressive China are only the door to unthinkable events and culminating moments. I must raise up more quickly those who love me, putting them in high positions. I cannot wait any longer.

June 2nd – Evil seeds have been planted for centuries. The harvest will be of destruction, of death and of a world completely changed. God alone can purify the world. This purification cannot be canceled. However, if the Church invites me to come on the scene, the purification will be done quickly. If not, the purification will be prolonged and whole nations will come before the heavenly Father to be judged. I ask the Holy Father to consecrate Russia so this prolonged purification is set aside.

June 2nd – Special Locution – Mary – I have three sorrows. The first is President Obama who has such great power. His hands clutch many things, but I will beat upon his hands and loosen his grasp through the scandals. There will be more and greater scandals. In trying to extricate himself, he will only get more entangled. My second sorrow is the growth of terrorism. America has withdrawn from the fight. The terrorists have free access and no fear of America. My third sorrow is my enemies within the Church. Professing to be my sons, they deny me my rightful place. They deprive the Church of my light and cause it to operate in semi-darkness.

June 4th – Many years have passed and the Church has still not responded to my command. So, the destructive fires will cover more and more of the earth. Without the fire of heaven, humanity will bring about destructive fires that will envelop whole nations.

June 7th – The Muslims have killed many Christians. The blood of these martyrs has divine power. It is buried in the Muslim streets and cries out that I should come to the Muslims. That day will happen, sooner than they think.

June 11th – I prophesied that the timetable for the spread of terrorism would move ahead quickly because of the American withdrawal from Iraq. No one will grasp the magnitude nor the results of this collapse of Iraq.

June 12th – In the modern papacy, the pope is seen and heard all over the world but it is the political leaders who make the daily decisions which determine war or peace, prosperity or poverty. However, a future moment is close at hand when political leaders will be completely helpless in the face of events. At that moment, I will raise the papacy to its greatest heights and the light of the papacy will shine out upon the whole world.

June 13th – Special Locution – Jesus – The events in Iraq are not just moving up the timetable, they are a breakthrough of such magnitude that will give new life and a new existence to terrorism.

June 15th – The papacy should have a role to play in world history, a role that has been removed in recent centuries. However, when events throw the world into the greatest confusion, the papacy will grow more important. The world will look again to the papacy as the one light leading out of the darkness.

June 20th – Millions of people live all their life in darkness. Their divine call is lost. As the darkness has spread, even those born into light have lost their faith. I use these locutions to give everyone an opportunity to hear God’s call.

June 20th – Special Locution – Jesus – When the terrorist raise their flag over all that they will control in Iraq, a new level of terrorism will begin. They will have their own land and their own resources. No one can imagine the new level of this threat.

June 25th – Once more the destructive forces have broken forth in Iraq. The goals of ISIS will be gained and the terrible darkness of violence will now have its own territory. These events, which now get the world’s attention, are only the beginning stages of birth pangs. Since mankind is not ready to turn back to God, the destruction will spread because no human force can stop these evils.

June 26 – After World War I, the seeds for War II were sown in the unjust peace treaties. After World War II the evil seeds were planted in the atomic bomb. Each war opened out to a new and greater evil that have never been purged. The current events are a powerful infection. Who will be the doctor who understands the illness? I will be that doctor if you seek my service.

June 28th – ISIS, totally dedicated to destruction, rips Iraq apart. It has its own country, with land and resources. A new cancer has entered the human body. It is too late. World leaders have failed miserably to contain this cancer.

June 29th – Gaping holes open up. Defense strategies mean nothing. It is too late. The defenses have been pierced and the evil pours out. The Muslim terrorists see this as their hour, the dream of their forefathers coming true. Their hearts carry centuries of memories.

June 29th – Special Locution – Jesus – Tomorrow the Supreme Court Decision concerning religious exemption will deal a great blow to the Healthcare Act. I am giving America a second chance to use the polling places in November to choose different leaders. I need America to be a force on the world scene. This must happen quickly.

The Supreme Court decision is much more powerful than anyone can foresee. How many others qualify for this exemption from Healthcare? The new decision has not yet been applied by lower courts to other cases. The decision is very important.

June 30th – Other nations are drawn into the Iraq conflict because the wounds are so severe. Jordan and Lebanon have already been destabilized by the refugees. Other countries see Iraq as a country devoured by its enemies and abandoned by America.

June 30th – Special Locution –Jesus – The Supreme Court decision is more powerful than anyone can foresee because it has not yet been applied to others who also will seek exemptions.

July 2nd – While the presidents of America and Iraq are at odds, Iran enters the scene. ISIS tries to strengthen its hold. The people see the diverse political leaders do not know whom to trust.

July 4th – I must speak to European leaders. You are totally unprotected, a continent waiting to be engulfed in the fires of terrorism. When the terrorists are finally settled in Iraq, they will turn their eyes to you, an easy prey for their plucking.

July 5th – The world has not yet seen the explosion of terrorism in the Middle East. It is only witnessing the gathering of the fuel and gaining the capacity to launch the fires everywhere in the world.

July 7th – The path to peace is hidden because worldwide terrorism is a new reality. Terrorists have absolutely no interest in peace. Their name reveals their goals – to spread terror.

July 8th – Terrorism is like cancer. Its cells are so few, but joined together, they can kill the body.

July 9th – I look at the powerful evils in the field of economics. The world financial markets lie in the hands of the powerful few. They grow richer because they control the rules and regulations. Even world leaders cannot act without their consent. They want to bring about a one world order where their power is supreme.

July 10th – O foolish America, you have built walls against terrorism while your own terrorists kill the unborn. This darkness has been accepted by your Supreme Court. I say this clearly, As long as you do not protect the unborn from your terrorism, I will not protect you.

I want political leaders to protect the unborn without any compromise (as if some unborn are less worthy of life than others). Protect all of your unborn and I will protect you. Abandon the unborn and I will abandon you. You allow terrorism to go unchecked in your abortion clinics.

July 12th – Right now, the world is convinced that the path to peace lies in weapons. The nations have walked this false road to peace for many decades. I speak of fruitful disarmament when money for weapons becomes seeds for food.

July 14th – Peace is a long and arduous road. The false path to peace is weapons, weapons, weapons. They are everywhere, even in the hands of children. I will bless those who take up my road to peace.

July 15th – How many billions of dollars has accrued to America by its sales of arms? Your weapons are everywhere.

July 17th – Special Locution – Jesus – Putin will withdraw, more and more, from the West. As this happens, he will become more dangerous. He will rely more heavily on the nationalism that is sweeping Russia.

July 22nd – Special Locution – Jesus – The path to peace will continue to narrow. Options will be taken off the table until mankind realizes that there is no human path to peace.

July 25th – Special Locution – Jesus – The Middle East has many fires but they burn separately. Satan wants one united conflagration. When the terrorists are united, the flames will jump to Europe, which Muslims have wanted to control for centuries.

July 26th – O Church, once you were trodden under foot by the world but I loved your fervor and your fidelity. What good is the worldly power you have now? Soon, the world will collapse and you will be caught up in that destruction. Come into the desert with me (Rev.12:6).

July 27th – The heavenly Father has made this an “Age of Mary” but you, O Church, do not even believe the words of your own prophets and saints.

July 31st – I dream of a new world order where weapons are set aside and all share in the goods of society. I must raise up a veritable army of new leaders. I will go and look for them. If they are committed to my dream, they will rise quickly in their own field.

August 1st – Satan wants only sufferings, so people cannot find their way to heaven. Taken up with earthly trials, they lose faith in their heavenly home.

August 3rd – My heart is filled with heavenly rain, waiting to quench the wars, the terrorist acts and human hopelessness. The Holy Father must consecrate Russia. The rain will fall on Russia first and then upon the world.

August 6th – Special Locution – Jesus – In the coming months, Putin will push the world to the brink. Even Putin will be on the brink, in danger of collapsing. After these months of going to the brink, there will be the next stage of Satan’s timetable. These months are not a culmination, nor will there be a world war.

August 7th – I must speak of Putin who has placed himself on the world stage. The West does not understand his actions because a Satanic power possesses him, just as it possessed Hitler and Stalin. Often he will make decisions that seem to harm his own people or work against his own interest. This does not matter to Satan, who ultimately desires that everyone be destroyed, including Putin. Satan’s goal is the annihilation of the nations.

August 8th – Only The Church can avoid the annihilation of the nations and release the fires of peace stored in my Immaculate Heart.

August 9th – Look at the hypocrisy! America decries the killing of innocent civilians. Tell me, who is more innocent than an unborn child? Your diplomats go all over the world to protect the innocent. You must first protect the lives of your unborn. Then, the tide will turn.

August 10th – At Fatima, almost 100 years ago, I announced my victory, openly and publicly. I multiplied the messages, but they were all set aside. I will not be set aside, I will remove those who are obstacles to Russia’s consecration. What am I to do, allow the annihilation of the nations?

August 11th – Because the Church does not understand the light that I want to pour forth, I must raise up a new Joan of Arc, someone who is led by the divine voice to take the bold steps toward peace.

August 13th – I want to exalt my Church. When the fires are greatest, I want the waters of peace to be released so all the world can see the divine prerogatives of the Catholic Church.

August 16th – In 1917, the Communist Revolution planted an evil in Russian soil. This evil has gone out to the whole world and continues unabated. Russia arms terrorists and does all it can to destabilize the world. As the Russian evil continues to spread, I will use the evil events to open the door to its consecration.

August 17th – My beginning gift will move nations to true peace agreements. The use of weapons to gain national interests will be seen as outmoded. Peace will become a light placed on the lampstand.

The Russian people will receive light and will reject the evil that has been forced upon them. They will desire to return to their religious roots. No one will stop this movement because their country will have been consecrated to my heart.

August 18th – The Russian people will wipe away centuries old divisions. They will ask why they have been separated from the Holy Father. Would the darkness have fallen if they were united? They will cry out for unity with Rome and sweep away all opposition.

August 19th – I do not pour these gifts out now because it is better to wait until the Holy Father consecrates Russia. Promises have been made that are based on certain conditions. To release the gifts before that would ruin the fruitfulness of the promises.

August 20th – Mankind has passed the point of no return and cannot save itself because of evils imbedded in human history. I refuse to wait. I can stir the bishops who have a role in this consecration.

August 25th – Human history has many years to go. We are not at all at the end. However, the current generation will decide an important question. Will the future of mankind be a tree filled with life or a branch that lives in a withered form? The answers to these questions are not many years away. How mankind will exist for centuries to come will be decided by this generation.

August 26th – I take to myself the words of Jesus, “I have come to cast fire on the earth”. If not, mankind will rush into a fire that will destroy all.

August 27th – On earth, none of your decisions are final until the final moment. Human history exists so human persons can live forever.

August 28th – Mankind thinks in terms of millions of people. As a mother, I think only of you. I want you to be with me forever. I have written your name in the Book of Life in large and prominent letters.

August 29th – I said that the Syrian revolution would be different from the others because the dictator would not be quickly deposed, that the revolution would drag on, the region would be destabilized and that newer, larger and more unified terrorist groups would emerge.

August 30th – Syria is a collection of evils. Terrorist groups saw the opportunity to topple a regime and claim a whole country. This did not happen. So, the fires of Syria burn and spread to the other parts of the Middle East. Evil flows from Russia as it did throughout the 20th century.

September 2nd – Only reluctantly do I speak about the annihilation of nations. This annihilation is not imminent but it looms on the horizon. Right now, Satan’s people are not yet in place and they do not have the needed weapons. However, there is a pattern of chaos in which leaders are toppled. Suddenly, new people assume power which opens the world to a future moment when this annihilation becomes a distinct possibility. In an annihilation, millions lose their lives immediately with no chance to repent and prepare for death.

September 6th – My words seem small and reach only a small group for now, but these words must be recorded. Later, they will be flashed like headlines to the whole world.

September 7th – Since the light of Christ is under attack, the heavenly Father has placed in it my Immaculate Heart so it can shine more brilliantly than ever before.

September 8th – Much of the future depends on man’s free will. Certain events will definitely happen but much can be changed. The economies of the world are shaky and ready to topple. No one tries to restrain the false economic policies. In the time ahead, I will speak of the economic disturbances that will rock the markets.

September 9th – When the events begin, I will give a clear light through a person who will be under obedience to the Church, so no one will go astray. People, and even nations, will walk in this surprising light that will continually flow out. There is only one condition. People must believe.

September 11th – Today (September 11th ) is a day of infamy, a day which always inspires more acts of terrorism. Satan lays claim to this day but he is not the lord of history. He has no right to a day.

September 12th – By next September, much will have shifted. The new fires will be internal, focusing on the enormous debts and the economies with no foundations. Before the events begin, the Church must call for a renewal of fervor by prayer and fasting. People must flood the Churches and not wait for these events.

September 21st – The powers of hell reach a new level when they fasten upon people who are committed to evil. Satan raises these people up and gives them authority. These people are everywhere, in the world, the Church, business, education, politics and science. They form a network. They are in Satan’s vanguard, leading the world over the brink.

September 22nd – The kingdom of hell is real. It is not just a name for impersonal evils that happen in human events. This kingdom of evil constantly breaks forth into human history.

September 23rd – Do not say that the destructive fires of Syria, ISIS, the Ukraine and Gaza are human fires. They are the fires of hell flowing from those who would want to turn earth into a hell. This is the mystery I am trying to reveal.

September 25th – Although Satan has not yet reached into his nuclear arsenal, those weapons are ready and soon will be in the hands of those who would gladly use them. That is the combination which must be feared. I do not want the annihilation of nations.

September 26th – Hell covets earth, seeking to control everyone. Hell is inexorable. It acts on the individual, the natural and the international level. Every part of its plan fits together.

September 27th – No one can say, I refuse to exist forever. I will end my existence at death. God has created you and has decided that you will always exist.

September 28th – Heaven is infinite. Hell is not. The two are not equal but man freely chooses which kingdom he wants. Even if man chooses hell, God will honor his choice.

September 30th – Two fires fight for earth, the fire of death and the fire of life. Which one does mankind choose?

October 1st – I have spoken of my plan almost 100 years ago at Fatima. What I am saying is not new or surprising but I am using these locutions as my pulpit to the world.

The world is experiencing the fires of hell. There will be a modern moment when the Church, in the person of the Holy Father, deliberately accepts its role of entering into the center of hell’s destruction.

October 2nd – The human race is not just at another moment of its history. This is a moment of a falling into a pit. Will the floor of earth open up and mankind find no ground for its feet? Look at the world scene. You are seeing hell’s plan unfolding right before your eyes.

October 3rd – The night is coming. Will any light exist? In that moment I want to lift up my Church and place it on a lampstand. That is why I must lift up the person who fully understands this truth that all will be darkness except the light coming from my Immaculate Heart.

October 8th – When Jesus said “Woman behold your son” (Jn.19:26) every person in the world was placed in my womb and I was asked to give birth to eternal life to all. What can I do? I thought. I was conceived immaculate and I can plunge everyone into my Immaculate Conception.

October 9th – Because of my Immaculate Conception, I was able to persevere in all my trials with an unbelievable inner peace. This is my gift to the world. The coming events will affect everyone. However, those sealed with my Immaculate Conception will experience inner peace.

October 10th – The riches of the Immaculate Conception are not to preserve people in their sinlessness but to bestow that gift.

October 11th – By extending the Immaculate Conception to the whole world, Jesus wants to do to you what the Father did to me, namely, to plunge you into the Holy Spirit.

October 12th – The first deadly virus is the dishonesty of the money supply. This sickness grows and the fever rises. The solutions would require sacrifices which no one wants to make.

October 13th – Man is absorbed with his sexual power and enshrines them like a goddess in his heart. Lust releases power within each culture which causes great disorders.

October 16th – How many years have passed since we began this little path of locutions. I spoke clearly about the Syrian revolution that would spawn new evils. When President Obama was at the height of his powers, I said that he would be plagued with scandals that would reduce his powers. I spoke of young Muslims attracted by terrorism and of the growing economic disorders. These are not passing evils and these locutions are not a passing gift. They are my promise that I will be with you as the world plunges into these events. When groups call out to me day and night, I will shorten the trials.

October 18th – These events will be a moment when the Church becomes the light of the world and I begin to fulfill my mission as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

October 19th – These locutions began years ago, before any of these events happened. They are a sign that I have prepared for this moment. When the Holy Father consecrates Russia, a road of peace will appear and all will know that heaven’s help has come through the Catholic Church.

October 21st – I have said that the timetable of violence would jump ahead because of American withdrawal and that the Syrian revolution would not end quickly. At this point, there is no human answer. The fires have spread too far.

October 22nd – The terrorists see themselves on a road that leads westward to all the great cities which they want to capture as their own. They do not yet have that capability but it will be theirs if more powerful weapons fall into their hands and they can extend their organization.

October 22nd – Second Locution – Mary – The Ebola crisis comes from the corruption that plagues Africa and from the poverty of the people. These conditions come about from sinfulness. Do not blame these evils on God. They result when people are forced to live in poverty. The demonic hold upon Africa must be broken so it can take its place among the nations

October 23rd – Poverty is the seedbed and for far too long the rich nations have exploited the poor.

October 24th – At Fatima (1917), I saw a second and greater war on the horizon. My messages went beyond that war and prophesied the annihilation of nations. I must say clearly that this is the present age. The world has not reached this point and it can still be avoided but the time is short.

Is this present age to be stolen from me? The Father planned this as an “Age of Mary” when Satan would be humbled and even conquered. This has not happened but the gift and the promise still exist.

October 24th – Second Locution – Mary – Can I not pour out the gift of locutions on the whole world? I do not mean that I will give you great words to be published. I will give you little words to guide you on your way.

October 25th – My blessings will pour out upon every Church or shrine or place dedicated to me. I will visit every place that bears my name. When people enter, I will be there to meet them.

October 26th – Whenever you gather for prayer, I will visit you. If families gather or people gather in large numbers in public places, I will be present.

October 27th – I will offer my flames of freedom to those addicted to drugs, heroin, prescription medicine and to those who believe they need marijuana to relax. Go to a place dedicated to me. Think of only one thing, that your heavenly Mother waits there for you.

October 28th – I declare a new day that will happen by the new light that I am casting on the world. Read the books which the saints wrote about me. Their gifts will be your gifts.

October 29th – If I spoke of great penances or of long labors I would understand your hesitancy. But I speak of great gifts that you will need so badly.

November 1st – A great flood is coming that will cover the world, not with water, but with economic collapses. The economic systems have been built on the shakiest of foundations and many are quite aware that everything could topple.

November 2nd – For decades, countries have used ever-expanding credit. They have increased the money supply with no foundation in reality. This can go on for only a limited time, until the false confidence in the system is destroyed by tremendous leaks.

November 3rd – The economic difficulties will begin in one part of the world. All will view this with alarm but will not see this as the beginning of a series of events.

November 4th – Man will want to rebuild his systems on the backs of the poor. But the economic collapse will allow the religious spirit to be released. People will say “We will worship God and He will help us”.

November 5th – The next president will need the greatest skills and the trust of everyone. He must be a believer with a heart rooted in faith and a life that is exemplary. The American people must look to the hearts of the candidates, not their oratorical skills.

November 6th – Although Putin will continue his aggressive strikes and the Muslim terrorists grow much stronger, the biggest difficulties will be in economies that are too bloated and have created a paper network that feeds upon itself.

November 7th – In the middle of these events, I will raise up leaders of great integrity but America must return to its religious spirit and choose the path of faith.

November 8th – All will be caught up in these financial collapses, from the richest financiers to the poorest citizen. Only time and the market forces will determine the final outcome. I speak to give hope. I will continue to speak as the events come closer.

November 9th – Satan has planted his dynamite everywhere. All is prepared for his endgame, a word I have held back until now. The world is entering the era of his endgame, a plan for 2000 years since Jesus defeated him on Calvary. I promise to do all in my power to save the world. The time is not just short. Satan has begun the events that lead to his endgame strategy.

November 10th – The walls meant to protect economies have been destroyed as nations are flooded with debt. The enemies are within your cities and they will consume you. I will save, but only those who follow me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

November 11th – Israel is the forgotten nation of the Middle East. Yet, Satan sees Jerusalem as his greatest prize. Israel sees itself as abandoned. It stands alone. It cannot wait and allow events to take their course. This would be Israel’s destruction.

November 12th – Satan believes his plans are foolproof and inevitable because the Woman, his enemy, stands on the side lines. When these events begin, voices will cry out, “Why has Russia not been consecrated as Our Lady asked?” When this consecration takes place, a surprising flood of good will be released.

November 13th – The millions of faithful Catholics will be my foundation.

November 14th – Within the Catholic Church is much hidden life, people doing all they can to pass on the ancient faith.

November 15th – These faithful Catholics will be the first to receive the outpouring of my heart.

November 16th – The lights go forth to all, but devout Catholics are better prepared to receive.

November 17th – The life will be so new. All will see that I am pouring forth new fire. My heart is Noah’s Ark and all can enter.

November 18th – A new voice will lead you to a new lifestyle, new priorities and new happiness,

November 19th – When the Holy Father consecrates Russia, I will release new lights. Right now, I am pouring out preparatory gifts.

November 20th – The Catholic Church is the bride of Jesus and I have kept it faithful. But I must speak. Satan’s smoke has reached the highest levels of the Vatican and his deception fills so many people whom he has placed there. Would he not want to enter the very stronghold of the Church?

November 21st – Satan waits for a moment when the whole world proclaims him as king and earth will become an evil kingdom. He equips those who have surrendered to him. So, I visit the earth with words of encouragement. To those who invoke me, I will give strength never to surrender,

November 23rd – Gather with others. Personal prayer is important, but when the darkness comes, you will need others.

November 24th – After the Holy Father consecrates Russia, I will come fully onto the world stage and all will see my actions. New devotions will be embraced by millions.

November 28th – The heavenly Father decreed an “Age of Mary” and Fatima fully launched that age. Yet, the fires of war burn everywhere because the gifts which Jesus placed in my heart are still unopened.

November 30th – Satan attacks through lust, a mighty river that frequently overflows its banks. I offer the gift of purity. Accept it and allow the chains of lust to fall to the ground.

December 2nd – The world faces unsolvable problems with few resources. These problems will grow and interconnect, becoming totally resistant. I need the Holy Father and his bishops to see that, only when they believe, will I come upon the world stage.

December 5th – Not since the death of my Son, has Satan had such a control over the world. Step by step, he has plotted toward this moment.

December 6th – This coming year is the year of surprising events which no one can forecast. The greatest events will be the collapse of various structures, beginning with the economy. These events will spread to more enormous problems which will cause nations to pull away from each other. Separated nations cannot respond to new crises.

December 7th – Russia will become like Syria, a constant source of disruption. As the Syrian revolution has destabilized the Middle East, so Russia’s actions will weaken European economies, a long term fallout from the sanctions.

December 10th – The world is like an army, entrapped by the foolish decisions of its generals. .

December 11th – The economic system has been built on a million tomorrows, when all the bills will get paid. Suddenly comes a collapse which no one could have foreseen.

December 12th – These events have no timetable. They are imbedded into human hearts which remain free to choose. A series of events will occur which will change human life. I tell you ahead of time, so you will have faith.

December 19th – Satan is ready to release all the evil that he has stored up for 2000 years. Suddenly and without warning, a breakthrough here and another there, all interconnected. The world has built sophisticated systems upon which it is dependent, like a sick man on machines. If these are rendered powerless, widespread confusions will result.

December 20th – Anyone who believes that these are normal times with normal problems is deceived. This is the moment of the great battle, when Satan uses his entire army. The battle will be fierce. The victory great, but only with my help can anyone be saved.

December 23rd – 2015 will be different from 2014. Even in the early months, new events will break through. It will seem that normal life can continue, but limited. In the Fall, however, the great problems will break forth and all will see that human life has been seriously changed. That will be the mood at the end of the year.

December 24th – Only in the latter months of 2015 will the great events begin and continue into the first half of 2016. By July 2016, the world will see what has happened. July 13, 2016 will begin the 100th year of my speaking about the conversion of Russia. The year leading up to the 100th anniversary of Fatima, (July 13, 2017) will be very important.

December 25th – Should not the 100th anniversary of Fatima (1917 – 2017) be a time of great gifts? That was my plan. The entire century was meant to be 100 years of blessings, all leading to that anniversary. What will happen in these next 2 ½ years? This is not settled. However, the quicker the Church responds, the sooner the blessings will come. Otherwise, Fatima remains a rejected gift.

December 26th – In 2015, new problems will break forth, more internal to the daily life and the economic systems. When resources can no longer be stretched, the flood breaks through.

December 27th – In 2015, a shaking will take place followed by a settling. Then, a second, more serious shaking. By the end of the year, life will be much more difficult.

December 28th – Only as 2015 ends will people see the significance of these events. Even then, their full force will not have been released. All will lead up to the 100th anniversary of Fatima (2017). I will not abandon my children or my Church.

December 29th – There will be a progression of events leading up to Fatima’s 100th anniversary. This is my great promise, in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. It will be late but Russia will be consecrated.

December 30th – Fatima’s 100th anniversary is a signal date, keep your eye upon it. It can still be a moment of great victory.

December 31st – During 2015, my voice will grow much stronger. The urgency of my message will be seen. However, in 2015 Russia will not be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Even so, as these events occur, a great stirring will begin in the Church which will prepare for Russia’s consecration in 2016. (Note: Our Lady does not say definitively that Russia will be consecrated in 2016, only that the Church will be prepared in 2016 for such a consecration.)